Mark Levin: ‘If I DID vote in Israel, I’d vote for Netanyahu and the Likud party!’

Mark Levin made it very clear where he stands with the Israeli vote coming up, and who he would vote for if he were voting in the election.

Here’s the clip below:

Here’s a transcript:

“…We had Barack Obama use the State Department and American tax dollars to try and defeat Benjamin Netanyahu last time around. We have the New York Times that has a daily drumbeat of anti-Israel, anti-Netanyahu stories by cretins, malcontents, miscreants, and that sort of crowd. We let me use my microphone to do the following: I don’t know the extend to this program reaches into the State of Israel but we are heard on podcasts throughout the world and including in Israel. And I just want to encourage the Israelis as strongly as I know how to vote for Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party. Benjamin Netanyahu has not only been a great leader for Israel but during the time when Obama was President he was the most important leader of the free world. He is a tremendous ally of this country, and he’s hated by the Left because he’s a strong leader. He’s hated by the Left because he’s made Israel a strong, economic country. He’s moved it towards the free market and away from socialism. He’s hated by the Left because the Israelis know how to defend themselves, and they’ve built up a military second to none in the Middle East. It was all fine when Israel was a victim country. It was all fine when the Arab states and the Muslim countries thought they could defeat Israel. But now that Israel has built itself into a mighty power in the Middle East, now they treat it as some kind of imperialist state. It’s nothing of the sort. And your Prime Minister in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has worked very closely with President Trump and as a result of that Jerusalem is recognized as the capital of Israel, as it is and always should be. The United States Embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to [Jerusalem]. The Iran deal, thank goodness for the United States and Israel, and the Arab states that are not radicalized, few and far between, the United States left the Obama nuclear Iran deal. I cannot believe that the people of Israel having witnessed these incredibly historic events, having benefitted from the rational, free market policies of their Prime Minister and his government, having benefited from the security decisions of their Prime Minister and his government, that they would dislodge him from office. It would be like the British after World War II voting out Winston Churchill. Benjamin Netanyahu is, for lack of a better parallel, Israel’s Winston Churchill, Israel’s Ronald Reagan, Israel’s Margaret Thatcher, if you get my drift in terms of policies. He is a strong statesman surrounded by little, political munchkins.

I feel the same way about President Trump. My admiration for Trump has been growing and growing over time as you know. I am extremely impressed with him. There are people who come on TV and radio who want to play games. They want you to think they are taking sides but not really taking sides. They want you to think they are for Trump but not really for Trump. And then they pass this off as being thoughtful, and objective, consciousness in terms of their viewpoints. They’re not. They’re positioning themselves. We are in the middle of a political civil war like we’ve never seen in modern times, between capitalism and socialism, between securing a border and having no border, between building up our military and eviscerating our military, between strengthening the rule of law and rejecting the rule of law, embracing the constitution and undermining the constitution. There’s a lot of good versus evil going on right now and a lot of it is in black and white. And I don’t mean race wise, I mean like ink, black and white. As Reagan would say no pastel colors. And to be sitting on the sidelines or playing games in order to promote your careers or promote your ego, “Uh, you know I like him….” No, now is not the time for that.

And I say the same to the Israelis: you’d be making a disastrous decision if you fell for one of these other candidates and their propaganda. You have a historic figure serving as your Prime Minister. Just like our President, they’re trying to take him out. They brought these phony indictments. They were timed to effect the elections. Who brings indictments five weeks before an election unless they are trying to effect the outcome? Isn’t that quite obvious? Or says they’re going to bring them. Over cigars and champagne for God’s sakes. And over free speech and the media for God’s sakes. What a bunch of crap. But you in Israel you’re going to decide your own fate, whether you have a strong leader or a nebbish, may I say with all due respect. I don’t vote in Israel. I am not a dual citizen. I am an American citizen. I vote right here. But if I did vote in Israel I’d be voting for Netanyahu and the Likud Party. There’s no question about it. Wouldn’t you ladies and gentleman? Wouldn’t you, you Levinites? I know you would…. “

It is definitely a historically important vote for Israel and Netanyahu.

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26 thoughts on “Mark Levin: ‘If I DID vote in Israel, I’d vote for Netanyahu and the Likud party!’

  1. Congrats @therightscoop, Mark just tweeted a link to this thread on The Right Scoop. I wonder if he stops in and reads TRS or better yet has an anonymous account and chimes in?

        1. Pay no attention to the man behind that avatar! I am K-Bob, the pretty good and not terribly weak!

    1. I don’t know about an account, but he definitely reads comments here and even commented on them on his show. Back in 2016, he commented on a certain Beverley who used to post nasty stuff about Levin when he supported Trump in the general.

  2. Mark is 100% right here. Netanyahu is one of the only people in that region who is a true leader, has kept his composure and exercised supernatural restraint when the forces of evil have attacked his country. He KNOWS his enemy and frankly, he should be unassailable. Unquestioned. Completely supported and unanimously reelected. SHOULD BE. But the forces of darkness (including American Leftists) are conspiring against him. If he loses, ISRAEL LOSES!

  3. If Obama was against him (Netanyahu) then I’m for him. End of story. Mark nails it, as always.

  4. I just heard that last night. Levin is right about Obama trying to dislodge Netanyahu, via his snubs, poor treatment of Israel, and his great help to Israel’s enemies.

    Obama was a foreign policy disaster. You have to go back to Wilson to find a president as bad. But his treatment of Israel was one of the most scurrilous things in US foreign policy history.

    1. Yes. Not to mention a disaster to our domestic policies as well. Fundamentally change America my caboose! Take you hope and change Obummer and you know what you can do with it!

  5. “…whether you have a strong leader or a nebbish…”
    In case anyone is wondering, a “nebbish” is a soy boy.

    1. I have heard the word before, however I went and looked it up – it’s my new favorite put down word!

      *a person, especially a man, who is regarded as pitifully ineffectual, timid, or submissive.
      “He’s a nebbish. No money, no prestige, no future”

  6. As usual, Levin nails it with crystal clarity.
    I peeked in on TOS, the safe place for the TDS afflicted and encountered this comment, accompanied with lots of upvotes:
    “I hate Jesse Watters. I hate Mark Levin. I hate Lou Dobbs. I hate Sean Hannity. I don’t give a fuck about Diamond and Silk. I hate Foxnews…”
    How they can call themselves conservatives is beyond my ken.

    1. @pybop They aren’t anymore. They debate among themselves which Dem they’re going to vote for next year.

    2. Thanks, @pybop I hope you disinfected thoroughly afterwards. Who said that? Anyone we know?

  7. As always the Great One is correct. I’d love to be able to vote for Bibi, heck, I would love him to be a politician here!

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