Mark Levin interview: Inflation is coming and it will devastate the economic environment for every American family

If you don’t listen to the whole interview below between Mark Levin and Bill Archer, please listen to at least the first 7 minutes or so. I think you’ll likely keep listening when you get to that point because of the content.

But what makes this interview so compelling is that Archer explains the problems that we face because of our true debt, which is due to out of control entitlements, and like Ryan he feels we’ve only got a couple of years to fix this or it isn’t going to be pretty. Considering the recent printing of money done by the United States over the last few years, he said that inflation is indeed coming, and when it comes “it will devastate the economic environment for every American family”. And the amount of debt is so massive that it could not only devastate our economic environment, but it could completely take out the world economy.

And there’s more, including whether he believes or not if we’ve gone so far that we can’t turn back.

Listen below:

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