Mark Levin on new HUD ‘fair housing’ program: Tyranny is HERE and it’s SPREADING…

Mark Levin weighed in tonight on a new HUD ‘fair housing’ neighborhood-mapping diversity program that is supposed to help ‘integrate’ communities by giving people access to better communities than the ones they currently live in. It’s social engineering like we did with Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac in the recent past…or as Levin called said, it’s communism and he likened it to ‘North Korea’.

Levin says that tyranny is here and it’s spreading:

Folks, I’m trying to tell you something. …It’s here, tyranny is here. And it’s spreading.

And I don’t care what Bob Dole says. I don’t care what the maniac John McCain says. I don’t care what all their little scribes say.

We have a fundamental problem in this country.

There are some of us who believe in liberty and private property rights and the Constitution and some of us who don’t. It’s not a question of ‘reaching out’, it’s not a question of bipartisanship. They’re winning, we’re losing. It’s a question of whether you want to live in a free nation. That’s the question.

And the Democrats are on the move and Republicans are on their back.


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