Mark Levin interviews Allen West on Florida redistricting

West doesn’t really know if there’s an agenda to defeat him in his district. But Levin, who says he knows the Voting Rights Act backwards and forwards, doesn’t buy what’s been said about how West’s district has been carved up. Levin goes on to say that if West loses his district, he’ll work to defeat whoever drew up the district map.

Here’s the full interview:

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65 thoughts on “Mark Levin interviews Allen West on Florida redistricting

  1. Romney doesn’t want to put Conservatives on top of the station wagon for the trip to the WH, Romney wants to put us under the bus.

    “We had rabbits when we needed tigers” -President Reagan

  2. I like Mr.West and wish him the best but sometimes he’s just so damned politically correct I want to kick his butt,this is why I suspect he has a moderate streak in him.How can he not suspect it,after the stories I’ve read online there is NO DOUBT they are SCREWING HIM OVER !

  3. west is our future and if the gop in florida is working against him then shame on them. we need to identify individually any and all who are involved in this betrayal.

  4. The Repubik Establihment can’t stand a squared away trooper like Lt. Col West. It digs in their craw that he is a principled committed conservative, who is willing to call out the clown car comedy show that is the BHO administration and criticize the majority leader and minority leader of both Houses. He’s trouble to them cause he makes waves that make the Establishment uncomfortable. And Boehner probably feels a might threatened by one who is so popular and as well-spoken as Lt.Col. West is. He’s made of sterner stuff than just a mere Representative. He belongs in the WH. The Establishment can just go join Pelosi and Reid in hades.

    1. Thank you Ron Monks. I have bookmarked that page for future reference.

      ‘Tis good to get perspective from many angles.


  5. Has anyone considered the possibility that the redistricting is to take advantage of West’s high national profile and move a few more D’s into his district which will strengthen the district whence they were moved? No one in Tallahassee, at least on the R side would have any interest whatsoever in causing Allen West to lose his seat. That’s an insane contortion.

    But if through some form of twisted logic, someone can pin such a fairy tale on Mitt Romney then Mark Levin will jump into that pile with both feet.

  6. I heard this earlier too. Just the fact that he said no one had informed him about this makes it suspect. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t tell a fellow Republican that they are going from a D+1 to a D+5 or +6.

    Well, I guess I actually can imagine why.

  7. There are definitely shenanigans afoot. The deck has been stacked against Col West. The Republicans are not friends to real conservatives. Col West needs to take a very deep breathe and step up to accept the challenge for higher office. Our future now hangs in the balance. We must retake our nation. President West has a nice ring to it.

  8. A pity West didn’t endorse Newt, seems to me they are being fired on by the same RINO weasels. He would be a superb SoD. VP is fine too.

    1. I love it. Thank you for that.

      Amendments 5 and 6 mentioned in the article set up an almost “Catch – 22” situation for the Florida legislators. They tried to P.R. their way through, but the election of the 1st BPOTUS has gotten the political attention of lots of folks who probably still can’t spell p o l i t i c s, but now are attending meetings and making their voices be heard, as well as the attention of some couch potatoes who decided if they still want any freedoms they had better set that remote to mute and start carrying signs in the sun.


  9. If any of you did your research, you would know that this was a law passed that does away with gerrymandering and Allen West’s district is one of the most heavily gerrymandered districts in Florida. There is no conspiracy here.

    1. Take your bunk somewhere else. I live in the district. We have gone through holy hell to get West elected for 3 and a half years. We got no support from the RNC in 2008 or 2010 despite the lies they have told.

      We have had to put up with Debbie Wasserman-Socialist bringing her nags outside his office to protest and say that he wants women to die. His progressive opponent in the 2010 election published his social security number on mailers. I could go on and on. And like Breitbart so aptly refers to them “the eunuchs” in the Republican party did FLIPPING nothing. Wasserman-Socialist went crying to the Rethugs that the big bad wolf made a fool of her and the little witch got her way is what FLIPPING happened.

      Make no mistake about this. When West went back to the congress floor to rebut the lies that Debbie Wasserman-Socialist had just stated about him and he ripped her another one for all the world to see, Boehner and Cantor hung him out to dry. They co-opted him into helping them get the freshmen on board for the raising of the debt ceiling by threatening to not help with funds for re-election. While the SOB’s were using him for support, they double crossed him and the fix was in.

      Also the Republican Party in Florida had a temper tantrum when in 2010 we elected West, Rubio over their preferred candidate orange Charlie, and Rick Scott over Bill McCollum. This is a smackdown to the Tea Party to tell us all, “Who the hell do you think you are? Sit down and shut up. Don’t think, we will think for you. Just get your butts to the polls and vote for us and shut up.”

      This is a totalitarian move just as equal to the Marxists.

      Keep living in your dream world.

      1. If the Republican Party continues to operate this way I will NOT be voting republican. We need to spread the word about this obvious attempt to shut us up.

      2. How do you really feel? 🙂

        Thank you for that information! I checked into this and agree, you are right about this. The sooner conservatives, Tea Party patriots, and Americans open their eyes and dig just under the surface (facade), they will see the cancer. I pray we are not too late. May God help us all.

  10. If the Establishment is doing this to West, what do you think they will do to Conservatives and Tea Party at large if Romney wins?

    They are systematically rooting us out. This is why I cannot support a Romney nomination.

    1. I agree, this is why I think we need to form our own party after the 2012 election, The Tea Party. I don’t care what people say about it splitting the vote, this is already happening. Supposed Republican Conservatives are forcing (again) a RINO down our throats in RomneyCare. This guy is in no way a Conservative, yet we are told (again – McSame) he is the only one that can win. It’s time to form a real American party that stands for true Tea Party values and principles that is of course conservative to the core. I am tired of being told what will work and who can win by these pompous elitist sellouts! The Tea Party is what real patriots want in this country!

        1. NO citizens are represented – the difference between you and the others is that they have not figured it out yet.

        2. True representation in d.c. has been a myth for a long time. As long or longer than many reading this have been alive and certainly longer than most have been voting. It is time for a true revolution. This time, just as the cancer affecting our once great body has done, the cure (revolution) must be within.

          It is already exposed. The Tea Party is the best thing that has happened by and for the populace in my life so far. I am in my 7th decade.


        1. If I could have voted the last election- I was loving Alan Keyes. I’ve been following some of those guys for a while. I think though PFFV is right. The Tea Party is known more now than the Constitution Party, so I imagine the people who were involved in that would most likely jump on board to help with the Tea Party.

          While I understand the ramifications of voting a 3rd party, after this election, I don’t think that matters much anymore, as it’s pretty much vote splitting already anyway- and I can’t stand seeing everyone having to vote for who they “THINK” will win, instead of the one(s) they most agree with and share the same values.

            1. True. Keyes was offered up as a sacrifical lamb late in the process. Keyes makes too much sense for the Illinois voters who elected the then unknown and whose name I will not speak.


            2. Keyes (of whom I have always liked) was too narrowly focused in his run. He was not really ready to run a big campaign that addressed the majority of voters interests. Shame really. He is like Newt in many ways, RS in many others. Great speaker, deep knowledge of the constitution, a realist, strong morals and convictions, overall great guy. Not a strong personality, the kind that has “fire in the belly”. Kind of like Fred Tompson, in some ways.

          1. I agree. I haven’t ever voted 3rd party, but I’m tired of voting for the “lesser of the evils.” If a good 3rd party emerges, I may have to vote for him/her, particularly if it’s someone who can draw the independents who are tired of both sides of the aisle.

          2. Thanks for being in the forefront with me ABIC 🙂 I am tired of people running as something they are not and feel this is the answer to returning some sense of respect back to the extremely frustrated true Conservative voters. The Republican animal only concerns itself with what it thinks is important, electability, not conservatism. Much like everything in Washington DC they are drunk with money and power and only care about retaining it for their personal greed and self-serving special interests.

          3. Spot on… I totally agree. Are you feeling the love yet? 🙂

            After this election, I’ll be stunned if the Tea Party doesn’t split and form a new 3rd party – I like the name: “Constitution Party”. I’m in!

          1. It’s pretty much the same in most states. A 3rd party is not going to have success on a national level, until we, the people, can get them elected on local levels.

      1. Splitting the republicrat vote is not the concern with starting a third party. Yes, Mr. Perot did so when he ran, but now “independent voters” are the ones that would be split 3 ways; democrat, republicrat and Tea Party. That leaves the last two short of the wrong one.


    2. It is not easy in Florida to “root out” conservatives.” There are many many political parties. 36% are reported as republicrats and 20% are “independent” with 6% being reported as “small” party members. The 40 or so percent that Mr. Romney is now projected to have in his pocket is less than 15% of the total voting public in Florida.


  11. C’mon people. We all need to step up and stop this BS! Get involved and help Col. West!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. VP would be a good stepping stone for him. But his talents would be better used as Defense Secretary, or even as Secretary of State.

      Of course if obama manages to steal the election, Col. West would also be a great Commander of the Opposition.

  12. Allen West is the definition of a Great Leader and a Great American Hero in my opinion. He doesn’t back down or worry about the political correctness BS that all the other career politicians worry about. This man is going places, and very soon! God bless him and his wonderful family. Listening to him makes me proud to be American again, unlike most of the corrupt traitors in office today.

  13. I heard this earlier. While West doesn’t know for sure, or is not saying whether there is something behind this, I know if there’s any funny business going on, Levin will find it and give it every chance to call them out on it. YAY West, and YAY Mark Levin.

    1. Oh, there’s an agenda all right, just like what happened to Herman Cain and now, Newt Gingrich. Think about it-a patriotic black conservative army-colonel turned Congressman? In the Dem’s eyes, in the eyes of Dear Leader and his best friend Spooky Dude, this man scares them greatly.

      1. You can always tell who the Establishment fears.

        Rubio is the one that has disappointed me…. His support for Mitt. His name on the SOPA/PIPA bills.

        1. I think Rubio backed away from SOPA/PIPA… his defense of Romney is tough to explain, especially since those who worked for his campaign said that Romney was NOT an early supporter of his campaign in Florida, as he insisted. Is it possible that he is bowing to the RNC because they control the purse strings, like Nikki Haley did in SC?

          1. Follow the money. Mr. Romney has had a strong machine in Florida since campaigning for the ’08’ nomination. He has people who were also Rubio supporters. I am not sure, but have read somewhere that he contributed to Mr. Rubios campaign.

            It seems that Mr. Rubio has backed off of directly endorsing Mr. Romney. He was also supported by Tea Party activists who are starting to cool on him too.


      2. I am guessing they are scared that he could be chosen as VP!! Imagine that Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley though born in America, are not “natural born”. Therefore the libs do not really have to attack these people because to a certain extent they know that the purists, constructionists, etc will raise the issue of the “Natural Born” if one of the three is chosen. There is already some changes that will take place on on the 2012 ballot in Georgia due to O’s eligibility case. With that in the background, evidently the media will attack true “Natural Borns” that represent a threat to their agenda. One of them is Lieutenant Colonel Allen West!

            1. Your point? Even if Ocrap was born in Hawaii, his mother was not of legal age for her citizenship to convey to him. Just wait till the first anchor baby whose mother plopped him/her on US soil tries to run for POTUS–the issue won’t even be raised.

      3. He frightens the Republican establishment too because he is too outspoken – he won’t just go along to get along. He might upset the liberal media, and even independents! OH NO!!! OH DEAR… we can’t have that! Everybody has to play nicely and just make sure the Democrats win because otherwise they get very cranky!

    2. Regarding the vote in Florida today. Only registered republicrats can vote in the Florida republican primary. The chart at this site shows the breakdown of voters in Florida in December 2011.

      The Tea Party is made up of people from all three parties. So, if Mr. Romney does win the Florida primary he is entitled to all of the Florida republicrat delegates (1/2 of the normal number because moved their primary up to avoid Mrs. Palin and other ‘reasons’) because Florida is a ‘winner take all state.’

      Mr. Romney does NOT in the primary today get any indication of what would await him at the convention and even if he gets 40% that is less than 15% of the total Florida voters.


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