Mark Levin: It’s Nighttime in America

Mark Levin did his own election ad called “It’s Nighttime in America”:

(via Electad)

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29 thoughts on “Mark Levin: It’s Nighttime in America

  1. Mr Levin is such a great patriot and so right on with the mood of the nation, yet we still have lot’s to be thankful for, while it’s night and gloomy for so many Americans, we’re still helping one another as Americans alway’s do, and the lights are still on for Elections 2012.
    So come 11.6.2012 we Americans must shine as never before if we are to brighten the mood of the nation.

  2. Forgive me if this is a lengthy post however, day after day, we are losing more and more of our precious, America. And the forces of evil intensify. Yet, most of us don’t turn to the only solution we have, G-d.

    We are not fighting against Democrats aka Communists and Republicans; we are fighting against good and evil. It is a battle between principalities. So we must apply spiritual solutions (through the G-d of the bible)to solve our insurmountable problems. Only through G-d can we restore, America.

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    1. Please, do not be afraid to type the word, God. If the site refuses to accept your comment because of the use of the word, God, then that site won’t get our attention.

      We have been so intimidated by PC that we are practically afraid to breathe. It’s time we pushed back, as it’s still a free country. Not at free as it was, but freer than it will be if we allow ourselves to be intimidated any longer.

  3. I wish Clint would make another commercial like this

    That would cinch the deal

    That would be awesome

    The publicity would be wild – Even the MSM couldn’t ignore it

    Eastwood the “Anti-Clooney”

    Hey Mittens – Call up the Clint the MAN!

  4. Beautiful tribute to that great man, Ronald Reagan by a truly humble American giant- Mark Levine.

  5. Excellent ad Mr. Levin! It is night time in America and dear leader has turned the American dream into an absolute nightmare. Only when we can elect God loving, America loving, compassionate Constitutional Conservatives to the White House, congress and the senate can we look forward to a bright new morning. Let’s git ‘er done people!

  6. And Levin didn’t even mention what terrible shape our foreign policy is in. There is lots to chew on this November. Should be an easy choice to vote Obama out of office. Should be, and I think it will be for most Americans.

  7. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Romney or the GOP picked this up and ran with it except, of course, for BO paying for the ad. What a great ad and one of the best so far. The Great One has done it again!

  8. This is great. First Scoop edits his own ad, then Levin makes his own. Let’s get Rushbo, Whittle, Zoey and Palin into the game, as well. With the likes of these ‘great ones’ putting out the info, Obama can ‘pay for’ all the ads he wants. People will not mute or fast-forward through these.

    It’s nighttime in America, people. What does that mean to me? It means that the dawn is approaching – soon, very soon.

    1. AMEN! “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning” (PS. 30:5). So it shall be on the morning of Nov. 7th when the election results are in. Praise God for it!

    2. Good ad until he made light of it at the end — BUT

      If I had the cash –

      would pay for all the Scoopers to meet at DC

      and make our own commercial !

      1. Being that close to Holder, et al, we would all be arrested as radicals. lol. Especially you, Joe. Better save some of that cash for bail money. 🙂

      2. I’d bet that we could come up with a bunch of great ads, Joe! With or without beers! ;-D

  9. Yeah, its night time in America! Who would have ever thought we would have a President of the United States who was not born in America! Yeah, its night time alright and extra Constitutional!

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