Mark Levin: Ok I’ll say it…

Mark Levin took to his Facebook page to express what no one else seems to be saying right now about Susan Collins:

Let’s stop pretending Susan Collins is a hero and her speech was Churchillian.

Many of us were pleasantly surprised Collins did the right thing. Her speech painted Brett Kavanaugh as a bit of an activist. Let’s hope she’s wrong about that. But she came to the same conclusion as all Senate Republicans but Murkowski, i.e., Kavanaugh was the victim of a horrendous smear campaign.

A sigh of relief she’s voting for his confirmation, yes.

A hero, no.

Yeah I totally agree with him. I was very much relieved and a bit surprised at her full-throated defense of Kavanaugh yesterday without any caveats. But when it got to the part about abortion I was cringing a bit. I do hope she’s wrong about him in this regard, that he’s really an originalist who will overturn that ridiculous Roe v Wade precedent and not an activist who will uphold it.

So yeah, she did a solid and thorough job of defending him from the left AND defending her vote for him. But if she really felt so strongly, why did she need to drag it out in such dramatic fashion? She could have given a speech at any point this week from the Senate floor to defend her vote for him. I get that she wants her constituents to fully understand. But instead of doing that she waited until the last minute when all eyes were focused just on her. Seems a bit opportunistic to me.

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