Mark Levin: How in the world will more background checks stop a mass murderer?

Another great monologue from Mark Levin today where he asks how him or you filling out more paperwork to buy a gun is gonna stop a mass murderer? It’s just there to inconvenience us, yet does nothing to actually solve the problem. He says we can’t even stop people coming across the border so how do we expect more background checks to stop mass murderers from getting guns?

Then, in more of a somber tone, he reminds us that the greatest inhumanity ever committed has been by centralized governments against their people. There will always be people who commit murder and it’s an unfortunate fact of life. And we try to deal with those people. But Levin says the politicians are trying to define us by the evil people and strip us of our liberty which will eventually destroy our society – a society of free people.


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32 thoughts on “Mark Levin: How in the world will more background checks stop a mass murderer?

  1. William’s first prison-built rifle used a floating chamber design that later became the basis for several designs that allow firearms to fire a sub-caliber round. For example,, which allows a Government Model 1911 to fire .22 Long Rifle ammunition, was based on a floating chamber. The US Military adopted several conversion designs for firing .22 ammunition in several different firearms, including the .30-caliber Browning Machine Gun. Because .22 ammunition is about as cheap as it gets, using it during training seemed like a great economy measure during the Depression. Williams received a patent for the floating chamber in 1936.
    However, the invention that earned him his nickname was the short-stroke piston gas system that was used in the Williams had invented the short-stroke system while in prison. In 1941 he went to work with Winchester on the carbine project. He received a patent for the short-stroke piston in 1944.
    If people want fully automatic weapons..they will get them somehow….making laws you cannot enforce is childish at best

  2. This is America…People can turn any semi automatic into a fully automatic weapon and with a sizeable clip…Also there are tons of ways to make explosives that would cause more damage than a gun….and whats keeping people from bringing more than one gun….Sick people that want to kill others will always find a way to do it…Punishing an entire country for the doings of a few carzies is kind of stupid…..If it was me…I would make it a law that every single citizen over the age of 18 be fully trained and required to carry a weapon and use it in defense of him/herself and others when appropriate…

  3. While the superficial political excuse proffered for gun control is allegedly to reduce crime, the reality is quite different.  It really has nothing to do with fighting crime and doesn’t purport to do that in reality.  In fact it will do more of the opposite.  The city of Chicago is but one example of it.

    Its about population control.  

  4. Fast and furious and the inevitable Sandy Hook event was to be the “gun crises” to start the ball rolling on limiting 2ndA rights. These people are coniving commie bastar%^ and should be given NO QUARTER.

  5. The Ocrats win on this one big time.  It’s sold as being all about background checks, but that’s really not what it’s about. Its really about setting up another bureaucracy of Ocrat union voters and donors…   This could be easily proved if the RINOcrats had enough creativity and wisdom to set up the background checks as a non-union non-profit organization.  The Ocrats would scream UNFAIR and support would fall away.

  6. Does anyone here support the government selling guns to drug lords with no background check? If we had background checks for all gun sales, Brian Terry would probably still be alive.

  7. How will background checks stop a law-abiding citizen from purchasing a gun?
    Criminals won’t be able to purchase a gun from someone who does a background check.

  8. I’m against the government banning the AR-15, I’m against the government complying a national registry of owners in America, but when it comes to background checks and trying to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill I don’t really have a problem with that, I dunno maybe I’m missing something with issue of background checks, but I don’t see how these background checks would stop me from buying a gun.

    1. StevenValdez The problem with universal background checks, IMO, is that it limits property rights.  It’s very difficult for someone to conduct this type of business on their own….you would nearly have to be an ATF licensed firearm shop to sell your own guns (and due to the recent story about the ATF shutting down the gun shop that sold Lanza’s mother the guns w/o giving a reason and no due process it is a very real danger).  It would criminalize otherwise legal transfer of your property, and/or flood the system based on what the Federal government was able/willing to accomplish to facilitate the matter.  It puts the Federal government directly in control of a right that they are barred from infringing upon.

      1. StewieGriffin StevenValdez Selling a single gun or two privately isn’t a “business.” If you want to start a business selling guns, you have to pass the qualifications so that you don’t sell to criminals. In fact, it’s quite easy for any qualified person to conduct this business, as there are lots of licensed dealers in the country.

      2. StewieGriffin but you can sale privately without background checks. I thought this proposal just expands it to internet, gunshows and includes the mentally ill with the criminals.

    2. StevenValdez You are damn right. Why should criminals be allowed to purchase guns? They could commit another crime.

      1. WaiGuoGuizi StevenValdez I know you’ve been told before that criminals do not bother following legal methods to obtain guns.  Yet you keep arguing as though they must.
        It’s definitely possible to dampen down gun crime by turning society into a totalitarian state.  But the penalty for that is obvious.  And people usually are murdered directly by such states in much higher numbers than any point before, when citizens had guns.

  9. Not to state the obvious, but it’s not about stopping mass murderers, or about stopping violent crimes at all. It’s all about power and control. An armed populace is a free populace, while a disarmed populace is more easily controlled and dominated.

    1. JeffWRidge The obvious: Law-abiding citizens will pass a background check. Criminals won’t.

      1. WaiGuoGuizi JeffWRidge It must be nice to be so sure about that. Who sets the parameters on the background check and what would disqualify someone from gun ownership? How do we know that only people with a record of violent crimes, or violent mental disorders, would be disqualified? We don’t.
        What if you have family members who have felonies on their record? I do. My brother, who has multiple felonies on his record (and he isn’t the only one in my family; I belong to a fun tribe), visits me on a regular basis. Might the government decide that allowing me to own a firearm would constitute a risk that the criminals in my family could end up getting my weapons? Should I refuse to allow him to visit?
        What if you have friends who have criminal backgrounds? I do. Over the years I have met many of my brother’s partners in crime and become friends with a few of them. Perhaps my friendship with these shady characters would disqualify me even though I have a clean record. The worse crime I ever committed was driving without a seatbelt on, but I could still lose my rights.
        Right now one of the things they are talking about is keeping guns away from people with mental disorders. Who decides what qualifies as a mental disorder that should exclude a person from gun ownership? There are a lot of lefties who would say that the very desire to own a firearm displays a mental disorder and so should disqualify a person from owning a gun. Catch 22. 
        What if someone has a history of seeing a shrink for a non-violent problem? Could that be used to disqualify them? Maybe not at first, but over time… who knows? 
        I wouldn’t be surprised to see the government require that everyone who wants to own a firearm undergo a psychiatric evaluation prior to approval. Moving goal posts is one of the things the left excels at. 
        It’s all a smokescreen. The ultimate goal is gun confiscation. The left is very patient when it comes to this stuff. They steal our rights incrementally and we allow them to do so because their arguments actually sound reasonable – until you actually think them through, that is. Once you examine their arguments they fall apart. 
        I’m sorry, but no, I will not give an iota on my, and your, Second Amendment rights. Give the left an inch and they’ll take a mile.

  10. You cannot buy a gun without a background check on the internet. If you can would someone please tell me where. If you buy on the internet you still have to have the gun mailed to a licensed dealer in your state and they will do a background check on you before they release the gun and you pay the fee for them receiving the gun for delivery. Is it done differently in some other states beside TN GA AL? Please share.

    1. Alborn how it works here in WV…… and when I resided in the Peoples Republic of Maryland .

      1. clevonlittle Alborn Do you know if there is a state that you can go to and buy a gun when you are not a resident of that state?

        1. Alborn clevonlittle I don’t, not even a CCW carrier.  All purchases are sent to a licensed gun shop in the state of your residence and another background check is run before you can pick it up.  So if you buy out of state, you get 2 background checks.

        2. OneThinDime Alborn clevonlittle Good, now let’s make it true for everyone who buys guns and ammo over the internet

        3. 2016 OneThinDime Alborn clevonlittle You miss the point. Where is it legal to ship a gun bought on the internet without a background check. If you know a state that allows it would you please share. It is already required. At gun shows in some states individuals can apparently sell long rifles without background checks but that is all. The licensed gun dealers still have to do backgrounds at the gun shows.

  11. How in the world will more background checks blah blah blah? Some weirdos will FAIL the check, Mark (use your brain)

    1. 2016 And then they will steal of gun and shoot someone.  And if that’s too difficult they’ll put fertilizer in a truck and blow up a building (McVey ring a bell liberal?)

    2. I’m all for a universal background check for voters. Will you be first in line?  Some illegal aliens will FAIL the check liberal.

        1. 2016 Only Liberals and illegal aliens will fail.  Since you hate this country and the Constitution so much, I hear the Middle East is looking for you.

  12. Levin is correct as usual. The proposed measures (whatever they are or prove to be because we do not know) will only prove arbitrarily invasive of private information, giving wide and discretionary latitude to progressive federal agencies and their willing and unwilling accomplices. And on top of that problem, they will abridge the second amendment without proper process being followed.

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