Mark Levin: Obama quotes Saul Alinsky in the Middle East – what the hell is he doing there?

Mark Levin points out, as he says Aaron Klein also noted today, that in Obama’s speech in Jerusalem today he quoted Saul Alinsky to his Israeli college audience, encouraging them to create the change they want to see and basically do and end-run around their leadership to make peace.

But Mark Levin wonders, rhetorically of course, why Obama doesn’t quote James Madison in the Middle East, or Edmund Burke, or Moses or even Jesus? No, he choose to quotes Saul Alinsky. Mark Levin asks “what the hell is he doing there?”

Listen to the full clip:

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107 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Obama quotes Saul Alinsky in the Middle East – what the hell is he doing there?

  1. gotta love American’s …wasn’t Saul’s initial tasks helping low income people with their housing and giving them them the knowledge to take on the authorities? Whats your problem I thought America gave everyone ago or is it just Wall Street Bankers

      1. PrincessFanta Godisright Opportunity and handouts at the expense of those who fostered the opportunity are 2 different things. Would you not agree?

    1. PrincessFanta No!  His initial task was to destroy the foundations of freedom – he just used people like all commies do (including Obama).  The early commies called the folks “useful idiots.”

      1. PrincessFanta   Where do you live?  Are you an American?  This nation has provided more liberty and more prosperity for more people than any nation in the world.  Those who are in “poverty” in America have a much higher standard of living than those in other countries… some enjoy owing cars and homes, air conditioning, cable television and Internet access.  You would be surprised.  It has recently been revealed that a single mother earning $29,000 per year qualifies for the equivalence of $80,000 per year in welfare benefits, which is more than twice what I earn and I raised a son for ten years without any child support or public assistance!  We have one of the best medical systems in the world and Medicaid is available to those who can’t afford insurance and nobody is turned away from our hospitals.  So, I guess if you don’t mind socialism, government rationing, and being a slave to the state so that the nanny state can control your life and make all your decisions for you, then the national heritage of this country with hard work and self-reliance, and personal sovereignty and liberty don’t mean that much to you… but many Americans take great pride in our independence and self-reliance and we have enjoyed the liberty we have had which is rapidly eroding.  America is the land of opportunity.  Our goal is to provide equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.  There is always income disparity in every system and there always will be.  You have to discount historical fact and human nature to believe we can create a utopia. The idea arose in ancient times but it was not until the 20th Century that anyone was dumb enough to try it.   We “wasted” trillions of dollars in Iraq trying to create a safer world and liberating the Iraqi people from the tyranny of Saddam and his sons…. just as we liberated Europe in two world wars.  We didn’t keep our money home then either, and we have brave Americans buried in cemeteries all over Europe to prove it!  So, perhaps you should spread a wider net when you listen to news media and try to become informed because the liberal media censors and spins everything to suit their own ideology.  I was divorced after 17 years with an alcoholic husband – I had $300, no job and no home, and an 11 year old son to support…. and I had never earned more than $9 per hour in my life.  I was able to find a job and work hard to provide for my son without any welfare or public assistance.  I doubled my income in five years and I did it right here in America….  because if you are willing to work hard, you can make it here — at least you could until Obama took a recession and made it worse, destroying our private sector and killing jobs with everything he does.  Maggie Thatcher said that socialism is great until you run out of everybody else’s money.  Europe is learning that lesson the hard way right now… and many Americans do not want to follow  the way Obama is leading us, right over the same cliff!
        Saul Alinsky was a communist, and so is everyone who shares his philosophy.
        Communism creates a wealthy elite and everyone else is equal in their misery.
        Any American who is willing to surrender our liberty to become a serf to a controlling government is out of their mind.  We are the only nation in history where the government was designed to serve the people and not the other way around.  The progressives and statists in America are destroying our republic and by the time they realize what a mistake they have made it will be too late.

      2. PrincessFanta I won’t lecture you about commies – you seem to have the party line down pat.

      3. PrincessFanta   By the way, we don’t trust the United Nations.  It has become a corrupt body that is a mouthpiece for tyrants and dictators and many Americans would like to withdraw from that body and ask them to remove their headquarters from New York.  All you have to do is look at the Islamists who end up on committees for human rights and the rights of women to see what a farce the Useless Nations has become!

    2. PrincessFanta   I can’t locate your comment about your son visiting NY and the contrast between the homeless and Trump Towers.  Well, I have news for you.  It was the LIBERAL ACLU that forced Reagan to close the mental hospitals that housed much of our homeless population and put them out onto the streets.  They said it was a violation of their civil rights to have them hospitalized.  And the current government had made it more difficult for the charities that were helping the homeless.  Mayor Bloomberg (liberal) has even made it illegal for the charities and volunteers to feed the homeless out in the streets because they did not have the nutritional facts regarding salt and fat content of the food they were giving out (as if the homeless people were concerned about that and did not just want to eat!).  So, perhaps before you judge everything from whatever paradise you live in, you should know the facts of the matter and who is to blame.  NO place is a paradise.  There will always be rich and poor, strong and weak, because it is human nature.  But at least in America we were free to live our lives as we choose and benefit from the fruits of our own labor with a government that was created to serve us and not the other way around.  And of course, Obama and his cronies are trying to change all that and they are so corrupt, they may succeed.  The only capitalism Obama likes is crony capitalism and he supports the big wealthy corporations and Wall Street that give him money and support him politically, as most of them do.  He worked closely with Jeffrey Immelt who heads up GE and GE, despite their massive profits, pay NO income taxes…  Obama has no problem with that.  Wall Street, big Pharma (who will profit from Obamacare), Apple, Google, Microsoft… they are all in Obama’s pocket and in his corner politically while he pretends to be for the little guy.  Blacks and minorities have suffered greatly under Obama and he has done nothing to improve employment – he is creating a permanent underclass and putting more and more people on welfare and food stamps than ever before in this country.  He is even advertising our food stamp program in Mexico!  Before 2008 he said that welfare was a winning coalition and the Democrats don’t care about people, just power.  We have no objection to providing for the most vulnerable in our society who need help – we do object to people being paid to do nothing when they are capable of working.  That is going in the wrong direction and the Obama administration is increasing the welfare state intentionally because he wants people dependent on government to give the government more power over our lives.  Those of you in  Europe or elsewhere might not object to that – but we Americans have a very different national culture and view.  We expect our Constitution to be respected, and our rights and liberty to be preserved.

      1. DeborahClemence PrincessFanta I just wanted to let you know that I like to hear “American” spoken.  Thanks!

      2. DeborahClemence PrincessFanta    Deborah, you are a true traditional American.  God bless you.

  2. I have always known that Obama liked Saul Alinsky as does Hillary Clinton. Have gotten into some big exchanges with liberals in article comment areas. They all belittled the suggestion that Obama liked Alinsky. This is PROOF.
    What many people don’t realize is that Saul Alinksy was a Chicago-style communist. WTF does that say about OBAMA and Clinton.
    I hope someone points out Hillary’s fondness for Alinsky when she runs for president. She did her master’s thesis on Alinsky.

    1. Donzapper Hillary is more dangerous than Obama because she is a whole lot smarter than he is.

    2. Donzapper The kool aid crowd has purposefully closed their eyes to reality.  And their only defense is to call those who see reality “conspiracy nuts.”  Name calling is a poor defense.
      Dear Leader taught “Rules for Radicals.”  His role as a “community organizer” is better understood as a socialist rabble rouser. 
      Check out Hillary’s thesis (perhaps for her master’s) – it was on Saul Alinsky.
      All of these people are progressives, and they swim in the same pond as socialists and communists – the spring issuing these common ideologies is marxism.

  3. It amuses me to read the “New Comments Policy” about what is acceptable to post as comments, and the request to be respectful of others and not to engage in personal attacks, then read below the comments about Obama which are rife with insults, name calling, even threats from a lovely poster going as Godisright, and I quote: “Can’t Israel just take him away? They could figure something out – not like they won’t have any more enemies than they already have. I even think they would see an uptick in American sentiment for the great State of Israel.” It seems that the good folks are, as the English say, “taking the piss”when they ask for decorum and then allow these vile things to be posted.

    1. reitde63 You can say your peace. But when it comes down to defining the word vile, I think Obama has done very well, thank you. When an American President lies through his teeth to us and apologizes to the world on behalf of our nation, attends an America – hating church for years, is joined at the hip by communist sympathizers, befriends terrorists, sends military equipment to enemies of our allies…. I would say that he has reached a point of traitorous behavior. The parents of the marine killed in Benghazi talked plainly about Obama’s responsibility in the murder of their son. Standing down was the response. As much damage as Osama did while he was alive, we knew he was a threat because he told the truth about what he thought – no deciphering needed. I’m disgusted with the anti-American agenda that Obama has delivered to us and the rest of the world. My heart goes out to that Marine’s family – to receive such disrespect from a Commander-in-Chief of the greatest nation in the world, should disgust all of us.

      1. Godisright reitde63   Obama should have been impeached way before Benghazi… but with the liberal media in his pocket and Harry Reid controlling the Senate it will never happen.  
        He is a national disgrace and if he were properly vetted he never would have been allowed on the ballot in 2008.  This has to be the biggest fraud that has ever been committed against the American people.  He is a Marxist at the least, and a Manchurian Candidate at the worst.

        The damage he is inflicting is immeasurable and we will be paying the price for years after he leaves office, and the inexcusably weak and compliant GOP establishment is a pathetic excuse for leadership in the face of the threat this man and his cronies present to this nation.

        There are a few courageous conservative voices crying in the wilderness, but the nation is divided and until we can find a way to circumvent the liberal media and get the truth out to the people who are not drones and can still think…there is little hope for the kind of change we need.

        1. DeborahClemence Godisright reitde63 What I said of so-named Godisright is thus: how dare you justify the aggressive call for assassination of a sitting American president? What I heard back is no acknowledgement of his own felonious wishes (because it is a crime to call for the murder of the president) but drivel about Obama’s alleged crimes. It’s one thing to be conservative or Republican. I’ve never in my life seen such ridiculous accusations, from birth certificate to Benghazi, of any president. And no acknowledgement from any of you sad people that calling for murder of a president is out  of line. Bush with all his crimes was never treated like this. What a bunch of freaks you all are.

        2. reitde63 DeborahClemence Godisright Interesting how you wrote that with zero sense of irony.  Calling Bush a criminal, and then having the temerity to claim he was never treated “like this” (whatever image of “this” you have in your mind we’ll never know).
          For all of Barack’s constant stream of verified lies, and for the lives he’s wasted in Afghanistan, and for the massive effort to liberate two nations that he threw away (which means all of the lives lost there were also wasted), and for his loss of Egypt and Libya to the Muslim Brotherhood, and for the Benghazi deaths he is directly responsible for, he has never been treated as badly here, nor anywhere else among people on the right as George W. Bush was by the left.
          You are possibly ignorant of the movies they made about assassinating Bush.  You are possibly too young to recall all the “decapitate Bush” protest signs, effigies, and banners carried here, in the US.  You should educate yourself. Where’s anything similar been done regarding Barack Obama on our shores?  Nowhere.

          Your uninformed drivel will be left here, along with this reply, as a monument to your ignorance.
          You, however, are done here.

        3. reitde63 DeborahClemence Godisright 
          Read into it however you would like -just shows your true colors.  Why don’t you apply for the position of Ambassador to Libya. Sounds like you would get along quite well with the people who assassinated our Ambassador. I thought you were one of Obama’s hypnotic followers.

        4. reitde63 DeborahClemence Godisright 
          I guess you don’t remember the movie made about the assassination of George W. Bush while he was in office?  And all the insults and denigrations said about him.  His personal history was gone over with a fine tooth comb, while Obama’s records have been sealed, which is unprecedented.  We don’t even know who this man is, and he was never properly vetted, which is why there has been so much speculation.  Why is everything sealed if he has nothing to hide?  Nobody is really calling for the murder of  Obama – they are speaking out of desperation because his “fundamental transformation” of this country is eroding our rights and freedoms and destroying our constitutional republic, and if you don’t see that it is because the media outlets you trust are censoring the news. You ought to cast a wider net.

        5. reitde63 DeborahClemence Godisright   You made this comment:  Godisright reitde63 How about Bush’s lies of “weapons of mass destruction” that led us into Iraq and all the deaths of American soldiers? What about that, you hypocrite? You want to talk about deliberate falsehoods to the American people? Start with Bush and Cheney. And if you had any courage you’d identify yourself by name as someone calling for the assassination of a sitting president.  
          I can’t locate it to reply so I will reply here.  Clearly you have not been paying attention.  One of Saddam’s top officials recently admitted that the WMD were trucked into Syria before our troops arrived, and we had spotted those trucks by satellite.  Just where do you think the Syrians got the chemical weapons that everyone is talking about right now?  Get over Bush and Cheney. They never lied to the American people the way Obama lies.  He lies every time he opens his mouth, but the liberal media protects him so you don’t hear about it.  Fast and Furious took place two years before the liberal media was forced to report on it and they still brushed it under the rug, just as they have with Benghazi and both of these scandals and coverups are worse than Watergate because nobody died due to Watergate.  Hundreds of Mexicans and Brian Terry have died because the Obama administration decided to run 200 advanced weapons into Mexico to create a crisis that would enable them to restrict guns in America.  It backfired and they had to wait for Sandy Hook to make their move.  Four Americans died in Benghazi because Obama refused to give our military permission to cross international borders to rescue them.  And while the attack was going on, he went to bed because he had a campaign fundraiser in Vegas the next day.  How would you feel if those were your sons?  Nixon was forced to resign and people went to prison for much less – but the liberal media went after Nixon and covered that story as they turn a blind eye to everything Obama does that might reflect badly on him.  As I said, you need to spread your net a bit further to gather information and become informed because you are living in a bubble of liberal ideology that ignores the facts.

  4. Dear Leader’s “moral center” was revealed, not only in his quotes of the commie Alinsky, but in his speech to the Palestinians as he stood under the image of Yassar Arafat.  He is at home among fascist subversives and revolutionaries.

    1. PaulLeslie This is an absolute outrage.  He has revealed his true loyalties as he hides the crucifix behind him.

  5. As an Alinskyite ‘community organizer’ – Obama- won the hearts of the ‘non thinking – acorn types’ – and gained the attention of the ‘One World Soros camp !
    Bigger budgets – better writers – and the communist crowd gets more of the ‘non thinking – not so bright’s’ – most of the Democrat’s – plus an Islamic contingency that can be readily stirred into seasonal Brotherhood events around the world .
    And what is there to say about being an ‘Infidel’ other than ‘I don’t like it’ – and the less people from the ‘dark ages’ that are around me – the better I like it!
    Most of these twits you can’t reason with – so stop trying !
    And what ever you do – ‘Don’t step on Moha’s pig!”

  6. If I were Jewish, I would be barffing. His “sincerity” at the Holocaust Memorial was an absolute stone cold, got -that -over-with, event. Can’t Israel just take him away? They could figure something out – not like they won’t have any more enemies than they already have. I even think they would see an uptick in American sentiment for the great State of Israel.

    1. Godisright I don’t like what Obama did or said in Israel.  But I like even less what I think you are suggesting.

  7. What is he doing there? Proselytizing – for the Church of BO.
    He’s an arrogant, self-serving, Ahole.

  8. The audiences that the obmeassiah spoke to in Israel were handpicked from the most radical elements.  Those most friendly to Obama.  Generally NGO’s or other arab terrorist friendly organizations funded by European antisemites and probably even by US tax $$$$$$$.  They even went out of their way to snub out anyone from the university in Ariel – because its in Judea/Samaria, the land liberated way back in 1967.
    Many of the universities in Israel that provided the obamessiah’s attendees have communist indoctrinators masquerading as professors.  No doubt they had a hand in selecting the obamessiah’s audience.

  9. Do an “end-run” around the leaders? Sure, and that worked out so “well” in Egypt. That’s exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood did, use the young people as useful idiots to achieve their goal of taking over Egypt, an objective of theirs for decades. And do you think the Muslim Brotherhood will EVER willingly give up power? Never, now that they have it. That’s exactly what Hitler and the Nazis did, use elections to get power and then keep it once they had it. The cure to that is to quote Washington and Adams, NOT Alinsky, who follows the tactics of Hitler and Stalin.

  10. May Obama be Damned.  GOD is going to catch up with the idiot Obama one day and it will not be pretty.  HE is purposely destroying this wonderful country.

    1. poptoy1949 I want to call him an idiot too, but he wants to kill us. If he didn’t want to, but was, I would call him an idiot.

    1. njmom I couldn’t agree more.
      Israel knows Obama hates Israel almost as much as America. Israel is “in his way” to “world peace” (meaning Muslims and socialists rule the world). They KNOW this. He should have been refused… not allowed to visit. He’s just trying to check off a box and pretend to be reaching out. But he can barely keep his mask on, even while there as to his true intent. He’s a monster – a liar, a deceiver.

      1. The Sentinel  njmom You’re right.  He’s such a conniver, telling people things they want to hear, that sound like common sense, but that he does not mean at all.  It’s the usual message of speaking and then doing nothing.  This time, he hopes a ‘peace’ can be reached and Israel gives up territory to make it easier and closer for her enemies to conquer their nation.  Israel may even lose Jerusalem, for a time, but eventually,  7 year tribulation will begin, with a peace agreement, and the  and the countdown to the end times will be realized,  That means the return of Jesus Christ, to save the world from its own annihilation, as He sees 200 million soldiers surround Israel. Traditional Catholics believe there will be a Pope who, along with all the Bishops of the world, will specifically consecrate Russia to the heart of Mary, mother of Jesus, and there will be a conversion of Russia, and “peace for a time”.  That would mean some time would pass before the tribulation would begin.  Hopefully, Obama will be gone by then.

        1. DeborahClemence The Sentinel  njmom Thanks, Deborah;  I feel a lot better now, knowing a few students aren’t the representatives of all of Israel.

        2. DeborahClemence The Sentinel  njmom 
          Dear Leader has never let an opportunity go by to show his disrespect for Israel and it’s leaders.  It is nice to see that the Israelis are observant and haven’t tasted the kool aid so many in our country have.

        3. DeborahClemence The Sentinel  njmom Interesting article. Thank you.
          Obama can check his box off now… he “reached out” (read: meddled with and further  insulted) Israel. He’s so compassionate. And he’s the king of liars.

        4. 1endtimes2020 DeborahClemence The Sentinel  njmom   Obama always speaks to students because they are impressionable, inexperienced, idealistic and gullible.  That is what he requires for people to believe his rhetoric.

  11. Don’t those students and Netanyahu know Obama is sending 200 tanks and at least 16 F16s to Egypt?  If a peace treaty is signed this year with the Palestinians, and they are given their own state next to Israel, it will be that much closer for those U.S. tanks and F16s to attack Israel.  The 7 year tribulation will begin with the first 3 and a half years of “peace, Peace”,,and then the second half of all hell breaking loose, against the sleeping Israelites—just as prophesized.  Those left wing students don’t have a clue how short a life they’ll have left, as Armageddon descends on them by 200 million soldiers.  That’s what happens when people ignore the Bible.  CNN won’t tell you, as they continue to gaze upon Obama as the god of their lives.  And they think they’re so intelligent.

    1. 1endtimes2020   You don’t actually believe Netanyahu trusts Obama enough to sign anything for him…?
      It won’t be Obama who negotiates a peace in Israel.  I am watching Erdogan from Turkey. He was the first person Obama phoned when he won re-election and he is transforming secular Turkey into an Islamist state.

      1. DeborahClemence 1endtimes2020   Thanks to you Deborah, and the Sentinel.  I can now enjoy my weekend.

        1. DeborahClemence 1endtimes2020   It did, Deb.  Lots of events still to come will further enlighten us.  It’s all very interesting to me, as it seems, of all history, we are living in end times prophesies, unfolding before our eyes.  Past kings might have been envious,, especially the pharaohs who used prophets, such as Daniel, to try to find out how long they would be in power, and who threatened them to take power away.  What a difference between then, and now, in this age of communication inundation, when all countries do not refer to the Bible to help guide their foreign policies in perspective.    Larry

  12. Think I’ll leave this here:

    Barack Obama will become the first serving US president to receive
    Israel’s presidential medal, from his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres
    on a visit to the Jewish state next month, Peres’s office said on
    “President Obama has made a unique and meaningful contribution to
    strengthening the state of Israel and the security of its people,” it
    said in a statement.
    “Barack Obama is a true friend of the state of Israel and has been
    since the beginning of his public life. As president of the United
    States he has stood beside Israel in times of crisis,” it added.
    presidential medal of distinction is awarded to individuals or
    organisations who have contributed to Israeli society and Israel’s image
    in the world.

    1. ignatzz *Click*  *Click*  There’s no place like home………….  *Click*  *Click*  There’s no place like home………..  Keep drinking thy royal FOOL-aid, thweety.

    2. ignatzz So, they gave him another “Participation Award” he can put it next to his worthless Nobel Peace Prize…  Yawn.

    3. ignatzzWOW, THE FIRST SITTING PRESIDENT who has also increased trade by 30% to Israel since ’07 plus billions for the iron dome defense

      Coincidence? Or bought and paid for?

    4. ignatzz We are good hosts here, in the best Abrahamic tradition. We are polite, even generous to our guests albethey left-wing radicals, Muslims, idolators or Barry-boys!
      We gave Eichmann a trial, surely we can give Barry-boy a piece of tin and tell him that it’s a medal!

    5. ignatzz He also received the Nobel Peace Prize and we all know how deserving of that he was. Is Israel prostituting itself to Obama for future considerations? They (Israel) has no shame.

    6. ignatzz Impressive- until you find out that the award has only been in existence for a year. He’s been the ONLY sitting president since its inception.

    7. ignatzz   Israel is comprised of many different factions.  Netanyahu is conservative.  Peres is not.

  13. Most people don’t know what “change” really means. If you want change, it means you reject America and want something else. If you look at Obama’s slogan, he’s been quite open about his rejection of America. Hope and Change is Hope of the radical new world and rejection of America. That’s why his pastor was Rev. Wright who said God Damn America. He didn’t disagree with this. In fact, he defended Wright. Community organizing is getting people to do end runs around those in power just like Levin said.

    But liberals have the PC police, so they don’t even want to hear the truth. Muslims have been taking advantage of the PC police for years. Liberals are like abused children that keep going back to their abusers.

    1. vorlath[. If you want change, it means you reject America and want something else.]
      So America stands for total stagnation?
      Wanting anything different than what is is “rejecting America”?
      Pardon me for saying this, but that’s really, really stupid.

      1. ignatzz vorlath Seeking change to better America is good.  Seeking change to undermine the freedom and liberty of Americans is not good.  And that’s what many Americans see as the Presidnt’s agenda.  America is not and never will be stagnant.

  14. Thank God, still has disqus instead of this junk this site has forced on the posters.

  15. Obama quoting Saul Alinsky is not that unusual for those who follow the Rules for Radicals and want to bring down this nation.  Even Hillary Clinton did a paper on Saul Alinsky while she was at Wellesley.  The attack our country is under from Obama and his sychophants is to destroy our country and bring the mases under control of elitest masters that the radical leftists feel is their entitlement.  I just never thought it would be this obvious, but they are out of the closet now and not going back.  They own the mainstream media and have vast influence over our public educational system for endocrination purposes. It seems only a matter of time before life as we have known it will cease to exist.

  16. Whatever one thinks of Alinsky, most sane people think “Create the change to want to see in the world” is just good advice.  Control your life, take responsibility, and if you want change, make it.  Oooh.  How horrible.  That damned Obama, telling people that they’re responsible for changing things.
    But anyway, the only people I’ve ever known to actually use Alinsky’s tactics are right-wingers, claiming that liberals did it first.
    Saul Alinsky is just one more Emmanuel Goldstein for the American right.  Heck, he’s even Jewish.  The PERFECT all-purpose shadowy enemy.

    1. ignatzz I see the way you rearranged the words to fit your narrative.Left wing double speak.Take off!

    2. ignatzz “Control your life, take responsibility, and if you want change, make it.”  Coming from someone who wants the Nanny Government making all decisions from cradle to grave that is rich!  Get the government out of our food…  I will take “responsibility” for my own diet.  Get the government out of my purchases, I will take responsibiltiy of which light bulb is best for me and it is not those mercury filled ones either.  Get the government out of small businesses so they can take responsibiltity and grow, producing jobs and stimulating the economy.

      1. louisiana_mom So if that’s your sentiment, why do you have a problem with “Create the change you want to see in the world”?
        As for getting the Government out of our food, sometimes yes, sometimes no.  I’m rather glad for the “Grade A” on the meat, myself, and don’t want to go back to days when the meat packing industry was selling tubercular pork, and parents were feeding it to their kids.
        I sure as hell don’t want food purity governed by the profit motive.  Tried that.  It didn’t work.

        1. ignatzz louisiana_mom You can’t “create change” with a totalitarian society and that is where we are headed under Obama and the Democrats.  If you ever get your wish, we will be virtual slaves of the government from birth (if we are allowed to be born) until the government decides it’s time for us to die.

        2. louisiana_mom You have no idea what a totalitarian society even IS.  As for Government overreach – which IS a problem, but is FAR from totalitarianism – both sides have a problem with that, but it’s the Republicans who are most likely to try and control an individual’s personal life. 
          I really don’t have a problem with regulating giant foreign corporations.

        3. ignatzz louisiana_mom How are Republicans trying to control anyone’s life?  All I see and hear is the Democrats telling me to use this light bulb and not feed my children sugar…  I have yet to hear one Republican tell me what I could or could not do.

        4. ignatzz louisiana_mom  
          So you approve of the fact that our government does nothing about the excessive amounts of antibiotics fed to our livestock to fatten them up (these are the same ones you have to get a prescription to buy and the ranchers buy the stuff in 55 gallon barrels). You have no problem with livestock being fed ground up livestock parts and GMO grains our outdated candy .You have no problem with super markets using ammonia laced ‘pink slime’ in hamburger, and no problem with them using carbon monoxide in meat packaging (makes the meat look redder). I suppose you don’t mind ‘frankenfish’ (GMO) either. How about the fact that GMO crops are genetically altered to resist “Roundup” weed killer and that grain and produce fields are soaked in it. 95% of all corn grown in the US is GMO, this includes those ears in your supermarket produce section and the ones used in your favorite tortilla chips. Strawberries, apples, and green peppers are soaked in so much bug and weed killer that it cannot be washed off because it is in the fruit. Canola oil in Europe is sold only as a light lubricant and is not allowed for human consumption. Soybean oil back in the 50s and 60s was used exclusively as paint thinner and the mash residue (soy lecithin) was used as livestock feed. Want to turn your stomach? Google high fructose corn syrup and see how it’s produced.

          And the government won’t even make the producers put these facts on their labels, let alone put a stop to them.
          I could go on and it doesn’t get any prettier, but I think you get the idea.
          Government cannot be trusted.

        5. Diogenes_wy ignatzz louisiana_mom  What a great contribution you have made.  Thank you.

        6. Diogenes_wy ignatzz louisiana_mom I know government cannot be trusted…  I don’t want them telling me or businesses what they can and cannot do.

      2. louisiana_mom ignatzz All we really need to know is that Barry-boy gives this advice to young Israelis–not to young muslims; not to young blacks; not to his own Congress; not even to himself!
        Hypocrisy..that’s something others relish!

    3. ignatzz  Alinsky is a thug. I know what the evils of socialism bring. I know the psychological techniques and propaganda  used to fool the masses.  tactics. I know people like you do as well. If the idealic tyranny of the collectivism that you seek is so wonderful, why is it you must deceive people to take them there?

    4. ignatzz You don’t think you’re cherry-picking? That in all of Alinsky’s verbal diarrhoea you have chosen the one quote that doesn’t immedialy look like excrement?
      Yes, Jesus and Marx and Freud and Alinsky were all Jews; not all of them were anarchists however! The first three wanted to improve men’s lives by offering alternatives to what they saw as wrong; Alinsky wanted to destroy Mankind by pitting man against man forever.
      Alinsky’s “philosophy” is no more than a key in the hands of a hooligan who sneaks into a parking lot full of bright shiny cars and starts scratching away at the paintwork. There is no point, no purpose, no end. It is wanton destruction for the sake of destruction and a secret belief that you are hurting somebody else which alleviates your own hurt.
      Alinsky, my foolish fellow, is the mob that screams at Goldstein!

  17. Well Mr. Levin, to Obama, Alinsky IS Jesus, Moses, Madison, Burke, all rolled up in one marxist package.  Just sayin’.

  18. I am so damn sick and tired of this narcissistic megalomaniac embarrassing America.  Just how low will he bring America in the next 3 1/2 years???

    1. Only as low as WE, the People will allow him, Jack. 
      You see, it isn’t up to our politicians anymore. They have shown us repeatedly that they stand for a domineering and controlling government and a further reduction in freedom and liberty for the citizen. Each new bill passed furthers that.  
      Stay mad, Jack. Most of us share that trait with you my friend. VG

      1. virginiagentleman1 what I fear is the uneducated I want free stuff electorate.  If by some chance the democRats take back the House in 2014 and retain the Senate I feel we are doomed.  Then in 2016 we may get the Shillary/Moochell ticket or as all the liberal rags and web-sites are calling them the ultimate political Dream-Team.  More like the Nightmare Team as they will surely finish what Obama has started.

        1. Jack, you have very good reason to fear the uneducated ‘I want free stuff’ crowd. These are the same ‘tools’ that all totalitarian governments have sought to purchase. 
          Yet, one thing that is on our side is the one thing the ‘I want it free’ folks don’t seem to have much of, a desire, a thirst, for knowledge.
          This one simple little character trait of a ‘free person’ has been overturning tyranny throughout the ages. Once a man LEARNS what he can have by his own labors, what he can provide for his loved ones, he naturally seeks others like himself. We have that advantage right now. 
          What we appear to lack is leaders. Sure we have a few, but Jack, they are not engaged 100% of the time. Many belong to a political party and work to advance the parties goals. 
          Sadly, what they should be doing is working to advance AMERICAS goals as stated in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Most politicians will promise you the moon in return for your vote. You produce your part of the pack because you vote. They forget to honor their part of the agreement. They ignore you until elections roll around again. And so it goes and continues.
          While anything is possible if voters sell their votes for implied sustenance to either party, we as a people can return to voting for the best PERSON for the job. For decades we have been told ad nauseum that we should vote for this person or that one ‘because they are “electable” and the other guy isn’t”.  
          How has this worked out for us? Pretty damn poorly I’d say!
          If people like Palin, Cruz, DeMent, Gowdy, Goemert and some others like them stay true to their word, we will not only retain the House (while replacing the rinos in it), but we will also take the Senate. We only need 7 seats to do so.
          It is a time to fight for what you believe in, sir, and with every resource at your disposal. I assume that your avatar is a picture of a child very dear to you. Fight for him and all the children like him.  
          In my opinion, the very future of our Constitutional Republic hangs in the balance. The choice we face now is the same as our forefathers faced at our founding, a choice between Freedom or Servitude.  They chose Freedom. How will we chose, my friend?   VG

  19. Get ready media, Obama speaks his heart most when he’s abroad!  Not that the MSM will report anything that matters!  For crying out loud!

    1. DCGere 2 months less than 4 years!  Yeah, let’s keep watch on that calendar, we will get there together!

  20. Does he expect the Israeli’s to dedicate themselves to that first radical, Lucifer, as Alinsky dedicated his own putrid scribblings?

  21. If I were PM Netanyahu, I’d tell him to get the he!! out of his country…NOW!  Business concluded.  At the very least, cancel the rest of his engagements there.  What an insult to this great leader – insulted him in America and now in Israel.  Now we see what he meant by ‘transparency.’

  22. “what the hell is he doing there?”
    Rhetorical question I assume. He is Community Organizing.
    Did he give anyone the finger today?

    We are living the mother of all “Big Lies”. That this crude and blatant erosion of the Western world could be happening and every world leader, politician, celebrity, news anchor, newspaper or magazine editor,or  religious leader is afraid to call it out is truly chilling.

    1. sDee It is indeed.And too few of us are attempting to expose it to the country and the world.

  23. … thank you , thank you Oh GREAT ONE in telling the American people the TRUTH about your President’s Ideology and his future vision for not just the U.S.A. but the NEW WORLD ORDER which is upon us right NOW .For DEAR LEADER PART II is the PUPPET and FRONT MAN for the N W O .”(period)

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