Mark Levin RIPS Trump Carrier Comments: “What is this…a BANANA REPUBLIC?”

Mark Levin opened his show discussing Trump’s comments from his Carrier speech today, hitting Trump hard for sounding like the leader of a banana republic with his threats to punish companies who want to take their business overseas.

At one point during his comments, Levin recalled how Hugo Chavez was walking down the street, pointing out buildings and telling his people to expropriate them. He then asked if Trump was going to walk down industry punishing business with a 35 percent tax that were planning to go overseas:

But now this part about where we’re like a banana republic? I remember that video I played on Levin TV where the late, not great, Hugo Chavez was walking down the street and he was pointing at buildings and he’s saying:

“You see that building there?”
And the press “yeah yeah yeah”.
“Expropriate it!”
“See that over there?”
“Expropriate it!”
“Expropriate it!”

Well what now, [is Trump] gonna walk down industry row?

“You wanna send some business overseas? Nah, I’m taxing you 35 percent!”
“You? Nah, I’m hitting you too!”
“You? Okay I know you, you’re okay.”

That’s not something we should support, that’s not something we should applaud!”

Levin does credit Trump when he’s talking about doing the right thing such as lowering corporate taxes and such, but he focuses most of his segment on how Trump is threatening to punish companies.

Listen to his full segment below:

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