Mark Levin responds to US assassination of Qassem Soleimani

This morning Mark Levin took to social media to respond to the assassination of Qassem Soleimani and he had quite a lot to say.

First off, he defended Trump for killing one of the world’s most treacherous terrorists:

President Trump has now done what Obama was incapable of doing — killing two of the world’s most treacherous terrorists: Soleimani and Baghdadi. So far, every Democrat running for President has condemned the president for taking out Soleimani after the Quds mass killer masterminded the attack on the American embassy in Iraq. The Iranian regime killed American soldiers and the party of Benghazi, Carter and Obama, and the Democrat leadership trash President Trump for dealing with these terrorists.

No, the president is not provoking war, the Iranian regime has committed numerous acts of war. No, the president is not escalating tensions, the Iranian regime is striking out in all directions against numerous countries. Imagine this terrorist regime with nuclear missiles. Obama gave them billions. And the Democrats want you to turn on our president. I predict a political backlash against the Democrats by the American people.

He then hit Democrats with a more blistering statement, saying it’s clear they stand against America and with Iran:

The modern Democrat Party stands with Iran against America. There’s no getting around it. Of course, they’ll take great offense at this observation. But just listen to and read the comments of its leadership. Iran attacks our embassy, our commander-in-chief effectively responds in real time, and top Democrats trash our president. Indeed, much of the Democrat Party and Iranian propaganda sound all too similar. Same with the Democrat Party-press.

He defended Trump from criticism that he didn’t confer with Congress before the attack:

Trump didn’t confer with Congress? Uh, Congress has been on recess. Moreover, the House Intelligence Committee has spent months orchestrating a coup against our president rather than doing its job protecting America from, among others, the terrorist regime in Iran. But a president is not required to alert Congress to a real-time defensive military action. So Pelosi and her ilk can leak and put the military action at risk? These Democrats are undermining our security. We were attacked by the Iranian regime.

I found this criticism particularly hilarious, especially given all the leaks that came out of Adam Schiff’s committee during the star chamber impeachment hearings. There’s no way this wouldn’t have been leaked by Pelosi and her Democratic henchmen, and they would have done it thinking they were protecting American lives or something. But Trump is not stupid and he treats these Democrats as they should be treated, like the enemy.

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