Mark Levin: Paul Ryan says to rally around Romney, but why should I? Just because he said so?

Mark Levin is tired of hearing the same old mantras from politicians who have little experience in primaries, and some are saying a lot of really dumb things right now:

It’s very painful sometimes to hear individuals who have almost no experience in the primary process, basically burping out the usual mantra ‘we all have to rally behind this one or that one’. It’s very painful to watch all these politicians – even some who are conservatives, don’t get me wrong, but they’re politicians nonetheless – that we all have to rally around, rally around…

Let me tell you something. We have to rally around the Constitution. We have to rally around our children and grandchildren. We have to rally around principles, tried and true principles based on human experience. This isn’t about rallying around some politician. It’s about fighting for our country, taking our country back. This is the process.

But to hear some of these numbskulls who think they’re so smart tell us “yeah there’ve been some people out there who’ve really divided us“. Well then I guess we shouldn’t have a primary! I guess we shouldn’t look at anybody’s record! I guess we should just say ‘John McCain you’re it, Bob Dole you’re it, another Bush you’re it, eh Romney you’re it, this one’s it‘, why do we go through the process? In other words that’s just about as stupid as you can to get to make comments like that.

He goes on to suggest that just because Paul Ryan says to rally around Romney, doesn’t make him want to change his mind.

But of course we’re going to use our ability to reason and look at records, rationalize and use our logic and have discussions about the candidates that want to be our president on the Republican side.

Let me tell you something. All this talk about ‘alright let’s everybody get behind Romney’ – Paul Ryan’s a friend of mine. I love Paul Ryan. But I don’t really care if he… – ‘OK, I’ve changed my mind. Paul Ryan told me to change my mind.‘ Why should I?

Here’s the audio:

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