Mark Levin: Maybe it’s time we should be a little more ‘scoundrel’, just like the left

Mark Levin talks specifically about the left in this clip and notes that we are often at a disadvantage when we compete with the left because we believe in tradition, law and order, and they are scoundrels. Well perhaps it’s time for us to be a little more ‘scoundrel’, Levin says, that when they kick us below the belt and between the legs we kick right back.


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215 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Maybe it’s time we should be a little more ‘scoundrel’, just like the left

  1. Obama’s policies will most assuredly put me out of business but I still couldn’t bring myself to vote for Romney.

    As a single woman, just because I don’t have the desire or financial means to drop out of the workforce should I be forced to bare a rapist’s child doesn’t mean I don’t have integrity as this gentleman implies. Smaller government should start in my doctor’s office.

    Feel free to pile on now…

    1. If your itching for a fight, you’re not going to get one.

      We know your type.

      And don’t worry about carrying that baby, your birth control pills are on the house.

    2. One mans opinion – a man running for Senator- is not going to change the laws in the entire country. I think you should know that by now. AND Im pretty sure you do- but if you pretend you dont it gives you a platform to come here and tell us why your voted for Obama.
      But have a nice day.

  2. SPOT ON Mark. We need to fight fire WITH fire. When they bring evil, we need to bring a different kind of evil. We cannot keep doing this and expect change. It’s the purest definition of stupidity/insanity.

    1. What evil and who brought it to you? Come out of that conservative media bubble that didn’t allow you to see the polls and what they were really telling you. The info they were feeding you was wrong all wrong and maybe if you knew that ahead of time, you could have done something about it. Secondly, if you recall, Romney was demonized by his primary buddies long before Obama got to him. They did a good job at characterizing him as someone untrustworthy. Not to mention the homophobic, racists and anti-immigration overtones by some in his campaign didn’t help much.

      1. The second you decried racist, you lost any credibility you might have had. Romney was/IS a good man, a nice man. That’s the problem. EVERY Dimocrat he dealt with was a freaking snake. Look at some of the vitriol that Biden, Reid, Wasserman-Schultz et al was spewing. Did you hear that from Romney? No, you didn’t and sending a Hamster into a cobra den was not the answer. Remember Escape to New York? Yah, we need a Pliskin type. Don’t come at me with your homophobe/racist rhetoric, it’s old, tired and FAILED.

  3. As I was reading my Upper Room this morning. This was one of the verses I read:
    “For he bringeth down them that dwell on high; the lofty city, he layeth it low; he layeth low, even to the ground; he bringeth it even to the dust.” -Isaiah 26:5

    For some reason, this verse stuck with me over everything that has happened since Tuesday.

    I believe the Lord truly has a plan for this.

    I think we are in for some very very rough times, my friends.

    1. Interesting, because the last four years I’ve constantly thought of Psalms 139:23-24 “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.” I believe God is exposing the deeply rooted hatred in the hearts of many against those different from themselves.

      Then on the morning of election day, this scripture came to mind…Psalms 110:1 “The Lord said to my Lord (David), “Sit in the place of honor at my right hand until I humble your enemies, making them a footstool under your feet.”

  4. I believe the media is the biggest problem. We must find a way to get them to provide the truth. The American people have been duped and misled. What if we identify the advertisers who buy time on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC etc. and get conservatives to boycott these products (and of course, these channels). Maybe the only way to get their attention and cause them to tell the truth, is to hit them in their pocket books. I don’t know, maybe I’m grasping at straws, but something HAS to be done about the lack of honest reporting. Anyone else have ideas?

    1. For the looks of things, it sounds like you need to ask for the truth from that new source you frequent…[cough] Fox News. They held the truth about the polls and how Romney was really progressing in the election. Come out of the conservative bubble…open up to other/all news sources and then make an informed decision about what’s really going on.

  5. The Conservative spokesmen need to communicate in short form and in Spanish! Mark Levin should have all his writings in Spanish. He tweets and FB’s but he needs to have a form of pamphleteering in multiple languages. People will see this as an open door to the Conservative movement. He is brilliant, but too rigid in this one aspect. It is simple to say Hola, Bienvenido. A simple hello, welcome to our Party, our Movement, our Heritage and our Economic system.

  6. I agree! I have been repeating this for a little while now. Saul Alinsky ring a bell? We need to use their tactics against them. I will be quiet no more. I DO NOT watch any NBC, CBS or ABC news. I read all my news on line. Do not go to movies, unless conservative. “Atlas Shrugged” was the last one I was at. NO one else was there but oh well.

    1. I also posted a similar comment early yesterday morning on a different thread. The country chose Saul Alinsky over Thomas Jefferson. This continues us on a road ridden with ied’s that will eventually lead to a situation thats going to make the OWS gang look like a slumber party. The difference is, we’llwe’ll be fighting for liberty not for someone elses money.

  7. I agree!
    I am sick and tired of being the adult in the room!
    Lib-progs have proven time and time again that they have no problem lying,smearing,and pitting one side against the other.
    It’s time to get nasty.
    We have been letting the lib-progs win because we have not been willing to attack them on the B.S.

    It’s time for all of us to get involved on a daily basis! Let’s start harassing media outlets -bombard them with complaints.
    Also,we’ve got to pay attention to what our kids are being taught,and call out the nonsense.

    Lib-progs are always going to have an advantage with lying and promising free stuff to their base,but we are not defenseless.
    We can use Alinsky tactics too!

  8. Taking the hight road has gotten us nowhere. Time to fight back. Thank you Mark for your honor and words!

  9. Well, I don’t know if it’s a question of just fighting dirty. The sad fact of the matter is, and I hate to say it, but America isn’t too bright.

    Think about it. If you logically looked at Obama’s record, there is not one metric that shows that he was a success. Not one. Whether it’s unemployment, the economy, taxes, the “stimulus,” Obamacare, or GDP growth. So what got Obama elected? A combination of offering everybody “free stuff” (such as entitlements) and the “Pimp with a Limp.”

    Obama really didn’t have one serious interview or press conference during the last six months of the election. He went on The View, David Letterman, The Tonight Show, The Daily Show, the “Pimp with a limp” radio show, other rap and hip-hop radio shows, and did interviews with Us and Rolling Stone magazines. Basically, he was selling himself like a whore, which is only appropriate that he went on The Pimp with a Limp radio show. So that’s what politics today is all about, how you can sell yourself to the masses and on the most useless entertainment formats there are. Politics today is nothing more than mass market entertainment. It cracked me up when the mainstream media asked Romney about “specifics” in his economic plan. Specifics? When did those same people once ask Obama what his economic plans or goals were for his next four years? And if you have a good Public Relations team working for you, like JZ or Bruce Springsteen, and can promise a boatload of free stuff to just about every minority there is, you too will be the next president of the United States.

    And when these same people understand, really understand, that they will be hurt the worst when the economy does NOT get better and that we don’t have the money for all their precious entitlements, then I wonder what The Pimp with a Limp will say? Oh, that’s right, it’s all Bush’s fault.

  10. I’m with Levin on this. Get mad and take your money off the table. I’ve said it before: stop watching and posting anything from the MSM. That’s how they make their money. I really don’t need to hear what any of them have to say.

  11. I’ll tell you what they’ll do. They’ll “give a sh…” on you and tax more as the tax revenues decrease – everyone will be taxed one way or another. The black market will increase exponentially, then many people will call the other cheaters, or tax cheaters, the divide will become larger. Those who can escape will go to third world countries where they can get more for their buck, and the “useful idiots” will drop their ambitions like flies on fly paper. It’s that way in Hungary, and it has been that way all up and down South America, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Russia. It’s not my opinion – IT IS FACT!

  12. after reading ALL of these comments about moving to Texas (or think’n about it) I think RS best plan a BIG Texas style party………….

  13. At the end, Mark Levin is going “John Galt”.

    I say hell yeah.

    (even though that was a overly-long novel; The Fountainhead was more engaging)

    1. The Fountainhead is probably my favorite. I really love Atlas Shrugged as well.

      If anyone you know is interested in Objectivity and Rand a good start is Anthem. It is a good short read- like 100 pages.
      Good intro book for those just getting started on Rand.

  14. The Mormon missionary was thrown into the Chicago communist Cloward-Piven Saul Alinksy shredding machine, and that was just the media…

  15. Amen, Mark. I’ve been saying it for the last four years. Glad that it’s finally coming to that.

  16. Mark Levin: “…I say we resist, and where we can, obstruct; and where we can, sabotage tyranny. What do you say?

    Me: I say Conservatives stop playing nice and accommodating. Get angry at what the USA has now become!

    I’m Chinese-Australian. My parents worked hard to come here (Australia) from Hong Kong; a good 10 yrs before it was handed over to China. They knew (through our ancestors) that Communism/Socialism/etc will eventually lead to disaster. Recently, China is trying to impose their thinking/perspectives into Hong Kong’s public schools via changes in the syllabus. Hong Kong teachers are resisting, but I don’t think they’ll hold out in the long run!

    …When faced with an invader who wishes to enslave me, I always fall back to an ancient book on conflict that my father encouraged me to read: “The Art of War” (By Sun Tzu). I recommend ALL Conservatives and Libertarians read AND study it in your spare time. Turn off the TV, find yourself a copy, study it, and discuss how it relates to the current situation we’re in with like-minded people.

    This book is about warfare. More specifically, it is about how to fight effectively and succeed. (No, you can’t fight this ideological war in the old conventional American way. You’ve just tried it, and it has failed miserably. Its time for something different. You must be cunning and really frustrate the Left’s minds in this Cultural War.)

    …The Left drew first blood on the Western World when they shoved radical feminism, environmentalism, etc in our faces and forced us to swallow as they took over and infected our political leaderships in the last 30 yrs or so. They say its for our own good.

    eg 1: Here in Australia, they (ALP and Greens) rammed a Carbon Tax down our throats…This is despite 70% of Australia not wanting it! We are slowly avenging that as each state is falling to the Liberal-National Party or LNP (Centre-Right party) with each State Election since 2011. There are only 8 states in Australia: 5 of them now side with the LNP. (“Liberal” in Australia = Classical Liberal or Libertarian in USA.)

    eg 2: In USA, they rammed ObamaCare down your throats. They won the Election and their Celebrities gloat about it.

    …Have a good look at your enemies folks. This is who they are. This is what they do. Are you mad? If not, have a good look at your country! Are you mad now?

    Use anger to fight the fight. But remember this, don’t ever carry that anger for the rest of your life. Anger is only used as a tool to motivate. Once it has served its purpose, leave it there.

    Now I bring you the essence to The Art of War…

    (1) The best warfare is victory without a war. That is achieved by building yourself up such that no one dare to take you on.

    (2) Know your enemy and know yourself, then victory is without danger.

    (3) Warfare is mainly deception.

    (4) Preparation and Planning on real data. Collect intelligence.

    (5) Be wise, agile, flexible, watchful, in Mastering the Variation and exploiting the Advantages. There is no one rule for all situations.

    Take good care of your people and to pursue the interests of the people and country and not yourself.

    Here’s a hint…If you wish to bring in the Chinese vote, one should realize we deeply value family and tradition. Most of us are not religious, but we have no problems in adopting ideas and values that have proven to work.

  17. I never realized spewing counterproductive garbage such as this was taking the high road, interesting.

    Mark Levin is obviously a very unintelligent, pretentious and disgusting excuse for a man. It’s clear that his focus is to point fingers at Democrats for anything and everything while ignoring the very real issues we as a country face. It’s a shame more people don’t work on finding solutions to problems instead of crying like babies and making false threats like this mentally disturbed individual who is blinded to the truth like many others here.

    So he wants producers to stop producing goods. That’ll show them Democrats right? Oh yeah, except it would just bring the economy further down, and most importantly put producers THEMSELVES out of business. It’s also amusing how he acts as though he personally has the influence to make such a thing happen.

    I hate to break it to you but I don’t think there will be many companies willing to shut it’s doors over this silly and deeply flawed rant and watch their businesses go under. Good try though.

    1. kind of like the left did when Bush was in office right?

      And how to this day the Obama admistration blames Bush for the economy, right?

    2. Correction to your post so that it makes some sense: Change the name, to Obama and Democrats to Republicans. That is what the past 4 yrs have been and shall continue to be.

      Once you pay attention a little bit more, i’m almost certain you will be headed onto a more educated and well established path of factual information.

      Or perhaps we should just invent a reason, like some obscure and stupid video to blame for the death of an Ambassador and all the rioting at various embassies across the ME on 9-11. We’d never want the Prez to point fingers at some made up excuse to cover the administrations collective asses, why that would be a … “very unintelligent, pretentious and disgusting excuse for a man.”

    3. No, many companies will indeed not shut their doors, but they sure as he l l won’t be hiring here! They will move and survive. The tool you put in office for another four years has NEVER even run a lemonade stand, and has no idea how business works. Neither do you. The 53% that pay taxes are not just the 1% that your Imposter has all his utopian dreams set upon. This next four years will have the middle class crushed out of existence and you and your useful, greedy idiots will be sitting on your thumbs wondering were else you can get money from. China? Russia? The Saudi’s? Enjoy your victory, it came at the destruction and the great price of your nation.

  18. Mitt’s op-ed “Let Detroit go Bankrupt”, Rick Santorum, Todd Akin and Rick Mourdock scaring women, the Romney campaign going silent over the summer months, Paul Ryan being absolutely no help at all and boring on the stump, Romney going on cruise control after the 1st debate and lard-ass bj to Obama did Romney in….that’s all.

    PS. Bottom-line, a mormon Mr. Nice Guy and a Wisconsin nice guy, had no chance against a thug from Chicago and an East Coast lunatic.

  19. My father (whose been fighting for conservatism since 1964) has been saying that as long as I can remember and I agree. I’m sick of being the party who tries to “take the high road” and has absolutely nothing to show for it.
    If it is alright for leftists to lie about their “fiscal conservatism” why can’t pro-lifers lie and say the are pro-choice. “Choice” the liberal subterfuge is the perfect cover it’s open to interpretation.
    I just wish people like Aiken had kept his freaking mouth shut. Too much honesty kills you every time. Trust me, I know.

  20. We don’t need to fight dirty. We need to dumb it down as much as possible to 1/2 of the American public.

  21. Since I didn’t see an open thread, I will post this here because I remembered this while listening to Levin.

    Please, stop calling it “wealth redistribution”— that presupposes that it will only affect wealthy people. It should be referred to as INCOME REDISTRIBUTION. That is all.

  22. Love Levin I totally agree with him! The left fight dirty we need to fight them in the trenches. They gerrymander electorates to favor dems, they vote rig, they intimidate you at the voting booth, they go to nursing homes and mental institutions and take votes of the naive. They probably stack immigrants in strategic electorates to lift their vote. Immigrants who out-breed us. They have infiltrated our schools and after many years dominating our corrupt media. We need to start preparing our candidates now we need to screen them now, these candidates need to learn to keep their mouths shut in front of mslsd. I suspect Romney did a lot of damage to his chances during the third debate when he said he agreed with Obama on a lot of things. If he agreed with Obama and if Obama was a good man (not) and tried his best and had done a good job then why should undecided back Romney. Romney I think you know Obama is a lying weasel and completely incompetent POTUS. You needed to smashed him not rest on your laurels. You failed. I like you but you chose the wrong tactic in the third debate and you lost big time.

    1. I was so depressed today….I listened to all the radio shows (except for Beck, which I missed)—-

      Oddly, the most abrasive host of all, was actually the most motivational. I’m so glad I decided to stay up to listen to him. He has the battle in him, that I was willing to leave out the last time.

  23. Mark is quite right. I can tell you after 20 years of martial arts that a dirty fighter has a great advantage an only the very best (like Reagan) can defeat such a fighter.

    I don’t condone being a dirty fighter, but when your opponent shows himself to be a dirty fighter, you need to meet him at that low level or most probably lose.

    If your honor exceeds this, you will most likely lose.

    1. The thing that gets me about this whole “fighting dirty” thing, is that republicans didn’t even have to fight dirty, all they had to do was tell the truth, tell about Benghazi, about fast and furious, about all the ways dear leader has stomped on the Constitution. It’s not like any of this stuff was undocumented. In my eye, that’s not playing dirty at all.

      More Americans and America’s best have died under dear leader, yet republcans STILL treated him with kid gloves and said he is a nice guy.

      1. Romney was too gutless to mention it.

        No more RINO squishes!

        No way Santorum or Newt would’ve been afraid to bring these things up.

  24. I have mentioned this on other posts, here on Scoop.

    We absolutely have to have a dialogue, here on Scoop, on the reasons this election went to the Left.

    Please stop all the crying and the sobbing, and the excuses.

    Let us proceed, with a civil discussion, of what they did right, and what we did wrong.

    1. I think if there was a better candidate than Mitt Romney you may have had a chance. Mitt was a highly flawed candidate. I think this was well known, well publicized but somewhere along the way your party seemed to have forgotten or just ignored it. You needed a candidate just as suave and strategic as the incumbent. His (Obama) campaign team have to be the best there is.

      1. Obama is highly flawed as well. You may view him as suave and strategic, but I see him as cunning and manipulative.

        The problem for those running against him is that he has the corrupt media running interference for him.

        You are right- his campaign team plays the game pretty well. Although i’m not certain thats a compliment.

        PS I dont care if he is black. I wouldnt care if he were yellow, orange, purple or polka dot. I just dont care for the direction he wants to take our country.

        1. Not to mention that Romney was pretty much demonized by his opponents and Sheldon Adelson during the Republican primary. I don’t think Obama had much more to do. Then, here comes the “47%” video. I think that sealed the deal before the debates began.

          Surely, you didn’t find it surprising that Romney lost…right? The polls during the last week of the general election pretty much showed nothing but Obama leads in the battleground states.

          I just think he was the wrong candidate. I think the republican party would have fared much better if they’d chosen Pawlenty or Huntsman.

            1. That’s fair. I think those two (Pawlenty, Huntsman) were the only ones that could be taken seriously. The rest of them came off as a joke. But you can’t deny that the demonizing of Romney by his primary opponents began long before Obama came into the picture.

          1. Huntsman? He is even more moderate than Gov Romney, and Pawlenty ?… He was gone after Iowa
            It may be harsh but Romney was right about the 47% only it’s actually closer to 50. What we saw last night in my view is that the new liberal Dems are interested in perks. The republican partys platform includes hard work less government involvement and FREEDOM!

      2. Pardon me, for a moment, while I throw up. Stinks, I know, but it gets rid of the last comment, by our resident troll, for the evening.

        Angel, by way, your name doesn’t fit you, in a true context. You are not an Angel, in any meaning, of the word. You are nothing more than another Obama idiot, come here this evening, to gloat. To gloat over voter fraud, a compliant media, who supports your idiot President, and in the end, Socialism. Because, that is exactly what your Candidate represents.

        That is what he represented, to the American people, when he first came on the scene, from nowhere. We knew nothing about him then, we know nothing about him now, except that he is a Muslim, and a Communist. And a Traitor. Almost forgot that one.

        Your magical appearance here this evening, is entertaining. My guess is, you have probably been here before, under another name.

        We never discourage trolls here. That’s a true fact. We give them ten minutes, which is about three comments, on average, to display how stupid they really are. After that, we simply pull the plug.

        I don’t know how many minutes you have left, but it’s up to the Moderators, actually.

        They do tolerate intelligent comment. Of course, that is the downfall of Liberals, isn’t it?

      3. “……….I didn’t know ‘sauve’ also meant thuggery with smooth lies…….whaddya know…just say’n

    2. I’ll start. The country too long has made SERVING in Congress or the Senate a life time job with the best perk package in the world, a job in which with life time appointments means you get to do things that Citizens would get arrested for. Oh sure, yeah, they got that whole censure thingy and once in a while a good grilling at an inquiry, but everyone knows that means a slap on the wrist.

      Second point, too many uneducated ignorant fools who have NO concept of what this Nation is. Do you have any idea how much it drives me up the wall when I hear even politicians claim we are a democracy? We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and it was made that way for a reason.

      Ah crap. Sorry Whitefriend, I’m not ranting, but you asked.

      It goes alot farther back than just this year. But if you’re asking specifically about this year, Dear leader has the propaganda press, hollywood and a terrific team of liars. Then we had Romney who said “obama’s a good guy.”

      That is it in a nutshell from this duck’s perspective. :-/

      1. I think the Duck’s perspective on things, is a good one. People who make a nest in Washington, hurt this country.

        The Founders had no such idea. Most of them, could not get away from Washington, fast enough. They served, and did their duty, and they returned to private life.

        If only, the rest had followed their model.

        History, as we know, shows they did not follow that example.

        The media, is something we never saw coming.

        Getting late. I’ll have more on this tomorrow.

        But, I do love that Canadian Duck.

  25. I say he’s right. Getting people to do it, is another thing.

    This country right now, is like a teeter-totter, balancing on a beam.

    On one side of the beam, are what’s left of productive Americans, who still believe in the American Dream, and are willing to work hard and sacrifice, to achieve it.

    On the other side of the beam, are all the Americans, who have been lured into the idea, that they don’t have to work for the Dream at all, because the government will give them the Dream anyway, by taking it from the people on the other side.

    I just gave you a childish explanation, for where this country is right now. Even though a childish explanation, it is sadly more accurate, than the adult explanations, the leaders of our country give us each day, and expect us to believe.

    For simplicity, let us call the two sides of the teeter-totter, Obama on the left, and the rest of us, on the right. As of this moment, it is pretty much balanced on the beam, and level, at this point. The election results provide pretty good evidence of that.

    Our side, is pretty much what it is. It’s made up of people who already believe their destiny and their future, is their own responsibility.

    Only way you could improve our side, would be to get rid of government restrictions and onerous taxes, that keep businesses from succeeding.

    What if we add to the Obama side of the scale, Sixteen Trillion Dollars, in debt? Wow, that much money, dumped in one place, is heavy. That’s like two football fields, full of ten dollar bills. I see the teeter-totter tipping.

    Not looking good for our side.

    What if we add ObamaCare? ObamaCare alone, has to take us past twenty-five trillion, in just the first few years of its implementation. Not to mention the fact, that about a hundred thousand Doctors, just retired.

    Don’t know about you, but I’m having trouble standing upright, on the teeter-totter. Try to keep your balance.

    Wish I had something to put on our side, but I don’t. We’re already doing all we can. They say you can beat fifty per cent of the people, by just showing up. We’ve been showing up. Our reward for doing that, is they keep stealing our lunch.

    I’m using metaphors, I know. But, I think you’re still with me on this.

    This has been fun, but I think you’re getting tired of it. I agree. I only meant it as a diversion.

    We know what we are facing. Fully half the country, is now on the Obama Kool-Aid.

    We have one chance in three, of pulling this off.

    Take a real close look at the Tea Party, folks. It is the only thing left, of this country.

  26. You’re talking my language Mr. Levin. I’ve always been an eye for an eye, a limb for a limb guy. I hate this nonsense that says we have to play nice while the other side cheats. In a street fight the guy who follows the Marquis of Queensbury Rules always loses.

    1. Yeah! I don’t understand how people can’t discern between “times”. There is a time for peace and discussion, but now is a time for strategic “fighting”. IDK?

      1. To everything there is a season. This is our season to make right all that is wrong, and we won’t get there by being spineless. If our so called representatives refuse to stand up, they need to get out of our way.

        Sorry iHeartLife. I’m pumped.

        1. You go for it, my friend! That’s the attitude I like! Never back down.

          I’m absolutely loving the posts on this thread. Especially the one started by Orangeone and secession.

          I have great faith that you all will be doing great things these next few years, even though it’s early days.

          Right behind you all, 100% 😀

  27. I’m not one for returning evil for evil, but there is such a thing as showing a spine, which our so called leaders have not done. When things get tough, they roll over. Heck, they roll over even when they have majority. Enough. It’s time to show what they’re made of. If it’s marshmellow, kick them out, we need people made of steel.

  28. Another thought- Why are the salespeople always the most vulnerable to the sales persons ?
    Empathy, maybe?

  29. Using scare tactics might get us some more votes, Sharia might scare Americans if we told the majority about it, or the robbing of Medicare by this administration! I’m calling this election the Hansel and Gretel election, it’s more about the candy given out than the looming oven, in the future!

    1. I pray for someone to stand up and call Obama the con artist he is. This man got away with being a coward and a crook.

    2. How dare you pray for me when you support a man whose entire being is dedicated to taking away what is more important to me than my very life – my liberty and right to choose to live how I want.

    3. How about praying for all the unborn who have been murdered? Or those who have been born alive after a botched abortion and left to die in a garbage can? I’ll pray for you, as I do for the evil that has invaded this nation, and as I do for our government to recieve Jesus.

      1. So true. Totally against abortion. I not only pray, I volunteer to counsel young girls/women. I think this is the only solution. Changed hearts make changed lives. I don’t think you can legislate morality.

        1. You are against abortion yet you support a man whose first act as president was to fund half a billion dollars for the abortion of millions of African babies?

          WASHINGTON (February 4, 2009)–As one of his first official acts, President Barack Obama signed an order to direct U.S. funds to organizations that perform and promote abortion overseas.

  30. That’s the very reason Republicans lost the election yesterday…listening to people like Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh. You’re disgraceful. You’re dishonorable. You’re self-righteous. You dislike anyone different from yourselves. I should have prefaced my statement by saying some of you because I know some really honorable Republicans that want what is best for the country as a whole not just a particular set of people. You will never succeed if you continue with that mentality. That mentality, that spirit is not of God. The election of a man with skin color different from your own has drove you crazy and you don’t even realize it.

    1. Yeah disliking obama has nothing to do with hating socialism.

      Or not wanting the gov’t controlling our health care and just about every other part of our lives!

      Self Righteous?? You got some nerve coming here and criticizing those who disagree with the Marxist obama. This ain’t North Korea yet, we are still allowed to disagree and express ourselves.

      Some of us actually believe in hard work unlike you freeloading parasites!

      1. What socialism? You don’t have a clear understanding of what socialism is unless you’ve lived under it. Nothing President Obama has done to date can be labeled as “socialism”. Calm down. You’re definitely over-reacting. I don’t agree with everything the president is doing but my goodness, I’m not about to stroke out or something as little as universal health care. Do you hear what you’re saying?

        I, too, believe in hard work. Agree with you on that one. But welfare wasn’t invented 4 years ago. It’s been ongoing for some time now. if you have a problem with welfare/welfare recipients, you probably should talk with your local elected officials. Welfare benefits are controlled by the states.

        1. Stimulus package?? Redistributing wealth from the producers to the parasites??

          The porkulus spent over $250K for every job created and most were gov’t jobs.

          As little as gov’t healthcare?? Tell me what does the govt do that actually results in lower costs and higher quality?

          You won’t be laughing when you or someone you know has to wait over 6 months for an MRI or a hip replacement. Or maybe an elderly family member is told they’ve lived long enough and don’t deserve that expensive drug that could save their life!

          Just look at what happens now in Canada and Britain!

          You’ll have to live with yourself for voting to ruin the best nation on earth. You should be ashamed of yourself!

          1. Yep. The age of a woman’s FIRST mammography in Great Britain — 50! One every THREE years after that.

            Talk about a war on women. That’s a lot of dead women right there.

            Remember when Obama’s Secretary of HHS tried to change the recommended mammogram schedule in OUR country to a higher age, with more years in between, which would mean insurance companies WOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY for them otherwise? Public outcry caused them to reconsider their recommendation, but that was before the SC upheld ObamaCare. It’s coming! A government deciding what doctors should be deciding — SOCIALISM.

          2. On the stimulus he kept lying by pushing the numbers up from 1.9 million jobs when he realized the math of spending 830 billion dollars. He finally said 2.5 million jobs which comes to $330,000/job. Even if it were 3 million jobs the cost would be $277,000/job.

        2. Government healthcare is one of the three pillars of socialism.

          The reason you do no know that is because one of the other three pillars of socialism is government controlled education.

          “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions at state expense”. K. Marx

        3. I LIVED UNDER IT. My neighbor lived under COMMUNISM. We see where things are heading. We saw it before he promised Putin that he’d have more flexiblity after the election. We saw it before he said he’d spread the wealth around. If you think so called universal health “care” is a good thing, you might want to move to Britain or Canada… see how well that works when you really need a doctor and can’t find one.

            1. I am a first generation American. Combined, our families escaped 3 hideous brands of socialism, Hitler’s national socialism, Mussolini’s fascism, and Castro’s dictatorship.

              You lived under socialism but cannot see that Barack Hussein Obama is a deeply indoctrinated Marxist who has openly aligned with the oldest most brutal form of totalitarianism in the world?

              I was taught well how to recognize socilaists and could see Hussein Obama a mile away. Sorry ABC, but I call bullshit here.

      2. Point well made NHConservative – now here I am wonderin’ how it is AngelLee can tell our skin color from how we write. Seems like one damn fine parlor trick, eh?
        Lemme try. Please, Please? Now……. your words are not real flowery so I am thinking your skin is not half white like Hussein’s I’m gonna guess from that slightly agressive yet pointed response, your skin is… a light shade of olive. Did I get it right? 🙂

      3. I absolutely hate socialism and Obama has been steeped in it all his life and has brought it with him to the White House, ugh. Any black man who is not a socialist and who has a well balanced out look (not racist) would be a far better choice than Obama. I could support him or a Hispanic, an Indian, an olive skinned man, a Chinese or Asian person, a woman of any color. And you call me racist? Is that clear enough?

    2. We certainly don’t need your lecture here. We are NOT disgraceful or dishonorable. I see you are new in this community, so you have NO idea who we are. No one here has ever discussed the color of Obama’s skin – we ARE NOT racists.

      I take great offense that you come here and criticize this community as a whole. Your job is done, now please go back to the websites you normally visit.

      And BYW – We all love Mark Levin and our Constitution!

    3. “The election of a man with skin color different from your own has drove you crazy and you don’t even realize it.”

      You’re the racist. If that’s the only reason you can think of why people don’t like Obama, then that’s just sad. You’ve got race on the brain. You do realize it IS an election, right? The Republican party was going to run someone. But oh noes, it’s racist to run against Obama. C’mon!

      16 trillion debt.
      High unemployment.
      4 dead in Benghazi.
      Economy going down the tubes.
      Companies shutting down across the nation.
      46.7 million people on food stamps. (This is June 2011 BTW)
      Egypt no longer an ally.
      Iran w/ nukes.
      Never visited Israel as President.

      On and on. But yeah, race. A guy that has never had a private sector job is going to fix the economy. Sure. Good one. Everyone knows with 100% certainty that Obama can’t fix the economy. A little girl who has a lemonade stand has more experience than Obama on the economy.

      So what you’re saying is that none of this matters. That these are not real concerns. That if Obama was white, not a single Republican would bring up these issues.

    4. I am indeed an intolerant hater. I hate marxists especially the ones that are too yellow to stand up and tell honest hardworking people what their real intentions are.

      Hardly driving me crazy but I do hate them – hate all the lying deceitful two faced hypocritical marxists. The white ones, the brown ones, the black ones, and the half white ones. Hmmm. you are right though, somewhere in there is a marxist with a skin color different from mine – I hate that one too.

    5. Skin color has absolutely Nothing to do with our disgust with the marxist in the white house. Get it?! He’s a marxist. We don’t like communism. It’s his ideologies! He has no character. Judge a person by the content of the character- NOT the color of skin. His character, is anti American, marxist and hateful. He despises our military and those who hold the values of what America is.
      His CHARACTER stinks.

    6. I actually had to argue with myself whether to allow your comment to stand as it is, so people could see your full comment and let them decide whether you’re a bigot or not.
      But no, I have a job to do, and one of those is to warn people against making personal attacks and editing out such comments. Consider yourself warned. We welcome anyone to comment here, but read the rules of conduct first and abide by them please, and back up your arguments with facts.

    7. “You’re disgraceful. You’re dishonorable. You’re self-righteous. You dislike anyone different from yourselves.”

      You’re projecting.

      1. marc….been trying to get ahold of you. You still on Twitter? Please send me a message there. Have some REALLY exciting news for you.

    8. Angel, we know who you are. It is written all over your comment.

      I’m guessing you are one of those angry black persons, who make up Obama’s base.

      Let me put this in very clear, non-racist terms. I don’t hate Barack Hussein Obama, because he is black. I hate him, because he is a Muslim/Socialist, and he wants to change this country, from the country I grew up in, to a Socialist country, that I don’t want to live in.

      I understand, that you are brain dead. I don’t believe our current medical establishment has a cure for that, but I doubt it.

      Perhaps, somewhere, in the millions of words and pages, that make up all the bullsh**t, that Obamacare entails, there is a solution for your problem. My advice? Don’t hold your breath.

      In spite of all he has promised you, you might have to actually get a job.

    9. “You’re disgraceful. You’re dishonorable. You’re self-righteous.”

      Need me to move the mirror a little more to the left for you?

    10. He’s my skin color and he surely drove me crazy with his incessant lying, absurd policies (830 billion dollar stimulus for 2.5 million jobs for a cost of $330,000/job), freeloading money and goods for lazy people for their votes, distortion of Romney’s record, etc. You get the picture?

  31. Too much whining from the right today. We must accept the truth. The country as we used to know it is no more. The GOP must radically change if it intends on gaining the WH again. The Democrats are positioned well for a brown, govt-dependent America. The GOP is not.

    1. more minorities are employed by Republicans (RNC) than by DNC….inconvenient fact for leftists.
      Welfare safety net had become more than a hammock – practically free life – having 3 or more babies gets you more taxpayers money than having a job………………….

    2. Sorry, but you are dead wrong. The GOP needs to be shut down, as they are as much a part of the problem as the left. I am thinking of starting a new party, in partnership with the Tea Party, I am going to call it the “Pullyerheadoutofyourassocrats”, I just have to come up with a charter that lays out all the requirements to be a part of this party, and any who want to run for office. Any ideas?

  32. Who gets sucker-punched? Suckers.
    How many times did we say here that MR needs to fight fire with fire? God knows we have more to throw at the rats than they have to throw back. But no, we have to be above the fray and not lower ourselves to their level. Balderdash!

    While many of us came to admire MR for the man he is and the President he could have been, the GOPe ruined it for him and the Senate, and I think on purpose. Remember how the GOPe said it was more important to win the Senate than the WH?? Then set about tripping themselves and us up on both? Mourdock and Akins were attacked, Bachmann was ignored, West was re-districted. Rove and the Bushes want Jeb in 2016 and helped Romney to lose in order to get him. Pretty clear who the enemy is – just about anyone in DC government of either party. And now Boehner welcomes zero back to DC with conciliatory words. Ass.

    Now are we ready to fight fire with fire?

    1. I’m ready p m! Balderdash! I love it =)

      I have actually been thinking Texas for a year or so; I have a very dear friend who lives there. So, count me in too.

  33. Okay Scoopers worldwide, I’m going to toss an idea out for discussion.

    If you look at the US voting last night, 57 m voted for our Constitution. What if we, the red states (or those of us willing to move to red states) approached Bibi Netanyahu of Israel and asked to succeed from the US and become Israeli provinces/regions/territories (fellow posters help me with the correct term). We would be located within the central core of the US and could monitor and defend Israel from the inside.

    Thoughts anyone? Feel free to call me crazy but I feel we are more aligned with Israel than what has become of the US.

    1. Actually this is being talked about in Texas…

      The Country of Texas ~ being that Texas is the only state with a legal
      right to secede from the Union. (Reference the Texas-American Annexation
      Treaty of 1848.) We Texans love y’all, but we’ll probably have to take
      action if Barack Obama wins the election. We’ll miss you too. Here is
      what can happen:

      1: Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States, and Texas
      secedes from the Union in the summer of 2013.

      2: George W. Bush will become the
      President of the Republic of Texas. You
      might not think that he talks too pretty, but we hadn’t had another
      terrorist attack, and the economy was fine until the effects of the
      Democrats lowering the qualifications for home loans came to roost.

      So what does Texas have to do to survive as a Republic?

      1. NASA is just south of Houston, Texas.
      We will control the space industry.

      2. We refine over 85% of the gasoline in
      the United States.

      3. Defense Industry–we have over 65% of
      it. The term “Don’t mess with Texas,” will take on a whole new meaning.

      4. Oil – we can supply all the oil that
      the Republic of Texas will need for the next 300 years. What will the
      other states do? Gee, we don’t know. Why not ask Obama?

      5. Natural Gas – again, we have all we
      need, and it’s too bad about those Northern States. Barack Obama and Joe
      Biden will have to figure out a way to keep them warm.

      6. Computer Industry – we lead the nation
      in producing computer chips and
      communications equipment–small companies like Texas Instruments, Dell
      Computer, EDS, Raytheon, National Semiconductor, Motorola, Intel, AMD,
      Atmel, Applied Materials, Ball Microconductor, Dallas Semiconductor,
      Nortel, Alcatel, etc., etc. The list goes on and on.

      7. Medical Care – We have the research
      centers for cancer research, the best burn centers and the top trauma units
      in the world, as well as other large health centers. The Houston Medical
      Center alone employs over 65,000 people.

      8. We have enough colleges to keep us
      getting smarter: University of Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Texas
      Christian, Rice, SMU, University of Dallas, University of Houston, Baylor,
      UNT (University of North Texas), Texas Women’s University, etc. Ivy grows
      better in the South anyway.

      9. We have an intelligent and energetic
      work force, and it isn’t restricted by a bunch of unions. Here in Texas,
      it’s a Right to Work State and, therefore, it’s every man and woman for
      themselves. We just go out and get the job done. And if we don’t like the
      way one company operates, we get a job somewhere else.

      10. We have essential control of the
      paper, plastics, and insurance industries, etc.

      11. In case of a foreign invasion, we
      have the Texas National Guard, the Texas Air National Guard, and several
      military bases. We don’t have an Army, but since everybody down here has
      at least six rifles and a pile of ammo, we can raise an Army in
      24 hours if we need one. If the situation really gets bad, we can always
      call the Department of Public Safety and ask them to send over the Texas

      12. We are totally self-sufficient in
      beef, poultry, hogs, and several types of grain, fruit and vegetables, and
      let’s not forget seafood from the Gulf. Also, everybody down here knows
      how to cook them so that they taste good. Don’t need any food.

      13. Three of the ten largest cities in
      the United States, and twenty- three of the
      100 largest cities in the United States, are located in Texas. And Texas
      also has more land than California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,
      Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island and Vermont

      14. Trade: Three of the ten largest ports
      in the United States are located in Texas.

      15. More miles of railroad track that any
      other state in the Union.

      16. We also manufacture cars down here, but we don’t need to. You see,
      nothing rusts in Texas, so our vehicles stay beautiful and run well for

      17. Year around golf. This just names a
      few of the items that will keep the
      Republic of Texas in good shape. There
      isn’t a thing out there that we need and don’t have.

      Now to the rest of the United States under President Obama: Since you
      won’t have the refineries to get gas for your cars, only President Obama
      will be able to drive around in his big 5 mpg SUV. The rest of the United
      States will have to walk or ride bikes.

      You won’t have any TV as the Space Center in Houston will cut off
      satellite communications. You won’t have any natural gas to heat your
      homes, but since Mr. Obama has predicted global warming, you will not need
      the gas as long as you survive the
      2000 years it will take to get enough heat from Global Warming.


      The People of Texas

      P.S. This is not a threatening letter – just a note to give you something
      to think about!

      1. My heart is smiling! Glad you have the legal right to secede.

        I see it this way for other states. Failure to allow us to secede is akin to slavery and slavery is a violation of the US Constitution.  The red states carve out the entire central core of the US and basically gut it.  We outnumber the federal gov’t and my gut tells me the military will stand with us, particularly since their votes were stripped from them yesterday and in 2008.

          1. Oh yes, we have no financial connection with Barky Boy’s mooslim country.  If they come near our border, we shoot and blow them back when their foot touches our soil.  They are on their own.  No more helping with national disasters like #Sandy.  They need to live, survive and die on their own.  We get to sit back, be prosperous, work, pray to God, carry our bibles and guns.

        1. Oh Hell Yes…..We want all the slackers who WORK and aren’t paying their fair forbid they had a say where their hard work went to like family and loved ones and people who didn’t break the law to come here..people who did it legally are welcome..they escaped a country to come to one that was “different” from the one they left..not bankrupt and socialist but free…

            1. Sorry I had to leave last night..I would be honored… have you …You sound like a treasure to children everywhere..and the rest of U.S…

        1. Too funny well it was sent to me as an email and I didn’t exactly get that part myself..maybe they were paying him back for being blamed for the past four years and now it looks like the next we can do that…

      2. You do certainly make Texas sound attractive! I’ve never met a Texan I didn’t like! Reading about the history of Texas, from the texicans on, is a form of independence I truly admire! Hmmmm– something to seriously consider in light of the latest developments!

        1. To think when I moved here from Colorado as I watched the mountains fade away I cried, I hate the heat at times..but the people make up for it always..and the hill country makes me forget about the mountains..

          1. If I remember right, Charles Lindburgh was from the hill country. A farm kid that did some extraordinary things in his life. From flight to medical procedures ! Routing of international flight lines that still exist to this day. Then there is blood tranfusion techniques that are still used today in combat theaters. Quite a remarkable life of acheivement, if you ask me.

      3. I was planning on retiring in Texas or some other warm Red State in a few years. I just made up my mind for sure. Remember the Alamo!

        1. Too funny , we would love to have you..nurses are special gifts …and just being at this site makes you welcome…

      4. when you have Gov Perry, why do you need Bush to step in as pres…Perry seems rather Texan enough

        PS…I remember seeing a bumper sticker about 5 years ago that I wanted to rip off a car. It said….I am from TEXAS, it just that I ain’t moved there yet!
        Wish I had it now, but thoughts in my head of do’n just that

        1. I agree first I was for Cain, then I was for Gingrich , then I was for Perry, then I was for Santorum..and finally I got on board for Romney..still can’t believe he lost..Perry is fine…

    2. Count me in.

      If this is what the US has now become, a socialist ruin then I no longer recognize it.

      For the first time in my adult life I’m ashamed of my country!

        1. Barky stabbing Hitlary would be a dream scenario! They each are covering for the other, over and over, IMHO! It IS ALL political for these Horses-arses, nothing more.

          1. Too funny I thought the same thing..I mean they were practically holding hands while telling their lies..and Hillary was the one to tell the lie about the movie once in a Public Service Ad for the middle east and once again in front of the fallen’s parents at the memorial..

  34. I’m going to toss something out for discussion. If Levin is reading Scoop or is channelling me, I implore him to take up this discussion. I may even reactivate Twitter and tweet him.

    The central core of the USofA is red. Why don’t the 57,000,000 of us contact Bibi Netanyahu and ask Israel to let us succeed from the US and become provinces (someone from Israel help me out with the proper term) of Israel. We are the best chance of keeping the mooslim in this country for attacking Israel or selling out Israel. Best defense is to be the watchdog of the enemy. Yes it means relocating for some of us but I would.

    Thoughts from the world-wide Scoopers welcome, even if you tell me I’m a bit loopy.

    1. I am beginning today my early retirement plans – I’ve no intention of funding this regime. I can no longer watch the intellectual property I develop handed to the Chinese. I am soon going to start researching states to relocate to, that will fight the federal takeover and ones perhaps even willing to secede. The States are the last stand. NC has gone red – if it stays that way I may stay a while but our constitution prohibits succession.

      Succession is easy to talk about but it is hard to imagine a scenario without an armed conflict.

      So I am with you on the concept but the little research/visits I did years ago looking into Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua, left me with a conviction that they are corrupt and far less free than here. I do not know much about Israel but certainly it has its share of liberals and problems too.

      1. I know we disappointed the crap out of people last night, but come here sDee!! Don’t forget, we were the first state to bring a lawsuit against dear leader care!! My side of the state is still red!!!!

  35. I must say Mitt really grew on me in the last month or so of the campaign, not because I ever thought he was a true conservative, but he was at least an honest man who could start to turn things around. He was certainly better than the communist sitting in the WH.

    That being said, I really got ticked off when he didn’t punch O in the chops over Benghazi and the reduction of our military.

    1. My thoughts exactly.

      I didn’t even know Romney was alive until the first debate. He didnt’ even defend himself from being called a murderer, a tax cheat, and a felon!

      He also refused to even mention Fast and Furious

      And during the last 2 debates he failed to mention that GM”s own CEO said that 7/10 jobs is now outsourced — all while maobama kept calling him an outsourcer!!

      No more wimpy moderates!

      Oh and at least West is fighting against the election fraud…. I think Romney actually won but there was massive fraud in the swing states —but he doesn’t have a pair to fight!

  36. I have a true loyal friend I used to work with, a mid level executive. The kind of friend you only make by going through the fire with them. The nicest guy you could meet. Genuinely friendly to all and could break the ice in any situation. He is also the guy you want sitting on your side of the table. He always, always told us to stay 100% honest and to “take the high road”.

    Whenever we got into a tight spot that was threatening our business, with a competitor, lawyers, HR, internal sniping, kaniving co workers, etc, he held the meeting and everyone felt they could trust him. He had an uncanny sense of people. He’d ask a few questions, listen a lot and quickly identified the leader, the liar, the trouble maker before we even had a clue. He would them proceed to decimate them savagely on the spot in front of everyone.

    Things got fixed real fast and people did not mess much with us.

    1. I’ve known a few like that during my career, but it’s hard to imagine that a conservative could do that on a national scale. Just imagine trying that with only that national media, it’d be ‘liar, liar, liar, liar.. hey cancel my lunch.. liar, liar, liar’

      it can’t work like that, politics is all about not being held accountable, & in the media you lie & fail upwards. In an ideal world, your friend would be president, but in a bureaucracy your friend would be outta there asap.

    2. ya know, this tack that Mark is suggesting is really the only thing to do. There comes a time when too many fouls are committed and a fair fight becomes outright murder. We have come to that threshold. Yes we don’t like some of the tactics but we are being, abused, accused and disrespected for having honest upstanding opinions. To repeat a horrible story that happened in NYC after the storm, check this out. Everyone in the story is so wrong its more sorry than horrible.

      NYC fearless liberal leader decides to gather up city supplied generators from a devastated area of Staten Island a couple of days after the storm. The generators were the only machines supplying power to thousands of storm victims. The workers, police, and victims all knew that the generators were being relocated to the starting line of the planned NYC marathon. Zero resistance on any ones part. Sad no? What have we become that so many people were willing to do the wrong thing? I’m still knocked out by the complete lack of respect the unionized police force and the unionized city workers had for the victims. I’m also still shaking my head that the victims didn’t have the gonads to stand up for themselves. Sure they were probably still in shock and weary from their ordeal but…….

      I’m sick of the wrong thing happening to law abiding people, I’m sick of the intimidation of the government and i’m fed up with the unionized public servants who would be able to keep their jobs if they were caught playing cards or sleeping but didn’t have the balls to tell their superiors to take a flying crap. And I can’t take much more of gov’t. intrusion, bullying, intimidation, fines and taxes.

      I’m sick of losing ground to the perverts liars cheats and hypocrites on the left. Mark, I’m with you. The end will justify the means

  37. He’s right. We are going to have to find people who are willing to do that. I’m tired of this playing nice with evil.

  38. Either Mark Levin has been reading my Scoop posts or we are channeling each other. I posted elsewhere that businesses should shut down, layoff or otherwise reach $0 net profit. $0 net profit results in $0 corporate taxes. Let the evil eat each other for dinner when the teat runs dry.

  39. Mitt was recently ahead of FuBar Ack by 7% to 15%
    (depending how many more DemocRats than Republicans were polled) –
    and prezzy gets 50% (roughly) more votes than Romney? ? ?
    Like Stalin said:
    “”It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”
    And who controls the voting machines, I might say.
    Who? DemocRats.
    Can I say unthinkable?
    A huge fraud possibility???
    A huge fraud possibility.
    A huge fraud.

    1. The voting machines and the physical ballots. Any idea how easy it is to shred or otherwise destroy the absentee or other paper ballots?

  40. There’s a fine line between trying to play fair and being doormats. The GOP “leadership” is nothing but a bunch of sniveling doormats. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way! Get them out and get people in there with backbone and grit! If Allen West manages to win his suit, he’d be the perfect choice. Take no prisoners and take no crap!

  41. I agree with him. First time I though we had a shot was when there was an interview with Sununnu after the Romney’s a felon BS & he said the gloves were off & they were going after Obama. Turns out he was blowing hot air, but he could’ve won had he really done it

  42. The left gets away with this because the media will never expose them in fact they run cover for them even when it is murder like Benghazi. . They will expose, persecute and demonize the right however for even the slightest stray from the high road.

    The low life creeps we need “Alinsky” first, are the media.

  43. I used to think we could win AND stand on our morals, but that seems to be an out dated way of thinking .
    I’m afraid Mark’s right it’s time to fight fire with fire .

  44. Been listening to Mark all night. I admire that we like to stay above the fray in an attempt to be the better party. That has gotten us nowhere. My only diagreement is we only bring this up after a whoopin’. I’ve been a proponent of this approach for many cycles now and regret we only bring it up after we lose. Learn lessons, my friends. Its a different landscape and it will only continue to get less recognizable to us. This is the only way to have any shot of standing in the way of total destruction. I’m convinced there are already things we will never change based on being the pacifist party in political warfare and allowed for this to be imposed on us (where were you registered republicans yesterday?, your country needed you). But, if we hope that there will be something the resembles America after the next four years, we better start take a very different tact. I respect those that respect me and to those that want to impose their will on me, I’m hitting back-the GOP would do themselves well to do the same.

  45. I think yesterday showed that Conservatives need more of ‘an eye for an eye’ than the ‘turn the other cheek.’ I’m glad this Levin clip is up here, I heard him open the show with it. A short take on where we now are and it is a short read.. America is still the last best hope of the world, in spite of yesterday. I believe that in my heart, and I pray I am not wrong.

  46. I woke up at around 1-2a this morning to finally see who had prevailed. For a week I had a calmness that I couldn’t explain to the friends around me. Some of that has been enhanced over the years that many things are out of my control. And when I awoke to find out we had lost, I wasn’t anxious or depressed. I actually am ready to get started back into the fight. I refuse to be a quitter. My country deserves more than that. And those that wear the uniform expect more than that! For the trials and horrors they face in harms way, they deserve to have a nation they fight for fight for them! I’m ready for a fight! I embrace Conservatism with all my heart and soul! And if I live long into the winding sunset, everyone around me will know and understand what TRUE Conservatism means! I’m pissed y’all! And I’m looking for a fight. We have taken a lot of shots to the gut and chin as this nation has battled through generations of freedom fighters. My generation will not be known as the ones who let it all slip away! #*@& NO. Not on my watch!

    I’m sick and tired of the sucker punches from those that hate us and from those within ‘friendly’ circles taken cheap shots. I’ve turned the other cheek for the last time. Now I’m punching back! Screw the niceties! I’m slapping back the hand reaching out to me while the other has its fingers crossed! You wanna play hard ball?

    LET’S DO THIS! Our Forefather’s are crying out; ‘ avenge me. AVENGE ME!!!!!’

    1. Felt the same way. Went to bed planning my strategy if we lost…slept like a baby. Have some trepidation about what horrors they will dump on us, but we’ll take ’em as they come.

      1. Please, even if you’re not Catholic, pray that the Church will be successful in its lawsuits against this wicked administration. If the Catholic Church is leveled, NO faith can survive.

  47. When you have Congressioanal leaders like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor who keep their tails between their legs, they are no match for the leftwing bigots that rule the Congress. I do understand his message, but the GOP leadership are cowards and the demonrats know it.

    1. And it’s time we get in their face about it. Demand they represent us or we will make their lives hell. If they did their job and impeached the moooslim, we wouldn’t have this mess.

  48. The problem is who we have chosen as the face of our party. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Political relics from the 1950s. Rubio as Minority Senate Leader and maybe a female like my Congressional rep Kay Granger as House Leader. See, the Dems put out women like Wasserman-Shultze and that Obama spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter and scream bloody misogyny if they’re attacked by the other side. Rush did not help us with “slut” and Ann Coulter did not help with “retard”. School these reps what to say when “rape” questions sneak in.

  49. …RIGHT ON, MARK, RIGHT ON ,57,000,000 Americans it is time to, JOHN GALT , Obama’s Statist Marxist Policies as in ‘STONEWALLING’ all of his attempts in forwarding his MARXIST AGENDA !”

    P.S. May the G-D of Abraham Bless the U.S.A.

  50. I’m a Christian but if someone kicks me in the nether regions then they had better prepare for a scrap. I’ve been wanting us to fight back that way for years.

    1. I know it sounds crazy like but I’d rather a shooting war begin. I much prefer to die in search of liberty than life in soft tyranny and besides I can take more than a few of them before they’ll get me. The patriots of our country’s founding knew this. they fought hard embattled immense hardships but they persevered eventually. Tyranny is always overbearing no matter how soft it is. It demands more and more control until it smothers all creativity leaving a breathing mass with no direction, no future and no past. Eventually the power of the state must invent scapegoats to deflect it’s failures and this road towards that end can be no different.

      If we are to have liberty we must be willing to give up everything for it’s pursuit even death. What’s it going to be.

      One more thing, the left loves to use the term war in everything they spout but are in fact terrified of it. Why is that? Could it be in their mind, death is the absolute end of existence meaning their isn’t any afterlife, no soul.

      I’m no writer as you can plainly read my ramblings but in my heart, I know this is the only way we can achieve our goal.

    2. I would love to know how many millions of evangelical Christians sat this out because Romney is a Mormon. The number I was told was insane and not worth repeating. If it was true, it could easily explain how we lost.

    1. War. Leftists fight a war. RINOs and kowtowing “moderates” like Romney fought a pillow fight. War is now the order of the day.

      The USA is beset by enemies within and without. Corrupt unions, deluded Tinseltown personalities, Islamic jihadists, China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, the UN, and now our very own leadership. All are working together to obliterate the last bastion of freedom and conservative values here on Earth.

      War, whether cultural, informational, or outright physical for enemies without, is now our calling. Not just for our nation, but for our very survival.

      In the grim darkness of the near future, there is only war.

      1. I grew up a Mormon, like Mitt, and have always been taught one of the prophecies of Joseph Smith, that being:”In the last days, the Constitution will hang by a thread…”, and I never really thought too much more about it anymore than I spent thinking about Revelation: it is relegated to cold storage where I sometimes think on it at odd times. That is until I heard Rush use those same words, verbatim.,it sent chills down my spine, and now must go dig up “History of Joseph Smith” to read the entire quote, or any others he made.
        I don’t bring this up to preach my faith, as that would not be appropriate here. But rather, to ask the questions that plague me. Mitt has access to the same info that I do, taught the same things, etc…why did he just roll over, concede without at least launching an investigation? He KNOWS what is at stake, religion aside.
        It is not possible that Obama can have the six+ weeks he did(as well as the rest of his term), debate the way he did, cover up the things he has, etc… And then win in a landslide! I MAY be able to accept him barely squeaking by, but a landslide? Did ANYONE compare the turnouts Mitt had at his rallies as opposed to Barry? This stinks to no end. Even Barry didn’t think he would win, you could see it(or something) on his face!

        1. I’m not certain about his earlier rallies. A relative attended his last rally and stated there were about 15,000 in attendance. Not sure how he knows that. But, I can say that the President typically draws big crowds. His favorability rating should vouch for that. Regarding the landslide, I believe his base was motivated these last few weeks by the voter suppression tactics.

          1. You are an idiot angel lee! so asking people to produce id is voter suppression? You think its ok for non-citizens to vote. You think its ok for duplicate votes? It it ok for deceased people to be used as votes? I think voter suppression accusations are aimed at angering and rousing the minority base of obama so they get out to vote. Checking id’s is the right thing to do. Black panther party intimidation at polling booths is disgusting. I’m slightly disheartened I am optimistic that 4 more years of Obama will lead to 20 years of Republican stability in 2016. America will wake up when things blow up in their faces. Obama will get his comeuppance we have Benghazi hearings, Republicans should push for impeachment even though they have no senate majority. That will come in 2 years when the mid term elections take place.

              1. Meh, we’re all hurting here. You have every right to warn him, but I can’t really blame John Gem for his outburst.

                The night election results were announced, I was so enraged and sick to my stomach I barely had an appetite for dinner. I would’ve been devouring a damn good chicken sandwich and hot cheetos, but every bite was slow and had a strange tinge of bitterness to it. Didn’t even have dessert.

                Then the night got worse when a relative I dearly love called just to say hello. Thing is, she supported Romney and her arrogant suitor supported Obama. They argued a lot when I was visiting her place several months ago, and I joined in, carefully and politely rebutting the suitor’s arguments with logic and facts.

                But that night, explosive rage got the better of me soon as I answered the phone. I definitely didn’t vent the rage towards her, mind you, but rather that bastard suitor. I told her to keep him as far away from me as possible otherwise he would be cold flesh six feet under, and she knew I meant it. I completely lost it for several minutes.

                Once I hung up the phone and cooled down, I thought ‘Oh man, I ruined myself in her eyes.’ I went to bed that night with a deeply sinking feeling. I haven’t called my dear relative to apologize yet, because I have no idea how she’ll react.

                True story.

                Yeah, it sure as hell wasn’t a good night.

                1. Call her and apologize. I totally understand- I have many liberal family and friends. But you don’t want to have guilt over dear leader- he’s not worth ruining a life long relationship over. 🙂 It wasn’t a good night, but we’ll get through it.

            1. Republicans won’t do any such thing, John. There will be no comeuppance for ovomit and his thugs, I’m very sad to say.
              The right has relinquished all authority to the evil that is the democratic party.
              We’re to be nice and sweet and only use the most flowery terms of surrender.
              There will be no impeachment, the republicans didn’t learn a thing.

          2. yea…it was AMAZING all the voter intimidation the black panthers and others were using, and the violent words and postings by the left. And let’s not forget those bragging on face book about all the multiple times they voted for the prez from place to place….especially in florida and Nevada.

            thanks for reminding us angel

            1. Don’t you really think someone stood in line for 4-6 hours to vote ILLEGALLY. That’s laughable…but who knows. All I DO know is that the rumors of voter suppression prompted a lot of apathetic people to get out and vote and stand in long lines until their vote had been cast.

              Speaking of black panthers…there was one black dude Fox News kept showing. He didn’t appear to be intimidating anyone. Although the mere appearance of a black person is intimidating to some. But that’s just my opinion.

              1. I can’t tell if you are naive or ignorant. Because you list FOXS AS A NEWS outlet I will use their headlines on election day…. Judge in Texas wears obama cap,
                …obama poster inside Philly polling station,
                Houston removes republican observers and replaces with democrat observers, appeals judge orders republicans back in as observers…(by the way the article never clarified if the votes that had been counted were recounted).

                And here locally two democrats down the street from where I live had sign wavers right outside the polling station.
                Troll or ignorant, which are you?

          3. Could you point to any tactics that actually happened and please try to find ones with billy clubs.
            NO? Can’t find any tactics with billy clubs from the right? How about finding tactics that took judges to reinstate REPUBLICAN watchers? NO? Can’t find any?]
            You people are dilusional, I have a better word, but we on the right are forced to use only the kindest of words while you people on the left destroy our country.
            Have a very nice day while you destroy the only place on the planet that allowed freedom to reign in all it’s beauty. I hope you have just the sweetest of lives while so many will suffer under the tyranny of obama and others like him.
            Enjoy each and every day of your life while the rest of us peons suffer in the wake of your evil.

        2. This was a tough day indeed. I could barely drag myself out of bed…but gradually I’ve been gaining strength and going from grieving to being outraged at how we have been played.

          We all feel strongly that something stinks about the way this election played out.

          Mitt was told, and we believed, that he had this election in the bag. I’ve thought about this a lot; and, as you said Daniel, even Barry didn’t think he was going to win this thing (Booking McCormick Place rather than the much larger Grant Park venue) Although Axelrod did seem pretty confident about not shaving his moustache when he spoke with Chris Wallace on Sunday.

          Romney was sold out…by the Republicans…the Rovians to be exact.

          Then I was later reading a couple of my other favorite sites, and the answer is becoming clear, and this is going to infuriate you. They want to install Jeb Bush in 2016!!! NO!!! I listened to some on Fox News today, and wondered why I heard them talking about J.B., and I was thinking, how is he relevant?

          This may well be our cause célèbre in repudiating and severing all ties with the Republican party.

          The election puzzle is just starting to be investigated, as everyone is just dizzy and stunned by the outcome of this election;

          But the article on Jeb Bush was published a month ago @ Lame Cherry;

          This is scary stuff; “who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” My eyes aren’t lying. But it appears that a lot of other people have been lying to us. I don’t mean to sound paranoid, but we must stick together and believe only Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Scoop, the alternative media and a few others.

          Just go ahead and slap me upside the head if I am way off the wall here.

          1. Personally, I really liked Jeb when he was our Governor. He was a great one. That said, I’m sick of him now. Sick of Rove, sick of all the establishment GOP. If Jeb is the pick for the next go, I think most folks will be saying adios to the republican party for good. If they haven’t done so already.

            God Bless you pdxsister.

            1. I sort of know what you mean, from all the way up here in Oregon; Jeb Bush seemed to me like a good Governor; and I really liked George Bush, because no matter the mistakes he made, I always knew that he loved our country; there was no question about his patriotism. But no more Bushes!!! It is ridiculous to even think about this Bush Dynasty. Bush I – Clinton – Bush II – Obama – BUSH again??? They must think we are crazy here.

              I am sick to death of all of that Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, Ed Rollins GOP establishment stuff too. And the thought of them totally manipulating Romney’s campaign just makes me sick. The American people have been defrauded on every side.

              But not only are we awake now to the Dems but also to the Repubs, and I join the discussion of what we must do now, and how we must regroup.

              Anyway, thank the Lord we all got through the last 24+ hours together and we are stronger for it.

              And I echo Sarah Palin’s verse today; 2 Cor. 4:8, “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;”

              Bless you too ABiCfriend.

          2. The lame cherry scenario fits what we see better than others. It fits perfectly Bush2’s embrace of muslim infiltrators and illegals, his disregard for the Constitution, his growth of government and debt, and the mess he left Obama.. It fits what is happening to Allen West. It fits the rule changes at the RNC this year.

            How could Romney have not known? And Sarah? Why is Rush not talking about this?

            I hope you keep following this pdxlady!

        3. It wasn’t Romney’s faith, but his political orientation that made him sit down and wag his tail obediently to the Tyrant once this shameful event was all over.

          Romney is an elitist RINO establishment “moderate” who adores compromise and bipartisanship. As the last four years have shown, you can’t compromise with the band of cunning, power-hungry maniacs that are the Democratic Party. They can only be pummeled until they submit.

          With voter fraud so rampant, it is very likely that many of the Obama votes are complete fakes. And Romney just sat there and accepted. He could have at least demanded a recount, like Allen West is now, or stood firm and relentlessly called out Obama’s minions for the rampant voter fraud they are perpetrating. But no, all he does is lay down and roll over. Pathetic.

          There is still hope in the Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, the Party of Reagan, the Party of Freedom; there really is. However, MAJOR reforms are crucial to its survival! The reality is that the current leadership must be more combative and aggressive or become extinct in the face of Obama’s power. If they won’t step up, then they’ll be replaced with people that will. People like Allen West and Michele Bachmann have already set the standard.

          For God and (what remains of) Country, Ever We Fight On.

          1. Re your last paragraph, normal, this is excerpted from Daniel Greenfield’s blog today, an interesting article:

            “The Republican establishment had its shot, twice. It put up moderate non-objectionable candidates. And it lost. It has no policies, beyond keeping the system going, and it has no ideas and no agenda, besides winning. It is a decadent political class fused with an even more decadent pundit class that views elections like these as a game, not as a life-and-death matter. It makes up lies and tells them to its base and hopes that the base will then forgive and forget being lied to and used one more time.”

            Truer than ever right now. The rest is here:

        4. I was screaming those same comments about the crowd in my mind last night too. There was massive accounts of fraud and abuse with the voter issues. The crowd sizes of Mitt’s were up to 35,000 in some places and obamaa was wayyyyyyyyy less, yet this electoral unbalance?????????? Smell’n someth’n offal and it ain’t fish……..

          the word cheat come to anybody else’s mind?

          just say’n

          1. Somewhere earlier, I was wondering about Mia Love, who was way ahead by doubles. Then, her opponent “pulls” ahead and wins?

    2. I agree with Mark 100% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m tired of being a gentleman attacked by violent, ignorant swine !!!!

    3. amen to fight chicago thugs you PLAY TO WIN
      doesn’t have to be as dirty as they play but you can’t turn the other cheek
      what a pathetic mess the GOP is…………and I am so disappointed in the tea party congressional people
      we are in so much trouble…obama can affect the supreme court for 50 years
      plus obamacare nightmare
      God help us

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