Mark Levin goes nuclear, says Todd Akin chose himself over the country

Mark Levin is clearly not happy with Akin’s decision, saying that he put himself over that of the country at a time when we are trying to win the Senate with the country at stake. And how we have to try and win the Senate with a weaker, wounded candidate who did it to himself.

But at the end of the day Levin says we still have to fight to beat McCaskill and if it’s with Akin, then so be it – we must support him.

Listen below:

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114 thoughts on “Mark Levin goes nuclear, says Todd Akin chose himself over the country

  1. I was sent this email.

    Bill Clinton has the real ‘rape’ problem….. Exclusive: Jack Cashill contrasts misspeaking about sexual assault with committing it.-
    Bill Clinton has the real ‘rape’ problem
    Exclusive: Jack Cashill contrasts misspeaking about sexual assault with committing it

    by Jack CashillEmail | Archive
    Jack Cashill is an Emmy-award winning independent writer and producer with a Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue. His latest book is the blockbuster “Deconstructing Obama.”More ↓

    As far as I know, Bill Clinton, unlike U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin, has never misspoken on the subject of rape. In fact, he is somewhat of an authority on the subject.
    Clinton knows just what a woman who has been raped should do. As he told Juanita Broaddrick in that Little Rock hotel room some years back, “You better get some ice on that.”

    Broaddrick was not alone in being sexually abused by Clinton. Indeed, in the Ken Starr investigation, Broaddrick emerged as “Jane Doe No. 5.”
    Broaddrick was likely not unique in being raped by Clinton either. In his book, “Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter’s Story,” Michael Isikoff relates how Clinton, then Arkansas governor, had sex with former Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen.
    “It was rough sex,” Isikoff writes, “Clinton got so carried away that he bit her lip, Gracen later told friends. But it was consensual.”
    Isikoff missed the lip-biting connection. He also failed to acknowledge that at least one of Gracen’s friends, Judy Stokes, had told the Paula Jones legal team that the sex was not consensual at all.
    “Do you believe Clinton raped her?” investigator Rick Lambert asked her. “Absolutely,” Stokes replied. “He forced her to have sex. What do you call that?”
    I cite the Gracen story because it helps substantiate the story Broaddrick told Lisa Myers on NBC’s “Dateline” in 1999.
    Broaddrick: “And he came around me and sort of put his arm over my shoulder to point to this little building and he said he was real interested if he became governor to restore that little building and then all of a sudden, he turned me around and started kissing me. And that was a real shock.”
    Myers: “What did you do?”
    Broaddrick: “I first pushed him away and just told him ‘No, please don’t do that,’ and I forget, it’s been 21 years, Lisa, and I forget exactly what he was saying. It seems like he was making statements that would relate to ‘Did you not know why I was coming up here?’ and I told him at the time, I said, ‘I’m married, and I have other things going on in my life, and this is something that I’m not interested in.’”
    Myers: “Had you, that morning, or any other time, given him any reason to believe you might be receptive?”
    Broaddrick: “No. None. None whatsoever.”
    Myers: “Then what happens?”
    Broaddrick: “Then he tries to kiss me again. And the second time he tries to kiss me he starts biting my lip (she cries). Just a minute … He starts to, um, bite on my top lip and I tried to pull away from him. (crying) And then he forces me down on the bed. And I just was very frightened, and I tried to get away from him and I told him ‘No,’ that I didn’t want this to happen (crying) but he wouldn’t listen to me.”
    Myers: “Did you resist, did you tell him to stop?”
    Broaddrick: “Yes, I told him ‘Please don’t.’ He was such a different person at that moment, he was just a vicious awful person.”
    Myers: “You said there was a point at which you stopped resisting?”
    Broaddrick: “Yeah.”
    Myers: “Why?”
    Broaddrick: “It was a real panicky, panicky situation. I was even to the point where I was getting very noisy, you know, yelling to ‘Please stop.’ And that’s when he pressed down on my right shoulder and he would bite my lip.”
    [See a related video, Juanita Broaddrick’s interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity.]
    Hillary Clinton has a rape problem, too. From the beginning of Bill’s career, she has been busy suppressing “bimbo eruptions,” which is a deceptive way of saying she has been silencing women like Broaddrick and Gracen.
    The media have been enabling both of them. Allow me to share a nugget from Bill and Hillary’s memorably dishonest “60 Minutes” appearance in late January 1992, the one that would save his candidacy and help launch the perversely labeled “Republican War on Women.”
    Steve Kroft:[Gennifer Flowers] is alleging and has described in some detail in the supermarket tabloid what she calls a 12-year affair with you.
    Bill Clinton: That allegation is false.
    Hillary Clinton: … Bill talked to this woman every time she called, distraught, saying her life was going to be ruined, and he’d get off the phone and tell me that she said sort of wacky things, which we thought were attributable to the fact that she was terrified.
    Bill Clinton: It was only when money came out, when the tabloid went down there offering people money to say that they had been involved with me, that she changed her story. There’s a recession on.
    A master politician, even in this moment of deepest political peril, candidate Clinton remembered to remind the American people “there is a recession on.” For the record, Clinton would admit the affair with Flowers under oath but lie about the details. Perjury, rape, no big deal!
    While Todd Akin is stewing in the woodshed, Bill Clinton is preparing to speak at the Democratic National Convention, and the women most offended by Akin’s dumb remarks will be queuing up to cheer Clinton on. Yes, it is a mental disorder.
    Get the book so hot it was stolen from its author – Kathleen Willey…
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    Republicans hang Akin out to dry
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    Limbaugh rushes to Akin’s defense

  2. Wow, talk about having to hold your nose while voting for HIM! Forgive me, but if I were in that position, I don’t know if I could do it. And now the voters know that he’s selfish AND stupid. Jeesh.

  3. Levin: “We should work our butts off to help him win.”

    Republican voters in Missouri trusted him with the herald.
    And he messed up bad.
    And he could not deny himself for the good of our cause.

    We have other places to work our butts off.
    We have limited resources and energy.
    The fact is this fool blew an easy win for us and refused to suppress his own ambition to fix it.

    This is not a normal election. It’s the battle to save a free America.

    I can never forgive this fool for this.

    I don’t give a tinker’s damn about your “the heart that I hold. ”

    Your heart is supposed to be in your chest, not in your hands.

  4. The battle against ObamaClaire went in one day from easy win to almost impossible win, and people still think this wolf in sheep’s clothing is only guilty of being “dumb”.

    1. What wolf? I know only the left can say those most vile of things against anyone conservative and it’s a win for them still….

  5. I read a comment elsewhere that suggested The Conservative Party has an open
    spot on the ballot. Can’t find out if this is true or not. If it is, Sarah Steelman could
    take that spot and Palin and others could park themselves in Missouri and campaign
    for her. Altho, I am sure that opening this door for an alternate party wouldn’t
    be looked upon favorably by the repub rinos.

    However, I for one would just love it!

  6. Levin: “We must support him”

    Like hell. The guy is going to get slaughtered if he makes it to election night.

    ER Doctor: “Mr and Mrs Jones, your daughter has a broken jaw and fractured ribs and is unconscious and has been raped. She is being cared for and we will administer this medication to prevent pregnancy.”

    Mr. Jones: “Oh, no, doctor! This sounds legitimate enough that she’s protected!”

  7. How long did it take and how much pressure to get weiner to resign? What he did was unconscienable, what Akin said didn’t actually hurt another human being. Apparently the consensus is for him to have quit, I guess I’ll have to defer to others. But what I will never comprehend if I live a dozen lifetimes is why the left gets away with bloody blue murder and we have to put ours to the curb for the morning trash for standing up for the life of an innocent baby.

    1. When you hear what Akin said and juxtapose the fake outrage next to it… it is clear that this firestorm has taken on a life of its own. It’s not what Akin said… it’s now become what the Democrats and stupid Republicans said Akin said. And dumb ol’ Republicans and spineless conservatives will fall for the next banana peel on the next Democrat inspired sidewalk. When are we going to fight back and stop letting the left set the narrative?

  8. The problem is the Republicans keep eating their own. Sarah Palin, the O’Donnal woman in Delaware and now Akin. Bill Clinton was accused of “literal rape” but one misspeak by Akin and they throw in the towel on him.

  9. Lemmings…

    Akin said one word in one sentence on one day…

    … and now ‘some’ of the GOPe and ‘some’ of the TEA party and, it seems, ALL of the BIG Talkers on radio are ALL throwing Akin under the bus.

    Oh well.

    The guy, Akin, as Levin said, a good guy, comes up with a lemon statement, and instead of making lemonade, Akin is chastised.

    What a waste of an EXCELLENT lemon… the BABY is the point
    … NOT the rapist
    … NOT the word ‘legitimate’
    … NOT the context of the sentence.

    What a waste of an EXCELLENT lemon to pucker the lips of the Democrats and pro-abortion McCaskill.

    What a wast of an EXCELLENT lemon…

    … the BABY is the point ! ! !


  10. Sorry, but Levin is right. It is better to cede the seat to the Democrats than to let a fool be our mouthpiece, and allow him to define who we are and what we stand for. By focusing on getting this Senate seat, we may well win the battle, but lose the war.

    1. And we won’t win the battle either. In TWO WEEKS, Akin will be so far behind in the polls that even he will know his cause is hopeless. (He’ll be behind by double digits — that’s past “leans Democrat” to “solid Democrat.”)

      A write-in candidacy is the only way to salvage this mess. It needs to start BEFORE Akin throws in the towel. That way their rejection of Akin will be undeniable.

      The Republican party is in grave danger of being labeled the party of Akin and getting slaughtered this fall.

  11. At this point, this is not “just a mistake.”
    Mistakes have costs. And this one was huge.

    Philosophizing and principles are for the primaries.
    Now we’re engaged in full-on battle and he’s swinging his axe around like a gay Richard Simmons, hurting his own side while saying “I’m sorry. ”

    It’s not about definitions and philosophy right now.
    It’s about competence and skill at political battle.

    Is it true McCaskill spent good money on ads favoring him, to get him elected her opponent ?

    Money. Well. Spent.

  12. There are two competing threads here this evening on this subject. I hope you don’t mind if I just copy my main comment to both threads. I have read all your comments and I will go back through them again before the evening is over.

    Good evening. Joining this conversation is like stepping onto a mine field. Forcible Rape is one of the most serious crimes in our society to most people, especially, women and Fathers of daughters. In any conversation about it in a public venue, you had better be very careful in choosing your words. Todd Akin wasn’t. As a politician, he should have known better. He will never recover from it.

    Three things happened here.
    1) Akin made a stupid remark and later tried to apologize.
    2) No sooner than the words were out of his mouth, the Democrats seized the opportunity as a gift from Heaven and blew it out of proportion, in order to damage all Republicans.
    3) The Republicans were paralyzed for words and immediately called for him to resign from the race, proving once again, that their best tactic in dealing with Liberals, is to agree with them. They didn’t even try to defend his statement as a mistake.

    If this had happened to a Democrat, the media wouldn’t have even run it on the evening news and if the Republicans had dared to bring it up, they would have been branded racist or women haters or something just as evil. It is the world we live in.

    For the record, I know what Akin was trying to say, but he never even got close. There have been studies that do support the idea that forcible rape results in far fewer pregnancies than most people would believe. But, that’s just a statistical thing and a woman who has just been raped is probably going to look for the nearest flower pot to plant on your head, if you made that statement in public.
    Here’s just one site with that type of information:


    We could argue about this for the next several days. It won’t change a thing. Todd Akin’s political career is history.

  13. I’m a huge fan of Mark Levin. But I’m disgusted that Akin has been hung out to dry because the left created a firestorm over Akin’s remarks. The fact is that “legitimate” rape denotes actual rape and not a false claim of rape. The fact is that a woman’s ongoing emotional trauma following rape can cause a miscarriage if she becomes pregnant as a consequence of such a harrowing experience.

    That there were so few people who came to Akin’s defense on these points speaks volumes about our nation’s moral decline and fecklessness in the face of rabid attack from the left. If we crumble so easily in this battle of words, we wave the white flag to any and all who seek our harm. We can be bought off with the fear of a bad press.


      1. Debating extreme cases of abortion is out of place at this point.

        Our grand children are being heaped up with debt right now.
        So why is he even on such a hot button topic involving sex and reproduction.

        Did the teenagers fighting the commies in the movie Red Dawn have a debating society about abortion rights ?
        No. They were too busy trying to stop the commies. Trying to live through another Day to keep the fight going.

        To even broach the subject of pregnant women and abortion is very unwise. Not very, extremely. Then to cite some “study” about traumatized women shutting down pregnancy ??? Implying women remaining pregnant are either lying or liked it ???

        WTF? W. T. F. ???

        Ya. I get it about the one word. That’s what I thought it was too at first.
        I too knew “legitimate” meant ” a genuine case of” rape.
        But that is NOT what the mistake is.

        The mistake is the primary voters should have heeded Palins endorsement and ignored McCaskill’s fake ads praising Akin.

        1. Chris, I am absolutely clueless as to the point you just tried to make, but I applaud the energy you devoted to the task. I’m getting old and I don’t always pick up on the nuances of the conversations here. Run it by me again tomorrow morning after I have had a good night’s sleep.

          1. Sorry. I was replying to Harriet.

            I’m upset like Mark Levin is… Even though I respect Harriets ideas about this I think she lacks perspective with regard to the reality of politics in a Senate campaign.

            To me the “legitimate rape” malapropism was a red herring. From the beginning, I understood it to mean “a genuine case of rape,” so I thought it was a tempest in a teapot, too.

            Then I heard about the wider context where he cited a “study” saying that women who suffer “trauma” from rape generally lose the fetus…

            So where does that leave one? Either: A. It’s case of a woman lying about being raped or B. “Well, she wasn’t that traumatized was she… heh heh . She must’ve liked it.”

            What’s he driving at here? This isn’t just “he mis-spoke.” He was trying to make a point about abortion in the case of rape, a point of real controversy.

            Leave aside the rightness, wrongness, logic or stupidity of it all… Why Now ?
            Where is the wisdom in this ? Now… in this election.

            I brought up the movie Red Dawn as a metaphor for the political battle we are in RIGHT NOW…
            What do the debating points of abortion matter if the socialists are seizing the levers of power in our lives ?

            This is a man campaigning for Senator !

            Like I said before I am a custodian in California and I could do a better job than this jackass !

            ALL he had to do was drive around Missouri and say:

            1. Repeal Obamacare
            2. Deal with the national debt and structural deficits
            3. Buck up the economy with lowered taxes
            4. Strengthen the military and have a resolute unapologetic foreign policy that promotes freedom.

            Lather. Rinse. Repeat…

            But this man thinks he can win now… I hope he proves us all wrong but that hope is in my heart… not in my head.

            He has acted stupidly and selfishly.

            1. This much I will concede, Chris, that for Akin to permit himself to be drawn into such an obvious trap reveals a certain level of political naivete which calls into question his judgment. Not his moral judgment, but his judgment about political realities, about the nature of the opposition, about the very hot cultural war in which our nation is engaged, about a media hostile to conservative values, and about being wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.

              Even so, given that he prevailed in the primary, it was wrong for the establishment to let itself be seen as so easily manipulated by a rabid media and to call for Akin’s bowing out.

              1. I so agree with you, AND Chris, but I would also like to make the point that it is said dems spent money for him to win, and voted in the primary for him to win because he was the easiest for them to defeat. Also, should he not be considered a career politician in that he’s been in office for 23 years? Not good. We need to get rid of all hacks.

            2. Chris, that was a much better explanation of your feelings on the issue. You write well. I am with you 100%.

  14. Wow, the DNC couldn’t be happier. Instead of the crappy economy being the focus, as it should be, Republicans and conservatives are stuck on this nonsense. David Plouffe and Axelrod are high-fiving as we speak. Amazing.

  15. I’ll be listening to Levin in about an hour, but this whole thing has gone from a non-issue, to GOP cannibalism.

    Listened to Rush & Hannity today- seems like they’re all [pretty much] saying, “we’re not telling you what to do, just get out”. It’s pretty disgusting…..especially the Hannity interview. People like Rush always say that if conservatives stand on principles they will win (except now I guess).

    Sure the guy said something stupid, but not entirely since I don’t really know the science behind what he stated. I have no doubt that in times of high stress there may be physiological changes in the body that may make it more difficult to conceive, but for conservative hosts and politicians to succumb to the fear of being called a “flat-earther” and eviscerate their own guy is even worse because doing so would be equivalent to claiming that no such thing was possible (although there is still not enough substance to make such a stupid comment). My point is all of these people that in one sentence tell him it’s up to him, but use the next sentence to condemn and intimidate him to get out of the race by pre-emptively blaming a Romney loss on him.

    I don’t know this politician from another, so I don’t know his motive, and it may well be selfish, but I don’t like the dog-piling and would argue that others are being selfish by telling another candidate to drop out of the contest for their own political benefit. I’d be willing to gamble on a solid conservative any day of the week, and possibly lose, than to toss in another RINO.

    1. It isn’t what is right, or what is wrong. It is the political environment that the Left has created.

  16. Well, I must say that I thought he would do the right thing and drop out. Since he didn’t, I guess, the only option for the folks in MO is to vote for this guy regardless, and we all need to support them in their hour of desperation. After all, it’s ABO. Which I think is what Akin was banking on anyway.

  17. All this is just too damn coincidental and too convenient. This guy slots perfectly like a puzzle piece into the leftist and media narrative of the dumb, bigoted, misogynistic Republican.

    Ah but yes, this is the party that so wants to protect the establishment that it redistricts its own conservatives out of office.

    Why can’t Romney stop this? Who owns this guy?

    With so much at stake I do not believe in coincidences. This is a battle Romney has to win. Or is it just a preview of more Kabuki theater?

  18. I totally agree, we Constitutional Americans, find a third party candidate and donate all the money to him or her, and the SuperPacs should do the same, and hopefully that person will win. I think a few visits by Palin, Rubio, Christie, rand Paul, Paul ryan, Ashcroft, talent, bond, blunt, etc., should bring the conservatives around. If fact I think that Ashcroft or Talent should be the candidate. Akin equals disaster. If we win the Presidency, and lose the senate by 1 person, and it causes Obamacare to become law, akin’s name should go in the history books like Benedict Arnold. This man is risking the his party, the presidency and the only really important thing: the country, on his ambitions, and wanting to be a senator. Akin, go away.

  19. Hey folks, lets face the facts – it is what it is! It’s now up to the citizens of MO to decide between Akin or McCaskill. I hope they kick McCaskill out.

    Can we move on now? Frankly, I’m tired of this whole topic. Can we get focused again on the important issues we face?

    1. I think it is important. Important to me that Romney stands up now to secure an absolutely critical Senate vote. Maybe a vote that will determine the fate of the nation.

      If he cannot do it now when he holds all the cards, when?

  20. I know Akin’s gaffe was absolutely STUPID, but will a republican ever be allowed to make a gaffe without being banished to HELL?

      1. I expect it from the MSM, but I don’t understand Republicannibals eating their young…

        He can be called out and distanced without trying to destroy him…

        I just don’t see a write-in candidate winning. In the end it should be the same as 0b0, Defeat 0b0Castkill at any cost.

      2. I just want to see that written again….

        Not until the MSM is completely destroyed.

        They are like the mammoth with a hide full of spears, slowly sinking. Bleeding readership, squandering viewership.

        As Ledeen would say, “Faster, please.”

  21. What the hell! A guy can’t make a mistake and be forgiven?
    This is just what the Senate re-elect committee did to Joe Miller. I guess Mark forgot already. That committee is the teeth of repub establishment. They frequently scuttle republican winners to elect candidates of their own choice. Maybe that’s what’s gotten us to where we are today. Bad representation. I sent Akin 50 bucks which I can barely afford. I hope others will support the candidate against the establishment.

  22. I have listened to every arguement on Akin stepping down vs. riding out the storm. Now, today, he puts out an ad explaining “forgiveness.” Every rationale person, especially Mark Levin and today Sean Hannity, pointing out the realities and walking him through every consequence of his actions. Akin, to me, is like talking to a crumbling brick wall. His attitude of “nothing applies to me” is beginning to go beyond the bizarre. You can forgive and forgive and forgive and forgive and accept the humility of that person asking for forgiveness…..but you CAN’T forget. I will tell you this fact—–> Todd Akin, your story and circumstances are NOT playing well here in Texas AND we want Claire McCaskill out of Missouri just as bad as you do! I forgive you Todd, but you goofed. If you believe in all the principles of this country and love the USA as you said today, you would do the right thing and drop this and move on. The longer this drags out, the worse it’s going to be….for everything and everyone all around.

    1. In the political arena, everything good is forgotten overnight, but everything bad sticks and is still there the next morning.

  23. If you continue to press the issue, you perpetuate the attention. The issue at hand – is of no consequence in the big scheme of things.

    Give it up folks – if the guy can beat McCaskill who is a bigger threat to our nation – then Akin’s comment is of no consequence. We have a bigger problem and that is getting rid of the BHO.

    1. The guy is a loose cannon and not too bright, he will be a thorn in republicans side for the next 6 years, if he won, people like him need to be taught a lesson, field a independent candidate

  24. Just like Romney… I would vote for him… but he’s no longer the best candidate and he’s shown what he’s really about (himself before the country).

    This sucks.

        1. Sober, we just need to stay in the game. Win this one and it can only get better next time. Just look at all the new Conservatives joining the fight. More all the time. Hate to make fun with words, but you gotta love Mia Love. Ryan, West, Jindal, Rubio, the list goes on. The times, they are a’changin’. People are waking up. It may seem too slow, but it will gain strength as more people join and decide on a new direction for America. I have faith in the American people. I believe the Hand of God is still upon this nation. Freedom makes such a difference in people’s lives. It really does. There is a yearning in all of us to create and build and do great things. Freedom allows us to do that. And the end result of that creating and building and thinking has an effect on people downstream that is immeasurable. They are affected by it and drawn in to the wonder of it. In spite of their past experiences, they begin to dream too. They get a job, they get off welfare, they give up drugs, they go back to school. Whatever their particular weakness, they get rid of it. They get off the couch and join the living again. Once a person understands what Freedom really means, it changes you.

          I have a close friend who almost died of alcohol. She is clean now ten years and is a coordinator of the local AA office. She still attends the regular meetings, except now she’s one of the speakers. She just gave birth to her first child, a daughter. The little girl is perfect. She and her husband just bought a ranch in Southern Arizona. I don’t know what else to say. I guess just don’t give up on yourself and don’t give up on this country. Sorry for the rant.

          1. Thank you for the encouragement – well-written. I’m actually a little more optimistic right now than I have been in a long while… but your words are true and very much appreciated.

            We’ll keep fighting the good fight and know that God has already secured the victory.

            Take care… “rant” anytime! 🙂

            P.S. My stepfather was a life-long alcoholic… he’s been sober for decades now. I’m glad you shared that story. Please give her my best!

  25. In the interest of tracking the media’s double standards on this Aiken issue, ANYONE heard about this yet: “Calls for state Rep. Kerry Gauthier to quit politics grew louder Monday, as party leaders urged the first-term DFLer from Duluth to withdraw his bid for re-election following reports he had oral sex with a 17-year-old boy at a Duluth-area rest stop in July.”?

    DAFUQ??? How does this sick POS still have a job payed for by the taxpayer?!!!

    1. This is acceptable for democRATS

      AHEM!! – Bill Clinton said it was OK!

      Gauthier comes from a demo district – No Doubt most are familiar with the
      recreational rest stop in question

      Billy boy Clinton redefined the whole concept for everyone –

      What a contribution he made to society

    2. I posted this on another site and not one person commented on it. I was astounded that people are so wrapped up in the Akin comment which is by far not close to this creep’s actions. What is wrong with people?Talk about hypocracy!

      1. The guy in Minnesota is a State Rep. Akin is running for federal office. There is a difference between National & Local news is why.

      2. That’s because you weren’t the first to post about it..sometimes when news gets posted more than once, the discussion has run it’s course.

    3. Heard this this morning! Were is the outrage? And what the real arguement is is not the act BUT was it consentual sex or was it prostitution….who cares about the act itself? Outrageous hypocrisy!!!

  26. Well, if Akin doesn’t drop out of the race, we have to hope the people in Missouri hate Obama more than what Akin said. It’s a tall order, but I hope we can do it. A lot can happen between now and November, especially with the economy. It won’t be the first time an electorate overlooked something that a candidate has done and still sent him to Congress. For God’s sake, Teddy Kennedy was actually responsible for the death of a woman while he was driving drunk, yet he spent a lifetime in the Senate. I hope Akin is as lucky as Kennedy. The country may depend on it.

  27. Screw that , why should people support a guy who is in it for himsellf, try to win another seat, no way should anyone put money into this guys campigne, he disgusts me, the RNC, will lose the race AND money because of him, don’t think so.

    republicans can field a independent candidate, with money blanket the air ways, so the public knows who’s the conservative, tea party and republican candidate, and this guy already barely has no money, wouldn’t have money to be effective , won’t have the republican Missouri appparatus behind him , he’ll fade .

  28. I believe that we can win this election in spite of the GOP’s tendency to tuck-tail and run any time the media/Democrats say “BOO!”.

    I’m personally fed up with the blatant double standard applied to our side. I think people are freaking out over nothing on this issue.

    The problem is: The GOP has to be at the top of their game 24/7 just to be treated seriously if not fairly. It is maddening.

    Levin nails it. We have to deal with the conditions on the battlefield as they are, not as we wish them to be. Akin is on our team, like it or not. Deal with it, because reality doesn’t care what you want.

    I live in Massachusetts. My vote for President Probably won’t even matter to anyone but exit pollsters. I’m voting anyway. What else can I do but bring more votes with me that wouldn’t otherwise vote? Brown’s victory is the only rational reason for me to even make an effort. We got lucky in that race with Brown’s opponent. Perhaps the Brown-Romney effect in MA will deliver some surprises in this state, but I won’t hold my breath.

    1. No, Akin is most certainly NOT on “our side”. He shot himself in the foot and rather than taking his finger off the trigger he insists on going full-auto at the rest of our heads. He is only on his own side. He said something horrendously stupid that the overwhelming majority of our side doesn’t agree with; let alone the general public or even basic biological science. And it might have helped if he could have shared this moronic belief with us before the primary vote.

      We had two great conservative candidates in the primary that unfortunately were able to cancel each other out. This clown gets assisted with a $2,000,000 ad buy from the Dems and a whole lot of Dems crossing over in the open primary. Akin is not our candidate, he is the candidate the Dems have chosen for us. With an assist from Mike Huckabee.

      If he refuses to put his party and country ahead of his own ambition, then we rally behind a write-in and in the future slam down hard on any other candidate Huckabee endorses.

      We’re trying to repeal ObamaCare and this dumbass wants to throw this last chance away? No thanks.

      1. It may seem to you to be a minor quibble, but I said “our team” not “our side”. Basically the entire point of my argument. Unless there is some miracle, he is our only chance to claim that seat. Crying about it doesn’t solve anything, but it’s good for morale I guess.

        1. It’s less of a quibble considering you used both terms.

          My point is that he has absolutely no chance. PPP polls showing an unrealistic R+9 turnout notwithstanding.

          Akin conveniently omitted any mention of his belief in a magical uterine ability to withstand rapist sperm during the primary and only brings it up after the Dems shell out $2M and a whole lotta cross-over votes to secure him our nomination. And not only has he blown the opportunity to pick up a very necessary Gimme pickup seat in the Senate, his stupidity is going to mar every other candidate.

          The only chance we now have is to rally behind a Write-In candidate. And after that, to insure that this never happens again, we need to slam hard any candidate endorsed by Huckabee.

  29. I supported Steelman because of Palin, but I will not donate a penny to Akin, I don’t care about the pro-life stance, I’m not pro-life myself, but what he said about women’s bodies being about to prevent pregnancy by a “legitimate rape” I find truly disgusting. Apparently he thinks women’s bodies have some magically little switch that can control such things.

    What a disgusting jerkbag, and I so wanted Claire defeated november, I was willing to donate to ANY repub opposing her, but not this jerk.

    Congrats Claire, for picking the one repub candidate that makes you look sane. I cannot believe repubs were this stupid to pick this man, the other 2 candidates, steeleman or brunner were a million times better, no wonder claire spent 1.5 million running ads for Akin, she knew what a lunatic who can’t keep his mouth shut his Akin was.

    1. “jerkbag” — I like that one.

      And I agree with everything you said. Though I’m not pro-life, I have no problem supporting pro-life candidates… but not this one.

    2. Even if his statement was true, he should have known better than to say it anyway because 1) It has little to do with the actual question of what to do when a woman who has been raped gets pregnant regardless–what matters is she got pregnant from it, so now what? 2) The media will gleefully manipulate and twist the statement to their hearts’ content, and try to attach it to others who did not say something so foolish, as they are doing now.

      Freaking RINO’s. Their naivete in thinking they can say whatever they want in the midst of such a hostile, biased media is truly galling, and yet they keep getting bumped up over truly conservative politicians thanks to the libs screwing with the system.

  30. I have the same opinion, after hearing Mark’s monologue here, as I did in the adjacent thread.

    Like I wrote there,

    “What is most interesting about this whole matter is that Mitt Romney is not worried about what he should be worried about.

    What is disturbing about Akin’s comments is that they came from a man that conservatives were hoping to send to the Senate to defend and articulate the arguments for the rights of the unborn. Akin’s comments proved that he was nowhere near up to such a task, precisely because his comments are characteristic of the kind that have in the past and could in the future do considerable damage to our cause for life, by misrepresenting it in the most ghastly manner.

    However, Romney is not bothered about the fact that this disastrous show of ignorance and stupidity from Akin does damage to that cause as he does not truly believe in the cause himself, as demonstrated by his countless failures and unwillingness to articulate a well-reasoned and moral argument on behalf of such a cause.

    What Willard and the likes of Priebus are most interest in is an election of Romney to the WH, at whatever cost (including throwing under the bus whoever needs to be thrown under the bus: Bachmann; Boy Scouts of America; Akin and so forth)!

    So, while I disdain Akin’s decision to remain in the race also, it is not for the reasons I suspect Romney and co are:

    They (the Romney/RYANO ticket) are merely interested in business and politics as usual, ie Power and prestige at all cost.

    I (and others like me) are seeking to make sure that the most articulate, knowledgeable, wise, prudent, sober and persuasive warriors for the right of the unborn are elected to our public positions of power. Akin is not amongst these.”

    Sorry for spamming. Just think it needs to be heard I think.

  31. Many Independents in MO are tired of McCaskill, but they might not vote or support someone who is so damn stupid in Akin. I would hate being a conservative in MO trying to defend this idiot and every time arguing for him a damn liberal brings up that stupid Akin comment.

    The pressure is still coming down hard on Akin, I hope he steps down soon.

    1. Apparently he is oblivious to pressure.

      Todd Aiken’s attitude is so like almost all of our elected officials. They do not see America in peril as she was founded. It’s all about them and their little fiefdoms. Mark’s right. Todd Aiken and John Roberts just made this so much more difficult. Will we survive? For the first time in my life I am afraid for my country and of my country.

  32. RIGHT again Mark!

    All together now !!
    party music on>>

    Every Party needs a pooper – That’s why we invited You -(Akin)

    Party pooper – super duper !! – Party pooper

    Akin is obviously – nutty!

    1. What’s revolting is how desperate these people, Democrat or Republican, are for power. Akin doesn’t give a crap about the issues he says he cares about; he’s after the job for the job.

      1. I agree with you. This is clearly all about him keeping his cushy job and is NOT about the election pending.

        He must know this is the death of his opportunity to win this seat. This is just common sense. He made a stupid statement. That has consequences and he should man up and accept them and step away.

        Additionally, he is not only a wounded animal for this one seat, a very important seat, he is a major distraction and presenting the press with the opportunity to distort and crucify conservatives nationally.

        This is about him stepping back for the good of the country…..he wont because this is about him and not the country.

      2. JR, it is interesting how so many jumped on the this man for a mistake that he made. Clare McCaskell is a absolute disaster and I think that the people of MO understands that.

        1. If it was that one comment maybe, put this guy has years of dumb comments that democrats will air, THAT’s why democrats put in 1.5 million to elect him in the republican primary.

          1. How much did McKaskill pay this fool to stay in the race? Maybe she is using some Obama stash for hold onto her seat.

        2. Maybe they do and maybe they don’t. But the bottom line is Akin is poison for the GOP brand. He whiffed on an easy question, and now he threatens to taint the rest of the party when the MSM will do *anything* to re-elect The One. He should have stepped aside today; instead, he revealed his low character by staying in the race for himself. He’s a weasel.

          You ever see the movie Defending Your Life, with Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks? People wind up in a kind of limbo after death, in which everyone is appointed an attorney to argue before a court why they should move on to heaven rather than be reincarnated back on earth. One of the bases for obtaining a judgment in one’s favor is the strength of one’s character. Each of the the defense and the prosecution presents video clips from the defendant’s life to show why the defendant should or should not be admitted to heaven, then the court weighs the evidence and renders its decision.

          If there is such a court, the prosecution will play clips of Akin making his terrible choice today, and back to earth he’ll go.

          1. So is the consensus that Akin is a bumbling fool and was elected because dems switched and voted for him? What does that say about the people of MO? I mean 70% of the people voted against Obama care so obviously they understood that. And now we are suppose to believe that this guy is just some recluse but the people still voted for him? I do not live in MO so I really don’t know. There must be something else happening with this candidate that we are not aware of because from what I heard him say is not enough to have people from conservative radio to the establishment calling for him to resign. Something is missing here.

            1. It’s public perception, market. Unfortunately, it is the world we live in. He had the race won and then he stopped to tie his shoelaces. The rest, as we say, is history.

  33. Yep — that’s exactly what we should do. Maybe we could run her as a Tea Party candidate. This Akin guy deserves nothing.

    [Whoops — this was supposed to be in response to brazen_infidel’s comment below, re writing in Steelman.]

  34. Sarah Palin needs to drop whatever she’s doing and head down to MO to spearhead a Steelman write-in campaign. Period, end of story.

        1. Jonathan Dine, Libertarian. Get the NRSC and Crossroads $ to him, and money-bomb him as well.

      1. I understand where you’re coming from, but the reason I brought it up is that she did go down there and campaign for Steelman in the primary. Now her judgment has been vindicated.

        Apparently she is heeding my call (ha, ha), because she has just told Greta that Todd Akin should withdraw or we’ll run a third party for Senate in Missouri.

        1. brazen, I cede to your better understanding of the situation. As for Sarah, I always trust her to do the necessary thing.

    1. I hope people in the right start going after Mike Huckabee, if it wasn’t for him and the democrats money bomb in a republican primary , this loser wouldn’t have been nominated , it’s time for people to hold these talk show big mouths to account.
      The reason the RNC pushed so hard to get him out was because they know this comment wouldn’t be the last, democrats have a file on all the shit this guy has said , and it will become a narrative, and even if the voters hate that cow McCaskill they will still vote for her, that’s what happened in Nevada and Delaware, a candidate becomes too toxic.

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