Mark Levin: Paul Ryan making it difficult for me to support him for president should he choose to run

Mark Levin had some tough words for Paul Ryan tonight:

Paul Ryan is an extremely likable guy. He’s been on this show many times – I like the man. But he’s creating a record here for himself that makes it very very hard, in my view, if he chooses to run for president, to vote for him.

Again, I like him a lot. I think he’s one of the smartest guys around. But when push comes to shove, he’s pushed and he’s shoved by Boehner and the others. And so he votes for all these things despite saying you know we have 2 years until we’re not going to be able to reverse course financially. Well, if that’s true, then why do we vote for these things?

He goes on to discuss Joel Pollak’s interview with Paul Ryan on why he chose to team up with far left Luis Gutierrez on immigration, even reading a letter to Paul Ryan by Debra Burlingame who had major concerns about Gutierrez and Ryan teaming up with him.

Listen to the full segment below:

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88 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Paul Ryan making it difficult for me to support him for president should he choose to run

  1. What’s the point of Ryan’s being a fiscal hawk, which was supposed to be his big appeal, since he’s not a fiscal conservative? 
    That’s like having a professional swimmer who’s afraid of the water.

  2. What in the name of heaven is Ryan and Kudlow smoking? Amnesty will do absolutely nothing for economic growth. NOTHING!
    Levin nailed this!!!

    1. Laurel A Perhaps they’ve been turned — or finally merely revealing who’ve they’ve been all along.

    1. xlaurenstephens  
      “We are talking about ending much-needed programs for the American people”.
      Your general point’s right and I respect that you spoke up and appreciate your presence on this site, heck, I’d vote for you. But what government programs would these be?

  3. Ryan has the same mental derangement almost all Republicans have. It’s called leftist derangement syndrome not to be confused with the leftist who are deranged. The symptoms include, co-operation with leftist policies, defense of leftist policies and no truthful criticism of leftist policies. It’s most prevelant among Republicans at the Federal level but doesn’t exclude those at the state level.
    I have no problem saying I would not support Ryan’s candidacy for president.

  4. The only way illegal immigrants can contribute (against their wishes) to the economy is if the Fair Tax was instituted as written by Boortz and Linder.

  5. Anyone who bends over to allow a hack like Biden to ream him in a vice presidential debate has absolutely nothing to offer. West & Palin for me…

    1. mrcombi  
      Biden didn’t ream him in the debate. Biden was rude and came off like a grinning goat that reminded one of Satan.

  6. The supply of Republican prospects for President is getting shorter and shorter. Enthusiasm for Rubio and now Ryan has died down. We might have to resurrected Reagan from the dead to restore this country to it’s former greatness!

    1. I know cloning is a slippery slope we don’t want to navigate but it’s times like this we could use another Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington and Reagan. I know their out there somewhere lets hope they step forward soon.

      1. cabensg True, but then these great men were shaped by their environment and for the most part, self taught. Makes you kinda wonder what a welfare parent, the current public school and university system would produce.

        1. Jpclarksville cabensg  I can’t say your wrong to wonder but there have always and always will be those who rise above the environment and suppression around them.

        2. cabensg Jpclarksville  I’m envisioning a young George Washington texting or Abe Lincoln kicking back and playing a video game LOL I understand what you mean about people rising above environment and suppression like the kids that managed to get out of the ghetto or an abuse home and make a good life for themselves, but I really think what a clone of Washington or Lincoln would produce are visual copies, not their character or ideas.

        3. Jpclarksville cabensg  
          I think the media and peer pressure brainwashing young people has caused them to support the Democrats so much.
          Young people are innately anti-establishment or at least they used to be. Does it get more establishment than Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Hillary and their people? Of course the GOP has an establishment too, but Democrats champion theirs which the GOP’s is very cozy to while we’re the ones who are anti-establishment.  
          I was 18/19 when the Tea Party was at townhalls. It’s easy to see their appeal.
          If we just don’t use rhetoric that caters to old people (like a strict parent making you eating vegetables kind of stuff, and defend Social Security [which is definitely an entitlement]), and cut into their monopoly on the media and comedy outlets, more of them might listen. 
          The rats’ next nominee also happens to be an angry old lady who’s targeted video games before. I don’t see how they’ll spin Hillary as hip like the media narrative aggressively tries to do to even the most crooked of the establishment-loving rats.

      2. cabensg  
        John Adams wrote the Alien and Sedition act. 
        I wouldn’t want someone writing something like that again.

  7. Paul Ryan is and always has been a fraud! He only got the VP pick because of Reince Preibus and their deal with Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson endorsing Romney in Wisconsin. What is really sad are all of Ryan’s fake tea party disciples who are zombie like with their loyalty to him. All Ryan has to do is show up at their silly parties and events and smile and they go ga-ga! They COMPLETELY ignore his horrendous voting record, which shows you what he is really all about. It is no wonder Ryan repeatedly wins in his very liberal district. Hellllo people, this is yet another wake up call! You may also want to check into Paul Ryan and Sean Duffy’s political organizations that they schemingly set up so they can funnel campaign contributions. There are several republican congresspeople in on this sham.

  8. Ryan lost me way back. I one of his biggest fans. You DO NOT associate with left wing nuts. All in the name of compromise. They compromise and we are the ones who get compromised.

  9. Ryan is already lining up jobs on K Street for himself. But Mark Levin still thinks we can change the Republican Party and is against a third party. I am out.

  10. Regardless of what many of our representatives proclaimed in the millions of times, double check their voting record and get the very specific reason of their doings. I can’t comprehend this move by Ryan yet, if it’s a strategy, hope for the best, but if you just wanna support the RINOs and Bohner, sucks to be you man !

  11. Here’s my opinion of Paul Ryan, not that anyone asked.  He’s incredibly intelligent, he loves this country, and he’s motivated to do something to change the course we are on.  But he simply does not have the charisma to draw people around him.  He’s an idea guy.  He is good with the numbers, he knows what’s happening to this nation, but he isn’t someone to stand down North Korea or Syria or China, if it came to that, and it probably will at some point.  I really like the guy, but he wouldn’t survive in the current world environment.
    It’s not a judgement against Paul Ryan, or anyone like him.  It is a statement about the very dangerous condition of the world right now that we are living with each day.  There are very few leaders on the American landscape right now who I believe capable of leading us out of this nightmare that Obama has created.  The ones you and I have in mind, stand no chance of getting elected anyway.

    Our position in the world, among other countries, has been so weakened by this man’s Presidency, that it will take years to gain back the respect this nation used to enjoy.  In this weakened state that he has put us in, we are vulnerable, like we have never before been in our History.
    Add to that, we are not only fighting a war against foreign enemies, who want our heads on a platter, but we are at the same time fighting a war against radical Americans.  Leftists.  People who live right here on Main Street and proclaim to the world, that we are the enemy.  That we are the ones creating all the strife and the problems in the world.  This is mainly the product of our schools and Universities and the Liberal thought that make up those institutions of higher learning.  I don’t believe, “higher learning,” is really a part any longer of those institutions, but  that’s another topic for another evening.
    Sometimes, I think the way to get us back on track to becoming once again, the Constitutional Republic we are supposed to be, is to work at the grass roots level.  Local city councils and school boards.  And then I look at those local city councils and school boards and I think, My God, they are in most ways worse than the Federal Damned Government! They’re so drunk on the Liberal Kool-Aid, you can’t even reach them.  The reality of paying your bills and living within your means, is lost to most city governments.  
    I live in Tucson.  The city is bankrupt for all practical purposes.  They can’t pay their obligations.  The city transit system alone, takes up most of the budget.  Costs about five dollars to move the average Tucson welfare citizen to his or her destination on a given day.  I’m not current on the cost, but I think the, “citizen,” pays about 75 cents.  I haven’t checked lately, maybe it’s a buck.  Whatever the cost, the taxpayers pick up the difference.  If that’s not Socialism, then I don’t know the true meaning of Socialism.  Almost forgot.  The city Transit System is run by the Teamsters.  I think they get around twenty-five dollars an hour to sit on their butts and drive welfare people around Tucson.

    1. As usual, I spend twenty minutes making a post and forty minutes trying to edit it.  Here’s the rest of the previous comment.  God, I  hate Lyvefire!
      But wait!  Even though we are bankrupt and have no plan in the foreseeable future for paying our bills, the geniuses on our city council decided we needed a streetcar.  They thought it would make us like San Francisco, and bring tons of tourists to the Southern Desert.
      Like everything else in Tucson, it will take  four times longer to produce, than the original estimate and wind up costing four times what it was projected to cost. Right now, we are staring about 8 million in the face.  We don’t have 8 million, but something like that doesn’t seem to faze Liberals. Does this sound like the Federal Government to you?  Sure does to me.
      i am tired of Government.  All of it.  Tucson, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.  I am tired of people spending  our money, while proclaiming they are doing it for our own good.  I guess I am tired of spending money we don’t have.  I can’t do it.  You can’t do it.  No one we know can do it.  But the Federal Government can do it.  Your local city government can do it.  We seem to be the only ones who can’t do it.
      Pretty amazing, when you think about it .  Here’s what i think I’m gonna do.  I speak perfect Spanish.   The border is only an hour from here.  I’ll go across the border, they don’t check you going in, and then I’ll sneak back across and apply for all the welfare that is available to anyone who can walk and stand upright.
      I’ll  get a fake ID and a fake Driver’s License, and I’ll use a Social Security number from someone who’s been dead for forty years.  Hey, it’s the American Dream.  Or maybe what’s left of it.

  12. Both parties are full to the brim with gutless, cowardly, lying, cheating men and women with no morals or conscience.  We the People have little say in anything any longer about our government or the way it governs.   I had a glimmer of hope the Tea Party might turn the tide but that glimmer is fading quickly.  It seems Satan surely must be waiting in the wings for anyone that is elected to public office.

    1. MadJack
      “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it” – Earl of Chatham in 1770

    2. MadJack  
      Hate to break it, but the Tea Party’s not fading away. We took out a 40 year incumbent last year and elected several people even when the elites were saying we were dead. Far from it. Ask Graham or Collins two years from now how relevant we are.

  13. Was this guy part of the Tea party or voted in by those of us that follow that party?
    If so, are ANY TEA PARTIERS paying attention to this??
    Just wondering……….

    1. harglide  
      Like Bolton, he’s never had Tea Party principles. Always votes with leadership, supported the bailout.

      I was actually skeptical of him when he was the golden boy of many here. I grew to admire him by the time he was VP, but afterwards he’s shown his real colors.

  14. If Ryan would run for prez I WILL NOT vote for him no matter what. His voting record sucks and he has become another GOP Rino. Not for me.

  15. I’ve already decided I couldn’t support him.  I don’t know how someone works with a man who supports terrorists.  It must be the in thing in Washington, to hang out with terrorists or their supporters.  Obama and Ryan, one is friends with terrorists and one is working with one who supports terrorists.

  16. This is getting very bad 
    There won’t be anybody left
    These Republicans are ridiculous
    How about Bill Whittle and Mark Levin?

    1. applepie101 Ryan sides with complete scumbags (aka Democrats), but hey he’s an honorable man.

  17. Well, the problem I have with Paul Ryan — and most of those who were ardently supporting him — was just that: he’s a nice guy.  I vote for principled men, and Ryan — who looks good in appearances — just doesn’t show the right stuff when it comes to his voting record.

  18. I was critical of conservatives who wouldn’t get behind McCain or Romney because I knew how bad Obama would be, but now I have joined them.  I won’t vote for anyone in the primary or general election that supports this abomination put together by the Gang of 8.

    1. Wiggy111 
      The GOP lost me this year.  I will only vote for a proven Constitutionalist.  If no one is nominated, I won’t vote.  I’m finished with that.

      1. NJK Wiggy111  Sorry, but this is the very attitude that got Obama reelected. People are starting to wake up, so use this time before the mid term elections to get involved with various groups. Talk to your neighbors, friends etc and if there is no constitutional minded candidate running for the GOP slot, see who is running as an independent or libertarian. Also, the local elections are very, very important too. With states rights and gun issues, don’t you want the strongest people in your governor slot, your state legislation…how about the sheriff? Sheriffs are far more powerful than you think.

    2. Wiggy111 I voted for McCain ONLY because I feared what a super majority with Reid and Pelosi would bring. I can’t stand the creep, but unfortunately too many people refused to vote and we got Obamacare. I voted for Romney only because I felt he wasn’t as evil as Obama, he’s not a communist, and he’s not a muslim sympathizer and I thought that he would at least slow down our run at the cliff versus Obama. Again, because people refused to vote, we’re probably going to lose the right to cook with a pressure cooker.

  19. No Mark, it’s obvious, to everyone but you, that Ryan IS NOT “one of the smartest guys around”….By the way, the immigration bill, if passed, will do more or as much damage to this country as obamacare…I would NOT call Rubio or Ryan my friend…Also Mark, please stop with that annoying ‘Mr. Producer’ every few seconds…Just saying…

  20. I used to respect Paul Ryan but unfortunately that’s a thing of the past and there is NO way I could support him for president.

  21. Guy is a dud. Sorry. It would be a wasted vote, Mark, no matter how likable you may find it.

  22. I threw in the towel on Ryan a long time ago.I put him on par with Rubio the Bush puppet!

      1. NJK 57thunderbird I feel sorry for Rubio. He’s been co-opted by the RINOs because he has aspirations of becoming president. Same goes for Paul.

        1. I don’t believe Paul was co-opted. He’s a libertarian and believes what he believes which it not what I believe. Rubio however has proved to be a traitor to what he said he believed. He even had the gall recently to criticize Jim Demint who now heads Heratige. I didn’t need a final straw but if I did that was it. Seems he’s alienated almost everyone who supported him.

          After this disgraceful display he gets hit with a barage of complaints from those who supported him and now it’s supposed to be makeup time.

        2. cabensg In rereading my post, I can see that I wasn’t very clear. I thought that Rubio had aspirations to become president and has been fooled by RINOs. I had only intended that Paul has aspirations to become president. Even though I thought he brought a lot of energy to the Romney campaign, he’s becoming just a bit too “weasel-ly” for my taste. With the exception of a few in office, there needs to be a complete draining of the DC swamp.

        3. cabensg  
          Damn man. Attacking DeMint after all he did to get him elected. This shows Rubio’s not just misguided, he doesn’t have any honor.

  23. Mark claims that Ryan did not make a connection but he did:
    “We do not know how to even track people who overstay their visas. We need a modern immigration system that helps us not only protect our border but protects national security and all of its aspects. If anything I would say this is an argument for modernizing our immigration laws.”

      1. OliviaHT ChurchillLover  
        VDARE is a white nationalist site supported on by Ann Coulter. They’re not an anti-amnesty site like NumbersUSA, with VDARE it’s all about racial obsessions and whites being superior, and they have blatant anti-Semites working for them (Kevin McDonald). They complain whenever conservatives who judge a person’s character instead of skin color support a minority and thought Romney’s 47 percent remark was too high because it should be the black population instead, 20%.

        You know when many here thought Ron Paul was a racist over the newsletters claimed in his name? Vdare unsurprisingly agreed with the newsletters and says stuff that makes the newsletters look mild pretty frequently.

        1. Jim25 OliviaHT ChurchillLover vDare, I will admit, leaves much to be desired — some of its writers are a bit loopy. Nevertheless, others of their writers are better. I check in with them daily because I often learn what’s going on in our open-borders war, receive welcome historical insight, and plus it often posts Michelle Malkin and Pat Buchanan (who I sometimes disagree with, but always am interested in his take on things.) That said, I eschew most of Ron Paul’s positions — though his Fed. Reserve warnings are legitimate.

        2. Jim25 ChurchillLover Actually, Jim25, there’s a highly noteworthy article at vDare posted yesterday by Alan Wall — a must read, IMO.

    1. There is no one in the present Federal government (there are a few individuals) I would trust to come up with anything to do with immigration. We need to change the government officials before we even think about immigraton reform.

  24. I think people like Paul Ryan justify their big government solutions initially, because they have certain policies that they believe in and feel passionat about.  They look at the landscape on capitol hill and conclude that the only way to accomplish anything is to learn to get along with the party bosses (Boehner, etc.)  They begin compromising slowly (i.e. if I support this legislatioin Boehner wants, I get to keep my seat on the Budget Committee where I can really make a difference).  It’s one compromise after another, until one day you wake up and you’ve compromised pretty much all that you once stood for.

      1. RighteousCrow_JustCaws mike3e4r7 If he cared, he wouldn’t do it. But he is not a principled man, especially as seen in light of Debra Burlingame’s letter re: Gutierrez. “He’s my friend.” Good men don’t have friends like that. Period.

  25. Ryan will never be President – he isn’t tough enough.  Even if somehow he would get the republican nomination he would get rolled over by the democrats and the press.  That said, he has been very disappointing since the election and my opinion of him has gone down significantly as he has been working on this awful immigration bill, especially with liberal/socialist/fascist hacks like gutierrez.

    1. rick2340 Agreed, plus he lacks that certain charisma it takes to become president, imo.

      1. Conservative_Hippie rick2340 I could care less about his charisma. What he lacks are principles; that’s all I need to know.

    2. rick2340 I agree. Biden mocked Ryan to his face in the VP date  and in the Karl Rove GOP are wimps mode he never called him out on it. Ryan has shown himself to be a Rino. he takes the heat for proposing a balanced budget but if you look at it it does it over 20 Years?? WTF??  Now he’s selling us out on the immigration in addition to all his sell out votes on the budget. He’s another Rino who says the right talking points but when the rubber hits the road he doesn’t have our backs.
       I know why the Democrats want and need 7-10 million new voters. Despite controlling education the fact is that secular mostly Democratic  families are having fewer chidren. This will be a demographics issue for them. However here comes the GOP to hand them to voters the need to put the South and Southwest in play and lean democratic in many of them. Why does the GOP want to destroy their own party? It’s Priebus leadership has been a diaster. These clowns are outmanuevered all the time by the left and always play defense. Preibus should have been fired.

  26. Another one bites the dust. Well folks, I’ve tried to yell it from the rooftops that we the people MUST stop electing career politicians and lawyers to Congress. Congress is our last defense, outside of the unthinkable.
    Congress wasn’t meant to be anyone’s career.

    1. Well said.  One key oversight of the framers was to not include term limits.  Of course, they did have the Senate chosen by the states originally, so maybe they considered that a sufficient check on Federal overreach.  They couldn’t forsee everything that what happen in the next 200 years.  Term limits would have probablly helped to slow the march to statism considerably over the past 100  years.  The leftists still would have found ways to exploit the system to gain power, that’s what they do, but term limits would have made it harder.

      1. mike3e4r7  
        We should be able to pass term limits but the ruling class won’t allow it.
        Just look at McCain, Hatch, or Feinstein.

    2. MacWell As long as we think we have a two-party system in this country, each standing in opposition to the other and working to promote its own agenda, then we haven’t been paying attention. The truth is that there is ONE party with two wings, to gather in as much of the electorate as possible and make it appear that we have a functioning two-party system. There is no way this nation could have gone off the rails as drastically at it has these past 40 years (and culminating in the near disaster we all see looming before us) if the Republican Party had been a true opposition party. Why else is it that men like “conservatives” Rubio, Ryan, and Paul suddenly seem so UNconservative? Why is it that since Reagan our national nominees have been a bunch of globalist progressives?

  27. It seems like more times than not a politician arrives on the scene and gives us hope and as quickly as they give us hope they shatter it.  Is there a special kind of glasses we can purchase to detect these guys?

    1. temi227 That only happens to the GOP who are pulled to the dark forcers of big government and end up being praised as statesmen when they move left by the DC press corps who hate conservatives. McCain and Graham live for this treatment. A Democrat voter knows what he gets. A tireless worker who will lie, cheat and steal if necessary to redistribute wealth, opportunity and private property.

  28. It’s been disapointing to watch Ryan turn into a RINO.  Maybe he always was one.  Some people may have a different take on him.  My sense is that he started as a true Conservative but, like so many, gradually got more and more caught up in the political power game, that by degrees he drifted away from first principles.

    1. mike3e4r7 Your words are true.  It’s a power game and it takes a person of incredible integrity and fortitude not to get swallowed up in it!

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