Mark Levin hammers ‘rogue prosecutor’ Mueller who he says is investigating NOTHING

Levin had a great segment last night on Hannity, where he explained why Trump can’t be a ‘criminal target’ and why he should completely ignore Mueller’s request for an interview:

Levin argues that Mueller is a rogue prosecutor who is investigating nothing, pointing out that there were no legal statutes with which his investigation was commissioned.

He also explains, as he has in the past, that Trump can’t be a criminal target because he can’t be indicted while he’s in office. And that’s the judgement, via two past memoranda, from the DOJ itself.

Levin goes on to explain that because of this, Mueller knows he can’t bring Trump in front of a criminal grand jury, which is why he wants to interview Trump and try to get him in a perjury trap.

And furthermore Levin points out, via leaks, that we know that Mueller intends to create a report in June/July that accuses Trump of obstruction of Justice. Levin says that’s preposterous. Even though the media treats him this way, Levin argues that Mueller isn’t a judge who is supposed to give opinions. He’s a prosecutor who is said to investigate and prove cases before a court of law.

And what’s worse is that Levin believes the main reason for this report is to give Democrats something on Trump so they argue for impeachment.

There more in the video above so watch it.

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