Mark Levin on new HUD ‘fair housing’ program: Tyranny is HERE and it’s SPREADING…

Mark Levin weighed in tonight on a new HUD ‘fair housing’ neighborhood-mapping diversity program that is supposed to help ‘integrate’ communities by giving people access to better communities than the ones they currently live in. It’s social engineering like we did with Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac in the recent past…or as Levin called said, it’s communism and he likened it to ‘North Korea’.

Levin says that tyranny is here and it’s spreading:

Folks, I’m trying to tell you something. …It’s here, tyranny is here. And it’s spreading.

And I don’t care what Bob Dole says. I don’t care what the maniac John McCain says. I don’t care what all their little scribes say.

We have a fundamental problem in this country.

There are some of us who believe in liberty and private property rights and the Constitution and some of us who don’t. It’s not a question of ‘reaching out’, it’s not a question of bipartisanship. They’re winning, we’re losing. It’s a question of whether you want to live in a free nation. That’s the question.

And the Democrats are on the move and Republicans are on their back.


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73 thoughts on “Mark Levin on new HUD ‘fair housing’ program: Tyranny is HERE and it’s SPREADING…

  1. as a former landlord,I know you have choices to make when renting apts/houses to rent,my first choice was,section 8 or no section 8,so I decided on no section 8.On top of that,I asked for 2 months deposit and 1 month rent in advance,the reason for that was,1,if the damage done was excessive I had enough funds to manage repairs and 2,if you can afford 2500 to move in,there is a slim chance I will hear the excuse you do not have the rent.I succeeded in renting to tenants for 12 years with 3 properties I rented out,I rented to all who could afford and kept rents affordable for the area with the clause in the lease,the rent was 100 dollars a month cheaper than the other same sized rentals in the community but the tenant was responsible for all grounds keeping,grass cutting,edging,snow removal and keeping your rental area clean at all times.While being a landlord,I encountered the typical BS,I was brought to over 10 times and decided it was time to retire.I dealt with the court hearings from people who felt I was discriminating because I wanted such a large sum to move in and from people who felt it was a hardship to do the yard work,my response to the curt was always the same,I do not discriminate,I rent to all people who can their own way,I refused to accept gov’t aid,that was my choice,as for the cries of landscape being to tough,I told the judge,the rent was 100 dollars cheaper than comparable rentals in the area and that the tenant could pay for a professional and equal the difference in the savings of the rent.I just got tired of the BS.I have seen n my lifetime,blockbusters(token minorities that move in)and slowly watch the neighborhood rot,I have seen the influx of illegals move into the area and overcrowd a 3 bedroom house with 22 people,I have seen the younger crowds move in and have parties all hrs and destroy the rental,it got too stressful and expensive after a while

  2. growing up, we lived in poor neighborhoods, but our streets were always clean, our brass door knobs always shined, and there was never any mud in the hallways.  Why, because we were brought up to respect other people’s property.  The janitors always swept down the outside steps and the sidewalks.  We were never allowed to leave mess.  We picked up after ourselves.  Being poor doesn’t mean living in a slum.

  3. I wonder how this will clash with the planning commissions in each town run by ICLEI?? and how it will clash with Agenda 21? Sick rat sobs. Levin is correct..Tyranny is here and getting stronger everyday.

  4. This is taken with a grain of salt to me, since it comes from a Jew!!!  There is a moral in here somewhere.  Where I live it would serve White people to move into the new Neighborhoods built for Blacks.  They consist of new houses, painted pretty colors like the painted ladies in San Francisco, new playgrounds for the children, convenient to grocery stores and downtown, and at affordable, Section 8 applicable.  I live on S.S. only and I wouldn’t mind living in one of these areas.  Of course I need to be mindful of criminal activities in these areas.  Why is it that concessions are taken for granted and used by the ungrateful?

    1. WASP_and_CONFUSED Thank you for your racist thoughts.  I was shocked that a bag of excrement could think!

      1. harry ojam,why is it a racially charged remark,it is true more blacks and hispanics live in bad/run down areas and take advantage of  freebies and handouts than their white counterparts.Just because you may have been first cav or happened to find a nice symbol to use as your avatar does not make you smart.You just seem to not see how the country works

    2. WASP_and_CONFUSED Yes you  are confused – free people don’t need or desire to have self-proclaimed  big govt masterminds seizing our money and then using it to socially re-engineer society as they deem fit.

  5. Very true, Mark. Perhaps it is time to either leave the country or knock it down and start over again.

  6. He certainly nailed that. Just think your tax dollars are now being used to bring down your property values.

  7. Right up there with the “Americans With No Abilities Act.”  Or:  All your bases are belong to us.

    1. primrose2 From someone who fought for access for the disabled, there is no comparison.  Everyone has the right to access public buildings their tax dollars are paying for.

      1. Orangeoneprimrose2 
        The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was meant to increase access
        for disabled people, but a few unscrupulous personal injury lawyers and
        professional plaintiffs have made fortunes by targeting businesses for
        shake down lawsuits. Oftentimes these lawsuits are filed when access has
        not been deterred in any way. These lawsuits don’t ask for any
        accessibility improvements to be made, they ask for money to make the
        lawsuit go away. Small businesses are often the targets of these
        shakedown suits, and many quickly settle because of the exorbitant costs
        of fighting a lawsuit.

        1. RJ1960 Orangeone primrose2 A disabled person is entitled to a “reasonable” accommodation to perform their job duties. The problem is the LAWYERS not the law.  Ambulance chasers go after money pockets on every issue.  Punishing the disabled is not the answer and removing their right to access and to work is punishing them not the lawyers.  The issue is tort reform.

        2. Orangeone,
          although the intent of this act was noble, you’re obviously not up to speed on
          how it’s played out. Businesses & facilities have been forced to close down
          -due to Federal Govt bureaucrats singling them out for punishment ex)
          Neighborhood pools closed; business shut down and employees laid off – even in
          cases where no actually disabled person attempted or wanted to access
          services.  Often the cost of reconfiguration/retrofitting is too onerous
          for the business to survive. Ex) Low income neighborhood pools which do not
          have wheelchair access ramps – to and from the edge of the pool to the
          facility’s entrance. Yes, I believe the disabled need access to things – but
          not when forcing it results in closing down the service or facility for the
          entire population.

      2. Orangeone primrose2 I will definitely give the ADA props for getting ramps on every street corner, and accessibility to public entryways.  I’m sure the bill was larded up with the usual crapola that they put in anything, and probably hurt a few small businesses.  But it’s made accessibility much better.
        Some places still do a terrible job in that area.  Like businesses that put the handicap ramp so far from the entrance that no one will ever use it, and places that have right-angle turns in their double-entrance doors.  Also, it still sucks to have to use the occasional freight elevator (some businesses store wet, mildewy mops in theirs).

        1. K-Bob Orangeone primrose2 Amen K-Bob.  Not to mention the auto-open doors.  I can’t begin to relay how many times I saw someone in a wheel chair try and open a door and wheel themselves through it, not to mention people on crutches.

        2. Orangeone K-Bob primrose2  
          Yep. You get spoiled by the “push button to open” doors.
          (When they stop working it can be bad news.)

  8. Folks this is Agenda 21 and Earth Charter. It is done through the world via high visible programs calle Local Agenda21 or LA21. In America, they ran into legal problems at teh city and county level so they implemeted ICLEI. MOst towns and counties now have take so much money form HUD and the EPA that they cannot extract themsleves.
    In our local towns, years of Sustainable Development propaganda and Fed grants have them seriously debating “ecomnic equality” and diversty in our zoning regulations. 
    This is a battle that we can all be on the front lines of with just a few phone calls and emails. Call your city or county planning manager, town council and mayor. Most of them are clueless so fill them in. Some are complicit so let them know  you are on to them. 
    Simply ask who you can talk to about the town or county’s “sustainablity” or “sustainable development” plan. Ask them how you can find out what EPA and HUD grants your government has taken and what strings were attached.

    The worst problem is usually found in the Planning Department. Many city planners are far left ideologues  APA and CNU members. Those organizatiosn are controlled and influenced by the UN and far left funding like Rockefeller Foundation and Brookings Institute.
    One of our local towns staryted the fight in January and  is making headway. and there is research section too with background data.

  9. Quote:  “To ensure that “every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of”
    More than likely, this policy is brought to you by the same progressive mindset which institutionalized social safeguards to protect children’s un-earned ‘self esteem’ at all costs.   For instance, protect the delicate child’s self esteem rather than hold the under performing child back a year to repeat a grade in school to actually benefit from the taxpayer funded ‘education’.   This is simply the next logical step to keep underperformers self esteem intact.

  10. The 2 section “8” homes on my street have been a blight ever since they were forced to be classified as such. I did talk with the owner of one home and he told me he was selling it to his brother because once it’s listed as section 8 it can not be removed off the list. The other has become so lice infected that anyone that goes in comes out bugs. They have several small kids and several adults living there and the police are there at least once a week. Now they want 3 more listed, and there is nothing we as home owners can do.

    1. tshertwig   One can pray for lightning to strike section 8 houses and burn them to the ground.  Then an earthquake to scatter the stones, after that, you can salt the ground where it once stood.
      I’d rather have an empty lot than a section 8 house filled with Travon Martins.

  11. Now when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap to the very corners of your field, neither shall you gather the gleanings of your harvest. Nor shall you glean your vineyard, nor shall you gather the fallen fruit of your vineyard; you shall leave them for the needy and for the stranger. I am the Lord your God. (Leviticus 19:9-10)
    When you reap your harvest in your field and have forgotten a sheaf in the field, you shall not go back to get it; it shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow, in order that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. When you beat your olive tree, you shall not go over the boughs again; it shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow. When you gather the grapes of your vineyard, you shall not go over it again; it shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow. You shall remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt; therefore I am commanding you to do this thing. (Deuteronomy 24:19-22)

  12. Very scary! 
    This is indeed tyranny. It’s what tyrants do’ Stalin did this on a really grand scale, with moving whole populations from one place to the other, regardless. It’s what would’ve happened IN Europe had Hitler won. They had plans to settle Germans all over the East, from Poland to Moscow. 
    It’s what mini-tyrants, socialists all, have been trying to do here in the UK – housing those on welfare in ‘nice’ neighbourhoods, which then of course go straight to hell, because those hellish neighbours can’t be touched or told to behave since they’ve got ‘uman rights, but no obligations.
    This is tyranny, and it’s the leftie’s dream of levelling down. Guess who’ll not be affected? All the rich BHO-donors. 
    Fight it!

    1. colliemum This is exactly what Hitler did, redistributed homes belonging to Jews to those in the Nazi party.

      1. Orangeone 
        Yes indeed – but that was totally minor to what he and Himmler had planned for after they’d won the war. It was in a biography, of Himmler, I think – and they planned to move whole villages from every region into those ‘new’ Greater German ‘countries’, formerly known as Poland, Ukraine, Russia … they’d already started with re-settling Germans who’d fled from the Baltic states in Poland. It is mind-boggling.
        Btw – there were some French politicians who were pleading with Hitler and Himmler to make France a part of Germany, in the guise of a ‘bigger, united Europe’… and now we have the EU. Sickening, isn’t it!

        1. colliemum Orangeone Interesting history mum, thank you. Did not know that about the French.  Wonder if that might be part of why France “fell” so quickly.  Looks like they might have learned a thing or too with the burqa ban though which is good news.

  13. Problem is – the people getting HUD/Section 8 housing can’t afford to maintain their homes – many have never learned how to budget, save…they get a check every month and food stamps, but lots are sold for drugs, luxuries.   The neighborhoods will go down, become unsafe – gangs will form,  violence, burglary, rape, will increase.    Children can’t play without being molested, threatened, shot.   The whole USA will become Detroit and Chicago.   Worse still – illegal criminals and Islamists like the Tsarnaevs will be planted in all US neighborhoods.

  14. Somebody stop the madness of these democrats. Somebody, please!
    It’s just a crying shame we can’t ship morons like the head of HUD off to N. Korea and let them live their dreams there. Or Cuba…how about Cuba…they can drive a beat up ’57 Ford and live in the same run down neighborhoods most other Cubans are forced to live in.
    How does someone get that stupid and still have any kind of job? Do they never study history?

    1. Keep voting the RINOS into office and you will continue to have one party rule. That includes Orin Hatch, Mark!

      1. Longiron Mark has figured out who the ‘rats are, good for him. Now he needs to figure out who the GOP is.

  15. I’m glad Levin is hammering this.  This sort of “profiling” –via mapping– fits hand-in-glove with the kind of intrusive recordkeeping they plan with SCOAMFcare.
    One bit of good news on the horizon is that Scott Walker’s reforms in Wisconsin are having an effect!  So not only are unions now mad at SCOAMFcare for losing them work hours and also members, but

    1. K-Bob
      “The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees District Council 48 lost nearly two-thirds of its approximately 9,000 members, the news report said. As a result the union is now more than $650,000 in debt.”
      That was fun to read! Better they should be in debt then ruin cities and the State if left unchecked. These unions are a plague of locust. If they aren’t stopped they destroy everything in their path.

    2. K-Bob Yes Walker’s programs are working but he is now coming out for illegal alien amnesty which is driving illegals to WI and the sanctuary cities in MN.  Thanks but no thanks.

      1. Orangeone K-Bob
        Man!  These people are frustrating as h*ll.  Ride into power promising real conservatism;  Convert to progressive-ism after one piece of signature legislation, or eighteen months of silence (*Rubio*).
        I’m not really a term limits guy, but if I was, I think we’d need to cut it down to about six months, tops.

        1. K-Bob Orangeone I’m with ya!  There was so much promise for WI, they were recruiting MN businesses to relocate, then Walker opened up after Paul Ryan.  Tired of paying for illegal aliens…..

    ffirmatively Furthering Fair Housing at HUD A First Term Report Card
    From page 17
    (1) Increasing economic and racial and ethnic diversity within the neighborhood;
    (2) Providing existing residents with the choice to pursue housing choices in areas of greater racial, ethnic and income or diversity;
    (3) Ensuring that replacement housing is sited in a manner to enhance racial and ethnic diversity.

    1. billma40
      How, I shudder to ask, do the morons who thought up those rules plan on making it happen? What are they going to do? Knock on the door of upper income neighborhoods, tell the residents to get out and move in lower income families? Are they going to make whites leave if there are too many?
      My God in Heaven….these people are nuts! Dangerous nuts.

      1. badbadlibs billma40  
        Moving people into better areas will do nothing but bring these areas down to their level. Just as socialism makes everyone poor.
        I worked in the Cleveland area for 20 years and saw new housing projects look almost as bad as what you see in Detroit in a few years.

        1. billma40 
          What is wrong with the brain of a socialist/democrat/liberal? They must be put in backwards.
          The stupid major of Seattle is trying to stop a Whole Foods Market from building a store in West Seattle. Why? Because they ONLY pay 16.00 an hour to start and some employees only get 30 hours a week. So, instead of a business being able to create jobs and pay more taxes to the hell hole Seattle is becoming, it’s best to keep the store out. That kind of stupid is dangerous, selfish and borders on a mental illness.
          Liberalism has to be stopped or America becomes worse then a 3rd world banana republic.

      2. badbadlibs billma40 It worked for Hitler didn’t it.  They are copying the dictators of the past.  The book burning started the other night.

  17. “And the Democrats are on the move and Republicans are on their back.” – Levin
    Yes, but the Conservatives are on the march – and it’s going to be a battle to the end, my friends. Progressives are going down and the RINO progressives are going right along with them. They are the walking dead and they don’t even know it. It’s up to us – and there are one HELL of a lot of us now, thanks to the “fundamental transformation” that has taken place.
    The progressive movement is slowing down and ready to come to a halt. People are waking up, either through the alternate media or through just plain “sticker shock” of the economy. It’s going to be a “take no prisoners” kind of election year in 2014, mark my words.
    If you don’t believe me, then stand up and join in to make it stronger. Start with any 3rd party organization (my favorite one is the Constitutional Freedom Party). We will combine them in due time. We need to hit them from all sides. The Constitution and our way of life is THAT important. Do not stand on the sidelines for this one.

    1. Nukeman 
      I like most most of what they stand for until it comes to the flat tax. As I pointed out numerous times it will devistate the lives of 60% of the people on SS with incomes too low to pay taxes under the present system. The majority of this 60% receive less than the poverty level. 
      It would be like the dumbocrats keep saying, the republican party is the party of the wealthy.
      Do any of you believe the  47% not paying taxes under the present system would support anyone running on this platform that would take a big chunk of their income to enrich the wealthy ?
      I spoke with a senior citizen organization for about an hour and they told me the flat tax would need to be 17% to be revenue neutral. 
      They held a meeting during the past 2 weeks and will decide whether they would support a flat tax or a fair tax.
      Initially they sent out an e-mail supporting one of these taxes, but suddenly removed the support until they  have this meeting. 
      My bigger concern than taking from the 60% with incomes too low under the present system to line the pockets of the wealthy  is it will keep the democrats in office for decades.

      1. billma40 Nukeman  
        The biggest problem we face is excessive spending. People talk all the time of “revenue neutral” and therefore never make the appropriate changes because they think we need to keep the status quo to survive or need to raise taxes to balance any reduction in spending. Increasing revenue is not the solution to our massive problems. DECREASING the excessive spending is the only way to achieve reasonable revenue neutrality. 
        We live in an entitlement society. Hard decisions HAVE to be made and until we realize the true solutions, the corrupt politicians (on both sides of the aisle) will remain in power. We have the numbers to kick them out. We just need to get together and actually START.

        As far as SSI goes, it’s going bankrupt so how well do you think the senior citizens that require it will do when it collapses? Continually robbing from SS, as the Congress has done for years, has kept what used to be a promising system a disaster for decades. People keep saying it won’t go bankrupt, but the truth is, it already is.
        As to the poverty level, why do you think 60% are below the poverty level? Because the cost of living keeps rising and rising year after year. With situations like the QE 3 and 4, where this government is pumping $85 billion PER MONTH into the system,  the economic  stability has crumbled. 
        There is NO reason why a loaf of bread should cost $4. The cost of gasoline, food and energy does not have to be where it’s at. Prices should be stabilized or brought down, not continually raised because of continual environmental and political regulations that stymies the markets. 
        Just bringing the cost of diesel fuel down or getting our truck fleets on natural gas (which is abundant under this country) would go a long way to bringing down the cost of all products across the board.
        Sorry to be so lengthy, but we need to make changes, BIG changes. Democrats and Republicans alike do not want to make those changes because it threatens their gravy train. There is no such thing as a free lunch. We, as a nation, should have realized that long ago. It’s time we realize it now and start the ball rolling to regain  and restore our great nation to what it used to be.

        1. Nukeman billma40 
          It’s not 60% of people on SS that are below the poverty level but the majority of the 60% with income below the 25,000 or 32,000 for a couple that under the present system  are not required to pay taxes. 
          Doe’s anyone want to impose a tax on the people that paid into the system for half a century and make their life impossible by suddenly changing the rules to benefit the wealthy?
          SSI should never come out of the SS fund. 
          There are people in thir 20s receiving SSI. depleting the SS fund.
          Just like Food stamps, SSI has had a drastic increase since Obama. 
          SSI has become a replacement for unemployment.
          As far as a free lunch, the people on SS paid for their lunch for half a century.

        2. billma40 Nukeman  
          You’re talking apples and oranges in your full statement and much of what you say, I agree with and also said. But don’t equate everything I said to SS alone. That is being rather disingenuous.

          Who the 60% really is is immaterial. The income tax is a small part of taxes paid out by people. It has to be made fair and reasonable. Try not to mix and match my statements. 
          I didn’t say SS was an entitlement, even though,as you said, there are people taking from it that shouldn’t. My comments about entitlements and my comments about SS were two different paragraphs. There is nothing about the SS system that you can tell me that I don’t already know. I studied it extensively and have looked at the figures of where the money is coming from, where it is going, and how long it has to live (in reality – not according to the politicians).
           You appear to want to look at the flat tax as just something added (which, btw, is what the politicians try to say and quite frankly really want to do – just add another tax onto the system to gain more “revenue”. Changing the tax structure completely is a necessity in order to salvage any sanity in our system.

  18. But Mr. Levin, the Republicans say these “commies” are really nice people on a personal level. So how bad could they be?
    – Low Information Voter

  19. Mark said…
    “Folks, I’m trying to tell you something. …It’s here, tyranny is here. And it’s spreading”
    Mark was talking about HUD, and there is also Operation Vigilant Eagle.
    – – – – – – – – – –

    Harry G. Butler Provides Further Details 
    of his Incarceration Prompted by U.S. Secret Service

    By Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email 
    (Jul. 22, 2013) — 
    “In late 2008 or early 2009, the Department of Homeland Security,
    Department of Justice, and FBI, with the cooperation of the Department
    of Defense, launched “,”
    which was designed to scrutinize military veterans for tendencies to
    “Combined with the efforts of the Southern Poverty Law
    Center (,
    DHS, state “fusion centers,” and local law enforcers, training programs
    depicting allegedly angry veterans, “birthers,” those opposed to
    illegal immigration and amnesty, and supporters of the U.S. Constitution and the Bible have been characterized as possible “” and “”
    under Obama. –
    >> See more at:

  20. Mark is right…the ones that know he is right…can see it and feel it…as they watch the blind embrace the devil. The mortgage crisis which was Clinton’s massive socialist boondoggle on America….almost destroyed our banks and we are still feeling the effects to this day.  Those effects still may get worse yet.  Now we learn that there is ramped up version of that…what is next, MR & MRS SO and SO your house and property is too big…you need to share!

  21. It is like getting diagnosed for cancer, then being told that spreading the cancer around your body will help eliminate it. This kind of social engineering is so similar to what the Progressives preached in the early 1900s. They think they are scientists and can “fix” society. So dangerous and sickening. This is how people’s lives get ruined and cities are destroyed.

  22. Let’s sink this ship faster! We’ll get this whole country looking like Detroit before 2016!

  23. I seem to recall that in the USSR, people needed special passports and permissions to move from one city to another, and from one area of a city to another.

    1. PNWShan Also you had to take an opportunity to defect when presented…of course you had to be an elite or athlete that was out of the country to get the chance.

    2. PNWShan  
      NJ already has an “exit tax”. Try to  sell your home and move out of State and you get nailed. The more you earn and the higher the price of the home, the bigger the nails. I would bet other Liberal States are doing the same. Thank you Chris Christie.

  24. It all started inn Westchester County NY, in 2006:

    1. AaronSheamusReale  
       I suggest everyone forward that story to their mayor, city council , county commissioners. They all take HUD money. Deal with the devil.

  25. This type of racial monitoring has been going on for years 
    Real estate agents are under intense pressure with regard to racial boundaries in States like Illinois and New York – In fact they were even restricted from opening up offices within certain boundaries of New York City and they requested that we advertise in White areas in an attempt to draw Whites back into “changing” areas – I guess you know how that went
    They are actually actively “tested” by groups resembling acorn to make sure they “do the right thing” and are criminally and civilly sued if they don’t 
    That is all!

  26. Quit taking federal dollars… and be set free.
    This is insidious. This is evil and wrong. No wonder liberals flock to it – like moths to a bright light (rushing to destruction because they are fooled).

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