Mark Levin on the unprecedented demonization of President Trump

From the desk of Mark Levin, “Demonizing President Trump”:

"The Democrat Party-press and the Democrat Party, as well as Washington/NY-based GOP insiders, have spent the last 4 years demonizing Donald Trump. It has been an unprecedented campaign of character assassination, the likes of which no living American has ever seen against a sitting president. They've concocted scandals and narratives involving the Russians, Ukrainians, his businesses and finances, the coronavirus, race, etc. They launched a Soviet-style criminal investigation without a lawful predicate, which came up empty. They unconstitutionally impeached him, with no hope of removing him from office. The goal has been to ruin his reputation, turn him into political kryptonite, and either force him from office or defeat his re-election effort.

"Every conceivable issue is exploited for the purpose of demonizing the president. Donald Trump's tweets are carefully scrutinized to use against him in any way possible, while Joe Biden's endless, appalling statements are dismissed as innocent gaffs; allegations of past personal indiscretions are used as cudgels against the president, but Tara Reade's allegation of sexual assault against Biden are dismissed and now long forgotten (not to mention all the other women accusing Biden of unwanted touching, a firing offense in any other job); Trump's numerous policies and outreach to minority communities are ignored, despite the fact that they've resulted in actual benefits to untold numbers of minority citizens, while Biden's long history of supporting racist policies and making racist comments, all on the public record, are buried. Trump has been accused of being a dictator, Hitler, and Stalin in an unhinged and vicious attack on his character both in the media and by Democrats, yet he has been restrained and prudential in his use of power both here and abroad, mindful of the Constitution's limits and the costs of war.

"Indeed, his political enemies have shown no such restraint: Pelosi, not a particularly intelligent individual, has managed to scheme her way to the top, and runs the House as if she is Eva Peron, destroying one House rule after another, writing legislation in her office, and using the votes of a few dozen of her closest sycophants to pass bills, eviscerating representative government. For this, she's celebrated as a strong leader. Chuck Schumer, a particularly vile demagogue, is endlessly plotting how to use the Senate rules to obstruct any and all legislation supported by the president, as power has always been Schumer's driving motivation, not the best interests of the country. And it's Pelosi and Schumer who've demanded the nationalization of private industries, the appointment of a czar, and all the usual kneejerk outbursts by the "leaders" of the Left. And it is they who cheered as more was learned of the lawless Obama presidency's use of the FBI, intel agencies, and the FISA court to destroy the Trump candidacy and presidency.

"Of course, the president is not perfect, like most other human-beings, but he is more perfect than many of his modern predecessors, including FDR, JFK, LBJ, and Barack Obama. To varying degrees, they used the FBI, IRS, and/or CIA against their political opponents, and unleashed these agencies against hostile news organizations. But they're not said to be dictators. No, they were "progressives" and, of course, Democrats. The limits of this platform prevent me from writing further. But keep all this in mind in the months ahead, as these same centers of power and privilege intensify their propaganda and demonization campaign against President Trump the closer we get to the November election."

The Great One is right as always. It’s easy to forget this when getting mired in an election, so it’s a good reminder of what’s really at stake in November.

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