Mark Levin: My Buddy, Griffen Levin

A message from Mark Levin regarding his buddy Griffen:

There is less joy in the world today. It’s with great sadness I tell you that Griffen Levin passed away at 1:30 PM today. He stopped eating and drinking the past two days and we could not let him starve. We are mourning now but I wanted to let you all know as you’ve been so kind. If you want to learn more about Griffen, turn to the last chapter of Rescuing Sprite. He was a wonderful little boy, a buddy, a bundle of life and joy. Yet, he was neglected much of his life, until we adopted him almost 4 years ago (February 2007). But in the end, his body broke down. I pray to God he is at peace. We will miss him terribly. Your family loves and adores you, Griffey. šŸ™

God bless you all. Mark

On November 30, Mark played the famous poem written and read by Jimmy Stewart about his dog Beu, and then proceeded to tell the story of how he came to know Griffen four years ago and what life has been like for the two of them since, and even now with Griffen’s cancer. It was very compelling and it really gives us insight into Mark’s relationship with his little dog Griffen. If you’re like me you will probably shed a tear, or maybe even a few tears while listening to it, but it’s the best way remember Griffen, through his owner’s own words.

May God comfort you in your grief Mark. You are in our thoughts and prayers my friend.


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11 thoughts on “Mark Levin: My Buddy, Griffen Levin

  1. There is no truer love than that we have for our beloved animal companions. God Bless you, Mr. Levin, for caring about this little dog and giving him happiness in his last years. I am so terribly sorry for your pain today.

  2. Losing a beloved pet feels just like losing a “human” family member. You never forget them. They look to us for all life has to offer them, and we give back to them what they give to us, Love. Are there dogs in Heaven? You bet there are!

  3. Hey, RS, would you mind doing me a favor? The link to the Beau clip. Would you mind too much changing that from “infamous” to “famous”?

    It’s just that the word infamous has a very negative meaning. I’m sure you didn’t mean it that way. Famous. Poignant. Moving. Touching. There are so many other words that fit better.

  4. Mark, you and your family gave Griff the best life he could have after suffering a terrible beginning. I hope this thought gives you peace. I am glad you have 2 weeks away from having to speak about it. Although most of your listeners are virtual strangers to you, you have linked us all together, not only by love of liberty, but also by love of those helpless creatures that give us unconditional love. May God’s helaing blessing reach you and yours.


    A friend in Minnesota

  5. Oh Mark we are so sad that you lost your buddy! We have 4 beloved dogs and 2 years ago we lost Codie and we still miss him.

  6. My family has been there, it’s a difficult decision but knowing that your loved pet is no longer suffering brings comfort. We treasure pictures and memories as will Mark. Be at peace with your decision.

  7. my sympathies to the Levin’s. I have to make a decision soon on my Tripp, he is failing. my heart is breaking now, the first dog i have had from puppy through old age. i feel for those whom have lost beloved pets.

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