Mark Levin interviews American Muslim who opposes mosque at Ground Zero

Mark Levin interviews Zudhi Jasser from the American Islamic Forum for Democracy says early on:

“This is not a war against a tactic, but rather an ideology that’s not about violence or non-violence, but it’s an ideology that seeks to create islamic states and we want to counter that through advancing ideas of liberty and freedom…”

Wow, that got my attention. While there are things that I would certainly like ask Mr. Jasser, I must admit that he seems to completely understand the threat of the Islam that seeks to conquer and spread Sharia law, an oppressive theocracy, around the world. And he recognizes the duplicity of this GZ mosque Imam who on the one hand preaches peace but on the other hand refuses to apologize for Sharia and demagogues the issue of terrorism as it relates to groups like Hamas.

This guy is great and the interview only gets better.


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8 thoughts on “Mark Levin interviews American Muslim who opposes mosque at Ground Zero

  1. I just have to wonder which Quran he uses as his road to Paradise. I woould like to ask him a few questions about his belief and where it comes from. How deos he handle women, gays, and what part of the Quran does he says is relevant relative to his preparation for Paradise. His choice of edicts must be those prior to Mohammed violent turn.

  2. In general I agree with Jasser, but he should study his scriptures again!

    “The next question is, Why aren’t Muslims with his point of view getting visibility?”
    I think they fear the “rightly guided” Muslims, the Jihadists, who will threaten them. And, they fear hellfire (that’s Allahs punishment for spealing against Islam)!

  3. Jasser…

    Jasser is in the minority of opinion regarding the influence of “moderate” Muslims.

    Jamie Glazov moderated a May 27, 2010 symposium on FrontpageMag with Timothy Furnish, Tawfik Hamid, M. Zuhdi Jasser, Robert Spencer titled “The World’s Most Wanted: A Moderate Muslim.”

    Jasser’s view point is in the minority, both among the Muslims (… who asked Jasser to leave the Mosque he frequented because of his views), and among the non-Muslim intellectuals who know Islam is supremacist and jihadic in intent and action.

    The symposium post is very long and very informative… be sure to read the informed comments.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  4. Listening to Mark Levin right now and caught the interview.

    People who have managed to flee from repression, like this man’s family, get it.

    The next question is, Why aren’t Muslims with his point of view getting visibility?

  5. WOW! This Dr. needs a bigger platform! Sure wish he was on every talk show instead of the CAIR stooges. This is who really represents bridge building in America. Not the farcical doubles peakers who really represent this mosque as a stalking horse for sharia in America. Bless the good veteran, doctor!

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