Mark Levin: Let the fiscal cliff happen

Mark Levin says he’s come to the conclusion that we need to let the fiscal cliff happen because the alternative is much worse in his opinion:

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94 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Let the fiscal cliff happen

  1. I agree and have for some time. Elections have consequences. It’s well past time for the idiots supporting Obama to get exactly what they voted for. As Margaret Thatcher once said, socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money. Let’s go ahead and loot everyone to the max and then sit back and watch the firweworks when the OWS crowd has no one to support them. My family has seen this coming for some time and we are stocked up for the coming collapse. let’s see how well the socialist slugs do when there is no Uncle Sugar to bail their scumbag butts out.

  2. The UN-Islam-Obama administration:

    We’ll Tax your food and tax your water.
    Let ‘good’ muslims steal and rape your daughter.
    Promote homosex/pedophilia to children,
    Force abortion, stop banks/business from building,
    You’ll live on food stamps and welfare checks
    And no dissent or you will lose your necks.

  3. The Fiscal Cliff is just a political ploy for further looting and power-grabbing. The Political Class have been mucking about with the dollar and have made it worthless, a mere electronic blip of no intrinsic value. They manipulate economies, currencies, markets to their own advantage.

    In the ‘Crisis of 2008′ a trillion or so dollars just vaporized off to their private purses and off shore accounts. The politicians’ subsequent fix-it measures were more expensive than if they had paid the mortgages of all the poor souls who lost their homes that year.

    Evidence and time have proven that the political class doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about us or the USA, they only care about their purses and their sex lives.

    Real honest, hard-working Americans (a dying breed) are stuck between the ‘Entitled Class’ and the ‘Political Class.’

    Neither can ever have enough. They will never stop grabbing.

  4. Let the fiscal cliff happen‘ – Levin

    I agree with that. We didn’t create it, we warned about it. We didn’t push granny over it, we jumped in front of her to attempt to stop the fall. We didn’t want expanding entitlements, we wanted less spending.

    So, what did we get on November 6th? We got a government that is exactly like what we had for the last four years. Are you kidding me? It looks like common sense and decency are now the minority in this country.

    Obama was re-elected, and to do what, exactly?

    He has covered up Fast and Furious with his Executive Privilege. He has covered up Benghazi with media lies and misdirection. He’s in agreement with the United Nations to control our guns, the internet, and create a new World Government. He dislikes Israel and will eventually cut all ties with her (watch for it).

    His desire is to raise taxes (not on just the rich, but on all of us). He has no desire (nor any restraint, now that the election is over) to curtail the excessive spending that defined his first four years so blatantly.

    ObamaCare is now the law of the land (save for a small attempt by Liberty University to continue the desire to repeal). Now, people will start to see why he originally set it up to have 10 years worth of taxes and only six years worth of benefits (in order to balance it). Will the average citizen be okay, down the road, to receive 6 years worth of benefits every 10 years of taxation on it? I suspect they never had a clue.

    The election was lost for two very big reasons. One, the LameStream deceit was so in-your-face as to no longer be considered Media at all, but rather, Obama’s propaganda arm. And two, the electronic election fraud was so massive that it is near impossible to detect and uncover (although I am continuing my efforts to do just that).

    The GOP has failed in all regards. We need to create a new party, as many on this site are doing at this very moment. But before that can happen effectively, we need to expose the LameStream deceit and reform the election process to eliminate the electronic fraud once and for all (if ATMs can do it, the election process can do it as well). Without these two accomplishments, no efforts to win back this country will be successful, short of all out revolution (which may be necessary in the end, anyway).

    We need to let the fiscal cliff happen. We have little control of that, anyway. The Republicans will be blamed for it, however, as the LameStream already owns that narrative. People (all the people) need to realize what Obama is really about. Massive entitlements will not be sustainable. Pain is sometimes necessary in order to heal.

    May God protect us in this coming battle.

  5. it may be the only way to get politicians to address the problem-if they are forced to. Very sad that people w power must be forced to do the right thing. I am guessing most haven’t a clue as to what they are doing or how to fix much of anything. Gov. Sarah Palin talks in plain spoken terms about this problem and labeled an idiot. But she has a proven record of fiscal responsibility, how to generate revenue and cut wasteful spending. It’s not rocket science. Either we have a lot of very unintelligent people running the show or they are all crooks. Some are both.

  6. Having listened to all three Mark Levin programmes here this morning, I can’t help but agree to this, his opinion: let the fiscal cliff happen.
    It’s like a boil, and it must be lanced, the sooner the better, before the whole body is poisoned.

    Sadly, what with his outstanding radar look at Boehner, and his exemplary explanation on taxation, the question surely has to be: how and who can lance this boil?

    I’m at the point where I ask Our Lord to remove the dark powers who have now occupied the seats of power, in your and in my country.
    But – His will be done, and that is often the hardest prayer and the hardest to accept.

    1. We see today, God sees down the road. I pray all the time for myself, and for the country. Our country needs to get back to the basics and what is really important. Perhaps this is God’s way of letting us know. The fact is Americans have become an entitlement society, immersed in material things and abdicating our responsibilities to ourselves, our families and to our fellow human beings. Conservatives denounce redistribution of wealth by liberals but every time a person takes a tax deduction for charitable giving, a mortgage, for having a child, and benefits from sending their kids to public schools, that is wealth re-distribution. We have gotten away from personal responsibility and being accountable for actions having consequences.

      1. Conservatives denounce redistribution of wealth by liberals but every time a person takes a tax deduction for charitable giving, a mortgage, for having a child, and benefits from sending their kids to public schools, that is wealth re-distribution.‘ – w

        I would respectfully disagree. Taking most deductions on your taxes is merely reducing what you have to pay in, not taking something from someone else. If you were right, then repealing the 16th amendment (which I’m not against) would be an entitlement.

        We are not like the politicians who think the money is theirs and we are allowed to get back only our fair share.

  7. I have to say folks, living over here across the pond…..the dollar is quickly losing its value. With the Euro here about to be crashing and the Fed printing money like hot flap jacks….I for the life of me don’t understand why NO ONE is talking about the inflation bomb that is about to explode! This should of been sth that Romney & Ryan hit home with and painted obama as a carter on steroids!
    Buckle up folks, this ride is abt to get scary! With the Euro abt to crash and the dollar being radically devalued……. its not looking to be a nice couple of years ahead of us!!

  8. Raise my middle class taxes! that will teach those democrats! And the public won’t blame republicans, cause after all, we must protect the rich!

    Does he have even the slightest idea how this will look? Obama has stated he will pass a middle class tax cut now, cliff or no. Should the Republican party choose to go off the cliff, what do you imagine people will think next time an election comes around? Is the party so depressed about the election that now it is suicidal?

    1. Marxists hate the middle class. They (along with the Republicans) have vilified and tried to silence the voice of the middle class, the TEA Party.

  9. Those in power are pushing the pedal to the floor now because they are afraid.
    Of us. Let’s justify their fears.

  10. this is the same pathetic crap like when they said “i hope obama fails as president.”

    thought we’re supposed to be patriotic. a fiscal cliff is not in the best favor for this country. stop putting your political party ahead of your country

    1. This would be hilarious sarcasm if not for the fact that a majority of voters re-elected a hyper-partisan, class-warfare champion bent on destroying the country.

    1. Problem with that is – these are largely lawless people who do not respect human life.

      Remember Black Friday 2011, 2012? Fighting and killing for Michael Jordans, cell phones?

      What will happen when the politicians can’t afford to print food stamps?

      Widespread looting and killing.

    2. Those that haven’t yet prepared are likely screwed…

      Many of us saw this coming for a while and have, indeed, prepared. Like Ebola131, I will meet the looters with everything I can throw at them.

      With a trencher, these looters will make great fertilizer…

  11. Republicans will lose the tax fight not to raise taxes on the wealthy in my opinion. If Republicans refuse to raise taxes on the rich Obama won’t sign the bill as he already stated. If America goes over the fiscal cliff Republicans will be blamed because they refused to ‘compromise’ to raise taxes on the wealthy (which a full 70% of Americans agree with). Therefore, Republicans should agree to raise taxes on the wealthy, but only if the Obama administration agrees to significant cuts in spending and entitlements.

    If Obama refuses to cut spending and deal with entitlements, he and his administration will be held responsible if America goes off the fiscal cliff on January 1st. Therefore, if Obama refuses to cut spending or deal with entitlements, Republicans should withdraw their deal to raise taxes on the wealthy.

    Obama has repeatedly said he wants a “balanced approach.” If the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress refuse to ‘compromise’ with Republicans, they alone will be held liable for America going off the fiscal cliff, not Republicans. Republicans will be seen as the ones trying to compromise to solve America’s debt problem(s), while Democrats will appear as obstructionists to solving the problem.

    This must be agreed upon quickly by both sides. There is no time to waste since January 1st is right around the corner. Republicans shouldn’t waste precious time trying to raise revenue through other means e.g. cap deductions, eliminating loopholes, etc. Those can be dealt with eventually once the new Congress convenes in January. The main priority is to keep America from going over the fiscal cliff on January 1st.

    If Obama refuses to cut spending and deal with entitlements then Republicans will be viewed as the ones who tried to solve the problem(s) while Obama will be viewed by the American people as the person who refused to compromise, and thus, the blame will lie squarely on the shoulders of the Obama administration, if indeed, America goes over the fiscal cliff because Obama and Democrats refused to compromise with Republicans on spending and entitlements. If that should happen, then Republicans should see gains in both the House and Senate in 2014.

    Somebody with connections needs to get this message to John Boehner. Maybe the Republicans in Congress have already figured this out I dunno. Like I said, Republicans will lose the argument if they seek to raise revenue without raising tax ‘rates’ on the wealthy. Why? It’s elementary. Obama is adamant that he will not sign ANY bill that doesn’t raise tax “rates” on the wealthiest 2% of Americans. So therefore Republicans need to put the “ball in Obama’s court” saying they will agree to raise taxes on the wealthiest 2%, but only if Obama agrees to significant cuts in spending and entitlements. It is very likely Obama won’t agree to significant cuts in spending and entitlements and if that happens Republicans will be off the hook if indeed America goes over the fiscal cliff.

    1. Wrong…
      The “low information voters” that elected the Commie are convinced that the GOP is the devil incarnate.
      No matter what the R’s do, they lose.
      So, let it burn…give them nothing.

      1. Then they will turn on you, forcibly take your cell phone, money, food, TV, home, life, daughter, child.

        1. They will me met with a hail of 5.56, then 12 ga, and lastly .357 Sig.
          Wife and kid will be spraying .22 WMR.
          And a good time will be had by all.
          Merry Christmas.

  12. Yes! Give the people what they voted for, complete destruction of the US and “the old white man” who controls them.

    Watch what happens when US becomes a yet another 3rd world country (too late)…. and see who “rises” to power. Since children have not been taught the truth since government takeover of public schools (1970’s), history has been re-written across the board and all the “old white men” who survived the Great Depression will die soon, Communists win!

    Internet will be regulated soon so there will be no…..spreading the word/truth as most books will be lost and only made electronic again to filter words and key phrases.

    Someday….HOPEFULLY..all of USA…God willing… will look like and be run like Detroit.

    Only then will the idiots who voted for a King this last election understand….Then again…they are the ones who created Detroit in the first place……

    1. There will be “Radio Free America”.
      Us “old white men” still have CB and HAM radios to get the word out.
      The idiots won’t survive the “troubles”.

  13. Let it burn.
    War is coming…be prepared.
    The current government is the thief that steals your wallet from your dresser in the middle of the night.
    If you keep poking a Wolverine with a sharp stick, you’ll get your balls ripped off.
    War is coming.

    1. Another War..humm we already have:
      A War on Women
      A War on Drugs
      A War in the Middle East
      A War on Wealth
      A War on Coal
      A War of soda
      A War on Salt
      A War on Transfats

    1. The GOP set this stage after the Tea Party Candidates sent 70 plus Progressives packing in 2010. The GOP had the high ground in 2010 and did NOTHING!

  14. Reading this article and the many comments, I come to the conclusion the majority are in agreement with the article: Hit the Cliff, full speed ahead. While I fear the cliff is too close to avoid could anyone of you please tell me what you think going over the cliff will be like?

    1. The “Cliff” is a talking point!!!! it is like a soft landing in a Recession…..a controlled burn……Hope and Change…..a War on Women….
      When your credit card is maxed out you stop spending and get a second job and work your butt off to pay for your mistakes. It is time for loafers to get a job and pay taxes and stop living on printed money and others productivity.

        1. I will add Reid as a co-conspirator with the lack a Federal Budget for the past 4 years. Without a Budget how do you know what to spend money on???

          1. No no no, its the obama, reid and pelosi pony show that caused this wreck! And if we want to be accurate, W was riding at the front of the show as well!

            1. Bush and many, many others. Our massive government has been decades in the making. IMO, the major contributors have been the 16th amendment, the New Deal, the Great Society and the almost unchecked growth in government. Perhaps the biggest cause has been the people that have been lulled into this big government nanny-state that is now crushing us.

      1. I appreciate your response. Thank you. I am trying to put this at a personal level also but when there are so few jobs to be had and I have expended my savings how do I survive? How do the masses survive? Will there be a major revolt when the taxes go up; the cost to the feds of borrowing more money goes up? requiring even more taxes or cuts to the medicare, medicaid and social security. Do you think there will be major civil unrest by the “loafers” who are getting less but cannot find a job?
        This is what scares me; the inner cities explode and bring the unrest and evil to the country so to speak. I am fearful this democracy will end in a very bad way….Thanks again for your view…

    2. Great, great question and one that a lot of people should be asking! The fiscal cliff that is being tossed around comprises the end of the Bush tax cuts set to go into effect Jan. 1, 2013. This will raise personal income tax levels on all Americans, (at least those who pay income taxes). Then Obamacare is set to trigger additional tax increases on capital investment income, more subsidies to special interest groups who pay little or no income tax, and more likely than not, higher medical insurance pgm costs. Add to this, the temporary payroll tax cut is set to expire the beginning of the new year. These will have big ramaifications on the current economic picture!

      1. Now or later, it’s going to happen.
        They keep giving Greece more money….still bankrupt and will never pay it back.
        Might as well be now….let it burn.

      2. This will have a very negative effect on job creation (Or no creation), little capital investment leading to a no growth economy, all this leading to I suspect, higher unemployment. But all kinds of a domino effect at this point!

    3. Depression. Massive unemployment. Home values plunge. Retirement savings plummet. Crime. Hunger.

      It’s not simply the increase in taxes that will cause the economy to collapse. It’s the combination of that as well as the increase in regulations, the increased cost of servicing the debt, the increase in cost of energy (as the environmentalists are now emboldened to constrict production) and the increase in entitlement spending. Obama is quite simply pulling every lever possible in order to make the economy collapse. In other words, the wagon is at its limit and Obama is piling more and more weight.

      Since, IMHO, there is little that we can do to stop him, perhaps the best option is to just let it happen and watch the inevitable and painful results. The biggest risk is that the people that elected him are so stupid that I’m not sure that they will blame him when the entire economy does collapse. My guess is that blaming Bush has reached its shelf life – we’re going to see a shift towards blaming the republicans in the house – especially the Tea Party members.

  15. We voted for more taxes, we should pay more taxes. Either way, LSM will slam the repubiks for wanting to cut off food stamps and “end medicare as we know it” etc. All the while portraying demorats as trying to keep taxes lower for the little guy. If there is going to be pain, then, let it be uniform.

    We got tax increases and spending cuts ie the “balanced” approach. Have you ever seen the media ask a demorat for a specific spending cut? I didn’t think so. That always falls to the repubik. Although the spending cut is the common ground, you will never see a demorat go out on that limb. My belabored point is: why should anyone else volunteer to be demonized for the next four years, especially, since we voted for tax increases.

    Now when it comes to the spending cuts, it WILL BE the repubiks that take the fall. As for me, I would not go out on that limb either, like Ryan did. All posturing.

    1. Have you heard one conservative talking head, but Mark Levin, talk about spending cuts? All I hear is about ways to raise taxes in one way or another.

      1. You are correct about that. However, the MEDIA is always pressing the conservative for SPECIFIC cuts, just to get a talking point for demonetization.
        Conservatives might be better off to just let the libs put their balanced approach on the table and then yell “where are the cuts”. And if you ever do see any, I guarantee that they won’t be real cuts.

  16. The GOP will get blamed no matter what happens, except if things improve, and that is NOT going to happen, so let’s go over the fiscal cliff already!! I am so sick of this whole threatening game. CALL BO’s bluff, let the cuts begin.

    1. Love Schiff! Regardless of tax increases or debt ceiling increases, it will not alleviate the huge debt the U.S. has incurred. And you can squarely place the blame on the politician who has no desire for any form of austerity or spending reform. The country is headed for a huge correction withouth them or not. When the creditor (China, Japan) comes knocking on the U.S. door, is when you see a huge problem for the country. You’re looking at inflation up the yazooo and/or a flat out bankruptcy.

      There is so much wrong with the current state of affairs it just boggles the mind!

      1. And just after I wrote this, it has been learned that the U.S. Treasury borrowed an additional $23.4 Billion shortly after Thanksgiving. This is going to be their death wish!

  17. This is a change for Levin from just a short time ago. I am in agreement with him, because I have also come to the conclusion that it’s time to pay the piper and deal with the problem. Enough bailing out foolishness and covering for incompetence. It’s time for those who chose tyranny to feel the full effects of it. I feel sorry for us, guys. Those of us who don’t deserve this disaster. However, I have no pity for anyone who has supported this financial blowout – GOP insiders alike.

  18. Let it happen. I totally agree. For all those people who voted for Obama, time for you guys to share in the pain, too. Why not? After all, Obama is so very much into “fairness.” So why not spread the pain and really make it fair. Liberals and Democrats (well, what’s really the difference these days) will just keep spending money until THEY feel it in their wallets too. So let EVERYBODY’S taxes go up and let them know what it feels like. After all, don’t they want some skin in the game, too? If not, then they only want to spend other people’s money. Hmmm, where have I heard that before. Oh yes, Margaret Thatcher said it.

  19. Congressman Paul, Peter Schiff, and other sound money economists have been arguing this for quite some time. Mr Levin ridiculed and marginalized Mr Paul continually, even using the ‘passive/agressive’ approach to appear ‘objective, yet he repeats and affirms their positions quite often. Maybe it’s the imperialism (or lack therof) that bothers him so much. Obeying the constitution with regard to intervention, is ‘unlawful’ according to “constitutional” conservatives like Mr Levin, or at least it seems that way. The ‘deathly silence’ concering family suffering of active military is alarming. Staggering numbers of divorce/adultery occuring abroad and at home. The collateral effects of families being undermined is beyond measure. The country is so approving of the grossest sins, recovery seems nearly impossible without undergoing dreadful judgments. When God lays the axe to the root, who can stay his hand, or say “what doest thou.” God is irresistable, and perfect in judgment. He does not need to give a reason for His actions. The longer man goes on in sin, and provoking the eyes of Gods glory, the harder the blow when it finally arrives. Israel was a chosen people, yet they rejected Jesus and scoffed at His threatening, therefore, “wrath came upon them to the uttermost”. What is our excuse, when we have all these warnings written down for us to read. God respects no mans person, and that includes nations.

  20. i think all we conserative in waste land American should let our reps know that we want to let this go over the clift. I believe if enough of us called capitol hill and bombarded them with this message they just might let it happen. If they say oh we’ll get blamed—so what they blame us anyway.

  21. If we dont go over the cliff now we will eventually with Obama as president. As long as liberals, progressives and RINOS are leading the way there is a fiscal cliff on the horizon. Until this nation gets its priorities straight the cliff is just ahead.

  22. Canada’s Governor of the Bank of Canada, (think the FED), Mark Carney, has resigned. Why? Because he did the job so well that Britain has asked him to become the Governor of the Bank of England, when there was absolutely no one else who could do the job in any corner of the world. “It also is extremely rare for a government to appoint a non-native to lead its central bank. The decision of George Osborne, the Chancellor the Exchequer, to choose a non-citizen to run the Bank of England reflects Mr. Carney’s glittering international reputation as a leader in the Group of 20’s efforts to arrest the financial crisis and overhaul financial regulation.”.

    Canada’s is on the opposite trajectory to America with a Conservative steady hand at the helm under Prime Minister Harper. Of course, the Liberals are going to elect as leader a patrician empty suit with nice hair, heir to the Trudeau legacy, someone with even less qualifications than those of Barack Hussein Obama. And THAT’S saying something. Liberals always want a Messiah, Conservatives want a leader.

    If either Canada’s Liberals or New DEMOCRAT leftists (both the same really) ever get power in three years, America’s leftists and loser politicians won’t feel as lonely on this continent anymore.

  23. It is over. The cleptocrats in DC have sold out America. They are just raising the curtain on another act of Kabuki theater.

    We all know that the debt is insurmountable, and no tax gimmicks will even put a dent in it.

    We just watched a great Republican leader redistricted by his own Party into a race that produced 140% voter “turnout” in fraud so blatant even Hugo Chavez would cringe.

    We watch as our Executive branch accumulates and exercises power beyond the dreams of any tyrant or despot – unchecked by anyone or any institution.

    We watch a kangaroo Supreme Court welcome two anti-American subversives and then green light the most unconstitutional overreach of of federal power ever seen.

    We live with a 24hr Propaganda media that now gleefully covers up murder, sedition and treason at the highest positions of government.

    Hit the cliff. Hit it hard and fast. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can rebuild.

    Freedom is lost.

    1. That is so true. These Republicans worms are going to want to convince us that all it takes is a god showing the 2014 mid-terms, a few compromises, a couple of more weeks and these financial geniuses will turn it around.

      Enough crap from the Crap Meisters! They are profiting! Their kids are going to be fine! Their houses will be paid for! Their retirement funds are secure!

      Screw the Republ’s! Burn them out! Poison their petunias! Slash their garden hoses!

      1. The only thing they fear is us – the people. This is why they excise leaders of free men from their ranks.

    2. I must tell you that reading your post brought tears to my eyes, because of the absolute horror of it all. When we step back and really look at what is happening in our country, it is just horror. You put the words together perfectly.

      1. I try to rationalize it away but exactly how I wonder? I think that the Romney/Ryan ticket was the last bit of that I could muster.

  24. He’s right again.

    Can’t seem to take as much of the news as I could when I still believed that the Republicans could put up a real candidate and back him with all their might.

    It ain’t gonna happen.

    After working all night, I spend a lot of free time on You Tube. Here’s a vid from Self Defense master Massad Ayoob on how to reload a revolver using a “speed-loader (about $5-$7 each) under stress. Watching it and practicing the technique kind of made me feel a little better.

    All those years in school learning Spanish, doing research papers and integrating equations from “0 to h”–wasted.

    1. Fact is, the Republican Establishment (including the Bushes) are in cahoots with the Democrats and they have been for a long, long time.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. The Democrats have become the SOCIALISTS and the Republicans have become the NATIONAL SOCIALISTS.

        We can only hope that, like in 1930’s Germany, these two will go to war against each other.

        We must have a Third Way.

      2. Yes,Yes and Yes again! The repub establishment is in full collaboration with Obama and the dems and anything to the contrary is pure theatre on their part. They are all working toward the collapse of our economy so they can get their lusted after,”New World Order,One World Government” slave state.

  25. I agree. Let Obama have what he wants.
    We have nothing to lose other than inflation.
    They have already taken our savings and devalued our home.
    Nothing more will change for us other than what happens to Medicare….and that is frightful to even consider.

    1. Some of us have been there a lot longer than 4 years. It won’t hurt so much for us that don’t have much but those that do will have a tougher time. I agree!!!!!

      1. It’s scarey to me being of an age and health that it is unlikely I could sustain myself. My husband and I worked hard all our lives and set aside for our retirement but the meltdown burned much of that. We never spent all we made and didn’t live beyond our means. I live very carefully but when the dollar implodes it’s gonzo. I don’t take any government benefits, though my husband did collect social security for 6 months before he passed away. My biggest concern is for my son who is just starting out. He doesn’t make a huge amount of money but he does have a little family. My heart breaks at the thought of the miserable future they may face. I had hoped to be able to leave him something worthwhile. I think my collection of history books might be the most valuable.

        1. I hear you. I am wanting to retire in May but afraid to do so. I have four children, three of them have kids of their own. I try to help them as much as I can and have been a single mom for years with little or no help. I can take care of myself right now but how long? It is scary. Take care Patriot.

          1. We will surely find out what we are made of and I pray I will remember things long forgotten that my own parents used to do to get by. Somehow they managed to raise a large family on a pittance. Of course they had a farm but even that costs some hard cash. I know already that I can do without and I know the difference between “need” and “want”. That’s more than many people my age. God will be with us, and I’m thankful for that.You take care also, c.l., it sounds like you are well grounded. Blessings.

            1. God is with you, and all of us are with you. We may all be separated by anonymity and distance, but there is a true friendship here. I never thought I would be hitting 50 and finding myself re-learning how to sew my own clothes, grow my own garden, do without most frills (the internet is my frill), and getting completely back to basics in order to survive. Yet, here I am. Here so many of us are. And, we are here together.

              1. It sure sounds like you have the right to be proud of your accomplishments. I agree with you that this site is downright neighborly 🙂

                My sister has started canning again (something I have never done since I left home) I’m thinking of buying a small greenhouse in the hopes I can bring a garden along to a harvest. I don’t get a lot of sun and we’ve never had a garden that did well no matter what we tried. It sure would be a comfort to have vegetables at least.

          2. I agree with both of you….very scary out here
            I have lost two jobs under obama’s Amerika….can’t find another one….may have to take social security early to survive……never thought this was would things would be like…..obama is taking us down a rat hole and the wimpy gutless GOP could care less and refuse to stand up and be men/women…..I am done with it all care less anymore what they all do……will wait and say ‘told ya so’

            1. I pretty much adopted the ‘told ya so’ attitude after the election. However, don’t misinterpret that as giving up. There’s still plenty of fight left in me. But, with the people we have as congress-critters I don’t see any help in changing things, at least in the near future. They’re just going to let DuhOne do what he wants. It’s already started with their capitulation on taxes. The country is gonna crash and crash hard. My former friends (I have disassociated with anyone who voted for DunOne) have been warned and just laughed, thinking that DuhOne is the savior.

              1. I agree completely. Even as far as my former friends, but the saddest part is when the US crashes it will still be Bush’s fault in their minds…… BTW I’m still working on my invention to fix stupid…..

    2. Too true. I’ve been loitering down around the bottom for some time now. Surprisingly, having my life turned upside down by layoff and financial crisis over the past two years has made me that much stronger. I have become quite self sufficient. I can make $20 last like nobody’s business! It’s been back to basics for me, and my mind is far less cluttered because of it. Now, if we can only clean out the varmint nest in Washington…

      1. Same here Constance. I never would have imagined how to stretch 20 bucks in so many ways. We’ve been planting gardens the past 5 years, have bartered veggies for unexpected things that we needed help for, raise a couple of hens for eggs and I’ve been making and baking more stuff from scratch than I ever believed I knew how. We’ll all get through- and like you said above to our Patriot sister, we might be miles apart, but with each other, supporting each other in Spirit, and God knows and provides what we need. God Bless you guys!

        1. Thank all of you so much for your comments. I am self-employed, working 7 days a week, 15 hours a day – not complaining. However, I fear my business will soon be dying. I am quite scared. Since I am self employed, there is nothing to fall back on. I have saved as much as I can but that will not last very long. The country is collapsing and it makes me so sad. The takers just want more and more. It appears now the RINOs agree – give more. Sad

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