Mark Levin: Greg Gutfeld is DEAD WRONG

Today it was made known that the TSA argues they can search your vehicle at the airport, specifically in valet parking, without any specific information or without a warrant. They discussed this on The Five and to his great regret, Mark Levin says, Greg Gutfeld, who he thought was a libertarian, sided with the TSA as he has sided with government overreach in the past with respect to the NSA collecting phone records. With respect, he said Gutfeld is dead wrong and proceeded to explain why.

He also hits Dana Perino for making what he calls a ‘left-wing knee-jerk response’ when she said something to the effect of ‘these TSA people work very hard and we shouldn’t treat them this way’. Levin said that’s absurd because it is not the TSA employees we have a complaint with, but the policies they are implementing.

The interesting thing is the two he said were exactly right, one being Eric Bolling and the other being…….Bob Beckel. He said Bob Beckel made a strong 4th amendment argument and ‘brother Bolling’ nailed it as well.

If you are already familiar with the TSA story itself, you can skip to 3:15 for his remarks on the commentary from The Five.

Listen to the full segment below:

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85 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Greg Gutfeld is DEAD WRONG

  1. Mark makes the remark that “we” – American citizens – shouldn’t be monitored when we’re not doing anything wrong. He misses the point: to the marxist scum now in control of this nation, all conservatives ARE doing something wrong. Something so wrong that we must be identified and located, so that when the marxist revolution goes hot, we can be conveniently rounded up and executed.
    That is not an exaggeration.

  2. “it is not the TSA employees we have a complaint with…”
    I have a complaint with them. If you carry out anti-American, anti-Constitutional, evil orders, such as molesting children and old women under color of law – or men for that matter – you deserve no respect at all. You are evil. Period. We settled this at the Nuremberg trials, for those who are morally challenged.

    If the policy is unacceptable, the people who carry it out are unacceptable.

    “…these TSA people work very hard and we shouldn’t treat them this way..” How hard do you have to work to molest children and grandmothers in wheelchairs?

    If I told you specifically how I think we should treat them, I’d be banned from this site. They deserve to be treated as traitors and scum, because that’s exactly what they are.
    Commercial air travel in America should have died the day the TSA perverts were turned loose on us.

  3. Beyond who got it wrong on The Five – Dear Leader and the progressive democrats have it all wrong, all the time.  This land that I love and have sweet memories of what it was like is being turned into a fascist state.

  4. Gutfeld is just another Northeastern idiot who can’t help but be liberal at times. After all, who is the mayor of NYC and who is running to replace that idiot mayor?

  5. Gutf is like so many people , hd talks a good and tuff game, but when isxues come uo there true views come out he is a fraud like so many others – at least Dana is consistent by eing a part of the gope and supports the economic policies of big government supported and put forth by bush

  6. Gutfeld is dead wrong but what is worse the search of those cars is pointless just as the searches before you go to the gate to board your flight are pointless…don’t get me started on the random extra searches once you get through security.
    Now why do I say it pointless?
    Because people if a bomb is already in the airport mission accomplished. If a bomb goes off in that security line or even just inside the doors, let alone a parking garage…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Really for that kind of security to be effective everyone should be checked a mile off site from the airport.
    TSA and the United States Government is only giving everyone a false sense of security. The real security opportune moment came and went when we decided to fight kindler gentler wars. When we decided to leave Afghanistan standing we lost our opportunity for security.

  7. Mark Levin really hit the jackpot yesterday – mentioned Investors Daily and M. Stanton Evans, and read his article about how LA RAZA wrote the Senate Immigration Bill. 
    So now the truth comes out.

    That means a whole lot of people were LYING to us – right to our face. That would start with the Gang, but includes Rubio and Jeb and George Bush and the creeps at the Wall St Journal 
    if I remember, LA RAZA was started by 12 Marxist lawyers from Los Angeles, and got a million bucks a year from the Ford Foundation. Phyllis had an expose of these creeps a long time ago.
    time to go to the Audio section on MarkLevinShow and get the MP3.
    And the Evans article.

    1. physicsnut  
      Levin really has his nose to the ground…always.  Haven’t had much time for his audio rewind lately but will make it a point today (glad to find his clips on TRS regularly).
      Thanks, physicsnut!

  8. Gutfeld is a comedian/magazine editor! He has no qualifications that make him expert on civil rights or any legal matter. He can only offer a lay persons perspective and, yes, sometime, get it wrong!

  9. Gutfeld and Dana (two of my favorites) were dead wrong on this. I’m stunned that they got it so wrong.
    Bob’s still a doofus… but he’s coming around a bit.

    1. Agree on Gutfeld as a favorite,, not so much on Dana “Pollyanna”! I, too, was stunned by both of their dead wrong and stupid comments!
      Bob Beckel was spot on this time!!!

        1. Her “goody-two-shoes” caricature gets to me sometimes! Makes me grind my teeth!!!

  10. First they’ll search for drugs and bombs, then they’ll search for guns, and then Bibles and copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and for any receipts for donations to the Tea Party or Churches that don’t approve of gay or polygamous or incestuous marriage.

  11. Andrea Tantaros made the comment that she doesn’t care if they search her car or gather records or something or other….I can’t remember exactly.  I used to have the same opinion.  I would say “if you’re not doing anything wrong what are you worried about?”.  I was dead wrong.  After seeing how Obama targets people with multiple government organizations, it woke me up to realize it’s dangerous to let government officials have so much ability to do whatever they want in the name of national security.  Clinton had the FBI files of his political enemies on his desk, and I trust Obama even less than Clinton.  Give them a reason and they will target you, too.  Still willing to let them gather information they can wrongfully and illegally use against you, Andrea?

    1. kong1967  
      The people of knew too well the brutal oppression of tyrants when they demanded a Bill of Rights.
       We must always keep that context with our founding documents.

      1. sDee  Yeah, we have a tyrant wannabe in office right now.  If not for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Obama would have already turned this country into Cuba….or worse.

        1. kong1967 sDee  
          The people od America refused to accept a constitution for a central government without the Bill of Rights.
          That Central Government  will never defend that Bill of Rights. That sacred and moral obligation, is the sole responsibility of We the People.

        2. sDee  Yeah, but how do we do it?  The federal government has extended it’s reach and power over the states and us.  They continue to move towards communism and nothing we do is stopping them.  Republicans have Fred Flintstone brakes trying to stop a rocket ship, and many Republicans are part of the problem.

        3. kong1967

          No one is going to save us. Not the politicians. Not the courts. Time is short.

          We first have to be willing to take to the streets with whatever level of pacifism or aggression is necessary to defend the law. The people of Turkey have shown us that this is essential once the final steps are being taken.

          Once we have that conviction we must be  physically in the offices of every local, state and federal officials who will take the  time to meet with us. Phones if visits are impractical. Not with aides – with the officials themselves.
          They must know that they now are complicit or silentely supporting the end of liberty and the rule of law.
          Those who do not act must be primaried.

    2. kong1967  
      And if they will search your car illegally, then they’re obviously unlawful.
       What’s to stop them from unlawfully planting something in your car?

  12. I go to The Five for lightweight entertainment and I’m not expecting the political depth of Rush or Levin. I’m a bit surprised Gutfeld was on the wrong side of this one but whaddaya do?

      1. kong1967 Dr. Strangelove    Gutfeld is a straight arrow.  I believe he tends to think everybody else is too, and that nobody is leaving dead bodies in their car trunks, so we should happily cooperate with the federales to catch the bad guys.  After Levin chastised him – oh so respectfully – he said on The Five that he had no more opinions, that he had had opinion diarrhea for three weeks and was now out of them.  I took it as sign that he was thinking it over.

        1. old crank  Before Obama I would have been a little more tolerant, but not now.  A lesson Obama taught us with the IRS and the Rosen scandals is that you don’t trust government and you don’t trust Obama.

      1. sDee Dr. Strangelove Gutfeld’s words don’t speak all that loud, nor do those of any regular on Fox.

  13. I never understood this fascination with the 5, there’s not a conservative within a hundred miles of that show.  Eric Bolling is the only thing close, and he’s more of a lightweight than Hannity.

    1. Matt2Matt I couldn’t care less how ideologically pure they are, it’s just a horrible show. Four people who  almost always agree with each other argue with one person that usually doesn’t agree with them is a pretty awful format. It doesn’t work for the view (which will probably now be 5 leftists since Jenny McCarthy will be takingHasselbeck’s place) and it doesn’t work for the five. The only interesting person on the show is Greg, but even he can’t make the show watchable.

      1. stlytdwck Matt2Matt I don’t know about that. They were number 2 after BOR in cable news ratings.

        1. hrh40 strangernfiction Matt2Matt We watch it because it’s all we’ve got as conservatives.

  14. I’m glad that Levin is taking the time to tell his listeners why a late night host who does an infotainment show at 5pm is wrong, but somebody should tell Levin that Greg is a self described

    “I now call myself a ‘mugwump libertarian’,
    a term I made up, which means I am totally independent of all political
    parties, but still uphold many libertarian ideals, but not the party.
    Besides, I love the way it sounds. Mugwump!”

  15. Dana PeRINO is a Bushie so I can see her caving in, but Gutfield as a Libertarian strange, but It proves many Libertarians can be all over the map.

    1. AZfederalist No kidding, but we were discussing the broken clock theorem earlier in the week.

  16. sorry I agree with Mark Eric and old Bob
    how can they search without warrants??? wake up …..are you gonna let them in your home next??????

  17. The TSA doesn’t search (or “molest” in some people’s words) cars. I’ve been to the airport multiple times. They never searched my car. If they want to search a car to stop a terrorist, that’s good, of course. We know some people have been trying to deny that terrorism exists, even labeling the Fort Hood terrorist a work-place violence guy, but terrorism actually exists.

    1. notpilgrims Terrorism is real. And so are bathtub drownings. You are about 50 times more likely to drown in your home than die of terrorism.

    2. notpilgrims 
      Yeah, yeah, we know that the devout muslims that O has put in charge of the Dept. of Homeland Security are real concerned about stopping their brethren.
      We know that o has accelerated muslims immigration to the tune of over 100,000 per month because he’s real concerned for our safety….sniff, sniff….his concern for us has me all teary eyed….

  18. Beckel is a friend of Levin’s? Did he say that?
    On topic, wow….I guess the 4th amendment be damned….
    This administration has never had anyone tell them no in any meaningful way, so they will continue to do what they will when they want to whomever they choose.

    1. badbadlibs   Mark Levin laughs that despite Beckel’s liberalism, he still likes him!  And I have to say, every now and then Beckel gets it right, so he might be more of an old school big government Democrat and not an Obama-style radical.

      1. DeborahClemence badbadlibs I like Beckel, we’re both alkies. I’m also a recovering liberal so I have hope for him.

    2. Hey, badbablibs, I’m coming out of the closet. Beckel amuses me. I disagree with him 99% of the time; nonetheless, I yell at the tv and laugh at the same time.

  19. I would be concerned they might have put some kind of tracking device in the engine or even something that they could hack into your car and do what they did to that journalist in CA.
    Oh and, isn’t it insane that we have all these moooslime cab drivers lining their cabs along the curbs at the airport?

    1. Keyes The moo-slime tried to deny taking riders with alcohol and service dogs in MN. That did not work out well for them.

    2. Keyes Tracking device? What do you think On Star and EZ Pass are? EZ Pass won’t shut your vehicle off but On Star will

  20. Apart from the Federal Government’s clear violation of the 4th Amendment, the biggest issue is that this is yet another extrapolation of the concept of “guilty until proven innocent” that is becoming ubiquitous and rampant throughout the Federal Government.
    As Mr. Levin says, this is not only unacceptable, it is unlawful, period.

    1. PoCoTex And if the state court system finds you not guilty and you are on Obama’s enemies list, the DOJ will trump up some other charges and disarm you so the hoodies can slaughter you.

  21. And Gutfeld usually leans libertarian, so I don’t know what’s up with him. I also can’t believe the women who don’t trust this administration, but seemed to think if there was a different administration, it would be okay. IT’S  NEVER OKAY TO GIVE UP LIBERTY!

    Surprisingly Beckel and Eric Bolling were in agreement and had it right.

    1. SheerPolitics Time for those women to loose a lot of their rights and see what lack of freedom feels like.  Maybe they should speak with Lara Logan about how women are treated in the Middle East.

      1. Orangeone SheerPolitics 
        …or in Western countries for that matter….wherever muslims go….violence comes along with it…..

      2. Orangeone   Those types never believe it will happen here…until i does…and then we’re all screwed!

    2. Ok, no feeding the war on women trolls of Washington, though I understand and pretty much agree with what you mean, SheerPolitics. 🙂

  22. Mark is correct and Gutfeld and all of those other ‘conservatives’ who are defending this intrusive, overgrown, out of control state, seem clealry to have a dangerously misguided interpretation of liberty. It is these non thinkers who are always justifying overreach on the grounds of security and they were the folks who supported the first stages of Nazism and fascism in Europe. They most assuredly need to read the writings and speeches of the Founders on this whole topic and of course the great philosophers like Locke and Montesquiex.

    1. So who secures the American Citizens from their own Government. How fast this tumor has metastasized.

  23. Direct and unquestionable violation of  the Constitution and the talking heads think it is some sort of semi-intellectual debate.
    The price of sucking one’s way up the Fox totem pole is clearly his  principles and integrity. 
    What price is a seat at the table of the American oligarchy?

    1. sDee 
      Remember that the Saudis bought a bunch of stock in 2005 and have been pulling their strings ever since.

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