Mark Levin: Mr. President, we’re coming for you!

If you guys know me, you know I love it when Levin hits the pavement with the pedal to the floor going full throttle. Levin takes on Obama’s version of free speech that says some can spend on elections and some can’t, which can be summed up as those who agree with him and those who don’t. Obama has been criticizing the Chamber of Commerce using unfounded accusations that he is unwilling to try and prove, and Levin has had enough. And boy does he comes out swinging. I love it!


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5 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Mr. President, we’re coming for you!

  1. Mark Levin, you’re my hero! I, too, am sick and tired of the “JERKS” running this country into the ground. They should be fearing the avalanche’!

  2. Levin: I love the passon; it rips through my computer speakers like a jet on takeoff !!! YOU are an American Patriot, sir….

  3. This is so satisfying because there are so many people right now that would just love to go on air with millions of listeners to go on a rant and call the annoying lefties jerks and call out them out, this is Bull Spit and on and on. Good Job, Levin.

  4. In capturing the presidency, Obama, 47, became the first major-party nominee to reject federal funding for the general election. He spent $740.6 million, eclipsing the combined $646.7 million that Republican President George W. Bush and Democratic nominee John Kerry spent four years earlier. Obama accounted for 44 percent of the money spent by the 2008 candidates.

    He should have to show where every cent came from.

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