Mark Levin: Obama has unleashed his wrath in the form of unnecessary furloughs of air traffic controllers

Mark Levin explains tonight, via the WSJ, the fraud that is the furloughs of the air traffic controllers, saying that Obama is doing this intentionally to the American people while it is absolutely unnecessary:

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71 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Obama has unleashed his wrath in the form of unnecessary furloughs of air traffic controllers

  1. For what it’s worth, and I have nothing to go on besides Mark’s comments and my brain but I think the FAA sequester solution that will be proposed is to raise the tax assessed to each ticket purchase.  Barky Boy gets more tax revenue because he gets to spend the non-ticket portion on something besides the FAA, the Senate and House can pass it as a service fee.

  2. Hey Right Scoop do you have a copy of the pilot that called his show the other day that complained about how they were being lied to by the air traffic controllers about weather conditions ?

  3. @Olivia. I am replying to you here because it just keeps twirling when I replied to you.
    My reply to your, “What if Mao and Hitler are on the ballot should we vote for one of them?”
    Olivia,Mao wasn’t on the ballot against Hitler…someone else was..and had they voted for him instead of Hitler…well I’m guessing that thing known as the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened.
    I always vote for the most conservative during the primaries and then the lesser of two evils during the general. Again, it’s always the lesser of two evils if Jesus is not on the ballot.
    Romney was no Mao or Hitler…Obama wants to be.
    Get the difference?? God does.

    1. Keyes Well said my friend, well said!  We have Barky Boy destroying our country, people are dying because people refused to vote for Mitt, along with the voter fraud. I think if those that pouted actually voted, Mitt would have won.

    2. Keyes I see your point but disagree with you. I see the voters playing into the hands of the ruling elite who pretend there are two parties when the truth is that both parties vote to achieve the same ends. I’m tired of being played. The GOP is worse than the Democrats because at least with the latter you know they intend to destroy us; the Republicans present themselves to us as OPPOSITION to the progressive agenda during campaign season, and then swiftly get in line with the statist project once elected. I’m not supporting that anymore.

      1. Keyes And make no mistake. The GOP strategists know that the base is replete with people who think like you do; they have ZERO pressure to move to the center-right in the types of candidates they put forward for us to choose among. If Hillary were a Republican, I can almost even see them foisting her on us, so assured are they that the Republican faithful will pull the lever on the lesser of two evils. We have two avenues to increase our leverage, only two: a third party challenge or a convincing threat of staying home from the polling place. They are thinking right now that they can replace us with Mexicans. Shows you how stupid they really are. There are 15million or more of us; the most they’ll get if — God forbid — this amnesty goes through, is 3 million. The party is history if it doesn’t move right. But if they listen to your reasoning, they have — again — zero pressure to move right, zero, because it doesn’t matter what they do, people who think like you will still vote for them. I won’t.

        1. OliviaHT Keyes 
          Nonsense. I always vote for the most conservative during the primary and I actually meet with the candidates whenever I get a chance and talk to them and try to change their minds on things if I think they are wrong.
          Sitting at home does no good except assure that communists win the election.
          Olivia, do you meet with the candidates and try to influence them? Or do you really think sitting at home during the election sends them a message?

  4. And don’t think for a moment this is not eating into the airlines’ bottom line. My family works in the industry, and the airlines are taking a real beating. I pray to God He deliver us from this evil ruler — for surely he has usurped power that does not belong to him and is intent on inflicting as much misery on the country as he can.

    1. OliviaHT What’s interesting is that airlines are filled with unionbots that pay dues to the unions that support Barky Boy.  When businesses have net losses, they don’t pay federal and state income taxes.  When people stop flying, the revenues decreases, less taxes, if any are paid to the gov’t.  Less people flying, less services purchased by the airlines (beverages, alcohol) thus less revenues for those companies and less taxes they pay.  And on and on down to the manufacturers.  In the end Barky is shooting himself in the foot.

      1. Orangeone OliviaHT Contracting economy. Desperate people. Barky better watch out; as they say, be careful what you wish for (or take action to achieve).

  5. Obama is just Hitler enough to hope for a crash so he can blame the Republicans.  This man is straight up evil

  6. Why aren’t the republicans pointing this out?  They are too busy french kissing the democrats over their precious immigration bill that will further destroy the middle class.

    1. rick2340 
      The Shark Tank has an article posted today that says in that amnesty bill the military might be put on the Dept of Homeland Security. POOF…Obama’s “national security force”.

      1. Keyes rick2340 uh Keyes, when you finish the one I just left you below, you can read my Amnesty story next 😉  it was posted yesterday lol.  I hate spamming myself, but no one will know otherwise if I don’t.

  7. As they say – “Never let a crisis go to waste”
    Mark is as always  – correct – 
    BUT he is thinking reasonably and trying to  reason with the psycho POTUS
    This can’t be done -Hopefully some  Citizens are starting to realize what a nut-job ZERO is
    I say Zero should squeeze the people harder and harder – They are not that stupid

    1. YoJoe They’re not?
      Hmm, could have fooled me when they voted for him AGAIN in 2012! 
      Wasn’t 2008-2011 bad enough? Guess not…

      1. SilentTexan YoJoe Sorry when the GOP runs an ultra liberal that is not a choice.
        I did not vote for Evil Mitt or Evil Obama.  Will never again vote for the lesser of evils.

        1. steveangll77 SilentTexan YoJoe 
          That’s the problem, – we are running out of choices 
          Whittle/ Levin is my ticket of choice

        2. steveangll77 SilentTexan YoJoe 
          Ah, you should read the book, “Political Christianity: A Call to Action”…it points out that every election is a choice between the lesser of two evils…..unless Jesus is on the ballot.
          Never forget that. And never stay home because you think our candidate isn’t good enough. Mitt was not who I wanted, but he also didn’t hate America and whites. Never stay home on election day.

        3. Keyes steveangll77 SilentTexan YoJoe IMHO Obama was a safer choice of the two.  IMHO Mitt would have destroyed the GOP had he won.
          Mitt pro choice in Mass
          Mitt pro abortion in Mass.
          Mitt pro Obama Care 
          No reason to vote for Mitt.

        4. steveangll77 Keyes SilentTexan YoJoe 
          Destroyed the GOP?? What GOP do we have now?
          O is destroying the country. Mitt would have allowed the Keystone pipeline and again, he doesn’t want us dead and he wouldn’t have gutted our militray.

        5. Keyes steveangll77 SilentTexan YoJoe This is utter nonsense. What, we’re supposed to choose between Mao and Hitler if they’re the only two on the ballot? This is absurd, born of understandable frustration — but absurd nonetheless.

        6. AmericanborninCanada YoJoe steveangll77 SilentTexan West won’t get elected sis.  Still like him for Sec Defense.  Cruz needs to be top billing!  I guess Rand shot himself in the foot (where are those darn gun police) a couple of days ago with a drone strike comment.

        7. steveangll77 Keyes SilentTexan YoJoe I hope you are enjoying what Obama is doing to America.

      2. SilentTexan
        The “election” was a fraud – Unfortunately we are stuck with him until the people have had enough 
        This whole mess can turn on a dime – depending on the MSM—
        Since the election – with all the broken promises and lies 
        I think there is buyers remorse and the peoples will support his removal – I hope

        1. AmericanborninCanada YoJoe SilentTexan 
          The KOCH Brothers are trying to buy papers to swing them to the Right
          It might just be enough 
          They have the cash and the brains

        2. Keyes YoJoe AmericanborninCanada SilentTexan 
          I doubt you have to – They are worth well over 100 Billion and despise Obama

        3. YoJoe Keyes AmericanborninCanada SilentTexan 
          LOL……guess they are doing fine and dandy without me!  Knew they were rich, but that’s some serious cash!!
          How much is Soros worth?

        4. YoJoe Keyes AmericanborninCanada SilentTexan 
          Yeah, I knew he made it the dirty way and he wants to take it away from us.
          Glad the Koch brothers have more money! Ha! Ha!

        5. YoJoe SilentTexan If the illegals get their “legalization” they will vote, legally or not, and Barky Boy will be in the WH indefinitely.

        6. Keyes YoJoe AmericanborninCanada SilentTexan I tweeted them and asked them to take the company purchasing the newspapers public so we can all invest!  Capitalism, I just love it.

        7. YoJoe SilentTexan You are so right it was a complete fraud.  Mitt’s son said Obama was great in the early nomination process.  Then Mitt proved he could clean Obama’s clock in the first debate but then blew the next two.  Sorry but I believe he blew them on purpose to lose the election.  His other son said Mitt never wanted to be President.  Guess he just wanted Obama to win reelection.  By the end of it it seemed that he had almost all the same positions as Obama.
          So yes fraud just Mitt was the fraud.
          But of course there was massive voting fraud nationwide also.

        8. Yeah, well, Mitt ain’t Bill Ayers best bud, is he?
          His daddy didn’t hate America and everything she stands for, did he?
          Mitt wouldn’t have filled DC up with muzzie terrorists, would he?
          If you think Mitt is equivalent to obama you need to rethink, or start thinking period, at some point. Of course, thanks to people like you, we will very likely lose the country entirely and if we don’t then there will be millions dead by the time the smoke clears. Thanks a million, genius.

  8. This is the govt and the unions working hand in hand to stick it to the rest of us. Obama is mean spirited, petulant and acts like a spoiled child who has not gotten their way.

  9. More dysfunctional.  Why not.  We couldn’t take that money that it’s costing for dear leader’s plane rides all over the country every other day to pay for this. That wouldn’t be prudent (in my best GHW Bush voice)

    1. AmericanborninCanada 
      Let’s not forget the 127 million or more money he’s sending to al qaeda in Syria!

        1. AmericanborninCanada Keyes 
          Isn’t it something we have money for terrorists, but not for air traffic controllers? This should be hammered by the lamestream media.

        2. AmericanborninCanada Keyes 
          Yes, very alarming. I wish every American knew that, but most don’t.

        3. Keyes AmericanborninCanada I know.  I just had my article come out today w/ the Blue Angel and Air Force, and saw the story about Fleet Week being cancelled about an hour after. >:-(

        4. Oh, I don’t know. I don’t think what we know about is more than the tip of an iceberg, and the iceberg is dead ahead.

      1. therightscoop KarlRogue 
        Did he mention MY name because I rattle the cage a little- 
        I doubt it 
        BUT I do hope he reads TRS

      2. therightscoop KarlRogue Maybe some day I’ll get famous enough and your traffic will jump some when I link you in my articles Scoop. But for now, you couldn’t get a shout out by a better guy! Congrats. I love it when he does that for you 🙂

        1. AmericanborninCanada therightscoop KarlRogue Why aren’t we having callers from the rightscoop call on Mark’s show? Get on the line, plug your username and this awesome blog, and VIOLA! Instant famous!! 😀
          And a clip of the recording for proof’s and archives sake 😉

        2. SilentTexan AmericanborninCanada therightscoop KarlRogue Don’t think I’ve never tried Tex! Both Levin and Rush- thought I was gonna have  a heart attack once when I finally got through on Rush, but Snerdly wasnt’ in that day and whoever was filling in, hung up on me dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. AmericanborninCanada SilentTexan therightscoop KarlRogue You almost got through to Rush?? 0_0
          That would have been so cool to hear you on the radio, I’d be like, “I know her,I know her!” to my friends who would look at me weird (more than usual of course 😉

        4. AmericanborninCanada SilentTexan therightscoop KarlRogue 
          No you wouldn’t have. You would have been great!

        5. AmericanborninCanada SilentTexan therightscoop KarlRogue
          I tried to reply to you down below, but it just keeps twirling!
          I said that you would have been great talking because what comes out your fingers is coming from your mind.

        6. SilentTexan AmericanborninCanada therightscoop KarlRogue And a knock on the door by ever fed agency Obama wants to sick on us 🙂

      3. therightscoop Mark has mentioned you quite a bit. he’s a fan as he should be. keep up the good work please

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