Mark Levin: If I had another son, I think he’d look like Brian Terry

Mark Levin wants to know what the standard is going forward for the president in commenting on crimes involving death. He wonders because he doesn’t believe that the parents of Brian Terry, the border patrol agent who was shot in the back by weapons this administration sold to the enemy, have received a phone call from the president. He wonders these things in light of the planted question Obama got the other day about Trayvon Martin. He tells journalists that the next time Obama’s staffers are whispering planted questions in their ear, perhaps they should ask what the standard is going forward on Obama commenting on these matters:

UPDATE: Also, here’s the story from the Telegraph that Levin was referring to.

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28 thoughts on “Mark Levin: If I had another son, I think he’d look like Brian Terry

  1. Here’s a joke. A blonde girl walks into a restaurant to pick up a pizza (tonight). She’s wearing a flag pin on her lapel.

    Sorry folks, that’s the joke………….where I live. Sorry ass people.

  2. The best of the best. The one and only. The “great one”. Mark Levin. Way to go Mark. Spot on again about Brian Terry.

  3. It’s true Obama only deals in issues that promote his electability. If I had a corrupt President, he would look like Barry.

    Mark made a very important point right at the very end of his statement:

    I say this rhetorically to reporters out there, ’cause there are very few left‘ – Levin

    That says it all.

  4. It’s all part of the plan – Trayvon is now the next distraction the demoncrats are using to distract away from the real issues plaguing the liar/racist-and-chief.

    He sickens me – corrupt, divisive, liar, racist…

  5. The standard going forward is the same as it’s always been: if the victim is the right color and the crime can be used to promote racial tensions, then – and only then – will Obama comment on it. And if Obama can “personalize” it in some way to make it about him, so much the better.


  6. Selective outrage and “compassion” to suit Skippy’s political agenda is all that matters to him.

  7. I don’t really think this has to do with Obamacare. He’s been on a mission to divide this country since taking office, if not before during his community organizing days.

    I think Andrew Breitbart was giving us all “insight” into who Potus is and what he believes (i.e., Prof. Bell and Critical Race theory). I think he was giving us a look into what would happen next in Obama’s ongoing attempt to divide and attempt to conquer.

      1. Not to disagree but IMHO destroying America is first and all else follows. The administration’s intent is either very evil, very stupid or both.

        Have you heard about or read how Bolton is accusing the administration of betraying Israel again? This time they revealed Israel’s agreement with Azerbijan to allow planes to land and refuel should they decide to attack Iran. It’s on Fox News and Newsmax. Hence, my assessment.

        1. All true, but you can’t destroy a country LIKE America unless you distract the masses with something else first.

          We’re too strong a national of individuals; when you can turn individuals into sheeple, then you can go to step #2, which is destroying the nation. Most folks — not talkin’ ’bout us on the boards here — really don’t give two shakes about Israel — the media long ago accomplished their goal of re-directing our national interests elsewhere to vastly more important things … like the deaths of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson and (now) Trayvon … but the media couldn’t have accomplished it IF everyone knew and understand national and global policy.

          It’s what the Odministration stands for — seize every crisis in order to distract the masses. Then, Showbama’s free to go and do what he wants to our allies.

          As Rush has said, Elena (sp?) Kagan wouldn’t allowed to even BE a Supreme Court Justice in a sane world, much less sitting in “judgment” over a law whose arguments she helped craft. It defies logic. But even politicians have been duped to look elsewhere when what really matters — confirming a qualified SC Justice.

  8. Obama doesn’t give a damn about any of us. He views us as sheep and nothing more. If his lips are moving he is lying. His goal is to destroy everything our founding fathers put in place for us to be a free society and free people. Mark Levin points this out with facts 15 hours a week and he is truly “The Great One”. We love you Mark! Keep up the fight for truth that the LSM keeps from the public. They are busy creating false stories of racism (over a month after it happened) and talking about birth control, everything except what is important. Democrats care so much about people they would rather kill them before they are born, civil rights? Yeah right.

  9. Yes. What a stark and telling contrast. It isn’t like he even has to discuss culpability to express his sympathy to the Terry family. Unless of course, he has none for them.

  10. i was surprised cause i always listen to the his podcast of the night before at work..and went to listen today and got just the opening 24 sec of the show then nothing…..

  11. Standard of proper behavior on any matter of importance to US…… obama’s moral compass will take him in the opposite direction, bet money on it.

      1. Like Ted Kennedy’s car, Obama’s moral compass “goes round and round and round and round and round.”

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