Mark Levin RIPS APART Ed Henry on Ukraine, and Trump APPLAUDS!

This morning Mark Levin took on Ed Henry about the spectacle over Ukraine, and he took him apart so badly that even Trump had to applaud:

No, he didn’t tweet that, but he did retweet it from his twitter account.

Fox News hasn’t released the video, but here’s a bootleg version until they do:

Ed Henry begins by saying that Levin is focusing on bashing Nancy Pelosi instead of looking at the issue, then asks him to focus on what Trump actually said on the transcript.

Levin challenges him by asking why the media doesn’t care about the identity of the whistleblower, Henry denies it. He then goes on to make the argument against Democrats and Nancy Pelosi.

Henry then asks him if the phone call was illegal. Levin counters by saying that no one has been able to cite a law that the president broke. He then goes on to ask if Hunter Biden is above the law.

Henry then asks him if he’s ok with Trump asking the Ukrainian president to dig up dirt on Biden. And that’s when Levin really takes him to task.

It’s a pretty good debate. Henry challenges Levin to really answer some tough questions, and he does. That’s how we hash out these issues. I prefer both sides of the issue being forced to debate openly.

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184 thoughts on “Mark Levin RIPS APART Ed Henry on Ukraine, and Trump APPLAUDS!

  1. Ed repeated the MSM question which is dishonest… Zelensky brought up Biden and Trump wants to know about Crowdstrike interfering in the 2016 election.

    Fake Tapper, on CNN, also covering for the Bidens. The American people are not stupid and are seeing the charade for what it is; another attempted Soft coup to take out a duly-elected POTUS.

  2. Ed Henry repeats the lie that Trump asked the Ukrainian president to dig up dirt on Biden. When Levin asks where that’s at in the transcript Henry admits, “I don’t have the transcript in front of me”…

    1. He actually tried to say that’s not how he phrased the question as a gotcha. Ed looked foolish and liar and bravo to Mark for exposing him. Mark needs to be on every Fox show he can.

  3. When Levin asked Henry to name what law was violated in the call Henry said “I’m not naming them, others have suggested”…

  4. It was Ed Henry’s game plan to try to play smart with the great mark levin and see if he could make mark sound stupid. Ed henry is different with Hannity cos he is always pro trump with Hannity . Of course Ed Henry couldn’t take on mark levin and mark made him look like a jerk

    1. He looked like a democrat schill when he used the leftist talking points. Very disgraceful, but Mark,schooled him with facts.

  5. If it was Ed Henry’s plan to out talk or out think Mark Levin it was an epic fail. He also used innuendo and that infuriated Levin. As it does me. In this instance it was easily Levin:1 – Henry:0.

    1. Levin crushed Ed with facts. What a dishonest pos when he said yes or no are you okay with the President asking a foreign president to,dig up dirt on Biden. That’s when I saw Mark spit fire and I’m glad he didn’t play the gotcha game.

    2. Democrats claim they investigate corruption,
      but accuse Republicans of “digging up dirt.”
      Demagoguery, thy name is Democrat.

  6. It’s no secret that paid FN reporters and analysts (which means not Hannity and Carlson), have been directed ordered to be far more critical of Trump than they were before the death of Roger Ailes.

    1. There is also Ingrahm and Watters. Mark should get on as many Fox shows as possible as he is great with facts and history.

  7. One thing I picked up on was Mark saying Senate did not have to take this up because Pelosi is not following the normal process. Unfortunately Mitch has already said he would and unless some senators tell Mitch otherwise that train appears to have left the station. Saw Grassley tweeting about house GOP being cut from the process so instead of whining make it clear to Mitch your caucus won’t support your starting a trial this way. I’m not counting on it.

    1. After watching Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan on Judge Jeanine last nite, I can’t help but think they’ve got something up their sleeves here. They appeared quite confident and relaxed, even a bit jovial. And they expressed utter confidence in Bill Barr’s work behind the scenes.

    2. The Constitution does not say the Senate *must* hold a trial.

      The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for
      that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the
      United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be
      convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

      Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from
      Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or
      Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be
      liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to

  8. Trump was not asking for political dirt to use in a campaign ad he was asking for evidence of criminal activity. There is a difference. Dirt is that Biden is went to Epstein’s island hundreds of times. Criminal activity is that Biden earmarked tax payer money to an Epstein front company for services rendered on said island.

    1. That’s the game. No hack quotes anyone anymore. It’s always recharacterizing and inventing words that were never spoken, then attacking those as if they are real. Classic strawman.

      When you point it out, they lie and say no, they didn’t do that. It’s like arguing with a drug addict.

  9. Ed realizes he’s about to take a pounding and quickly says “its not about me” before its too late!!!

    By the way, Trump twitter has a great 2 min clip of this video.

    1. Yep, but then he stupidly thinks he’s got Mark when he reads the portion of the transcript which as Mark points out does not say did up dirt. If you are going to go after the Great One you better take him out Ed. What an epic fail.

    2. I would say it was too late. Ed looked like a fool. Guess he hasn’t watched enough Levin to know that Levin IS the Great One…if you’re gonna take him on, better know your stuff frontwards, backwards and inside out.

  10. Amazing. Ed had all the liberal talking points and got them out and tried to corner Levin with them. When Levin countered him he folded like a liberal and deflected that he wasn’t asking but everyone else was.
    Ed is also a reporter and can look into everything Levin accused the press of not doing except never once did Ed state he would.

    1. Considering Ed said he wasn’t saying it, didn’t he demand yes/no if Mark thought it was okay for Trump to ask for dirt on Biden. Did Ed not realize we all heard him ask including Mark.

    1. He and comrade tapper are both enemies of America. No crime has been committed yet they support a coup detat.

  11. Mark Levin should be President Trump Personal Attorney…until this crap is cleaned up ! Mr Trump are you listening….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Maria was so good this morning too. We were talking about her guests and what they had to say. This is good:

    Pflichttreue msliberty • an hour ago Former AG Mukasey is saying that Pelosi is being ridiculous about Barr “going rogue.”
    His comments are clearing up a few things for me. Barr does not need to recuse himself, there is no basis.
    The question “Did Trump do anything wrong?” was answered with “No.”
    Biden needs investigated? “Yes.

  13. Each legal move by Trump WH and legal team will highlight the corrupt and deceptive way the Obama admin, DNC and Hillary campaign were in the creation of the Russia/Ukraine hoax. They are not separate but instead the later is simply an extension of the former.

  14. I don’t think Ed was suspecting what was about to hit him. The Great One is always ready and always knows what he’s talking about.

    BTW, now an “anonymous” gov’t official is saying Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing helped Rudy dig up dirt on Biden. Looking forward to the thumping Joe and Victoria are about to give this hearsay.

    1. What credible rag is reporting that. By the way newsmedia, Biden gave the dirt on himself in the video, but either way there is nothing illegal about digging up dirt on an opponent. As I said below this train is leaving the station fast and Barr/Durham better get their reports or at least partial out this week and senate GOP better get off their arse and go on offense before the narrative seeps into the publics minds. We have to remember we are much more informed than the average person.

    2. Funny. That is perfectly legal as they represent a person and/or a campaign. It is their constitutional right to “dig up” information, or what more logical people call “investigate” issues that are related to the opposing political parties activities meant to harm their client(s).

    3. Rudy flat out denied that on Maria’s show this morning. Rudy also said that he is representing his client DJT and he has every right to investigate anything to prove his client is innocent.

  15. He wasn’t digging up dirt on Biden. The Ukraine government was offering the information that they thought our government should know about the 2016 involvement. It was all clearly explained on Maria’s show this morning. Makes sense to me.

  16. In God we trust. All others must provide data.

    Ted Cruz and Mark Levin may be the exceptions that prove the rule.

    1. Here’s the conservative standard bearer (Ted Cruz) according to Mark Levin’s own media company (ConservativeReview):

      05/23/2019 – Voted to pass a $19 billion spending bill without funding for the border crisis.
      12/19/2018 – Voted to release dangerous criminals from federal prisons.
      12/11/2018 – Voted to pass a $900 billion farm bill with socialist policies.
      09/18/2018 – Voted to pass a promise-breaking cromnibus before the election.
      07/31/2018 – Voted to extend a broken and almost-insolvent flood insurance program.
      02/09/2018 – Voted for massive spending, a debt ceiling raise, and Democrat priorities.

  17. Ed Henry the DNC’s newest Team Member.
    Why are GUESTS educating the mouthpieces about information they should already know?
    Ed ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffK u.

  18. All these questions about the Trump phone call are based on straw men. They always paraphrase what is in the transcript to make it sound worse than it is. Trump’s “get to the bottom of it” would normally be interpreted as “find out whether or not this is true,” but instead gets presented as “dig up dirt on Biden” or even, in the case of Adam Schiff, “manufacture dirt on Biden.”

    And, or course, they cut out the phrase “do me a favor” in the first paragraph, slide way past his discussion of cooperating in the AG investigation, and stitch that phrase on to the discussion of Biden. All to give the impression that the whole purpose of the discussion was to get Biden.

    When Trump was accused of something heinous, they were all saying, “don’t you want to know if this candidate for president was collaborating with Russia?” But when an investigation might look at Biden, then they claim it’s not just politically motivated, but an impeachable offense.

    Sorry guys. You don’t get to demand in investigation of Trump while demanding that any investigation of Biden is corrupt and impeachable.

    And we find out that the whistleblower form was changed to allow second-hand hearsay accusations just in time for this complaint.

    And Pelosi calls it an impeachment inquiry without a House vote.

    So we have straw man arguments, deliberate misquotes, double standards, changing of the rules to allow what was not allowed before, and short-changing the entire impeachment process.

    Levin is very right. There is nothing honest about this whole business. At all.

  19. Trump didn’t have to dig up dirt on Biden, the dirt was already there. I’ve now listened to Mark Levin and Jay Sekulow go through the call Trump had with with the Ukraine president, plus my own initial reading of the call. The more I hear about it, the more the Communist claim falls apart. I listened to Schiff, with Maguire, what a farce that was. One thing I noticed in that hearing, the Democrats kept beating Maguire, that the so called whistle blower identity must be protected. Who are the Democrats protecting? They’re protecting themselves, because in all this, they are the ones that initiated this so called whistleblower.

    1. I caught that as well, but since GOP Burr heads the senate intelligence he could have and should have had his own hearing last week demanding DNI explain why the whistleblower requirements were just changed in August and explain that the actual whistleblower statute has not changed, they are not protected as third party and then subpoena the person. Enough of playing by democrats playbook.

  20. And Nancy still doesn’t have a charge…The dumbed down are so dumb, they buy it. I see in comments elsewhere, “if we can just get rid of Trump, everything will be okay! Unbelievable.

    1. People really think and many on the GOP side that they can overthrow an election and things will just be business as usual. I look at people like Erickson and Amanda Carpenter pushing and cheering this on and I can’t understand how they don’t understand the turmoil this will bring not just here, but around the world.

  21. GOD BLESS YOU MARK! I pray you will be with us for a long, long time because we CAN NOT afford to lose you!!!

  22. Dishonest question from Ed…….no where does the transcript say that POTUS asked to dig up dirt on Biden.

    1. That’s where Levin nails them, he doesn’t allow them to use their “talking points” narrative. Nowhere in that call did Trump ask him to “dig up dirt” on Biden, he simply wanted to know why the investigation was dropped when Biden got involved. Elected republicans should grow a spine and watch how Trump and Levin and only a few others go after these lying pinhead democrats and their MSM allies. Do not allow them to change the entire meaning of whichever non scandal they have manufactured, go for the jugular.

  23. Why is it considered to be interfering in the 2020 election to investigate actual interference in the 2016 election

    1. They’re allowed to investigate Trump with no cause other than “we lost”. No one is allowed to investigate a prominent Democrat.

  24. I am so happy Mark did that to this little prick. I can’t stand him he’s always on defending the damn Democrats and bashing Trump I noticed it earlier yesterday I think someone was on try to defend Trump and he kept saying yeah but he did say look into Biden. So what the hell how come everybody can look into him but he can’t look into anyone I’m so sick of this I can’t stand Ed Henry. I heard him dispute that the economy was good under Trump because it was getting better under Obama so it just kept growing it wasn’t necessarily Trump making the economy grow. Thank you Mark Levin.

  25. Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don’t you want our evidence on Democrats?

    They were already investigating Joe Biden & election meddling long before the Trump phone call.

  26. I missed the Levin appearance live but was watching the show off and on. Awesome so awesome how Denali addresses this point by point by point. When I was watching another segment of this program Henry was constantly ignoring the Bidens actions, deflecting if not defending Pelosi, and only wanting to point fingers at Trump and the feckless republicans. Levin is brilliant as always. He puts it all on the line with his show when he demonstrates integrity and courage like he does here and elsewhere.

    1. I’m not sure how Ed thinks as Mark pointed out overturning the will of 63 million voters is going to end well. Does he think Mitt will step in and save the day with Fox new board member Paul Ryan. I keep seeing people like Erickson, Amanda Carpenter and others cheering this on like it’s a game. The disaster this is for our country and the impacts worldwide on financials and overall stability can’t be ignored. Ed looked like a fool.

  27. Levin wanted a quote where Trump actually asked for Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden so Hobo Henry read it. Yet…Trump didn’t ask for dirt. They twist things to fit their narrative.

  28. Ed Henry is in with the traitors now. Fox News is headed deeper into the swamp. Levin is right that people are not going to stand for this.

    1. For future reference, just right click the image and select “copy image location”….Windows 10 anyway. Then paste here.

    2. The article was better than the cartoon. I am a closet conservative in NY and it makes me sick to think how my friends of 40 years would hate me if they knew.

  29. Seems the so called Journalists at Fox such as Henry, Wallace, Martha, Juan, Smith are becoming a clique defending their positions as the REAL experts at Fox; the rest are considered conspiracy theorists.

  30. Levin was spot on! Henry is echoing what other MSM journalists are asking… no where in the call is President Trump asking for dirt on Biden. President Trump is asking for information on the 2016 election… CROWDSTRIKE! Remember that name… CROWDSTRIKE.

    Kamaleon Harris is now saying to “leave Biden alone,” after being asked if she would allow her son to sit on the board of a foreign company.

    CNN’s Fake Tapper, who someone on this blog claims is a legitimate journalist, falsely accused President Trump of pressuring the Ukrainian president, and said Biden had nothing to do with the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor.

    1. Well we know that’s a lie, Biden did pressure the Ukrainians, Biden is on tape bragging how he would withhold 1 billion in aid, if they didn’t fire the prosecutor, and he gave them 6 hours to make their decision. Talk about mob tactics.

    2. How in God’s name does he say that w/ a straight face, in front of a camera? Do they even listen to themselves???

  31. Ed Henry? … Good grief — another “journalist” gone over to Trump Derangement Syndrome and the lies that come with it. Clearly, he has his marching orders.

  32. Why did he accept the False Premises (talking points) of lying Democrats and repeat them? That ISN’T journalism — that is partisanship.

    1. With the exception of a few people with shows (Hannity, Tucker, Waters World, the Judge, Lou Dobbs) they all parrot the media talking points of lying democrats, I guess because they can not make up any of their own. This has been going on for a very long time and its sickening. They want to be part of the IN crowd so they engage in the media narrative 24/7/365 with no push back.

  33. Note to Ed. …whenever Mark says “hold on now “, and holds his hand up, that’s your cue to shut your pie hole. Mark is educating you.

  34. Levin was a Trump skeptic during the primaries but became Trump’s biggest defender as soon as Trump won the primaries. Considering that Trump isn’t a “conservative” and is doing long lasting damage to the cause, Levin is not “conservative”. He IS a hyper-partisan Republican attack dog. He is doing permanent damage to his own reputation by defending Trump. Everyone who supports Trump loses in the end.

    1. “We know he’s not a conservative because a conservative would never defend Trump for any reason”

      Great logic.

    2. Lady, we support liberty. That’s our choice-it’s either liberty or tyranny.
      Levin is stating the facts in the name of liberty, not Trump. We are not into identity politics with loyalty to the the squad or political icons. Our allegiance is to the law, constitutional principal and liberty. That’s what Levin is defending and my guess is that he doesn’t give a rats a$$ about his reputation anymore than Jefferson, Adams, Madison gave a rats a$$about their reputation during the American Revolution.

      You, Denise , can choose tyranny but as for me,…”Give me liberty or give me death.”

    3. Bunk. Levin describes himself as a constitutionalist. Trump has been implementing the conservative cause since the day he has been in office. he is trying to put in originalist judges, he is pro life, he is pro Israel, he is building a wall, he has cut regulation, he is helping the inner cities, and he is doing it without the help of his own party. Where are the conservatives you are talking about because other than the Freedom Caucus I don’t see many conservatives in Congress. Amash is nutty, and Mike Lee is wandering somewhere with Mittens.

    4. I don’t care if Levin is conservative enough for you. The question is: Is he right in what he is saying about Trump in this particular instance? I hope you agree that the answer is yes.

  35. I listened a second time and just hearing Ed Henry trying to get Mark to answer yes or no made me sick. The only politician I give money to is Ted Cruz but today I made an exception and made a donation to the Trump campaign. I didn’t vote for him in 2016 now I am eager to cast my vote for Trump.

    1. The trolls are out…Levin is the real deal and has been very critical on Trump on some issues…but ML is always consistent.

    2. Sandra, I could have written your post myself. I wrote in Ted Cruz on a New York ballot in 2016 and am now willing to donate and vote for Trump.

    3. Me too, Sandra! I even wrote in Ted’s name on the ballot in November! But I will vote for Trump in 2020; none of the dozens of demonrats running are electable

    4. You would be surprised to learn how many feel the same way. I was a rabid No-Trumper until I saw what the Democrats ginned up against him on Day One. Never looked back – MAGA 2020.

  36. AS usual Levin is spot on……

    Send /email this to your senators with a letter of support for the president! Let them know your feelings

  37. Don’t watch too much FNC (other than Tucker), but I recently caught and segment of Cavuto interviewing Rick Scott. Cavuto was pushing Impeachment. and Scott was logical and very measured in his responses. Scott kept saying that since he has been in DC, that the Dems had no interest in dealing with any problems other than flogging Impeachment.

    Boy Murdoch (and his leftist wife) are taking a greater role at FNC and jellyfish like Cavuto, Judge Nap, Henry and their own Gloria Vanderbilt Jr, aka Shep Smith are rushing to appease him. FNC’s simple biggest blunder is hiring the odious Donna Brazille to appease Dems, who will never give FNC a debate in 100 years.
    FNC has an internal war going on between people who are Pro Trump and people rushing to appease Murdoch, the lesser as he tries to neuter FNC and turn it into Sky News (aka BBC lite.)

    1. Anyone involved in the latest distraction of the RESIST! movement (the dem party and rinos) is a fraud. Sorry to hear that Cavuto would hop on board this idiotic bandwagon over a cliff but we are certainly finding out who is real and who is a fraud.

  38. Ed Henry should know better than to challenge Mark Levin, who researches everything before discussing politics…probably the only one who does!

    Meanwhile, OT, has anyone else gone to Subway for a roast beef sandwich only to find out that Corporate discontinued roast beef??? How insane is that? Who ever heard of a deli without roast beef. Nuts….and very sad today. We usually stop at Subway for sandwiches after church and I always get roast beef. sad.

  39. Why does “conservative” Levin so vocally support a guy who has :
    – Increased illegal immigration.
    – Increased Government spending over and above the built in increases.
    – Increased deficits during an economic expansion.
    – Introduced new gun controls and supported more.
    – Appointed known RINO Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.
    – Signed multiple spending bills that subsidize Planned Parenthood.
    – Given the Democrats the House back.
    – Attacks Free Enterprise and Free Trade.
    – Probably uses his office for his personal benefit.

    1. Clearly you never listen to Mark. On many of the conservative point Levin disagrees with Trump this video is about the coup against the president, false media and the Constitution. He is the best to speak out against them.

      I don’t like many of the things Trump does however that does not mean you don’t speak out against how unfairly he is being treated by the Democrats. What is happening now is asinine and qualifies as an illegal act to grab power from the elected leader of our country.

    2. Same reason all the other “conservatives” do. They’re sick of losing, and they want to feel like winners. Even if they have to embrace progressivism to do it.

    3. First of all, your list has a lot of rhetorical spin, but even then the Trump pro-Conservative list is a lot longer. Trump has problems, but he’s been better than most RINO republicans and he’s light years better than any of the Democrats – especially the bozos like Hillary.

    4. Because we’re talking about the rule of law here and the integrity of our entire political system. If the left gets away with this overturning of an election, this coup disguised as impeachment, then we are a banana republic and the future is dim.

      I’m very frustrated with Trump (and what he did to Cruz) but the truth is the truth and process matters.

  40. Makes my day watching Mark taking people like Ed Henry to the wood shed, he leaves no prisoners and it’s all done with facts, bravo Mark !

    1. He’s a pure breath of fresh air. What I can’t figure out is, why is it only Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and Mark Levin being vocal about telling the TRUTH! Where is everyone??? I pray they’re so busy behind the scenes preparing to expose the Dems and their dirty deep state that they don’t have the TIME to make the news-speak shows…

  41. To quote the President of the United States: “I love Mark Levin, he’s tough as hell”. If I’m ever in trouble, I want them on my side.

  42. On another note I wish Mark went against Chris Wallace who was pathetic…..For his panel he has a straight news Lady, a Never Trumper Conservative, and 2 hyper partisan Dems. He does this cause he thinks he needs to hit back at Tucker Carlson because guess who he claims is working off the grid? Joe Digenova who destroyed Napolitano and Shep got butt hurt (no pun really) HOWEVER, Rudy does need to shut up he looks unhinged, I like Rudy but lord be quite.

    1. Sometimes I think he should be quiet but when I reflect deeper I say keep talking. These wussie republicans crawl in a hole and cover themselves hoping beyond hope that they will escape the crossfire. HE MUST CONTINUE IN SPITE OF SOME OF HIS OVER THE TOP STATEMENTS. He must educate the public as to what is going on because the MSM will never do so.

  43. Will Chamberlain
    Today would be a really great day for Fox News to remove Paul Ryan from its board of directors

  44. Looks like Ed might still be suffering the after-effects of anesthesia from his recent surgery.
    No disrespect (he donated part of his liver to his ailing sibling, which I applaud him for). But seriously, you were totally unprepared here, Ed. And Levin drove over you, then backed up and went over you again.

    1. Gained a lot of weight around the facial area.I think it because his mouth won’t say what Henry wants it to say about the President.

  45. Before I left to do my Sunday Business,I saw a posting on the site suggesting Henry will bad mouth the hell out of the President,then go on the Hannity Show and do a complete 180 and agree with everything Sean says about the President.Like to give the poster credit and say I agree.My red alert oops came on again.I just hit the Post as Bigsir,now I am OK.

  46. Levin is fantastic. I’m not going to bash Ed Henry here and Levin was spot on when he said nobody in the media wants to cover what went on with Hunter and Joe Biden in Ukraine. This is why they are attacking Trump again….to cover up the corruption in the democratic party.

    1. Ed Henry was simply trying to play devil’s advocate, an unenviable position when you are going up against Mark. Consequently, you just become his latest punching bag, something that often happens to Mark Levin Show callers who believe they can match wits with him; they don’t call him “The Great One” for nothing.

  47. I have heard few people pose this fundamental question, so I will pose it again. Should a politician be immune from investigation and criminal prosecution for the crime of bribery simply by running for the presidency of the United States? In a nutshell, this is what House Democrats are suggesting. If the subject is not currently the president, it would seem the only entity constitutionally capable of addressing such issues is the unitary executive, the current president of the United States. A process that worked any other way would mean the country would have to wait until the subject is elected to the office and then impeach them for bribery. And that is just plain silly.

    No, I am no lawyer like Mr. Levin, but I have met him on at least three separate occasions [okay so there is my Holiday Inn Express-type reference].

    1. Asking a question and obtaining information, should never be an impeachable offense. Period, full-stop.
      The height of irony is when the guy asking the questions is being chased out of office, in place of the corrupt guy he asked about.

  48. I’ll leave this right here…

    ““Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers…

    This was an article from January 2017… from Politico…

    1. Plus The Daily Caller has an article up today about the Ukraine Prosecutor stating that he found no evidence of wrongdoing by Biden or his son. We’re supposed to take his word? Sorry, if the Ukraine is known for being corrupt then I’m not going to believe anything they have to say unless this new President clears Biden and son. And while I don’t know really how decent he is, he said he wants to end the corruption, I’m willing to give him a chance to prove himself.

  49. These impeachment proceedings are just another of the leftist’s new legal standard of guilty until proven innocent.

  50. Notice Ed Henry quoted Adam Schiff’s fictional opening statement – NOT the transcript. Later, when called on it, Schiff said that it was parody and he should have made that clear but he didn’t because he knew the media would run with it and people would believe it. It was intentional misdirection, deception, and manipulation!

    I wonder if these pseudo-journalists have even read the transcript!

  51. I think Henry was just playing “devil’s advocate” to rev Levin up for the segment. Later he switched to the other side.

  52. Ed Henry, Shepherd Smith, Chris Wallace and Foxnews RESIDENT DRUNK Andrew Napolitano….DEMOCRAT operatives. Thanks Mark Levin… RIPPED Dick Ed Henry a new one!!!!!!

  53. I don’t ever get tired of listening to Mark Levin. He’s a fine example of American Patriotism… He is so passionate about this Country and its founding principles… you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows as much about America as Mark does… I learn something new every time I listen to him. 🙂 Thanks Mark!!!!

  54. Check this out!!! I found a connection between the “whistle blower” and GEORGE SOROS!!! If you look at the footnotes on pages 4, 5, and 6 you’ll notice he references the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project(OCCRP). If you go to their website at and scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see an “Open Society” funding icon which is THE George Soros funding machine for leftist organizations. If nothing else we should ALL find this connection suspicious don’t you think? WOW!

  55. Dayum! No offense to rudy, but Trump needs to hire Levin yesterday! No one has a better handle on the law, history, common sense and the Constitution than The Great One!

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