Mark Levin interviews Paul Kengor who connects Jarrett, Axelrod, and Obama to communist mentors

This is a fantastic interview and the longer it goes the more interesting it gets. In fact it was so interesting that Levin had him on for the following segment which hadn’t been planned. But the short of it is that Kengor connects a few dots between the card carrying Communist Frank Marshall Davis who mentored Obama and other Communists in Chicago who mentored David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett.

Below is the full interview:

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74 thoughts on “Mark Levin interviews Paul Kengor who connects Jarrett, Axelrod, and Obama to communist mentors

  1. My question is: Where is the OUtrage?? Where is our Congress on this? Of course we ‘know’ the obama media’s would neeever elaborate on such a thing, but our own Congress???? What cowards? I’m appalled that this man that calls himself our U.S. President is such a fraud/phony/traitor..yet he plays golf spends OUR $$$ …his wife spends like there is no tomorrow ALL with a clear conscience? HOW??? WHY is nothing being done about this?? This itself should open EYE’s…but has it??? NO!!!! Pathetic.

  2. If Prof Kengor doesn’t open the eyes and ears of our American citizenry, we are lost. We fought the cold war and won, but now we are being sold out to communist-like ideology by our president. When will the media expose the traitors within?

  3. The weirdness of all these inter-rationalship of Communist is astounding. What normal people have multiple generations of interaction and similiar world views without being evil.

  4. Mark Davis, [the son of Frank Marshall Davis] who extensively corresponded with me on posts regarding his screwy Dad, is either incredibly, impossibly deluded about his fathers non-commieness and his relationship to Obama or…Mark Davis is a deliberate serial lying leftist himself.

    All has been exposed in this new empirical book by Paul Kengore. Startling sourced easily verifiable facts that fit perfectly with what AIM and me have written, and are diametrically opposed to what Mark Davis and Obama have said.

    When he was not commenting on my blog, I easily contacted Mark Davis via his link post on wait for it…Obama’s official website. Ignore the quality of my er, ‘writing’ and admire the length! Yes, I’ve learnt a Himalaya or two since those long ago, unshaved n’ heady days.

    I despise phony Marxist leftist frauds. I, Blogger vs Mark Davis comments below.
    No, really. Colonel Neville

    Remember to also watch the three part Glenn Beck video interview with Paul Kengore.

  5. will the weak-knee’d repubs slam the obama machine with this info? the more the electorate knows about these people, the easier we can flush them down the toilet…

    1. Nope Etch-a-sketch and the Gope think you are a fool that you believe that Obama is a Marxist. You are an embarrassment to them, Etch-a-sketch is trying to court the moderates. You are the extreme fringe to him.

      1. i was an independent before the 2008 election cycle. then i started researching obama. i quickly became a constitutionalist. romney is not a strong conservative. the GOP does not speak for me. but romney is a far better choice for the country’s well-being than obama. why don’t you try to look at this objectively. i know that’s asking a lot of you, but try. observe the policies obama and his administration have implemented. listen to your leader’s words. read what he has written. look to his associations. compare his rhetoric to franklin marshal davis’s…if you conclude he isn’t a markist, you are either intentionally ignoring the facts or too blinded by misguided ideology

        1. Well said. Romney is the far less of two evils, but still doesn’t represent me. The problem is, if Maobama wins the USA is finished.

          1. many voters have no clue the danger this guy and his ilk pose to the Constitution. we are headed towards a bad place with obama and his administration. these guys literally lie, lie and lie. and yet many uninformed voters still swallow the b.s.

  6. Every day I wait for the mainstream media to wake up to what is going on in Obama’s administration and everyday I continue to be amazed that they still defend this obvious socialist movement.

    There is no excuse for defending anyone who hates others points of view.

  7. The scary part is Mark Levin seems surprised to learn these things. If someone like Levin has been so oblivious, think of the average citizen. This might explain Mark’s off-hand dismissal of those who seek an investigation of Obama’s birth record. Maybe now, Mark will change his attitude.

    1. I see Levin as part of the establishment media, who denies many things due to political correctness. I am not saying that he is a bad guy, but he is not on the cutting edge of all subjects.

    2. Yeah, Mark does seem really amazed by this information. Hell, I’ve known who Frank Marshall Davis was since way back in 2008. None of this is new to me.

  8. Mark Levin….maybe if you interviewed Joel Gilbert, you would get a much clearer picture of what is really going on. The problem is that you still believe the lies of this administration because you have diminished and criticized the “birthers”. You….along with Hannity, O’Reilly, and Beck have acted like idiots in not talking up the eligibility issues when the rest of us have have been banging this drum for years. Welcome to the party…but honestly, I am not impressed with your “Constutional” knowledge, because you have been silent when it really mattered….and why? Most likely for money and out of fear of being labeled as a crazy “birther”. Here Mark….see if you can interview this guy….you might actually learn a thing or two:

  9. Wow, Obama is quoting Frank almost word for word now. In the spring, summer and fall of 2008 I received Investor’s Business Daily editorials, back then they had a special series about O and how he is a socialist or a Marxist. I still have them delivered, they are free. My intention here is not to push another site but to point out that IBD called him a socialist in 2008. I’m sorry if I broke any posting rules here. If so, let me know. Thanks.

  10. I had Mark on but I was at work, I am listening again now. It’s been all over conservative sites that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s mentor, but I hadn’t heard about him being Axelrod’s mentor too. I knew Obama’s grandfather and mother were communists, or just short of being them.

  11. I appreciate all the Web Sites! Here is Another ONE that the Media is Ignoring!

    And I am a writer and here is what I have been writing about all of this: This includes Web Sites and YouTube Videos to back what I’ve written!

    I Pray for Obama and His Family to turn their hearts to Jesus!

    Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless! Jane.

    1. Unfortunately Jane, that prayer is more than likely to go unanswered.

      This so called “family man” and his family do not attend Mass. Muslims usually don’t.

  12. People think conservatives are paranoid about Marxism, but the truth is that if you scratch the surface of every modern liberal and leftist, you will find a life-time of ideological neo-Marxist indoctrination from grade school all the way into college.

    Whenever you hear the words social and racial justice, diversity, multiculturalism, identity politics, ” pay your fair share”, “redistribution of wealth,” “profits”, “greedy rich” and attacks against business, the wealthy and Wall Street, and code words in the media like “undocumented worker” instead of illegal alien, “marriage equality” instead of gay marriage, you are seeing the results of Marxist indoctrination.

  13. That’s why I like FrontPage, this gent was a featured guest weeks ago. And Markie is just now getting up-to-speed? Geez Mark, if you move any faster, you’re going to have to speed up to stop.

    1. Now, now be nice…I agree, I love David Horowitz and Mark has a lot of great things to say, and Mr. Kengor has been busy making the rounds promoting his great book. 😀

      1. Between Horowitz, Glazov and Spencer, there is no excuse for being behind the eight ball on either leftism or their allies in the religion of pieces. Obama has been flayed by the great people at FrontPage. Seems like they are always ahead of the learning curve, while the rest of the conservatives are always playing catch-up. I find it both disconcerting and annoying.

        1. I agree; however, there are so many great sources of information out there that maybe this escaped Mark Levin somehow. I am sure he knows David Horowitz.

          That’s why we all need to share with each other some of the sources that inform us. There may be a lot of folks that don’t even know about or read

          I also agree that I was a little amazed that Mark sounded so incredulous in this interview, because you’re right this info has been out for awhile…the book was released July 17th.

          1. Exactly. Iron sharpens iron. Too many talking heads are behind the learning curve on alot of topics, Islam being one of them. It is really sad when the average Joe and Jane Doe is far more knowledgeable than the most popular talking heads are on many topics. In too many cases I see that these talking heads only want to hear the politically correct version of the facts, rather than the whole story. Its why I avoid talk radio with very, very few exceptions. I listen when knowlegeable guests are on. I turn it off when the talking heads start drowning them out with inane, ignorant assertions such as attempting to posit that there are two Islams…one radical and one moderate…when a simple reading of the Koran and the Sunnah would dispel that myth.

            And leftism is an old story. It goes back to Austin and Bentham and their arguements on Positive Law in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

            1. I completely agree with your views on Islam. There is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ muslim. You are or you are not…the same, in my opinion, as being pregnant or a Christian; you either are or you are not.

              Awhile back I watched Glenn Beck interview Geert Wilders (here’s a clip from that interview, Wilders explains Islam perfectly (as a man who knows of which he speaks); and Glenn Beck told him he disagreed with him on whether or not there are moderate muslims.

              I kind of changed how I felt about GB after that interview, because after this point, (it doesn’t go on to show this in this clip, but the entire interview is also available on youtube) Glenn’s whole countenance changed toward Mr. Wilders, showing disdain…which I thought was highly unnecessary.

              That’s my two cents. Thanks for your information…you’re more knowlegable than I.

              1. Yep. Beck, Hannity and Levin are still convinced that there is some “other” kind of Islam. They should pay attention to Muslim sources like PM Erdogen who made the case…and correctly I might add…that there is no moderate or immoderate Islam. “Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

  14. Knew about Obama and Davis but not about Jarrett and Axelrod. I am old enough to remember the Communists, the Soviet Union and the Cold War, but I don’t know how many younger than I were taught the truth about what was going on. Education has been filled with Leftists for some time.

    I’d like to say I am surprised by what I heard but I am not because I believed in 2008 Obama is a Marxist. I am pleased though the truth is finally coming to the fore because the more that know the greater chance to defeat these enemies of the US.

    1. I knew he was a leftie but wasn’t 100% convinced of Communist until the last few weeks. Now we have to hope the idiots that voted for him for free things and unicorns stay home.

      1. Obama was raised around communism and marxism, but if he still buys into it, then he is definitely a useful idiot. The globalists, who are the actual power brokers, don’t give a crap about the ideologies of marxism or anything else, they only care about global control of resources and people.

  15. More Levin, less Hannity, O’Reilly and Beckel. Levin tells it like it is, no matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on.

  16. Thank you Mark, I have been trying to tell people I know about this connection but everyone just dismisses it as it is so far fetched to believe. I will pass this segment on to those and hope everyone on blogs will do so also and make it go viral.

    One thought I have is WHY do not media know Obama’s background. (right media)

      1. If America knew, they would care. If the DC cabal did not think America cared about Hussein’s deeply anti-American marxist ideology, beliefs and radical policies, it would not have gone to great lengths to create completely false and alternate narrative for his life.

        In ohter countries communists runs as a communists. Labor as Labor. Green as Green and Liberal as Liberal. In America they hide their ideology and run as Democrats and moderate Republicans.

    1. Oh they know – they just will not go there. The media is complicit with the politcal class. Fox liked Beck when they though he was an Obama basher. They shut him up quickly when he start to explain to America what was behind Hussein Obama.

      The only “right media” exists on the web and this information has long been has been available out here.

    2. They weren’t looking. Now, we have Romney that seems to be the non-partisan establishment pick.

  17. I’m still learning about your governing system and simply cannot understand how this abomination in the WH is being allowed to get away with it. EOs all over the place, Clinton giving billions to the MB and Pals, ‘dreamers’ even in jail getting off, welfare laws being over-ridden, EPA intransigence, Pigford – there’s no end to the outrages and effrontery.

    The non-opposition party won’t do anything about impeachment before November – but what about after? By then, the vetting that is now taking place, at least on sites like this, will be out there. Will it not be actionable then, as a means of invalidating everything he’s done? That lame duck session scares me no end – so much so, I’m starting to sound like a broken record on the subject. Sorry about that.

    The contents of Prof. Kengor’s book, and Stanley Kurtz’s book a couple of years ago, are not mentioned anywhere on the so-called MSM. Can we really expect that they will be prior to November? Will Romney have the guts to campaign against these connections, or will the establishment cry off again? Guess that’ll tell us a lot, all by itself.

    1. Romney will not. The politcal class will never turn on itself. But he does have a dilemma if the truth finally gets legs.

      1. We have to make this get legs so the ones who don’t know will see. I believe there are many of patriots out there just trying to survive and don’t have resources to know where to look to get all this information. You say look on the internet, but if you goggle anything most of what you get is left wing sites of information.

        1. The internet sites like this are now my only source of information and news. I forward and explain as much of it as I can.

          Only a few politicians tell the truth and survive. There is zero chance that any establishment broadcast or print outlet will tell the truth until it has become impossible to coverup.

          It is up to us and the new media like TRS.

    2. Americans have now undergone 40+ years of staist public education which not only no longer teaches the fundamentals of the Constitution, but puts a smiley face on marxism, green, and politcal correctness. They indoctrinate anti-capitalism, multi cuturalism, and white guilt.

      The media reinforces this and delivers news as propaganda. The most effective technique is omission. “Hey if that were true, I would have heard it on the news”.

      Americans know nothing about political ideology not even that of our Founders. We only know pop culture politics and rhetoric. In the summer of 2008, I got an email form a cousin in Europe. He asked me if America knew we had a Marxist running against a Socialist. I replied, “No”.

      1. I was brought up in the UK – hence the gaps in knowledge of the US system. However, having followed UK politics over the last 40 years as an expat, it is crystal clear that what has been done to the UK and Europe is happening here too. It’s a NWO thing, no other explanation far as I can see. This crap isn’t happening spontaneously. In fact I recall reading about some new plan to redistribute wealth years ago, via the UN, and lo and behold, they came up with AGW.

        Anyway sDee, your posts are among the best and I always read them. They keep me learning and researching and your reply is very much appreciated. Thank you.

        1. I only watch main stream media to find out what they are hiding, and what they are pushing. Sometimes, to find out what they are hiding, you have to go to places like You will never see the big picture watching cable news channels. The big picture is a NWO shutdown of the industrialized nations while they tie up the world’s resources for themselves. If you take this perspective, the wars make sense, the free trade agreements make sense, and the police state makes sense. Selling us out to UN directives like Agenda 21 is now par for the course. They will sell us out to international law, then collapse the system. This is why deficits don’t matter. They are using the Fed Note for all that they can get out of it before it fails worldwide. It is all about destroying national sovereignty, while ushering in the new world system.

          The two party system, and the global corporate media, keep the ball rolling by dividing the country into political factions. This keeps us busy arguing over the details while they pass massive legislation and sign treaties selling us out. They are excellent at dividing us by race and social class as well. The entire social system is designed to do just that, because if we all just came together and called their crap out into the streets, they would fold and have no power. This is happening in a thing called The Liberty Movement, but is suppressed and marginalized by the media.

          The non partisan establishment is very good at co-opting political movements, such as the tea party. The liberty movement exposes both parties for who they are, which is a means to an end, and not an ideological differentiation.

          Our political system has been changed over the many years. We used to have state appointed senators rather than elected senators. This allowed the states to call back their senate reps if they didn’t like what they were doing, or not doing. Having them elected for six years makes them immune to state intervention, and ensures their reign of power for an extended period. The two parties literally have a dictatorship over elections. They make all the rules, and they exclude any new party from taking hold of power. They do this through law, and through fraud, as they are so deeply entrenched that they have the power to do so.

          The last 100 years have been a product of the Federal Reserve. This allowed government to start and fight wars that we never could have otherwise. It allowed the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about to grow out of control and serve the corporate industrial complex that we have now. The fed also allowed government to create the social systems that have destroyed our culture. The prosperity that we have had since we went off of the gold standard in 1973 has been false, and was created for the purpose of transferring the wealth of our country to the central bankers and their corporate minions. We haven’t had free markets for over 100 years.

          Soon, we will have a worthless currency, (not really ours) and so much debt that we will literally be sold out to foreign banks. There will be no recovery, because our sold out politicians will not create a new US currency, but will rather sign on to a new world reserve controlled by the IMF. We will not be allowed to prosper with it, because of our debt that was created by the private central bank and our criminal government.

          1. Thank you so much for this reply, librtifirst. I agree with you and most of the other posters here that the MSM is worthless except to learn what the enemy is doing and spinning. Infowars is a site that I’ll frequent more in future, thanks for the link, and for the youtube link.
            You’ve probably heard of ‘Common Purpose’ as it’s called in the UK – all part of the NWO as is the EU – originally thought up by the Nazis and brought to fruition by them, as it turned out. The IMF grip is tightening by the day, with Chicago alumni Lagarde forwarding its agenda quickly.
            The Frankfurt School set out the means to bring about the conditions we now see as regards to the devaluation of the individual, morality, education, religion and much more. Do you see that as having been the blueprint that has brought us to the current pass? I do.
            The Liberty Movement seems to comprise a coalition of various libertarian-oriented organizations IIRC, some of which make eminent sense. I fear though that the foreign policy espoused by Mr. Paul is not realistic in this world, and that has turned away people who may otherwise adhere to it more firmly. Thank you for that reference.
            Don’t know if you’ve been to the UK recently, but the words ‘police state’ always bring it to mind. Its citizens can be tracked 24/7 indoors or out. I wonder how many surveillance devices, on-street as well as in the air, we don’t know about here too, not to mention internet tracking.
            Agenda 21 is being followed religiously, and allowed to be implemented by citizens who have never heard of it, and won’t until their liberty is lost, if then. And to think that there are those who still imagine the UN is all about preventing wars! It’s no more than a fast-growing malignancy.
            Thank you again for giving your time to a reply, librtifirst, it is very much appreciated.

            1. It sounds like you have a good big picture in hand. The problem is that there are so many tentacles to this global system that most people who don’t know about it can’t fathom it. I believe that the lie has become so big, that people are now refusing to see it. Descent people don’t want to believe that such evil actually exists.

              Eugenics is just one tentacle with many tentacles of its own. People don’t want to believe that all of these tentacles add up to mass murder on a scientific level. There seems to be many different levels of awareness, and people seem to stop at a particular level of comfort, rather than taking it as far as it goes. The global scene is a much more interesting one than any movie out of Hollywood could every depict.

              My foreign policy big picture is one that has a narrative that parallels bible prophesy. So far, I have been able to predict a couple of events years ahead of time with this perspective. Though I didn’t see Libya coming, due to lack of knowledge of it, I did call Syria a couple of years ago. I didn’t understand the Iran issue until I linked the Russian connection. Libya was about resources that China had tied up in trade agreements, and Iran is about the same, but is one that Russia has tied up. I see the wars in the middle east and Africa as being proxy wars between the global super powers. Russia and China are independent States that are essentially battling the NWO for territory and resources. The US is the military might of the NWO, whereas Russia and China have their own individual military might. These are the three biblical superpowers of the end times.

              The libertarian type thinkers have a philosophy that preserves independence and national sovereignty, whereas the establishment in D.C., which is made up of a two party system of control, is continually selling us out to this NWO system.

              The big lie is that terrorism is such a threat that we have to give up our rights and sovereignty to fight it. There are many ways to skin an Islamic terrorist proverbial cat. Preserving liberty is the best way, because it denies the very tenants of Islam philosophically, and in the most effectual way. Libertarians have nothing against fighting a real enemy, they just want to respect national sovereignty so that they can claim it at home.

              I thank you as well, for your efforts in this conversation.

  18. i’ve watched Agenda: Grinding America Down and it has a lot of great information about the connections between communists/socialists to obama…it scared me to death…the film made my son (who is 30) a registered voter for the first time…it scared him to death…

  19. YOU MUST HEAR THIS TAPE- It really kicks in about 8:50 where Paul Kengor ties the parents of BOTH David Axelrod and Valery Jarrod to Frank Marshall Davis in Chicago !!!


    Probably the truth about the Lair Obama is that he is a natural born citizen because Frank Davis is the father. I mean, is it really likely the a dirt poor African student could interest a hot, young sex worker like the Obama-mama when the hunky, commie hero, publisher and poet Frank Davis was sitting on the next stool?

    Frank Davis, for my money, is the Presidential baby-daddy. Obama is an American citizen, of the lowest order.

    I shiver when I picture the scene of a presidential conception conducted in the men’s room of the “Paradise Bar” at Waikiki. Was a young Roman Polanski, standing back in the shadows, behind the juke box, making notes for a screen play later to be entitled, “Rosemary’s Baby?”

    1. I have long maintained that there is no doubt that Obama intentianlly and openly has self -admitted his ineligibility by publishing that his father was a Kenyan citizen and subject of England at the time of his birth.

      I also believe that he put out amateurish photoshop hacks of his birth certificate intentionally.

      What I yet speculate on, is why. He did did these things as a smokescreen to create confusion and ridicule for anyone who brought up his ineligibility by linking it to a “birther” conspiracy. I suspect that he is not trying to hide the absence of a US birth certificate, or a foreign one. I believe he is hiding what is (or more likely now, what WAS) on that Hawaiian birth certificate.

      1. George Romney was known to have consulted with Alinsky. It appears that Alinsky helped him “organize the community” that eventually ended up in the Detroit riots. I have not done much more looking into it, but at best, it looks like Romney opportunistically used a common Alisnky pattern to secure the black vote in Detroit. There maybe a deeper ideological tie – I do not know.

        What is clear however is that George Romney was strongly anti-conservative. He teamed with Rockefeller and the Republican establishment to destroy Ronald Reagan.

  20. Now, as people start to wake up to the reality that islam is not a religion, but a fascist ideology, with the same marxist roots tht nurtured Davis, Obama, Axlerod and Jarrett, perhaps they will finally understand the muslim dimension of Obama’s shaping.

    Just as a President Frank Marshall Davis would have opened Americas doors and institutions to a flood of Soviet-era communists, Obama, Axelrod, and Jarrett have spent 4 years deeply embedding America with islmofacists.

    The magnitude and damage unleashed on America with a single election is still unfathomable.

  21. It is unbeliable that America’s present leadership is being handled by radicals communists! And it is even more unbeliable that no one in Congress dare to speak & confront them. The reason is that Congress is also full of Fabians communists & the others are afraid to bring up the subject for different reasons. The whole thing is a disgrace…

    1. I might add that the radical communist have an unholy alliance with the Muslims, just like the Nazis did. They are planning to attack on two fronts, just in case one fails.

    1. Yes indeed, a COMMUNIST black mentor. By then, Davis was a full fledged member and leader of the CPUSA.

    2. Also Jack Cashill’s work on “Deconstructing Obama” and the poem “Pops”! In addition a law professor in CA who connects the dots with the senior Ayers’ as the monetary connection to the cast of Chicago miscreants, a miscreant himself disguised by his leadership role at ConEd and sitting on multiple boards, likely communist front groups.

  22. May God continue to bless us and show us back to our roots of the founding of this great nation.

    To Mark Levin. You sir are the bastion of ‘real’ hope. You are a voice of reason and a patriot to the cause. I am humbled by your knowledge, and hope I can show a smidegeon of the courage you give us everyday?

  23. Preseverence pays off. At last, those of us that have been tracing this stuff since before 2008 can start breathing a little easier. It’s all coming out, bit by bit. Thank you, Mark, for letting this man talk.

    The College past is important, the faked birth certificate and SS card are very important, Obama’s associations around the world are ever so important. Vetting is the key. Once the steamroller gets going, it won’t be able to be stopped. Very soon, the rats will be jumping ship and it will all come unraveled.

    1. It was all hidden in plain sight. Amazing isn’t it? What should have been basic opposition research 4 years ago, now just starts to dribble out.

      Remember those early ads aggrandizing Obama’s solid midwestern family roots?

      The true criminal intent here is shared by the American media.

      1. Yes, I remember being told to just let it go, it’s not that important, you’re just a racist. I suppose there is a bit of personal satisfaction in seeing it finally happening, but what’s really important is that people finally see the truth.

        The media and the politicians alike know that, with the truth, the American people will make the right choice. That’s why they strive so hard to hide the truth.

      2. Yeah, I had forgotten all about this fact. That Obama sold his followers on the idea that his mama was from Kansas. He didn’t mention that she was a radical left wing communist. Nor did he mention that he was from Hawaii until later.

    2. Funny how we were a bunch of tinfoil-hat wearing birther conspiracy nuts not all that long ago. The urge to stick out my tongue now at the critics and say “I told you so” is overwhelming.

      1. Still a long way to go. He’s still squirming on the line. Get him in the net and then we can filet.

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