Mark Levin: Romney has weakened the Republican party with his carpet bombing

Assuming that Romney is going to become the nominee (because of his delegate lead), Levin wants to know how we bring the Republican party back together given that Romney is only getting 41% of the Republican vote. This low percentage is something that surprised Levin, something he didn’t know until he read Robert Stacy McCain’s piece at the American Spectator, Predictably Predictable. He also read from Roll Call’s Mitt Romney’s Weakness Is Also Strength — or Is It? in his first segment, both of those pieces you can read yourself.

But his point is that Romney’s massively negative carpet bombing campaign has weakened the Republican party by alienating many conservatives who are angry with his tactics. McCain quotes from the Washington Post:

Romney’s super PAC has spent nearly $30 million on advertising, 91 percent of it on negative ads aimed at either Gingrich or Santorum. By some estimates, the Romney campaign is spending at a rate of more than $15 per vote, compared to less than $6 per vote for Santorum.

Levin says that negative campaigning is apart of every primary, but he’s never seen it on this level. Romney has been using it to destroy his opponents instead of building himself up. This is worrisome because if Romney can’t pull the Republican Party back together, we may lose this election which would be devastating. That’s why Levin is asking how we fix this.

Listen to the audio below:

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711 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Romney has weakened the Republican party with his carpet bombing

  1. People we have the fix sitting right in front of us and that is Ron Paul. For the life of me I can not understand the American people any more. You get it in your heads that a guy can not win and you throw him to the dogs. Why h*** no he can’t win if you keep that kind of attitude. I for one did not take that road. I got elected as a National Convention Delegate who will vote RP if given the chance. I am doing something. I will ride this horse right into the ground and if we get Obama back then I can lay down and sleep at night because I will know that I gave it all I had. I would bet my last dollar that RP can beat Obama. I will also bet my last dollar that Romney can not beat Obama.

  2. Romney is complete toast and will loose against Obama. I am asking the Romney delegates to join with us the Ron Paul delegates and throw Romney out at the National Convention. I am a Republican delegate to the National Convention bound to Newt. When Newt drops out or fails to receive 35% of the vote then I go to Ron Paul. Why? Because he is the one to beat Obama. He will get the Independent, cross over Democrat and Libertarian votes and the Republicans will have no choice but to vote for him. Either that or go with Obama and I don’t think the Republicans are going to go with Obama. Paul can beat Obama but we have to give him a crack. To not do so will only get us four more of Obama. Independents, cross over Democrats and Libertarians can not stand Romney and that will be his down fall in the general election.

  3. Romney does not have the nomination sewn up. Until or unless he gets to 1,144 delegates who are actually bound to vote for him, he is not. If he fails to get the votes, it it will go to to a brokered convention, and then he is screwed, big-time, because in the 60-day period before the convention, the delegates are no longer bound to vote for him. and they can decide to support Gingrich.

    With Santorum out, the Christian Right – especially Evangelicals – are flocking to Gingrich. There is so much really, really damaging dirt on Romney that I am shocked has not come to light yet – except for the fact that the other Republicans are not scumbag, sleaze balls like Romney and would not use it against him.

    I can only imagine that Obama is planning on keeping it quiet until he is the nominee.

    IF he is the nominee. Don’t bet the ranch on it. Not the way this campaign has gone.

  4. Courtesy of Twister

    “verify for yourself all this is true. Multiple sources are encouraged as you begin to see the truth about Romney for yourself.


    – Valedictorian at BYU

    – Baker’s scholar (top 5% of business students) at Harvard

    – Master’s degrees in business AND law

    – enormously successful in private business and now worth between
    $200 and $250 million (compare this to many of Obama’s closest advisers
    who have never had to turn a profit or go hungry, and, no, don’t whine
    about workers he let go when taking over a company while at Bain Capital
    because you’d be forgetting to look at: A) the workers’ jobs he saved
    by saving a dying company and B) the jobs he created after those
    struggling companies were turned around and started to grow again) – turned a loss into one of the few profit-earning Olympics (Salt Lake) in 2002

    – put aside partisanship prejudices/trash-talk by successfully
    campaigning/winning the governor’s seat (2003 – 2007) as a Republican in
    a heavily Democrat-controlled state LONG before Scott Brown

    – previous executive leadership experience as a state governor,
    including Massachusetts’ Commander In Chief of state military forces
    (Yes, a state governor is legally the Commander In Chief of that state’s
    National Guard forces unless those troops are called to active-duty by
    the President)

    – turned Massachusetts’ budget from red to black while governor (- $3.0B to +$2.16B; that’s “billion” with a “B”) – cut taxes 19 times as Massachusetts governor (that’s not a typo, NINETEEN)

    – as MA governor, developed a plan that would make deadbeats pay for
    their own health care (you may not like the MA health care law but
    that’s what it’s sole purpose was. Still don’t like it because of the
    mandate? Don’t move to MA.) (BTW, how would YOU have solved the MA
    healthcare free-loader problem and how would you have done it with an
    overwhelmingly Democrat-controlled state legislature like Romney had to
    work with?)

    – “Service over self”. Romney immediately endorsed McCain after
    ‘Super Tuesday’ in 2008 when it became obvious McCain was the clear
    front-runner. America is more important to him than his ego.

    – volunteer service to community as a church head pastor for 13 years all with ZERO pay (that’s right, none)

    – would give ALL his Presidential salary ($1.6 million total) back to
    the American taxpayers if elected (yes, he’s on record as committing to
    this) – turned 65 on March 12, 2012 and voluntarily turned down
    enrolling in Medicare (in other words, he’s NOT sucking up our precious
    tax dollars because he knows he can, and therefore should, take care of
    himself) – upon turning 65 he also chose to NOT receive any
    Social Security payments because, again, he knows he can take care of
    himself and therefore should not rely on our tax dollars to help fund
    his daily living

    – looks, talks and acts “Presidential”

    – understands commitment (never divorced, in a loving 43 year marriage)

    – understands morality (never had an affair)

    – understands family (5 kids, all successful adults)

    – willing to let all of America see his birth certificate and school records without a fight

    – released his most recent tax records proving he’s not a tax cheat, with more tax records to come

    Nope, nothing there that America needs. And, gee, certainly nothing ‘conservative’…..”

    In other words levin is full of it.

  5. So some of you may stay home because you have bought into Levin and others that Romney isn’t conservative enough for you or them or what? You would rather have Obama and his Socialist leanings, EPA regulations, energy regulations, no budget, increased spending than Romney? That is illogical.Just who are you going to show? Just who are you trying to ruin? Your country, neighbors, friends who will suffer under more stuff from this man – you do not care? I feel that people need to take this more seriously. It is not a game that I win, you lose. We all will loose if Romney doesn’t win the Presidency. If your hatred or dislike is that strong is has got to be more than he is rich, Romneycare, and some of the really silly things people say. We need to win the Presidency and the Senate as well as retaining the House before we can even to begin to correct our country’s problem. You should vote for Romney for one reason only – he will pick our next 3 Supreme Court picks – him or Obama. So it makes a difference and showing some people whom you preceive to be controlling the party how you “feel” make you an ideal Democrat and you are the RINOs. Romney 2012

  6. If Romney’s carpetbombing of his opponents has hurt the party how much has Rush, Levin, NRO, Weekly Standard, George Will hurt the party by making the bombing necessary. The various “conservatives”, use the term lightly, that have come and gone have had the backing of the Fox and Right press, Obama has the MSM where Romney has only his supporters and the funds to tell the world just what kind of men and record his opponents have as Levin and the others sure weren’t going to tell us. Levin needs to make a decision – President Romney or President Obama – choice is the voters and these so called conservative journalists and talkers. If they think Obama is preferable, they need to tell us how and why. Obama needs to go and the far right ideologs need to get on board or just shut up. Telling us daily how Romney is not worthy in their light is not helping the party and more hurtful than any negative advertising would ever do. Romney 2012

    1. “…the far right ideologs need to get on board or just shut up.”

      I don’t think I even need to comment on that.

  7. I for one agree completely with Mark. I will admit that I am a Gingrich fan, and I have never in my life seen a patriot so completely destroyed. After South Carolina, Romney and his minions threw everything but the kitchen sink at Gingrich in the span of one day. It was the most devastating campaign and personal attack I have ever seen. Since that time, I have no respect for Romney or the establishment who helped destroy Gingrich. Say and think what you will about Newt, but he is a brilliant conservative that has done more to promote the conservative cause than all of the other candidates combined. The personal destruction they brought to this man was vicious and uncalled for. You can disagree with someone’s policies and vision for our country, but to go after him in such a personal way was really painful to see. I now look at Romney as the conservative version of Obama who does not seem to have a moral compass and will do anything to get elected President. I am not sure that he is worthy of my vote at this point. It makes me very sad that the campaign has devolved into such a mean spirited campaign. We were all on the same side. Now I feel like there is know one out there who can represent me. This will be Romney’s challenge, and I know I am not alone.

  8. Romney is simply a GOP suicide bomber who violently assassinated his competition, and then acts surprised that he also mortally wounded himself in the process. I hope he has 72 virgins over at Bain Capital to play with, because he won’t get anywhere near the Whitehouse. I will be voting GOP downticket but 3rd party for president in November.

  9. Mark, love your columns, however, Santorum, not Romney is hurting the Republican Party. Too extreme, too nasty, disorganized, too religious and an egomaniac to boot. Santorum and Gingrich are irrelevant.

  10. Romneycare = A view of Big Govt I cannot abide. I therefore distrusted Romney from the start. His subsequent demolition of fellow Republicans has moved my dial from Distrust to Despise. When the time comes, I will pull the lever… reluctantly. Several family members are considering sitting this one out, so Republicans can regain the clarity required to save what’s left of America, post-O.

  11. Don’t like Romney and will have to hold my nose to vote for him in November, but am willing to take a gamble on him given the alternative. Can’t say I’d take the same risk with either Santorum or Gingrich. I’d likely sit out my third pres election in a row. Neither are conservative. Both voted to put this country in incredible debt with unfunded programs and wars while they were in office. Santorum is mired in every issue that made the GOP the small party it is. He is dedicated to narrowing the base to be as small as possible, following in Rove’s footsteps. Gindgrich is a loose cannon who was thrown out of leadership by this own party. In sum, to blame the GOP’s problems on Romney is just plain silly. The party is too mired in social issues that should have nothing to do with the federal government, and fringe issues like immigration that unreasonably drives millions of likely GOP voters who have the same values away. It is also dominated by neocons who proved the failure of their ideas under W (not to mention the fact that they have never once responsibly acknowledged that their policies require tax increases to pay for them). The GOP needs to focus on a reasonable approach to fiscal responsibility and smaller government if it wants to increase the size of its base and maybe win a pres election someday. Again, to blame the GOP’s problems on Romney is nuts!

  12. Romney is not a conservative. I’ll never vote for him! Obama or Obama-lite, there is no difference….

  13. Romney needs to shake things up with his VP pick. LTC Allen West would provide a necessary balance to Romney with knowledge, military experience, much needed excitement for the ticket, would be a great debater, is not afraid of tackling the race issue and would possibly sway a percentage of minority voters away from Obama. He is not afraid to speak the truth, even if it is not politically correct. He is a favorite of the Tea Party and would be tough as nails against the progressives’ attacks of Romney and the GOP. West commented that being in Washington is just another battle and is nothing compared to being shot at. He is a true American Hero and leader who said that “he would walk through Hell with a gasoline can” if it meant he could save his men. I believe that he would walk through fire to help save our country and her people. I think that he would help to garner respect for America again from other countries and restore our credibility on the worldwide stage.

    1. Levin sometimes has gone over the top and hurt Republicans. I like Levin but he and guys like him have formed the radical mold that Santorum is in. They sometimes try to be too intelligent and wind up being too stupid. Levin is a powerful writing figure, although you might think at this stage of the game he would turn his 105 howitzers around and aim them at Obama instead of Romney. Perfect example of being too smart and not a team player. Compare Santorum’s sarcastic remarks about Romney and Levins sarcastic remarks about Romney this far into the campaign, and they are really the same. The mold cannot be broken. Santorum is a legend in his own mind. Levin is closing in on that category. Don’t really follow James Carville but he said it right,”Santorum is like a chicken with his head cut off running all over the yard. The only one that doesn’t know he’s dead is the chicken”. However, Santorum is the kind of person that will take the party down with him, Hope Levin Stays afloat until November .

  14. Mark Levin obviously has an agenda, let recognize it. When he won’t listen to a caller that won’t yield to the fact that only a mere 41% of the vote to Romney should be a concern, yet Levin would not let the caller bring up the obvious fact that there are FOUR candidates still in the race and 41% is clearly well above and beyond the other’s performance.
    Then he says, “…because he’s (Romney) not going to win if he doesn’t pull the Republican Party together.” Wow, Mark, how can ANYONE pull the Republican Party together when “respectable” conservative voices like yours are obviously standing in the way of that happening to sell books, articles, and opinions on Fox News.
    Levin continues, “…the man (Romney) should have spent 91% of his $30M promoting himself and conservative principles.” Again, that sounds nice, and every time he says something conservative, the opposition comes back with, “Ah-ha! He’s a flip flopper because some things he did in the past were not so conservative! He’s a RINO!”
    “What Romney has done is he’s weaken the Republican Party” Nice try, we are all entitled to our opinion, but it seems more like Romney pulled together Republicans better than any of the other candidates, let alone you with your doubtful rhetoric.
    “How do we help him (Romney)? What do we advise him?” Look, if you want to beat Obama, then consider the fact that creating all this doubt about the likely GOP nominee is not going to do the trick. Otherwise keep on putting that rhetoric out there, create doubt about the likely nominee and let’s try to enjoy another 4 years of Obama.

  15. I love all the talk about the negative advertising that Romney has done, yet not a word on the bigotry Romney has faced due to his Mormon faith. As if Romney hasn’t had to overcome massive amounts of prejudice and discrimination to get where he is at. One look at the southern states convinces me that bigotry is alive and well in America.

    Romney has proven that despite untrue and vile attacks on his faith and his integrity, he can withstand the blows. That is what scares Obama more than anything. If the far-right-wing wackos can’t do any damage, what chance do the far-leftist wackos have in terms of attacking his religion? Answer: Not enough to beat him.

  16. Levin is a Santorum tool. He lost along with Santorum and has no where to find cover for his own narrow-minded far-right wing stupidity. Romney looks a lot more like Reagan than Santorum at this stage. Those old enough will recall that Reagan raised taxes in California and was Pro-choice. Santorum looks more like Pat Robertson right now. Unelectable and only appealing to narrow-far-right-wing groups.

    Message to you Mr. Levin would be to put a sock in it and admit that you were wrong and that Romney beat the pants off your wacko-right-wing side of the party.

  17. It’s levin’s own fault! Romney did what was necessary to combat all the negative comments from every talk show pundit and so called conservative writer in this nation! Levin ought to be asking where he goes to get his reputation back…because I, like most of the republicans in this nation,are fed up with Levin and his bullying of republicans and of Romney! Levin did everything he could to destroy Romney and he deserves the nomination for surviving it! Stick it in your ear Levin! While your at it…tell Rush, hannity, beck, and Van Susteran to do the same! Apparently, all of you are the ones out of touch with the republican party…and if you want to continue your careers, you’d better clean up your Romney comments and start figuring out how to clean up the mess you’ve created!!!

  18. GOP will probably lose again, and it’s not because of Romney. Romney is actually a powerful candidate and leader. Nine or so GOP candidates were well vetted since last year for the job, and there were some good ones. The problem is that the GOP is so divided and so critical that as soon as any of their candidates gains ground the GOP pundits, politicians, voters, media and message-posters pull them back down the crab bucket for every conceivable reason: RINO, affairs, not enough experience, not strong enough against Obama, gaffes, too rich, used to say this or do that, etc.

    The GOP will lose because no candidate is good enough, conservative enough, etc. They are divided and should stop complaining about Obama since this Jimmy Carter-like president should easily lose to any of the GPO candidates, but the GOP voters will drop the ball, again.

    Democrats are not laughing at Romney or Santorum. They are laughing at GOP voters that criticize their own candidates even more than they criticize Obama. If the GOP does not shape up and unite, it’s 4 more years thanks to them.

  19. Agree 100%. I keep meeting people like Tks28 online and believe there may be hope for a Conservative Resistance movement after all. The key is how do we make our united voices heard.

  20. Romney has weakened the Republican Party, and so have Santorum, Gingrich and Paul. Our hope for a better tomorrow was an open convention, but now, Santorum gone off and ruined that one too.

    1. These candidates have not weakened the party. Pundits, media commentators and a few others are leading the GOP into fragmentation have done it. They need to sell media, and they do it best with shock and criticism. When I do my own research on the candidates, things seem more clear. Buying into their rhetoric is a terrible substitute for doing your research and deciding for yourself.

    2. These candidates have not weakened the party. Pundits, media commentators and a few others are leading the GOP into fragmentation have done it. They need to sell media, and they do it best with shock and criticism. When I do my own research on the candidates, things seem more clear. Buying into their rhetoric is a terrible substitute for doing your research and deciding for yourself.

  21. ROMNEY CAN BE STOPPED even if he wins 1144 pre-convention. Here’s how:

    There is nothing that binds the delegates once they set foot on the national convention floor in Tampa. This from the Harvard Political Review:

    “According to Republican Party Rule 38, ‘No delegate or alternate delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to impose the unit rule.’ This has been taken to mean that delegates are technically free agents, even on the first ballot.”

    As such, the delegates, being free agents, need only assemble the plurality of 5 STATE delegations to put ANY name into nomination in the FIRST ROUND. This Rule is 40b, the “5 state rule”:

    Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of the candidate for nomination.

    Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, told NBC News that the rule is an important one.

    “So when these candidates are adding up their delegates or when people out there have a particular issue that they would like to move at the convention, they had better make sure they at least have a plurality of five states to make these things happen,” Priebus said.

    The delegates have the power to nullify the primary process, and why shouldn’t they, the wwhole thing has been a fraud with a liberal interloper trying to buy the nomination. Contact your delegates when they are selected and inform them of these facts. No one else will.

    1. This sounds great, and I hope whatever happens, whether’s it Romney or whoever, anyone who opposes Obama will unite by August. I think however, that while voters do whatever they can to get the guy they like into nomination, all these voters that would like to replace Obama, but prefer another GOP candidate over Romney, should think seriously about coming to terms with the fact there is a very real chance the only way that may happen is standing alongside Romney, or at least standing alongside people that support Romney to get Obama out.

  22. I think it is time to change the station and not listen to Levin.
    Hit him where it hurts. He gets to give his opinion.
    This is how we can show our opinion.
    Shut the radio or change the stATION.

    1. Agree completely, thank you. Will be making calls to our local station owners to request him off the air…


  23. The only thing that will save us from Romney is an outcry from all conservatives nationwide that we will not support him. That could at least prompt the party to look for an alternative, perhaps someone new. With conservatives divided, Romney walks right in.

    1. Won’t happen. The establishment in DC really doesn’t care which one wins, Obama or Romney. It’s all the same to them.

    2. “With conservatives divided, Romney walks right in.”
      I think you are buying into conservative commentator hype. Try, “With conservatives divided, Obama walks right in just like last time.” Romney will win the nomination. I understand there is still a chance for another nominee. And I know it is our right to try to make that happen. But it won’t. Romney is too strong, too organized, and has too much resolve, and that is what is needed against Obama to have a real chance.
      You have time to let that sink in over the next few months while this continues to develop. I am ready to stand with whoever the GOP nominee turns out to be, I hope other Obama opposition is preparing for the same.

  24. Do you believe the gov’t (at any level) has the authority to force you to engage in commerce for simply breathing?

    I have yet to have a Romney supporter ever answer that question.

    I have read numerous articles on Romney and how he raised fees. In fact, he was so bad about raising fees and yes, taxes, that even the dems in the state legislature voted it down.

    1. I asked someone from Massachusetts about Romney and she said the same thing. It sounded like he just changed the word “taxes” to “fees”. He is a big government Republican, like all of the RINOs supporting him. No doubt about it.

    2. Would Mitt Romney like to be congratulated for increasing the power of the state over individual rights because he did so in a less verbose manner than did Barack Obama?

      Mitt Romney says there is no similarity between Romneycare and Obamacare. He says the proof is Romneycare is only 70 pages while Obamacare is 2700 pages. But this is no less a distraction to what is truly the issue at hand than the one created by the man running the shell game that wants you to watch one hand while he fools you with the other.

      Consider this:

      The core of Obamacare and Romneycare are the same. Both not only mandate insurance coverage or pay a fine, but they both mandate purchase of ONLY those health insurance coverages that the state permits you to buy. BOTH Obamacare and Romneycare dramatically LIMIT CHOICE in precisely the same manner.

      For example, let’s say you have $50,000 in an IRA account. Before BOTH Obamacare and Romneycare you could, if you so chose, buy an HSA health insurance plan with a $20,000 deductible. (The IRS permits you to move money from an IRA to an HSA without penalty) Given those circumstances such a policy would be more than suitable for your personal situation.

      But neither Obamacare nor Romneycare permit you the CHOICE of buying the policy of YOUR CHOOSING. They BOTH REQUIRE you to buy a policy with a much lower deductible along with a MUCH HIGHER PREMIUM COST!!! And why? Because both Obamacare and Romneycare need you to pay higher insurance premiums in order to support the system created BY THE STATE! Your personal choice BE DAMNED! It is just another way for the state to redistribute YOUR wealth!

      Therefore, the 10th amendment argument Romney hides behind is pathetically weak and a distraction which entirely misses the point of a question that truly goes to the heart of the matter, which is:

      Who has the right to choose the best health insurance policy for YOU and your family? YOU… or THE GOVERNMENT?

      That question surely applies to ALL government. Whether we are talking about government on the federal or the state level is not relevant!

      And now we are to trust the author of the test tube for Obamacare who collaborated with Ted Kennedy to create it… to repeal it?

      Icebergs continue to be offered for sale to Eskimos by Mitt Romney!

      1. Well stated.

        Romney is extremely obtuse when it comes to the 10th amendment. He seems to think that means the state gov’ts can do whatever they want. That is not the case. It simply means that powers not delegate to the federal gov’t are delegated to the states and ultimately with the individual.

        His talk of states being a test kitchen for democracy is EXTREMELY WORRISOME. Um, no Willard, states aren’t test kichens for anything. They are sovereign republics.

        If you notice, Willard supporters never answer the question when you ask them if they believe the gov’t (at any level) has the right to force you to engage in commerce for simply breathing.

    3. I am not a Romney supporter but will answer your question. Under the well-established principles of federalism in this country, state governments are sovereigns with unlimited power, save as limited by the U.S. Constitution and the constitution of the relevant sate. You may not like that (nor do I) but that is the way it is.

      Your criticism of Romney is well founded, but I query whether you like lots and lots of spending without paying for it? Santorum and Gingrich time and time again voted for unfunded programs and wars that have helped bankrupt this country. In my view, no one can claim to be conservative unless they believe in fiscal responsibility even if that means some tax increases. Spending us into bankruptcy as Santorum and Gingrich supported is not in the least conservative. Too bad the only conservative left in the field is Dr. Paul.

      1. The 10th amendment does NOT give state gov’ts unbridaled authority. The ultimate authority rests with the individual.

        People seem to forget what the 10th amendment states. It does not say that states have rights. People have rights.
        Here’s the 10th amendment in it’s entirety.

        “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or TO THE PEOPLE.

        There is no such thing as “States’ rights”. There is only Peoples’ rights.

        The power to make our own medical decisions and the decision to choose to engage in commerce, would fall under, TO THE PEOPLE.

  25. Romney in the Fall just turns the general election into a democrat primary. If that happens then I’ll be voting GOP downticket and 3rd party for President.

    1. Santorum and Gingrich do the same and have the voting records to prove it. Maybe the GOP will present us with a conservative other than Dr. Paul in 2016???

  26. The article nails the reason why I will not be voting in November if Romney is the nominee. He is the head of the snake. He chose to win the nomination by tearing down his fellow Republicans and now he can live with the consequences. I suspect there are millions of disaffected conservatives. If we stay home in large enough numbers, it might send a message to the Roves, Sununus, Bushes, McCains, Drudges, Coulters, Fox Newses of the world.

    1. Same here but don’t stay home. Go to the polls, vote down the ballot and write in your candidate. That’s my plan, and many people I know will be doing the same thing. Not having this democrat masquerading as a Republican shoved down my throat. Not in a million years.

      On to Tampa

    2. Please! Santorum and especially Gingrich were unmerciful in tearing down Romney. I do sympathize with your idea about staying home in November, just as I have done the past two pres elections. When you are presented with two untenable choices, staying home does send a message. Just because the oligarchs of both parties tell you to vote does not mean you have to do so. I certainly would stay at home if the other two big government guys who have no sense of fiscal responsibility, Santorum or Gingrich, are the nominee. I am currently on the fence about whether to gamble on Romney. At least he is an unquestionable capitalist.

  27. I’m a faithful conservative who will not be voting for Romney in the fall. If we continue to blindly support whatever RINO the establishment gives us we’ll never see this country turn around. Don’t sacrifice your principles, write-in a true conservative. Romney will be another Bush and Bush lead paved the way for Obama.

  28. I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you. Mark Levin has hated Mitt Romney from day one and done all he could to campaign for Santorum. Now that even he can see the writing on the wall that Mitt is the nominee he finds yet another thing to complain about. Why don’t you quit whining that your RINO candidate lost and get on board with booting hussein obama out of office.

    Oh and it would be a lot easier to take you ramblings seriously as conservative thought if there wasn’t a big giant campaign ad with michele asking if I am “in” for hussein.

    1. You leftist Republicans need to stop beating around the Bush and vote for a real Democrat. Leave the party….we don’t need or want you. The Republican party should contrast itself as being different from the Democrat party and not be a mirror image.

      1. What makes you think you own the Republican Party? We should be 1st American, and 2nd Republican. You don’t seem to be either. Go get your own party, and a life.

      2. I suspect that you’re one of the social conservatives who’ve undermined the proper focus on limiting government and that have confused many people over where they can turn to for a conservative and limited government.

        There is a very good reason why Santorum or any other republican candidate hasn’t established himself as “the conservative alternative”, and it has to do with how conservatism is defined. Unless you believe that the heart of conservatism involves working social issue at the national level and aggressively pursuing a nation building centric foreign policy in lieu of one based upon vital national interest and defense, than Santorum isn’t a conservative.

        Any rational person who wants a conservative candidate who believes in limited government and understands that federalism requires a balance between federal and state responsibilities should understand four things: 1) Senator Santorum neither understands federalism or the limits that article 1, section 8 places on the federal government—his voting record is the evidence, 2) Governor Romney has more delegates than all other candidates combined and no one is going to close the gap, 3) Romney is the only real conservative candidate in the race, for a detailed explanation read the article at the hyperlink provided (…, and 4) Romney is the only candidate with executive experience, both within the public and private sectors, and also the only candidate with even a rudimentary grasp of an economy works.

        The Republican Party would also improve its appeal and ability to win future elections if it would return to our constitutions roots. For far to long the Republican Party has endorsed working social issue at the national rather than state level despite these issue falling outside of the enumerated responsibilities found in article 1, section 8 of the Constitution; and, supporting a foreign policy based on nation building rather than defense. Both of these types of action are not conservative, they a progressivism from the right which uses the coercive power of the state to accomplish subjectively define goals. Supporting these types of action by the federal government violate the concept of federalism and fly in the face of limited government. The Republican Party would be well served by jettisoning these platform issues.

        Fortunately, Mitt Romney does understand that an unbridled federal government is a threat to both our individual freedom and liberty and to our economy. He has the executive leadership needed to set us on a path for economic growth and the ability craft solutions to our long-term structural debt/deficit problems. Its well passed time to end the ongoing primary fight that’s draining energy from the general election campaign. Now is the time to rally behind Romney and work for the defeat of President Obama this fall.

  29. Can anyone explain the manner, attitude, and tone of Mark Levin to me? Does he think only the right speaks for the Republican Party? Do we ignore the middle or left leaning Republicans? Is it really his way or the highway? I mean this stuff has got to stop for the good of the party.

    1. The middle to left leaners should pull an Arlen Specter and go off where they belong. We promise we won’t miss you.

      1. Try answering the question next time. For your information, the republican party is not a right party, it is a center-right party, a moderate leaning conservative party. That’s the facts Jack.

    2. What good has Romney’s carpet bombing done for the party? Romney dropped somewhere between $15 and $20 million on negative ads in Florida. What was the result? Fully 280,000 fewer votes were cast in the FL GOP Primary in 2012 versus 2008. What would have happened in the 2000 general election if 280,000 fewer GOP votes were cast? We would have gotten President GORE! Romney isn’t a vote getter. He is a vote KILLER! The day Romney gets 1,144 delegates is the day Obama can take his reelection to the bank!

      1. Was that supposed to be a rebuttal to my question about mark Levin. You should have not wasted your time. The lack of turnout in Florida is more about the republican infighting and turning off our voters to come out rather than any one candidate having to spend money to defend themselves. Money is needed to run any kind of ad, so don’t give me that nonsense. Nothing wrong with carpet bombing when you have the support you need to defend yourself. The fact is the other candidates didn’t have the support to begin with. Try a better response next time. My comment was about Mark Levin.

  30. This is the most important election for our country. Our liberty is at risk. Am I a Romney fan? HELL NO! I just know if Obama get 4 more yrs, our country, our freedom is gone. Romney vs Obama? No choice as far as I am concerned!!!!!!!!!! Anybody But Obama 2012.

  31. The only reason our side is going through this angst to get Obama out of Washington DC is because butt holes like Levin and Rush and Hannity, et. al. torched McCain last time out and they are trying to do it again.

    It’s pathetic because these guys are pathetic and so are the mental midgets who call them daily and fawn all over them like their brains have rotted out and they need daddy Rushie and Levin to tell them simply things to make them whole and keep their advertisers happy.

    Make no doubt about it the wing nut radio crowd doesn’t give a crap about this country. And if Obama gets elected again we can all thank these clowns for surpressing the Republican turn out and votes.

  32. I will not vote for Romney under any circumstances. He is dishonest, creepy, to the left of Bill Clinton, and every thing we see that seems authentic about him, his treatment of his dog, his “I like to fire people” and “I don’t care about the poor” show a deep down inhumanity bordering on psycopoathy.

    Gingrich is my man, I wish he hadn’t failed so badly campaigning ion Florida. I’d still vote for Cain if he hadn’t chickened out. I have long disrespected Santorum as a big sanctimonious big-government hypocrite, but faced with the possibility of a pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-gay marriage, socialist in Romney, I will cast a vote for Santorum.

    It is time for Gingrich to withdraw and to come out hard campaigning for Santorum. Their combined numbers outpoll Romney in just about every race. If that happens before Pennsylvania, we have a chance to stop a certain loss with Romney. If Gingrich stays in the race, all is lost.

  33. Here’s the deal. There is only one Republican Candidate who has been consistently and non-stop criticized relentlessly. Romney. He has been in Obama’s sights since August 2010 and Obama has been attacking him hard. For some weird reason Republicans, even those who admitted he was a “real conservative” back in 2008 have been attacking him relentlessly.

    Despite those attacks from both the Democrats and the Republicans, Romney is leading in the vote and in delegates.

    To me, that says he is much stronger than any other Republican Candidate.

    It also says its *some* Republicans who have destroyed their own party, not Romney.

    I’ve provided a short list of the chief instigators of Republican angst and disharmony in my previous post and Mark Levin is one of the Chief Turncoats.

    1. Actually, Ghost, you’re wrong. I sent Romney some pretty big checks (for me) in ’08. He wasn’t my first choice, but he was better than McCain. Since ’08, he has consistently gotten worse and worse, both as a campaigner and as a “leader”. Some of the things he has said and done this campaign are just jaw-dropping. I have seen some of his biggest, hardcore media fans reduced to sighing, sighing, sighing. Still supporting him, but sighing.
      His massive money drops tearing down others is simply unseemly. And his Super PAC friends are no better.
      Of course I’ll vote for him if he gets the nomination, as it appears he will.
      But my voting for him won’t make him a great candidate.
      (Oh, and turnout has been down in almost every geographic area which he has won this year.)

  34. Romney’s biggest problem comes post nomination.. When he “pivots” back to his natural, left leaning, self.

    If he runs true to form, it’s going to alienate many Republicans. Embracing the insurance mandate, AGW, amnesty, gun grabbing, or any number of such issues are going to leave Republicans seeing red. He’s staked out some of the most conservative positions in the primary field.. Look at him on borders, for example? You lie to people’s faces and they’ll hate you for it.. So his newfound conservatism had better be for real.

    OTOH, it’s really difficult to imagine him losing.. I think Obama could be bested by a stuffed animal this time around. So, if Romney has a built in strength, that’s it.

    1. Actually Romney has the very best chance to beat Obama but Obama is going to be VERY hard to beat.

      All it takes for Obama to win is for the Economy to remain on its current glidepath, for the Wars to not get too much attention and Obama is in – statistically this is the case at over 94% probability.

      It almost does not matter — even if Jesus were running, Obama would still win.

      But Romney has the best chance. And Republicans need to get behind him and stop all the handwringing.

    2. How is the fact that a stuffed animal could beat Obama a strength of ~Romney’s~? Why not throw your support behind someone else if it doesn’t matter who runs? Or were you making some sort of Seamus joke?

  35. Is Mark Levin trying to change stripes. I heard him on Hannity
    strongly suggesting that Santorum continue his race, when he
    knew Santorum did not have a chance. Santorum has been
    extremely divisive for the Republican party and Levin egged him on.

    So has Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, and Sarah Wonderlady.

    I had the highest respect for all of the above. No more ……….
    I blame all of them for egging Santorum on. They will be partly
    responsible if Obama wins again. They are as whiny as Santorum.

    I have listened to Levins show and watched Hannity every night for
    years. This is going to be like kicking a bad habit but I will prevail.

    Maybe I’ll take up bowling and find the alley where Santorum becomes
    the manager. That will be his future!

    Romney 2012 … The Candidate with the best chance of beating Obama.

    1. I’ve weaned myself from Hannity and Levin as a result of their support for the completely unelectable Santorum. Rush is next.

      1. I stopped listening to Levin as well, but I think Hannity is coming around. It just time to circle the wagons, and vote for MITT ROMNEY 2012!

  36. That’s the spirit Mark! The guy you wanted is losing so now it’s “this game is lame anyway. I’m going to take my ball and go home”. Read your followers’ comments. Is that going to help the party? – making excuses and/or blaming Mitt. If you’re worried about the carpet bombing continuing, get on the party train and focus on Obama. Mitt won’t hold a grudge if you do it soon. Same for Santorum. If he continues, however, how could he expect the party support Mitt’s getting this time? He’s getting it because he’s the best candidate – and also because he didn’t rain on the Party parade in 2008 once it was clear that McCain had it locked.

  37. Here are the people weakening the Republican Party from within:

    Rush Limbaugh
    Mark Levin
    Erick Erickson
    Newt Gingrich
    Rick Santorum
    Sarah Palin
    Jason Killian Meath

    1. That is so laughable. Mitt Romney is a POSER! You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. When the independents in this country are asked to choose between a Progressive calling himself a Progressive and a Progressive calling himself a Conservative; put it to you this way. Game / Set / Match OBAMA!

  38. Did you stop to consider that the majority of people in the USA do not like the social demands of the extreme right. The more the party flouts its religious undertones the lousier its chance for success in the country as a whole. Religion is best left to churches and politics and government to the state. Stick to fiscal issues and win.

  39. Mark Levin is a complete schmuck. The guy has been absolutely in the tank for Santorum since at least December. Levin has been acting like a delusional ass for 4 months. You can’t turn on the radio without hearing him bad mouth Romney. Hey, Levin, you schmuck, if Romney is a bad candidate what does that make Santorum, who Romney is destroying?

  40. May I add, although Santorum is Levin’s guy, he said, he will vote for Romney as this election is the most important in our lifetime….. that is something I can agree with him.

    1. If it’s so important why would he support someone who can’t beat Obama and why is he undermining the nominee. Is he so stupid he doesn’t know the primary is over?

  41. For someone as smart as Levin to choose Santorum who is liberal on fiscal issues and loves his pork is mind boggling to me. They both endorsed Romney in 2008 calling him the true conservative and he has gotten better ever since. I stopped listening to Levin since he is shoving down Santorum down my throat and it leaves a bad taste.

  42. I was a Newt Gingrich guy. I still am. I still believe he’s the one with the best ideas and the best experience. Romney may be good at business, but Newt is good at government or, more precisely, streamlining government. He’s done it before. However, I realize that Romney is probably going to be the nominee. I will support him 100% when he becomes the nominee, because as much as I don’t like him, he’s a million times better than Obama. I urge all Republicans whose guy doesn’t win to support whoever ends up being the nominee. We must unite to defeat Obama, even if our candidate doesn’t excite us.

  43. I want to know what’s up with all of you supporters of Romney? Do you really want a robot-sounding, puppet of the GOP establishement as the Republican Nominee to go up against Obama? Don’t you see that the GOP establishment politicians and advisors are backing Romeny because they can manipulate and mold him. What does Romney really stand for? He has proven he supports top-down, government run healthcare for all. Don’t you know that our FREEDOM is at risk here?

    1. You are wrong about Romney.

      He is not a Robot.
      He is not any more “establishment” than Gingrich or Santorum.
      Romney stands for much much smaller budgets because he considers the deficits and debt to be immoral. He also stands for the Constitution.
      He does NOT support top-down government run health care for all. That is simply wrong, even if you count what he did in Massachusetts. You clearly do not really know this man.

  44. What a bunch of sniveling our guys do. Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa! Romney’s money!!! Santorum and these clowns sound like LIB Democrats, always whining about Romney’s money. yes, when you campaign effectively for several years and work hard at it, you are going to raise and spend a lot of money. What of it? Should he “share the wealth”? What’s the point, anyway? That Rick, newt and the rest COMBINED couldn’t raise 1/2 as much money as Romney. And? Good grief. I am so sick of the anti-Romney NUTs spewing their baseless trash, belittling his accomplishments both as a businessman and now as a candidate. Levin sits on his fat butt every, having never governed a damned thing, telling us how Romney shopuld have governed…why Romney is a lousy this a bad that. Want to know WHY Romney hasn’t gained traction? yes, it’s precisely because the fools on our side who couldn’t put their own personal preferences aside and let the process play out have relentlessly trashed and slimed him, often using OBAMA’S rhetoric! Yes, Santorum, Newt, Levin, even Palin have all resorted to CLASS WARFARE, whining incessantly about Romney’s money. I haven’t heard Rick Santorum SPEAK in a dog’s age without crying about Romney’s money. What, are you destitute, Rick? Are your millions not noteworthy? Oh, it’s just not as much so that gives you the right to use it against him? Please. I’m embarassed and ashamed of some of my fellow conservatives, who have taken to sniveling and saying that Romney is this and that…his money this, his money that. Look, the bottom line is that he has RUN AWAY from the pack, fair and square, despite the idiots on our side trashing him nightly.

    1. I agree with you 1000%

      It is repulsive that Conservative Republicans are the ones doing
      harm to Romney.

      Obama must be very grateful to Levin & his Conservative media pals.

      Very very sad.

  45. Not only is Rick Santorum not a fiscal conservative, he does not believe in a right of privacy. He is not only unelectable, he would lose in a landslide. Levin showed very poor judgement supporting Santorum.

    Romney is the only one with a chance to beat Obama. He is also the most likely person to improve the economy. Supporting Romney is a no brainer.

    1. Under the “Buckley Rule,” we should vote for the most conservative person electable. In this election, that person is clearly Romney.

      Limbaugh, Levin, & the others have demonstrated poor judgment recently. At the outset, everyone should advocate for whomever he or she chooses. But at a certain point in time, it’s time to unite behind one candidate. And that time is now. And that candidate is Romney.

  46. And Levin has been the voice of positivity strengthening the GOP’s support of a candidate we can all coalesce behind? He’s railed against Romney with his high pitched nasality for months now. He’d rather we go to a brokered convention than support Romney. How is that strengthening the GOP? The media, including the Mark Levin’s and Sarah Palin’s have played their role in weakening GOP solidarity. I just find it amusing now that the GOP is beginning to get behind a single candidate, that Levin is trying to castigate Romney’s campaign for running a campaign? Look what Romney has been going up against? Not just the leftist media, but pundits at Fox like Mark Levin, Rush, Sarah Palin and a host of other media establishment. I’m sorry Mark that Newt won’t be the nominee, neither will Sarah Palin. Get over it. Move on. Start supporting Romney now so we can defeat Obama in 2012, rather than continuing your nasally naysaying.

  47. Romney is a swine.

    Instead of doing what Reagan did in 1980 and unifying the Party with great ideas and a great platform, Romney has gone negative and waged war against conservatives.

    He’s no Reagan. That’s why I suspect he’ll lose.

    1. Negative: Levin, Limbaugh, Ingram, Hannity, etc…against the ONLY electable conservative.

      Romney wins the General despite the inappropriate, party-dividing opposition from these so called conservatives.

  48. The RNC and the establishment Republicans are trying to serve us dog food and tell us it’s pate de foie gras. I had to choke down Dole and McCain, but I refuse to eat this Romney Chow.

  49. I made the mistake of listening to Rush Limbaugh in 2008. He said we shouldn’t vote for McCain because he was too moderate. I’m sure a lot of others did the same thing. Well look where that got us.

    1. I think you may be right on that. And Limbaugh & his ilk may be setting us up for 4 more.

  50. When did pointing out your opponents record, turn into being negative? Romney and the PAC supporting him are pointing out Santorums record. What people like Levin,Limbaugh,Hannity,Palin and others are pissed at is, Romney doesn’t run around with a bible under his arm,beating people over the head with it. I’ve heard his speeches and the man has a great fiscal policy. To many on the right are tied up with social issues. Well social issues create zero jobs. If they can’t take Romney’s ads, how are they going to stand up against the Obama attack machine?

  51. Vote for your congressman/woman and senator if he/she is up and is conservative…don’t push the button on Romney, that’s my strategy…. Imagine what happens if Republican win the Senate and even more seats in the House, but Mitt looses….Imagine the ensuing chaos…Operation Chaos!!! Lame Duck President with McConnel and John B. running the show….

    1. Operation chaos! is working . . . inside your head. Obama would be a dangerous lame duck under the best of circumstances. We would be idiots to contribute to his re-election.

  52. In my state, all of the negative ads I heard came from Santorum and Gingrich. All of them.
    Santorum gets millions of dollars worth of national negative advertising free of charge every day from Levin and others in talk radio who simply will not admit defeat. Romney can and will gain momentum when they simply shut up. It is time to turn our collective attention to OBAMA.

  53. The best way to answer Mark Levin’s question is: shut up the hateful and negative egotistical conservative comments coming out of his fat mouth everyday that is dividing our party because he can’t even conceive of a more moderate viewed party. We are a center-right party not a far right one. Wake up and shut the heck up. Say something positive that unites us rather than dividing us that much more. Now, get out of here you dummy, as Levin, himself, tells his guests every single day on radio.

  54. I have usually agreed with Levin, but he has been wrong this entire year, along with other trusted conservatives like Laura and Rush. Romney is having to go negative because this process has dragged out a lot longer than a typical primary season, and because he has had to fend off from his right flank. There is time to rebuild whatever damage has been done, 7 months, and in addition there have been a lot of positives for him coming out of this process, namely being a better candidate, and being forced to develop his organization in all 50 states much earlier than is typical. He is well positioned if he can name a really strong VP like Rubio or Ryan.

    1. You just don’t like to hear the truth about Romney so everyone who criticizes him is just wrong. Romney isn’t ‘having to go negative’ he went negative starting in August when Rick Perry showed up and went to 36% in the polls immediately, while the ‘inevitable one’ has been greasing the skids for a decade for this run. It’s obvious to everyone but his supporters. He is a worse candidate because of it and there are tens of millions who will not give him their vote. He was unlikable to start, went off the rails in negative and has nothing to offer but smears and attacks on real, authentic conservatives. He is his own undoing and has nobody but himself to blame. His dead personality and speech cannot be blamed on others. Don’t lay the blame on conservative radio hosts or those of us who have had to put up with the lies and smears. We already have one of those in the whitehouse. Be happy with your vote for him but stop the attacks towards those of us who see and hear clearly. Nobody will buy my vote.

      On to Tampa

      1. It will be interesting what you say when Romney wins the General. You will no doubt be dissappointed.

      2. So do not vote for Romney. Cut off your nose to spite your face.

        Enjoy it when your children have to pay off Obama debt for the rest of their lives.
        Enjoy it when Obama gets to appoint more Supreme Court justices.
        Enjoy it when more of your $ is taken to give to his welfare voters.
        Enjoy it when he decimates the US Military.

        Shall I continue with more?

        1. Taxpayer has made it clear that he prefers to see Obama re-elected rather than see Romney in office.

        2. There’s no difference between Obama and Jihad Mitt. Your fear-mongering is ridiculous. He will not buy my vote. Period.

          On to Tampa

    2. Well spoken. And pay no attention to taxpayer_2. I think he’s part of the Dems’ Operation Chaos.

      Romney would have already have the required number of delegates if the people you described hadn’t mounted a full-scale smear campaign against him.

      Angry Rick’s been getting a lot of his support from the left.

      And Wisconsin was not the first Republican primary where large numbers of Dems turned out to vote for angry Rick.

      Bob Casey, who defeated angry Rick in the 2006 Senate race by a wide margin, and a supporter of President Obama’s re-election, also hopes Santorum will stay in the race until August.

  55. Per RealClearPolitics delegate map, Obama comfortably has 233 delgates in his camp and needs only 36 more. With Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio AND Pennsylvania all in play, he has about 10 ways to get those 36. Not looking good for Mittens.

  56. I stopped listening to Levin ever since he was trying to shove Santorum down our throats to think he endorsed Romney in 2008 just like Santorum calling Romney the true conservative. For someone who is supposed to be smart, Levin overlooks Santorum’s fiscal liberalism and his love for earmarks which the Tea Party is fighting against and the fact that Santorum cannot win in the general election. All he knows is that Santorum is a social conservative and that is enough for him, but not for the majority who voted against him. Its OVER, Mark, Romney is the nominee and unless you want Obama re-elected, you better align yourself and stand behind our nominee and start all your focus on Obama!

  57. You fix it by doing to the Tea Party what Democrats had to do with their wacky left wing under Clinton – tell it to take a hike or get in line. The Republican Party has to swing back to the middle, and until it does, it’s toast. Unfortunately, I think Republicans are going to have to lose this election to really understand that.

  58. Romney negative? Hardly compared to Levin! Levin is the biggest smear job of the bunch. He has done more to “weaken the Party” than any candidate has.

    Many are tired of Levin cramming his biased, agenda-driven opinion down our throats.

    I have been a conservative Republican my whole life and have never relied on Mark Levin to tell me what conservatism is. He does not speak for the Party. Get him off the air!

    1. Absolutely right. They would like set it up where no Republican can get the nomination unless he or she goes through the House of Limbaugh.

      Imagine them trying to dictate to us what “conservatism” is. They have their brands, and each of us has our own. That’s called individual liberty, isn’t it?

  59. We fix it after Romney loses by building up the coalition that we started in 2010. I’m one of them who thinks Romney was willing to destroy the party to be the nominee.

    1. Santorum is willing to destroy the Party and put America through another 4 years of Obama to further his own selfish, politcal motives. Santorum’s strategy is to actually weaken Romney in hopes he loses to Obama, so that he himself can say “I told you so”, and run again in 2016. Santorum is sore loser and poor Republican.

    2. Correct. I’ll vote down the ballot and write my candidate in if the ‘hit man’ is the nominee. Can’t buy my vote, not for sale.

      On to Tampa

    3. While you’re building up the coalition, President Obama will be picking 2 – 3 supreme court justices and we will have a very young liberal supreme court for generations. I just can’t believe any true conservative would not vote for Romney with that at stake.

  60. Levin may have a point, but we have time to refocus the campaign on the common goal of getting Obama out of the White House. Romney can do it but the Santorum and Gingrich folks need to get behind the presumptive nominee now. I also believe that the RNC needs to refine its message.

    The Republican Party would also improve its appeal and ability to win future elections if it would return to our constitutions roots. For far to long the Republican Party has endorsed working social issue at the national rather than state level despite these issue falling outside of the enumerated responsibilities found in article 1, section 8 of the Constitution; and, supporting a foreign policy based on nation building rather than defense. Both of these types of action are not conservative, they a progressivism from the right which uses the coercive power of the state to accomplish subjectively define goals. Supporting these types of action by the federal government violate the concept of federalism and fly in the face of limited government. The Republican Party would be well served by jettisoning these platform issues.

    Fortunately, Mitt Romney does understand that an unbridled federal government is a threat to both our individual freedom and liberty and to our economy. He has the executive leadership needed to set us on a path for economic growth and the ability craft solutions to our long-term structural debt/deficit problems. Its well passed time to end the ongoing primary fight that’s draining energy from the general election campaign. Now is the time to rally behind Romney and work for the defeat of President Obama this fall.

  61. Lets get on with beating Obama. Romney is a conservative. Funny how Reagan was called a moderate when he ran. Our party actually picked Ford over him in 76, until he gave his floor speak and stunned the whole convention.

    The problem with true conservatives, they can’t seem to recognize one when they are standing in front of you.

  62. Mark Levin is a leading cause of Party division. He has consistently smeared Romney. Romney has been a benefit to the Party for years and is the best candidate to beat Obama. Romney would have sown up the nomination by now if it weren’t for Levin and his ilk endlessly and unjustifiably attacking him.

    Many are sick of Levin trying to cram his own agenda down our throats. He has done the Republican Party and the United States of America a great disservice. It is time for him to leave the Race and get off the air…

  63. Latest polls show Romney Surging hard:

    +33 points in New York
    +5 in Pennsylvania (sorry rick)
    +21 in California

    Its all over Rick…drop out before Pennsylvania and you might be President some day. If you don’t and and lose your home state and can’t park your ego you won’t win a bid for dog catcher in your own home town.

  64. Mark Levin — A Cry Baby Santorum Supporter!

    Carpet bombing — what an idiotic comment. Is Romney supposed to just sit idle in close contests when he has the financial support to put his views on air. If Santorum or Gingrich had similar financial support they would have used it on tv and radio ads as much as Romney. What a baffoon — Mark Levin is a sore loser — his guy Santorum is losing so he is crying like a little baby with totally inane comments!

  65. Mark Levin is as responsible for weakening the Republican Party as anyone I know. He has consistently attacked Romney and consistently supported anyone but Romney. He has crammed his distorted opinions down the throats of Americans because of his own agenda (ratings, pride, anything but the best interest of America).

    Why does Levin take it upon himself to brainwash the public with his hateful and biased smear campaign against Romney? Because he is a narcissist who can’t stand to be wrong, even when he knows he is wrong.

    Yes, Levin has created more division than any candidate has.

  66. “That’s the nature of what it is when you lead an organization or a state. You come to Congress and you say, these are the things we need”

    Ya, this pretty much says it all about Mittens. He talks a good game but at the end of the day gov’t is his daddy and he believes in relying on it.

    1. You should pray for what the majority of the Republicans care about and that is the economy and defeating President Obama. If you want a party based on fundamental Christian Values, then pray that you can start a successful 3rd party based on restoring family values (whatever that means). The social cons of the Republican party are the reason the Republicans are having trouble attracting women voters. Let Romney be the nominee and attract women by telling them how he hopes to improve the economy, versus Santorum being the nominee and telling women how States have a right to “outlaw” contraception.

      1. I agree tsmmar. I agree with family values. The thing that makes me scratch my head with wonder is how Mitt Romney is not a family man. Married to his wife for over 30 yrs, 5 great sons, loving grandfather. Anyone who knows his background knows what a great family man he is. I wonder how voting for a serial adulterer and cheat(Newt) could bring more family values to the ticket. Even Rick Santorum who does seem very family oriented can’t really claim the title of the family man just because he wants to make his belief know on why the use of contraception is bad. Everyone should be for strong family values and there hasn’t been a stronger candidate than Mitt for more than 30 yrs. Obama clearly seems to be a family man as well but his policies clearly weaken the family, the fundamental unit of society.

  67. Why Mark, you have become a liberal! I can see where one would be jealous of the guy who has built up political capitol in preparation for the inevitable juggernaut against Obama. Maybe you would feel better about the candidate who goes county to county in a pickup truck from now until November. Maybe you prefer a candidate who doesn’t generate enough enthusiasm and organization to get on the ballot in some states, or have a full slate of delegates in others, including his own. Is this delegate envy, wealth envy, or organization envy? I sleep well at night knowing that the Obama machine is reading up on the etiquette of election behavior. We all know they would never use a Soros or Gates advantage. Never mind that ABC said it was Ron Paul’s ads in Iowa that did the real damage to Newt’s reputation. It was in Newt’s mind the volume alone and not the message. Never mind that after a huge win in South Carolina, that curiously Romney’s carpet bombing for some strange as yet unexplained reason, won a vast majority of women voters. I am sure it had nothing to do with that fact that Gingrich kept saying it was Marianne who asked for the divorce, when the very court documents on file show it was Newt that filed for divorce and Marianne opposed it. The fact that as Gingrich’s eye was on the prize, a woman scorned and lied about released her demand for a pound of flesh revealing an open marriage request from Newt. It was a blip on the radar and in no way influenced women voters. It had to be the carpet bombing. No one was disgusted by the robocall that accused an honorable man of denying Kosher food to Holocaust survivors, which like the documentary aired in Georgia was proven false.
    You just need to make the next logical move and ask for an affirmative action plan for all candidates. Work and merit will mean nothing, everybody gets the same pot of money to work with. We can set the example of campaign fairness for our Democrat brothers. I am sure they will just join on in the Kumbaya.

  68. Frankly, I think you can lay the responsibility for any weakness at the RNC doorstep. You want to put time & money behind milk-toast? You can. But it ain’t everybody’s idea of breakfast.

  69. Hey fellow true conservatives who know Romney’s liberal record. I have an idea for a new strategy. Let’s ignore their baiting, their name-calling, etc… as Maxine pointed out, we’d be better off donating money and volunteering right now. For me, that means for Rick Santorum. Now is the time for all true conservatives to come to the aid of Rick Santorum, who still has a possibility, if God wills it, to prevent Romney from getting the number of delegates needed to sew up the nomination. Please join me in the grassroots volunteer efforts at We Pick Rick. It’s a net work of people who are fighting for our country!

    1. I have been supporting and have been able to get many who don’t do their research, see the light and still working on it. This has to be a grassroots push because too many go to the candidates website or…wikipedia..LMAO… and believe the lies instead of looking at the Public Records for facts. Listening to Mark Levin right now. This man is pure genius!

      On to Tampa

    2. The problem is, I don’t think God wills it. I’d be curious to know how you know His political opinion.

  70. Thanks for reminding us once again that you are, for the most part, a hysterical fool. Even Michael Savage provides more common sense to his listeners than you.

    1. Savage? The one who calls him Matt RAMney and makes fun of him?
      …oh wait…now you don’t like him either….shucks…

      On to Tampa

      1. Guess you do not stay very abreast of current events.

        Try the Drudge link ….. it might educate you about Savage.
        That is, if you care to stay current with the world.

        1. Try listening to Savage every night and stay updated. He switches positions every other day. Lately he’s been calling him Matt RAMney and criticizing. Drudge used to be my home page. Don’t even go there anymore after his posting Ramney would win in February primary and Santorum swept all 3 states, despite Drudge posting while people were still voting. How wrong and biased can Drudge be. No more Drudge for me. Anyone in the tank for Ramney has lost me.

          On to Tampa for a conservative choice.

          1. Levin states facts; Ramney supporters whine all day, every day because their candidate is unpalatable to a majority. Whine, whine, whine; ‘fall in line behind the phony’. Half-time and he’s only got 41% support. Not good.

            On to Tampa

  71. Whiners and crybabies.

    If you think that your ideal candidate did not win the Primaries for some reason — its because PEOPLE DID NOT SUPPORT THAT PERSON.

    Get over it. Romney is getting more votes than anyone else. He has a better organization and is better funded. NONE OF THE OTHER CANDIDATES HAS PRODUCED SUFFICIENT FUNDING TO OPERATE A DECENT CAMPAIGN. None of them.

    Quitcher bitchin. If your guy didn’t win its because he did not convince enough people.

    There is ONLY one reason Romney does not have this locked up already. He is Mormon. Look at all the polls. The one group that is CONSISTENTLY against him, over and over in state after state are so-called “Evangelical Christians” who are intolerant and won’t vote for a Mormon if they can find any one else — even a flea bitten dog — to vote for instead.

    But despite the incessant attacks from both Obama and from the anti-Mormons in the Republican Party, Romney has maintained his cool and continued to build a winning position.

    Now you have a choice — you either work to support the overthrow of Obama or you don’t.

    If you don’t — then when Obama completes the ruin of our Country you will only have yourself to blame.

    So quitcher bitchin and get on the train.

  72. Mark Levin spends the first hour of his daily radio show whining about Mitt Romney and how unfair it is he has more money that Rick Santorum. Every day. Mr. Levin has spent more time than any liberal pundit has bashing Romney in an attempt to weaken the obvious eventual Republican nominee. Now he complains that Romney has weakened the Republican Party.

    Levin’s idiotic lack of restraint and discipline in the face of the most important election since 1980 is what is weakening the Republican Party. He is letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. He would rather have the ideal rock-solid conservative Republican candidate, someone charismatic and brilliant with a consistently constitutionalist record going back to Kindergarten, rather than to settle for the best candidate we have in 2012.

    Well Mark, that ideal candidate doesn’t exist. Romney is not that candidate, but big government careerists like Santorum and Gingrich are not that candidate either.

    Romney is the best chance we have to end the reign of this cancerous adminstration. Your absolute obsession with tearing him down will do nothing but improve Barack Obama’s chances of re-election. Nice job, you big dope.

  73. The GOP should really focus on 2016. Romney will be the token nominee this year and Pres. Obama will win by a small but comfortable margin.

    In ’16, the better candidates will come out when they don’t have to face an incumbent and many voters will be ready for a change after 8 years of the Democrats.

  74. Comments are ridiculous. Comparing him to the RNC verson of Obama. Obama had no resume and no leadership. This guy lead a huge company the olympics and a state, a Democratic state.

    We accuse are leaders of being to polar. He had to reach across the Isle in Massachusetts and work with the Democrates to get things done, which by the was was to able turn a 2 billion budget shortfall into a 750 million dollar surplus.

    He is religous, devoted to his church, donates $3,000,000 a year to charity, loves his wife and kids, never cheated, doesn’t swear, doesn’t drink. Believes in a balanced budget, a strong military and kicking china in the ass.

    He is a flip flopper because he was inspired to be a right to life guy after he visited an abortion clinic…wow what a horrible man. Because when he saw what happens he never wanted to be a part of it. Horrible man.

    Folks I am a Reagan Republican and this man is absolutely a conservative. Lets call it what is is…the republican party has been hijacked by its extreme right.

    No tolerance for any religion but evangilistic christians. Contraceptive has become a bigger issue then the economy (you have to be kidding me).

    The world is unstable, the economy is in disarray, a socialist is in the white house and we as Republicans want to march Rick Santorum up there because he believe is contraception. Reagan would tell all of us we should be ashamed of ourselves and get our eye on the ball.

    He would say that Rick got smacked in his Senate Race lossing by 17 points and took the entire state Republican apparatus down with him. I respect his campaign but he cannot win.

    By the way his has 58% of the Delagates and 49% of the popular vote against 3 other candidates as opposed to 1 other in 2008.

    I can not believe how far we have fallen since Reagan…he would be ashamed of us.

  75. The GOP really needs to focus on 2016. Romney will be the token nominee this year and Pres. Obama should win by a small but comfortable margin.

    The best GOP candidates will come out to run in ’16 when they won’t face an incumbent and many voters will be ready for a change after 8 yrs of the Democrats.

  76. Mark is just bitter because Romney refuses to go on his show. And can you blame Romney? Levin attacks him daily. I get it Mark, Romney’s not your guy. But you lost. I know it hurts your ego but get over it and stop fomenting discord within the party! Plenty of prominent solid conservatives have come out in favor of Romney including Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and Paul Ryan. Let me guess, none of those guys are conservative, right Mark?

  77. Romney is the anointed Republican nominee. Just ask the MSM and the Republican Elite. These two should be congratulated on their fine work. The Republican party will once again nominate Bob Dole, or John McCain, or Gerald Ford. While all these candidates appealed to the moderate middle, they still lost the moderate middle. Has anyone asked why? Romney has no vision for the country. Have you ever heard him say where he wants to lead the country? I haven’t. I don’t expect to either. With Romney as the nominee, Obama will win re-election.

  78. Get real, Chris. We are half-way through the primary calendar, and Romney has more than half the delegates he needs to win. Santorum’s strategy for creating mayhem and emerging from a brokered convention as the nominee is pure fantasy. Hell, he may not even win his home state.

    I understand your frustration with the GOP establishment – the George W. Bush / John McCain wing of the party the considers bipartisanship the highest virtue in politics. It’s crap!

    But I think you’re wrong about Romney. His victory speeches after the New Hampshire and Illinois primaries could’ve been given by Reagan. Romney has his problems, but he isn’t the problem. Obama is the problem, and he needs to be defeated.

    1. Unfortunately, many think – me included that voting for Romney is not a whole lot different than voting for Obama. and worse, will further reinforce that the Republicans are the party of the rich. Hey, wealth is fine but for me, Romney bought the nomination or is trying to so. In order to have somebody real to vote for, I can only pray for that outside chance that a brokered convention will magically produce a real fiscal conservative who doesn’t chant about right to life and whose actions have matched their words. If Romney were real, he’d have had Romneycare say, “If you don’t get insurance, you either agree to pay your bills or you don’t get the service.” Romney is a bad joke whose only talent was paying for negative ads. Look at that vast enthusiastic crowd he has gathered. So much for Romney.

    2. I think I’ve tracked down the origins of the term, “Republican Establishment.” Confounded for months, I think I may’ve stumbled across the beginnings (and perhaps understandings) of the term.

      Use of the term “Establishment” can be traced back to Hunter “Gonzo” Thompson in an article titled, “The Hashbury is the Capital of the Hippies” (May, 1967). Thompson explained that the hippies were protesting against the values of the “Establishment.” William Ayers, B. Rae Dohrn, & the Weather Underground picked up the mantle around 1969 and claimed they were fighting against the evils of the “Establishment.” Then, in 1972, Saul Alinsky saw power in the term and used it in his book, “Rules for Radicals”. Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer, the first radical to rebel against the “Establishment” and who did it so effectively he won his own kingdom.

      Then, Rush “Gonzo” Limbaugh, (following Thompson’s, Ayers’, & Alinsky’s example), put the term to use by cleverly placing the word “Republican” in front of it. (As Gonzo Thompson was fond of saying: “Viva la Rush!”) Now, the “Republican Establishment” is the contemned straw man for Rush’s radio listeners.

      So, the Republican Establishment appears to be about as real as the motivations for the Cultural Revolution of the 60s or as real as the perceived enemies of Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground. (Alinsky’s relationship with Lucifer may’ve been real, however.)

      But don’t bother looking for the Establishment. Other than some (yet unidentified) guests at a luncheon in the Hamptons Limbaugh attended in the early 1990s, nobody as yet is quite certain who they are.

      Supposedly, many of the Republican Establishment are big campaign donors. Therefore, Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, and the Koch brothers all have to a part of the cabal.

      1. All right, let’s name establishment names: Mitt Romney, John McCain, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Charles Schumer, Eric Cantor, Barak Obama, Karl Rove, Kevin McCarthy, for starters. The deficit spenders and arm twisters of the government elite. The people in power who jacked our national debt up to almost 16 trillion dollars. I can call them ‘traitors’ if you prefer.

        1. And you make about as much sense as Limbaugh & the others do on this topic.

          Reminds me of the Temptations’ song:

          Just my imagination
          Runnin’ away with me.
          It was just my imagination
          Runnin’ away with me.

          I tell you I can visualize it all
          This couldn’t be a dream
          For too real it all seems
          But it was just my imagination

      2. I have actually traced it down to older than that. The first use of the term was in Republican Primaries of 1952.

        It was at that time an echo of a race that was pursued when the Party nominated Wendell Wilkie because the yet to be named “establishment” was afraid that the other possible nominee would drive the country to isolationism while the world burned under Nazism.

    3. Romney won mainly in blue states, often barely squeaking past Santorum, but when it comes to the general, they will largely swing democrat. Republican primary wins in blue states are a mirage, which will vanish as we approach the election.

      1. And Santorum has come closest to him in some of the blue states because the democrats clearly want to prolong this primary and would salivate at the chance to run against Santorum. One of Mitt Romney’s strengths is that he is much less polarizing than Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich. In November, many clear thinking people are going to be voting on who understands how to create jobs, opportunity and focus on the principles that make America great. Mitt Romney has clearly articulated these principles and contrasts himself with Pres. Obama. I’ve heard much less from Rick Santorum about where he will take the country and a lot more pot shots at Romney. When 2 politicians gang up against one it’s not because they both have great vision for the future of our country. They come accross as petty and selfish.

      2. If Republicans cannot win blue states, then Obama will be re-elected. That is obvious.

        Clearly then, the strategy for Republicans must be to focus on winning those states and to have the candidate who can win in those states. He actually only needs one or two.

  79. I don’t understand why it would be devastating to lose this presidential election. I honestly prefer to gain control of the House and the Senate and leave Obama the White House. That way we can run someone with real ideas and real solutions in 2016 instead of being stuck with Romney running for re-election.

    I’m not afraid of the threat of an Obama veto at all. He caves every time the public makes its voice heard, so he’d be unlikely to veto anything truly important.

    1. He doesn’t always cave, Richard. But being stuck with Romney would be a disaster of another sort. I hope you are fighting for Rick to be the nominee and haven’t given in to defeatism!

    2. The big deal is the supreme court picks. If Obama nominates someone with credentials like Justice Roberts except with left leanings, the Senate will have to approve him or her. 2 – 3 justices will retire in the next 5 years. You think it’s worth having Obama’s legacy being that he reshaped supreme court to with liberal justices..just to prove a point by not voting for Romney.

    3. I do think that adding 5-6 trillion more to the deficit would be devastating. I think that having someone who continues to balloon the Washington buerocracy through the legislative branch would be devastating. I think that continuing the socalist slide would be devastating. I think that the appointment of one to three supreem court justices by Barak Obama would be devastating. We are witnessing the weakest america in generations and if people could give Mitt Romney a fair shake, especially with a republican majority in both the house and senate, Mitt Romney could be fantastic. The pragmatism and determination that he showed in Mass. Bain and the olympics could help “restore the greatness of America.”

  80. I think Levin has weakened the GOP. Have you listened to him recently? He gets downright rude with anyone who questions his opinions (or even answers his questions in a way that he disagrees with). He usually just hangs up on them.

    The problem with Levin and other conservative commentators is that they think they run the party and decide who is a legitimate conservative. Under their scenario, there is never any room for any new ideas or even discussion. It’s their way or the highway.

    Romney is an outstanding candidate. He is extremely smart, well organized and a very effective and successful leader. The fact that he governed as a conservative in the most liberal state in the country doesn’t detract from his conservative credentials. Similar things were said of Reagan because he had to compromise with a Democrat legislature in California (and later as President).

    1. I think the GOP has weakened the GOP. I don’t listen to Levin typically, because of his bad language but the GOP keeps putting forth non-conservatives as their candidate of choice and straying for conservative moorings. That’s what has hurt the GOP.

      Romney is an outstanding candidate- outstanding for his liberal record in Massachusetts. He is extremely smart in avoiding debates (except it may cost him if he continues to avoid the Texas invitation) because his record is so similar in many ways to Obama. He is very effective at negative campaigning and deceiving people. the fact that he governed as a liberal in Massachusetts denies that his credentials are conservative.

      It seems Romney keeps forwarding the narrative that it’s HIS way or the highway. How about we instead of believing his rhetoric, fight for someone whose record proves he is a conservative?

      1. Santorum is a social conservative, but I don’t think he has the leadership skills or the organizational skills to win or govern fiscally. I would still vote for him over Obama, but I think Romney is a much stronger candidate. Most conservatives agree with me.

  81. The establishment is a glass house and Romney has used its shelter to throw stones. Now they are going to try and blame the damage on the people who threw them back but I remember where it started, in Iowa when Gingrich was on the rise. Since then, Romney’s campaign has pointed most of its ads and money against whoever was closest to him in the polls. He may have succeded in making the others look disqualified but he has not even come close to qualifying himself. He still has not won over his own party base. Its called “crabology” and its the same phenomenon that keeps all the crabs in a pot with no lid on it.

  82. If you don’t vote against Obama and he wins, there might not be another election. To me it looks like the early days of his good buddy Hugo Chavez.

    1. Spare the boogeyman shtick. The real enemy are the GOP Establishment enablers of the Democrat agenda. False conservatives posing as Republicans have frog-boiled this country. It’s time to stop them by defeating Romney. We can do it in Tampa or in November; take your pick.

    2. I voted against Obama when I voted for the best conservative in the race, Rick Santorum. And I’m praying he will be our nominee. I would be happy to vote both FOR him and against Obama. Hope you will fight for Rick and against a non-conservative (Mitt) becoming our nominee.

      1. TJ, if you support Santorum, then you must support this:

        Which is it gonna be? Is Romney somehow less conservative than four years ago? Give me a break with this “Romney isn’t a conservative” nonsense. You guys have lost your minds.

    3. So the stupid party had best have good candidates for House and Senate in order to stop him.

      1. If Santorum is the nominee, expect the Independents and the Moderates to vote straight line democrat. They’ll be a majority of democrats in the House and Senate and an unstoppable President Obama.

  83. If Romney loses to Obama, it will be because of social conservatives like Levin.
    Romney started out 6-8 ahead of Obama, before he was torn down by people like Levin, Rush, Palin and some on FNC.

    1. The more people get to know Romney, whether dem, indy, or repub, the more they dislike him. It’s not that difficult to fathom.

      1. But only Romney has been able to outpoll Obama with any consistency. Rasmussen today has Romney ahead of Obama again. I actually think Romney has a great chance to defeat Obama. When he does we will see a rollback of Federal power and size unlike anything we’ve seen before. Like Jim DeMint said, I’m not only content with Romney I’m excited by his candidacy.

    2. This article is about how Romney’s camp has been using his money advantage to tear down his opponents. Are you denying that? Without people like those you named there would be no conservative movement and the Republican Party would be mere shadow of what it is now if it existed at all. So the argument could be made that Romney failed in his first responsibility of winning these people over.

      1. Angry Rick gets free TV Time on Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Mike Huckabee, etc., and they get the same on radio from Hannity, Bill Bennett, Mark Levin, and a host of others. Plus, Santorum is informally promoted by Rush Limbaugh. If angry Rick had to pay for all that campaign promotion time on TV & the radio, he would outspend Romney by about 7 to 1.

    3. If Romney loses to Obama…it’s because Romney is a virtual Democrat and the Democrats decided to vote for the real Democrat.

      Conservatives live by principle, not by party labels. A GOP that nominates Romney is nothing more than an adjunct of the Democrat Party.

      1. Nonsense. A GOP that nominates Romney is one that wants to win.

        I’m a long-time Reagan conservative, and when I listen to Romney’s speeches, I get the distinct impression that, when it comes to drawing a clear distinction between liberals and conservatives in matters of economic policy and constitutional rights, Romney just gets it. And he won’t be dragged into the culture-war weeds, which is exactly what Obama would love to do (anything to distract attention away from his own miserable record). This is not the year for that.

        Get off your damned principles for half a second, stop making the perfect the enemy of the good, quit pining for the next Reagan to come riding to the rescue (he ain’t) and realize that we’ve got a good candidate in Romney.

    4. If Romney loses to Obama, it will be because he would have had a better chance running on a democrat primary ticket. It matches his record and his campaigning tactics. Romney’s record would have come out if he sadly were to become the nominee during the general election cycle if it didn’t come out sooner. If Romney loses it will be because of Romney.

    5. You people are really lost. He’s extremely unlikable, stiff (I don’t care what his wife has to say about that..), liar, phony, bad public record in Massachusetts, created mandated healthcare for heavens sake, 47th in jobs creation, enriched himself at the cost of others, can’t articulate anything really, poor debater, boring, monotone..
      serial attacker with lies and smears about authentic conservatives…. and you want to blame all of this on everybody else. Lost. You’re all lost.

  84. The Master has spoken. My thoughts exactly. I’m in Florida and after what I experienced with my own ears, 24/7 of lies, smears and attacks on perfectly good, real conservative candiidates, I could NEVER give this severely conservative ‘imposter’ my vote. I will vote down the ballot and write in my candidate, should we have the misfortune of having him crowned as GOP King. To date, he has said absolutely nothing of any substance and I doubt he ever will since he is no debater, no speaker and just cannot articulate anything conservative. He’s an undesireable phony.

    On to Tampa.

  85. “But his point is that Romney’s massively negative carpet bombing campaign has weakened the Republican party”

    We have a few super egos running who call themselves conservative; did not prep for the run; jumped in using other people’s money that they did not raise; slammed Romney for have money that he did raise over time; slammed him for having an organization; acted like petulent children because he had more money, but did not put together cohesive compaigns with good organization themselves and YOU, my favorite conservative, DARE to blame Romney instead of your “SO CALLED” conservatives in the race–I’m embarrassed for you

    1. Well said. Plus, it needs to be pointed out that shining the light on the other candidates’ past is necessary and proper in a campaign. If a candidate thinks having his past illuminated is “negative,” that’s his problem. Let it be a warning to other politicians with ambitions not to engage in that kind of conduct in the future.

      It’s far, far better to shine a light on those things in the primaries than in the general election when it’s too late to change horses.

      In 1972, McGovern chose Thom Eagleton as his running mate at the Dem Convention. Later, it was discovered Eagleton had received electric shock treatments for a mental disorder. That discovery made McGovern appear woefully incompetent & torpedoed his chances of ever being elected President. There are serious political dangers in choosing an unvetted candidate.

      1. Falsehoods do not shine light- Santorum is pro-life. And Romney’s superpac advertising felons still in prison clothes being able to vote was also a falsehood.

        Pointing a shining light at Romney’s dark past on abortion and his doing the opposite of fighting for marriage, his Romneycare individual medical insurance mandate, his supporte of bailing out wallstreet and of cap and trade mandating is done by record.

        Let Mitt and his minion’s falsehoods in campaigning be a warning to all politicians who are actual conservatives that liberals in republican clothing will not be principled in their campaigning and likely will engage in that kind of conduct in the future.

        It’s far better to shine a light on Mitt’s actual liberal record in MA in the primaries than in the general election when it’s too late to change horses. There are serious political dangers to choosing a candidate with a liberal record. History for 120 years has proven not one ‘moderate’ has gotten elected against an incumbant democrat president, but one conservative one did. Hope you will reconsider your support of ‘moderate’ Mitt and choose instead to fight for conservative Rick.

        1. If Rick Santorum shriveled under these “falsehoods” by the Romney campaign, it wouldn’t be any better for Rick when the Obama campaign uses them against him.

          1. It wasn’t Santorum who shriveled, it was the sheep who believed whatever they were told by the media, ads, and robocalls without checking to see the claims were unsubstantiated.

            And glad to see you admitting, deerjerkydave, that Romney’s side used falsehoods against Rick.

            And it would be better for Rick if all the conservatives were fighting for him along with the fact that Rick has a conservative record and a winning message!

        2. This is what I was referring to. This represents a lot of what the Tea Party is against.


          Santorum’s former law firm merged with another to form K&L Gates. The name’s changed but what they’re doing & how they’re doing it hasn’t. Santorum started his career by lobbying to allow professional wrestlers to use steroids.

    2. Other people’s money that they did not raise? Got in because of Obamacare. The majority of Romney and his CPAC’s campaign money has been spent on negative campaigning rather than positive. I’ve never heard Santorum slam Romney for being organized.

      Is money and organization more important to you than Romney’s lack of conservative record? More important than his pro-abortion record, even after he says he changed his mind? More important to you than working to sanction same-sex so-called marriage in MA? If so, I am saddened.

      1. TJ, The country has a lot of work to do but right now, it is about the size of government; government’s outlandish spending and debt. Do we need more integity, more attention to Christian values? You bet we do. Do we need to return to a patriotic America? You bet we do. However, we are on the brink of irrelevance because of the debt we are carrying, Romney may not fix it all but with God’s help he and some good strong people in congress, he can get us going in the right direction. If he does not, then your Rick can beat him out in 2016.

  86. Sorry Mark, little Ricky will have to grow up, start his next effort now, make money then he can be the guy who punched the other guy out. That is the game Mark, Romney is not supposed to be the babysitter. I’m as conservative as you are but I am so tired of my conservative friends acting so stupid. Most of them can’t even tell you what makes a conservative. I want a smaller government and smaller debt. He may not have charisma but Romney has the skills. Ricky and Newt are legislators and like our old friend LBJ, that means PASSING legislation for its own sake.

    1. Romney had the skills to do this in MA:

      which sadly included the expansion of state funding of abortions.

      Romney knew how to get a lot of earmarking, though he condemned Rick for earmarking in debate :

      He had the personal philosophy to take these positions:

      “Romney opposed the Bush Tax Cuts which earned him praise from Barney Frank, raised taxes and fees by a billion dollars and instituted a socialist healthcare plan that has decimated the Massachusetts economy.” (see site for sources of info)

      He supported the wall street bailouts by government. He supported cap and trade mandating based on false global warming science

      He has a long history of not being pro-life, even after he says he changed his mind (can supply links if you are interested). He also has a history of not supporting the true definition of marriage in his MA record. (Have links if interested)

      This is a very dangerous ‘game’. I sincerely hope that if you are as conservative as Levin, you change your mind about a man who is a liberal by record, a conservative sometimes by rhetoric. Please fight to defeat non-conservative Romney while there is still time to do so. Please join the grassroots supporting Rick Santorum!

  87. This is the first time I listen to this show.
    This guy’s arrogance is beyond pale.
    Mark Levin is a stinking pig who thins he has monopoly of knowledge.
    It is sick the way he tells his caller to “Listen to me” and “get out”.
    Who listen to this weasel voice. I though Rush is bad.

      1. I didn’t know he was still on the air. They took him off where I live. I supposed he was taking anger management classes.

    1. He may not have monopoly of knowledge, but I’ll bet he knows how to spell ‘thinks’.

  88. Well, I AM a Romney supporter. You want negative, take a good look at Santorum. I will gladly vote for Romney and encourage friends, family and strangers to do the same. I will donate money. I have donated money. That’s why he has the money advantage – people want him. There are lots of us out there. He has the majority of the votes and delegates. Hello!!! That means people are voting for him. Even in the imaginary world where all the Paul, Santorum, Gingrich voters get together, they can’t beat him. And that truly is an imaginary world as a lot of those people would vote for Romney not the Paul/Gingrich/Santorum clone. Give the man a break. He’s a good person. You conservative purists are amazing. Guess what, that’s what elections are for. The guy with the most votes wins, and Romney has the most votes. So stop moaning and get on board with our real purpose, voting Obama out of office.

  89. You don’t win general elections on your base. You win with independents and moderates. Reagan was a master of talking a good conserative game, but ruled as a moderate. Compromised consistently with Tip O’Neal, a staunch Liberal to get things done. Yes, he cut taxes in 80, but when he saw it was too much and actually hurt the economy, raised them back up not once, not twice, but three times (including Social Security). Pushed for and passed the first DREAM Act. Appointed David Souter (moderate) to the Supreme Court. Romney is no Reagan, not by a long shot.

    1. David Souter was appointed by George H.W. Bush, not Reagan. In 1986 Reagan was able to get a new tax code passed in 1986 significantly lowering tax rates while eliminating many tax loopholes.

      1. You are correct. That is always a possibility. It’s unlikely though, Best guess is Romney will pick Justices like Roberts. We know Obama will pick Justices like Breyer and Ginsberg. That’s a huge roll of the dice to take, simply to prove a point.

    2. So taken at your premise that you win the election with independents and moderates, have you seen Romney’s unfavorable ratings in the swing states?

      Statistically Romney can’t win even if Obama doesn’t launch negative ads at Romney.

      This is an ugly mess that The GOP establishment has pushed down our throats.

      Romney is a sure loser and we haven’t even been to the convention yet.

      1. There is huge time to vet Obama and turn the swing states aropund. Romney is a very bright guy and I fully expect him to disclose ALL of his academic applications and grades, and awards as the first salvo across Obabmbi’s bow. That will be the first move in many others to force the Imposter in the WH to disclose ALL of his academic information… down to the first grade (in Indonesia for Obamabi)This is not a problem. All we need is unity and quintessential assertion of the right (Right!) path towards a federalist government, a huge and robust national defense, and the other remedies that are proposed to replace ACA and tax reform among many other issues (Iran, instability in the ME… again the list is overwhelming).

      1. If the base can’t find a reason to turn out this year to vote Obama out, they can blame themselves if he wins, not Romney and not GOP the establishment.

        1. If the base can’t find a reason to vote FOR Romney, they can still vote for conservatives put forward for the house and senate. If Obama wins, Romney and the establishment GOP will have themselves to blame.

          1. You’ll own Obama’a liberal supreme court…and you will never see RoeVWade overturned in your lifetime then. I just don’t understand your thinking. Are you in such a social conservative bubble that you can’t see further than your nose?

      2. You don’t win elections without the moderates and independents and you don’t win elections without the women’s vote. Romney can get back the women’s vote by talking about the economy. Santorum can turn even more women away by saying stupid things like states have the right to “outlaw” contraception. The social cons of the republican party need to get over being so impressed that their views are the only views that matter.

  90. Awwwwww … Whassa madda, widdle Markie? Is ‘ums all out of sorts because some club-waving, foaming-at-the-mouth, incendiary extremist right-winger isn’t gonna be the GOP nominee? Is ums having a conniption fit because, yet again, you’re having to face the fact that you far right-wing loons do NOT control the Republican Party?

    Deal with it. Mitt Romney will be the nominee because the “reasonable conservative” majority of the GOP is comfortable with him and thinks that he gives us our best chance to beat Obama in the Fall, which he clearly does.

  91. Absoltely ridiculous. If there are any folks out there who call themselves conservatives or Republicans who are not champing at the bit to turn out and vote Obama out of office, they need to stop whining and re-think their priorities. No, Romney doesn’t inspire too many people, but he shouldn’t need to. Obama should provide all the inspiration any conservative needs to vote against him.

    Frankly, I like the fact that Romney is wiilling and able to “carpet bomb” his opponents. That’s exactly what what we need in a candidate, because that’s exaclty what Axelrod & Co. are preparing to do to whoever the GOP nominates, and if Gingrich and Santorum can’t stand up to Romney’s attacks, they sure as heck would not survive the Democrat machine.

    I respect and admire Mark Levin, but this kind of talk is not helpful to our cause. And our cause this year – our ONLY cause – is to throw Obama out. Period. So hold your nose and swallow hard and turn out for Romney, or blame yourself for four more years of Obama.

    1. Hmmm, I would like to see Romney try and carpet-bomb Obama..oh that’s right he won’t have the cash in comparsion. Instead he will actually have to prop himself up and try and find an avenue in which he can kindle some fire from the masses of conservatives he has alienated and win back the independents he has annoyed with all of his wonderful carpet-bombing. Just because Romeny looks like he may win this thing, does not mean he has to be white-washed of all of his dirty politics. In fact he was merciless with Newt and Rick, but so far he has been polite about Obama. I think the harshest thing he has said is, “he is in over his head’…freakin understatement of the year I am afraid!

        1. It’s called united conservative base support, grassroot efforts, a conservative record, and a message that inspires.

          1. Check (much more than Santorum). Check (I’m not rich and I support hime). Check (Not a perfect record in MA, but better than most could have done in that state)… and Check (You obviously haven’t listened to many of his speeches). You got any other criteria there, TJ? I suppose you’re a part of the anti-teleprompter group. You’ll have to excuse the man for not memorizing every speech he gives and respect how much more professional a speech is when given that way rather than umming your way through a made-up speech on the spot like Santorum.

        2. I am a Newt fan, so forget Santo for a sec. Could you please link where Romney has called Obama a radical Alinkski socialist please..oh that was Newt. Perhaps you could link where he has taken Obama to task on the ‘baby in the sink’ bill and said Obama was for infanticide…oh that was Newt again. Well, golly gee, there has to be at least once where Romney has gone after Obama with fiery passion and where he called the man-child what he truly is? If not, he had better start taking lessons from Newt. Perhaps he can have Newt school him on how to deal with the press as well. Romney is weak, and it looks like he will snatch this up soon…I hope he can win, because Obama is destroying all that we know and love, but I don’t hold out much hope.

    2. They need to not whine, they need to be fighting to nominate Rick Santorum, a conservative, not believe it’s inevitable Romney will win the nomination, and not give up on fighting to nominate someone who provides the sharpest contrast with Obama.
      Go Rick Santorum!

      Frankly, you’re statement that Romney shouldn’t need to inspire too many people makes absolutely no sense.

      YOUR only cause this year is to throw Obama out regardless of the liberalness of the challenger’s record, but history would point to backing a non-conservative against a democrat presidential incumbant has yielded 0 wins in the last 120 years.

      Please re-think your support of a ‘moderate’ and think about getting behind a conservative then if you truly want to throw Obama out. In the last 120 years, only one Republican has won against a Democrat presidential incumbant. He was a conservative, not a ‘moderate’. Please throw your support behind Rick Santorum, who is a conservative!

      1. When Ronald Reagan was Gov. of CA, he signed the most liberal abortion law in the country. He also raised more taxes than any governor before him. By Rick Sanctamonium’s standards, Reagan would be too liberal to be President.

        I listen to Romney’s speeches, and I hear a fiscal conservative who understands that controling spending and lowering taxes not only makes good economic sense (although our economic survival is at stake), it is a matter of freedom. Is he the perfect candidate? No. Does he inspire people? Not really. Is he a straight-down-the-line social conservative? Hardly. But he doesn’t scare people, either. And he knows what needs to be done and has the political skills to make it happen.

        And most of all, he can beat Obama. Rick Sanctamonium cannot. He’d get crushed by Axelrod & Co, just like he’s getting crushed now.

        And, incidentally, don’t be surprised if he bows out in the next few weeks. I’ll give the man credit for being able to count.

        1. AFTER he actually became pro-life rather than just claiming he had? I don’t think so. Reagan became a conservative. Romney has no record other than rhetoric to prove he ever did.

          Get past the rhetoric, look at some things I posted about Romney’s record and you will SEE fiscal liberal. Does he inspire people? Not really. Then why not fight while there is still time for someone who has a conservative record? Someone who is inspiring grassroots enthusiasm in the base- Rick Santorum? Name calling demonstrates something about you.

          It’s interesting you compare Romney’s treatment of Santorum with Axelrod & Co. How astute! How about those who see Romney as a non-conservative both on the fiscal and the social issues- do any of you agree with Phil’s comparison?

          Romney does not have 1,144 delegates. Santorum cares enough about our country to give people who have not yet voted the opportunity to show their conservative vote is significant.

          1. Santorum is not worth fighting for. The ONLY reason he is still in the race is because everybody else bowed out gracefully (except Gingrich) when they realized they didn’t have a chance. Santorum doesn’t have a chance now and he never did. Romney has always been the Nominee since the beginning of this Republican race. Do you remember how long Santorum was polling around 1%. You guys use the “Romney only has 41% of the vote” line all day long, but what does that say about Santorum or Gingrich, who have less. Santorum was everybody’s last resort. Nobody was excited about Santorum in the least at the beginning of this whole race. He’s angry, maybe even angrier than Gingrich now. He calls Romney a moderate or liberal now, but four years ago said that if we want to vote for a conservative, we must vote for Mitt Romney. Which is it going to be? Was he lying then or now? Was he just “taking one for the team” last time? If so, sounds like he was a part of the so-called “establishment”. You guys are hallucinating.

            Romney was a conservative Governor in Massachusetts with an imperfect record. At least he didn’t vote for the “Bridge to Nowhere” like Santorum did. Santorum’s key word is “Courage”, right? Courage to “take one for the team” sounds like an awesome President. Let’s just call this race what it is. OVER. Santorum and Gingrich will get what they wanted from this race: more speaking opportunities and at a higher rate so they can afford their bloated budgets at home. Game Over. Let’s move on to the main event against Obama.

    3. ‘Obama should provide all the inspiration any conservative needs to vote against him’… This is the biggest mistake the GOP has made. This is what the GOP is banking on. I’d hate to see GOP in Las Vegas. Losers. Can’t buy my vote with this one.

  92. Amazing how Romeny’s campaign bots have so quickly learned the Alinsky techniques of Hussein Obama’s 2008 campaign. Or maybe they just are working for a new candidate?

    1. More likely they are simply professionals who know how to raise money and run a winning campaign by doing things like actually managing to get on the ballot in every primary and by filing full slates of delegates in every congressional district.

        1. More likely liberal progressives who don’t understand conservative talk radio or conservatism, period.

  93. Limbaugh & Levin have done a great job convincing a few that they’re the majority and can bully the Republican Party into submission using Saul Alinsky’s favorite weapon, ridicule. The Republican Establishment they constantly disparage is likely the majority of Republicans.

    In free societies, Party direction, Party candidates, and Party policies are largely decided by people & elections, and not by bullying & disparagement. All members of our Party are welcome to try to influence all three. That’s what politics is all about. But is it necessary to trash Romney, like Limbaugh & Levin constantly do? That’s Obama-like. How about expressing the values & ideals you favor, and then letting the people decide.

    And recognize that if you don’t get your way, it’s not because some unknown, highly secretive group (i.e., the Republican Establishment) is subverting the process.

    Coalitions have been proven to work, time and time again. But trying to bully some of us into adopting your way of thinking likely won’t. Here’s my advice: use your own heads more. Don’t be radioheads & let Levin & Limbaugh mislead you with some of their fringe thinking. They do great service to the extent they aggregate & dispense information (especially that which the MSM tries to hide). But when they sermonize (propagandize?) and try to make their opinions our opinions, they go a bridge too far (and sometimes do great harm to our Party). And they’re counting on converting the weakest minds in their listening audiences in order to expand their wealth & power.

    Millionaire Levin & Gazillionaire Limbaugh purport to be in touch with common people, but they both broadcast from their homes and have little contact with common people, outside of their employees & domestic servants.

    Limbaugh (who owns a private jet) drives a black Maybach 57S, which runs around $450,000 fully loaded. He has more than a half dozen similar rides on his plush estate in Florida, where he moved to avoid paying taxes to New York (Florida doesn’t have a state income tax). And he constantly bemoans paying federal income taxes, because he’d rather use the money to buy more private jets & Maybachs, I suppose.

    1. Casting stones at millionaires when your guy is worth 200 million + tells us how relevant your comments are. Romney is progressive-moderate (his words not mine) and his record shows it. The man lives in this state and I’ve seen him in action in MA. So save the BS for someone else.

    2. What bollocks.

      The people who are pimping Romney to the country are a boatload of plutocrats who gave us Bush and his bankster government.

      And now, people whoring Romney to the country are insulting Limbaugh for his earned wealth are trying to talk poor about Romney’s money. Let me tell you a story about Romney: he demonstrated in favor of the draft during the Vietnam War before taking his deferment. That’s Mittens.

      I hear he has problems with dogs, too!

  94. It’s sad how some so called conservatives call people like Rick Santorum a true conservative because he talks about contraception and internet porn.

    Santorum isn’t a fiscal conservative. Santorum was a big spender in that 2001-2006 deficit spending Congress under Bush. The guy voted for more spending bills than Lincoln Chaffee and he was the earmark king.

    1. Please, let’s not spoil Levin’s latest childish, nonsensical rant with pesky facts like that.

  95. Levin sounds like an IDIOT!!

    Romney is the best candidate who is a fiscal conservative. He’s always been conservative with other peoples money. His coworkers called him careful and conservative with their clients money.

    Rick Santorum would mean we have to fight against Bush and the deficit spending 2001-2006 Congress under Bush that was lead by big spenders like Santorum.

    People like Levin and Rush will call Bush a true conservative when he cut taxes which was right but he did nothing to control spending. He gave out 12 measly vetoes in 8 years.

    Romney/Ryan 2012!!!

    1. That’s because he is one. All you have to do is listen to one of his radio broadcasts for 15 minutes (if you can keep your lunch down that long) and it will become all too apparent.

      Next to that raving lunatic Michael Savage, Levin is the single biggest moron on the radio today.

  96. Reagan was a great President but Reagan didn’t walk on water and he wasn’t a right wing idealogue like Rush and others try to paint him to be.

    Reagan did things I didn’t agree with like raise taxes and amnesty for illegals. Two things Romney will not do!!

    1. Romney is only lying about his entire record as Governor but will be the very first politician who did not lie to get elected. Where do I sign up?

    2. If Reagan were running today, the very same people who now worship his memory would be deriding him as “just another RINO”.

      Genghis Kahn wouldn’t be conservative enough for these loons. The Republican Party would be infinitely better off if they’d split off to form their own little extremist fringe party. Then they could run Sarah Palin for president every four years and everyone would be happy.

  97. We don’t need any of Levin’s self-righteous, condemnatory BS. We get plenty of that from Santorum.

  98. Levin sounds like an IDIOT!!

    Romney is the best candidate who is a fiscal conservative. He’s always been conservative with other peoples money. His coworkers called him careful and conservative with their clients money.

    Rick Santorum would mean we have to fight against Bush and the deficit spending 2001-2006 Congress under Bush that was lead by big spenders like Santorum.

    People like Levin and Rush will call Bush a true conservative when he cut taxes which was right but he did nothing to control spending. He gave out 12 measly vetoes in 8 years.

    Romney/Ryan 2012!!!

    1. On Romney’s fiscal conservativism:
      “Romney opposed the Bush Tax Cuts which earned him praise from Barney Frank, raised taxes and fees by a billion dollars and instituted a socialist healthcare plan that has decimated the Massachusetts economy.”
      (for back-up of claims, see above site)

      On generously using earmarks- record versus rhetoric while bashing Santorum’s use of them):

      On big government mandating:

      On job creation:
      “When Romney was governor, Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 in job creation.”

      About Santorum:

  99. Yeah I guess that’s why thousands of Grassroots Conservative Activists at CPAC voted Mitt Romney as the “preferred Conservative” candidate for 2012.

    Mitt not only won the conference straw poll but also the National poll with over 10,000 respondents.

    Mitt Romney = a normal smart Conserative, not a Right-winger.

    1. CPAC vote is a sham. Have you ever been there to watch the buses roll in on the day of the vote? Last year Ron Paul won it by a huge margin.

    2. Nice try, Allen. All anyone has to do to disprove that drivel is to check Romney’s record for themselves. When he started running for president he suddenly became a “conservative.” Before that he was a “progressive-moderate.” His words, not mine.

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      Subject: [trscoop] Re: Mark Levin: Romney has weakened the Republican party with his carpet bombing

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      Allen wrote, in response to NHConservative777:
      Yeah I guess that’s why thousands of Grassroots Conservative Activists at CPAC voted Mitt Romney as the “preferred Conservative” candidate for 2012.
      Mitt not only won the conference straw poll but also the National poll with over 10,000 respondents.
      Mitt Romney = a normal smart Conserative, not a Right-winger.
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    3. Nice try, Allen. But all anyone has to do to refute such drivel is to check Mitt’s record for themselves. He only became a “conservative” when he decided to run for president. Before that he described himself as a “progressive-moderate” and his record demonstrated just that. He’s a RINO and nothing more.

    4. CPAC, he out-Pauled Ron Paul at CPAC and had a bunch of PAID voters come in and vote for him.

  100. I a Reagan Conservative and Mitt Romney supporter I would like to tell Right-winger, Mark Levin, who needs the LEFT when we have Right wingers like Rush and Levin attacking our “normal” Conservative candidates.

    1. It is impossible for anyone who truly understands and believes in the conservative principles of Reagan to support Romney. Both cannot be true at the same time.

      Because supporting or not supporting Romney is a binary decision, I can only assume you have no idea what Reagen stood for, or you are trying to deceive those who do not know better.

    2. History records absolutely NO ‘moderate’ Republicans have won against a presidential incumbant who is a Democrat in the last one hundred twenty years! You cannot look at Mitt’s liberal record and still truthfully claim to be a Reagan conservative.

      1. so… history shows there was never a black president… This cycle, history has changed as Obabmbi record is all Mitt needs to attack… in person and on the air. He will fight fire with fire against the Axelrod/Ploughe/Obambi tactics. I don’t know about you but I will max my contributions and fund the Superpac ad infinitum. Obambi, means global chaos and genocide. Obamabi means virtual permanance in forming a centally planned welfare/dependency State.

        1. You are wrong, attacking is not the only thing Mitt needs to do, but what he needed to do he has not done- have a record of conservatism in MA.

          You don’t know about me… let me enlighten you a little: I will not give one thin penny to a candidate with blood on his hands as Romney with his record on expanding abortion in MA has. I will not give one thin penny to someone who is advancing the agenda of ‘gay’ activists who gnash their teeth at their Creator in their rejection of Him.

          Romney has not gotten 1,144 delegates and I am praying (which will be a mercy on God’s part to our nation, which is wandering far from him) that if it is God’s will, Rick Santorum will be our next president.

  101. Guys like Limbaugh, Levin, Bortz, etc. have weakened the Republican Party, not Romney. They’ve constantly carpet bombed Romney & his campaign throughout the primaries. And they’re still at it. They did the same thing to McCain & that gave us Obama.

    It does wonders for their ratings (they likely get higher ratings when a Dem’s in the oval office), and brings them the big bucks. But it hurts us.

    Common everyday working Republicans decide who will be the standard bearer for our Party–not the radio elite, who broadcast out of their homes, while hoarding their millions.

    So, don’t be duped by spinmeisters Levin, Limbaugh & company. They’re just angry white men (counterparts to Reverends Wright, Sharpton, & Jackson). Their goal is to agitate. That gets them large audiences & lots of money. Do your own thinking.

    1. I wish they could weaken it more then because the GOP has become the right-of-center arm of the American Progressive movement.

      Romney is further left than either LBJ, Carter or Clinton. The GOP controlled government under Bush grew the size of that government more than all three of them combined.

      1. The Dems’ goals for the upcoming election will be to divide and conquer. And all those trying to put a wedge in the Republican Party right now are furthering the Dems’ purposes. So, beware of angry, divisive posts like this. They may be coming from either Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod.

        There are potentially 4 new Supreme Court Justices that will be named in the next term. Kennedy, Scalia, Souter, & Ginsberg are all getting up there in age. We just witnessed recent appointees Kagan & Sotomayer in action. And they’re going to be influencing our government for decades now.

        Plus, Obama has promised concessions to Putin.

        Republicans need to win in November.

        1. No the GOP goal is to divide and lose. The tea party movement brought out a passion and base of people like the country has never seen. We won 210 for them against all odds yet the GOP has rejected us along with all true conservatives.

          Romney is a spit in the face to a conservative.

          Romney will not appoint true Constitutional judges – he did not in Massachusetts. Remeber Harriet Meyers?

          1. Please keep in mind that Harriet Miers would have been a vast improvement (like comparing Reagan to Carter) over either Kagan or Sotomayor. She was a highly skilled lawyer with impeccable credentials, other than she didn’t attend one of the Ivy law schools (which seems to be a condition precedent to sitting on the High Court these days).

            And Bush (whom you seem to have little regards for) appointed both Alito & Roberts (who I believe are two outstanding appointments). Roberts may turn out to be one of the best Justices to have ever served on the Court.

    2. So you’re saying people who know the truth about the candidates should never come out in their defense when they’re being carpet-bombed with distortions, lies and smears by Romney, because they’re hurting the Romney campaign by doing so.
      I get it. Do your own thinking? It hurts you too much for us to do so.

  102. Like McCain, the Republican establishment stuffed Romney down our throats and now they expect us to “kiss and make up”. The man is not a Conservative. Good luck in the fall Mittens because you won’t have my vote.

  103. Reason why it is at 41% because the base is not all that enthused and wary of voting for Romney. His negative ads are hurting him more than the other candidates. That is why there is a chance of him not getting nominated at the convention and why the establishment wants everyone to drop out now. The convention is a few months away and anything can happen in that timeframe that will affect Romney’s chances.

  104. The one time that conservatives were “energized” was in one of the debates with Newt’s answer to a question and there was complete agreement that he was the one to lead the charge back to conservatism, and then it just died out, what happened to change every ones mind, we should have rallyed around that,his message is the right one,he has the will to do the things we need,he has done the things we need done before.We have the best candidate waiting for us to show him the support he needs, WE have dropped the ball,WE are the ones letting him slip by,WE are the ones letting the GOP gain the upper hand. I sit here in amazement at what we are not doing.

    1. LOL!!! Yeah, let’s nominate a candidate because he throws out some rhetorical red meat about the “elitist media” to a pack of dumb rednecks who then jump up and down and hoot like crazed baboons right on cue. That’s a winning strategy for sure!!!

      One day, you nuts may actually have to wake from your stupor and realize that only about 10% of the population agrees with your “true conservative” agenda.

      But until then, keep right on hooting.

    2. well said!! We have dropped the ball, and now are left with a weak nominee(almost) and his nasty supporters who sound no different than liberal posters over at Huffington Post!

  105. Not to sound like bitter grapes but Romney only wins here because we’re stuck between a rock and a hrad place. Romney is the most moderate candidate, so GOP logic is that he will appeal to more voters… this is a damning logic and it will kill him in the election just like it did in 2008 with McCain – another moderate. You all know this. We’re stuck. We either vote for Romney or stick with the devil. It’s a lose-lose proposition.

    I’ll vote for this weasel because to stick with maobama is suicide. But I won’t campaign for, fund, call for or support Romney with anything but my anti-maobama vote. Period.

    1. Had not McCain caved in to pressure from you hard right-wingers and nominated Sarah Palin in order to appease you, he would quite likely have won.

      Know what happens when the hard right wing is actually successful in nominating a “true conservative”? You get Barry Goldwater in 1964, that’s what.

      In a two-party political system, elections are won at the center, not at the fringes.

      1. Thank you for the compliment – I like the sound of “Hard Right-Winger”.

        The Democrats and Republicans have grown bloated and corrupt. Cling to their cronyism if you wish but I sincerely believe there will be another party to choose from in 2016 and hopefully it will be based on conservative Tea Party principles. Or, to use your language: one that appeals to us hard right-wingers (which is most of America).

        And for the record, the only thing that revived that moderate’s (McCain’s) campaign, was the energetic and fresh appeal of Sarah Palin and her hard right-wing ideals. McCain was dying a horrible death until she arrived. The center sucks and will cause us to lose again if we’re stuck with Romney.

        When you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

        1. 2008, I held my nose tight and voted for Sarah Palin, not McInsane.

          Here we go again but this time, I’ll vote down the ballot and write in my candidate.

      2. You squishtards will believe anything.

        You do know that before the Lehman Brothers collapse on September 15th, Palin had dragged John McCain ahead of Barack Obama in the Gallup Poll, don’t you?

        After Lehman Brothers went down, Steve Schmidt, Noble Savage, convinced McCain to suspend his campaign. When the McCain Campaign went south permanently, Schmidt and other operatives started organizing their resumes.

        Useful Idiots like you are a drag on the GOP. You guys get rolled easily by the Left, and believe anything you are told. No wonder liberals like “Republicans” like you. You walk around wearing a “kick me” sign on your a$$.

    2. Exactly Sober, Romney may get votes from the conservatives he has scorned, but he won’t get money or campaign volunteers, instead he will get ambivalence.

  106. I revere Mark Levin but he’s being narrow minded here. First of all, I’m surprised that Romney is getting 41% of the vote with Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul still in the race. I have to assume he’s getting that high a percentage because of the state primaries, like Virginia and DC, where some of the others didn’t qualify. For the longest time Romney couldn’t break much above 25%.

    As far as negative campaigning is concerned, Santurom is just as guilty as Romney except that Santorum has been forced to spew the Romney attacks himself instead of doing it in ads because he doesn’t have the money to produce and run such ads. I think I’ve seen one or two from Santorum’s super pac, but most of the bile directed at Romney has come straight from Rick Santorum’s mouth and if anyone thinks people resent Romney’s ads, what the hell do they think people think of the nasty things Rick Santorum has said in speeches and interviews?

    Some pundits are now blaming Newt for what he’s said about Romney and how Newt will “star” in Democrat attack ads during the general if Romney gets the nomination. Oh, really? Newt’s been POLITE compared to the crap Santorum has spewed in his man child girly whiny voice. Oh, yeah, Rick Santorum has already proved to be the Democrats best weapon whether he gets the nomination or not.

    As far as Stacy McCain is concerned? And the rest of you desperate Santorum supporters? I’ll post here what I posted there this morning. Two words: Herman. Cain.

      1. Boy, nothing gets by you, does it?

        I have made it very clear here that I HATE RICK SANTORUM WITH A PASSION!

        He will never win. Worse than that, he will set back the cause of conservatism for a generation. I loath the man. I hate his face. I hate his stuttering, stammering, whiny girly voice. I despise him.

        I’ll vote for him, though, if I have to. Because I love this country and Barack Obama MUST be defeated.

        1. Why do you feel he will set back the cause of conservatism for a generation?

          excerpt: “between Newt, Santorum, and Romney .. Santorum is the one who is most fiscally conservative and who will have the most fiscally conservative administration as President.”

          “As the junior senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum shepherded welfare reform through the U.S. Senate in 1996.”

          On moral issues:
          “History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed in to political and economic decline.” – Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Pacific during WWII

          “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
          John Adams (The Works of John Adams, ed. C. F. Adams, Boston: Little, Brown Co., 1851, 4:31)

  107. we may lose this election which would be devastating.

    Could be more devastating if Romney wins, does Levin trust Romney and the GOPe not to tarnish the GOP so badly again that we don’t get 06 in 14 and 08 in 2016?

    Stop being short sighted Levin as ABO is all for naught if what I described happens. I personally think there is nothing to gear but fear itself with a lame duck second termer. I’d rather GOP take back senate and hold house then hold Obama’s feet to the fire because I don’t trust the GOP not to rubber stamp Romney and make the Republican unelectable again as I described above.

      1. That’s just silly fear mongering hyperbole!

        Israel is quite capable of defending itself no matter what Obama does just as Israel has done in the past.

    1. Reviewing the Mittster’s comments about the new media makes one wonder if we are headed for a Nixsonian Presidency given the negative carpet bombing he may be trying to destroy the Republican brand and by default the party in addition to making public that he is building a huge home in California, which adds to the class ware for Barack Obama. I hope Rick stays in and take to this the convention. Romney will be disastrous for the party. Perhaps if others heard Romney’s thoughts about the new media they would not have voted for him.

    2. There are many reasons that scenario is better than another Progressive in the White House with a big-government Boehner/McConnell Congress.

      A stalemated DC is far better for the People than when they are passing laws and regulations.

    3. Correct. That’s why I will vote down the ballot and write in my guy.

      On to Tampa for a choice………

  108. For the first time in my voting lifetime, Indiana will have a say in the nominee and I stand w Gingrich all the way. I hope he takes it to the convention. The GOP establishment needs to be knocked down a few notches and people like Gingrich, Palin and some others are just the ones to do it.

    The voters who are supporting Romney either are moderate/liberals or just too lazy to get informed. All I can say about a Romney nomination is, if he were running against anyone other than Obama, he wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in Hades.

    1. Seriously? Gingrich won 2 states. If he cant beat Romney why would you think he will be more popular than Obama? Gingrich lost and those who know him best picked Romney. That should tell you what his congressional coworkers thought of him. Romney will be solid.

        1. Obviously we have a different opinion here. Im not sure that that matters now. If you are comfortable with Obama, keep lobbying bombs at our nominee. If you detest the thought of Obama for 4 more years then cool it. Unless you have a way for Santorum to win Utah and New York as well as 70% of the remaining delegates. Its over. Romney will be solid. He is pro business and knows what makes business succeed. Lets give him our best effort and maybe we will get rid of the worst pres in history.

          1. I mentioned his record, an accurate statement if you look at the Republican platform for a yardstick. So if his record is a lobby of bombs, not sure if that matters to you. Romney is not the nominee, he does not have 1,144 delegates. As long as their a possibility an actual conservative can win at an open convention, I will not cool it.

            Romney’s record proves he is a solid RINO. Let’s give him our best effort to try to make sure he is not the nominee. Zero ‘moderates’ have won against a democrat presidential incumbant in the last one hundred twenty years. One conservative did. I’m fighting for a pro-life, pro-marriage (in RECORD and rhetoric) conservative. A country is not a business. And as a matter of record in the public arena (not private business), Mitt is not a fiscal conservative, the latest of a list of examples is how much money he is spending on negative campaigning against Rick Santorum.

          2. Pro-business? Yeah, for himself and his enrichment, not for the country. He couldn’t even create jobs in Massachusetts for pete’s sake! 47th in jobs creation and for the measely 1% of jobs he did create, 5 out of 6 were government jobs! Get real!

  109. I don’t think it can be fixed with Romney as the nominee. People will vote for him, but few will be enthusiastic about it — and enthusiastic volunteers are needed to talk a candidate up, make phone calls, canvass neighborhoods and drive people to the polls on election day. The only way to repair the party is for Romney to lose the first convention ballot, and for the delegates to choose another candidate.

    1. If people see Obama for what hes done, they will be amped up for the business minded Romney. By the time Nov rolls around, Romney will be leading Obama.

    2. The last 120 years of history says you’re correct. Now is the time for all true conservatives to come to the aid of Rick Santorum!

  110. I’ve noticed as another person on here said that Romney has had a whole hell of a lot of negative campaigning against him also. Funny that Ricky never gets any blame for being a bad candidate himself. Its politics folks. Santorum is pushing this country into more of a whiner nation. Romney has more money cause obviously people like him more? If Rick is so good then where is the money? Its not in his pocket.

    1. Romney has more money because people like him more? I’ve never heard that one before. Most of his money comes from Wall Street contributors. In contrast, most of Gingrich’s money comes from small donations.

      1. Look, I am a Newt supporter. I’m very disappointed in Republican voters for throwing out a diamond for a piece of coal called Santorum. What I’m saying is is that santorum doesn’t have the heart of the voters otherwise he would have more money. Doesn’t matter where they come from. S

        1. I agree Joe, I truly believe if Santo has stepped back after Newt won SC, this would have been a very different race. Santo is young and would have has more time to build his campaign for the next go-around. Newt will not have a chance again and that is the biggest waste of this whole darn thing. I shake my head.

          1. Santorum is not exactly young at nearly 54 years of age. Newt has issues of his own with individual healthcare mandate support even early on while running for president, etc. and Santorum had won one race, Gingrich one at that point. It was early and really no reason to step out of the race at that early stage.

            1. I totally disagree, and you won’t be able to convince me otherwise as I won’t be able to convince you..let’s leave this debate alone. We will just go in circles.

    2. Romeny has more money because the same global banks and hedge funds are pouring money into his coffers that they got from our pockets in the bailout.

      btw – it is the same list of donors who paid for Hussein Obama’s installation in the Whitehouse.

        1. “Romney, a former Massachusetts governor and a co-founder of the Boston-based private equity firm Bain Capital LLC, has received strong support from Wall Street to fill his campaign coffers. He has received $6 of every $10 contributed to a presidential candidate by securities and investment industry employees and their families, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington-based research group that tracks campaign giving. ”

          “Through Jan. 31, they had given $6.6 million to Romney, including $521,180 from Goldman employees and their families, and $2.3 million to Obama. ”

        2. “romney sees surge in wall street donations as obama’s decline”

          “In the fourth quarter of last year, eight of the 10 biggest donors to Romney, co-founder of Boston-based Bain Capital LLC, a private-equity firm, worked for banks and investment funds, according to data compiled by Bloomberg based on U.S. Federal Election Commission information released yesterday. Citigroup Inc. (C) employees gave $196,600. Those at JPMorgan Chase & Co. donated $180,518, and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) workers contributed $106,580. ”

          “Obama raised almost $16 million from employees in the securities and investment industry and their families for the 2008 election, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.”

      1. The max is 2500 per person in the primary. Super Pacs are not the campaign. Romneys campaign has more money because he has run a better campaign and appealed to more people and winning more contests.

        1. Super Pacs are usually campaigning themselves for a certain candidate. Romney has a large lack of appeal in places he would need in order to win the nomination. He has won a number of contests (10 I believe) that have a history of going solid blue in the generals. Only 1 republican has won against a presidential incumbant who is a democrat in the last 120 years. That republican was well to the right of Romney.

          NO ‘moderate’ republicans have won against a democrat presidential incumbant for the last 120 years.

      2. Yep, Romney’s backers know he’ll continue the status quo for them, afterall, it’s where he made his millions too. Business as usual.

        On to Tampa!

  111. He can’t fix it. I won’t vote for him. And I have no respect for the Party elite having seen that they do not respect conservative values, especially after such a good election in 2010. How could the Party elite push another liberal candidate after the fiasco of McCain. I fell on my sword and voted for McCain last time to stop Obama, but four years later if we can’t do any better than Romney, we need a new Party. I will say to the Party elite, you think we will all jump on the bandwagon when it is Obama or Romney? I say, in your dreams.

    1. They push him because it is more important that the GOP elite keep their political power than to defend the the Constitution and limited government. Better to lose to Obama than to win under a conservative.

      Being a republican politician under a big-government democrat president, is more lucrative than being a republican politician under a small-government republican president.

      Politicians want more government, more control. Both donkeys and elephants

      1. Nancy Pelosi said the difference between the two parties should only be on trivial things. Apparently the GOP establishment agrees. I’m tired of this good cop/bad cop slide into socialism. The GOP not Dems expanded the size and scope of government more than any since LBJ. People tend to forget this for some bizarre reason people forget when the GOP had the chance to act on all the lip service they give they did the exact opposite and now complain about the powers Obama is abusing in the executive branch they(Bush GOP) gave to the executive branch.


      That way the GOP, freshly shorn of its whacko right-wing fringe, can move back to the center and become the majority party in this country again. We’ll pick up two new voters in the middle for every one of you that we lose.

      So PLEASE …. HIT THE ROAD!!!!

    3. I guess a successful businessman, father of 5 successful boys, married to the same woman for 43 years, vetoed 800 bills in Mass, turned the failing economy around there resulting in 4.5% unemployment and billion dollar rainy day fund, staunch illegal alien position, and multiple college degrees isn’t quite up to your conservative test. It sounds like the American dream to me. Good luck finding the perfect candidate. Romney will be solid.

      1. You left out the blood on his hands from expanding coverage for abortions, forcing catholic hospitals to hand out abortion inducing pills, that he appointed numerous liberal judges, was fighting to advance same sex so-called ‘marriage’ even though MA’s legislature did not approve of the liberal judge’s decision, which was a requirement the judges had laid out. Also, as governor, his state that ranked 47th out of 50 in job creation, he signed into law a big government individual medical insurance mandate, supported bailing out wall street, and enthusiastically supported cap and trade mandating, which was a mandate based on so called ‘global warming’. Romney will be a solid RINO if elected.

        1. You left out that he governed a democrat state and signed 800 vetos, pardoned no criminals, authorized troopers to stop illegals in the state, Fought to stop gay marriage hand in hand with the traditional marriage advocates, took 5.5% unemployment to 4.5% and turned billions in deficits into a surplus. I know you like Santorum but really we need a turn around and Romney is the best bet. Time to give up hoping for a perfect candidate and join us in reality. Romney is the best we have this time. Santorum would be destroyed in the election worse than in Penn last time and he seems a whiner to me.

      2. Keep up the lies. According to the Massachusetts state Comptroller’s Office, “Romney left office with a $594.4 million surplus”, ….well short of the $2 billion rainy-day fund figure he claims on his website. (his website is all lies stating Rainy Day figure 2 million).

        “There is nothing in Romney’s record as governor that shows he knows how to address economic failures,” says Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies, at Northeastern University, further stating what bothers him most is Romney’s major distortion of his record and when bragging about the 4.7% unemployment rate, the fact that droves of young college graduates and residents left the state to live in lower-cost areas is not taken into consideration. This statement is absolutely correct and can be verified on many websites. 47th in job creation from 2003-06, and for every one private sector job there were 6 government jobs created under Romney. How difficult was that?

        The one termer was a failure in Massachusetts and we’re suppose to give him our vote to run the country?

        On to Tampa…..

  112. We must face that there is no leadership in the GOP – only a power structure.

    The negative campaigning is not the root problem. These ads and attacks are merely a symptom – an inherent characteristic of political establishment that has usurped our government and political process. Romney is no leader, he has no leadership skills or instincts – he is an obedient mechanic.

    What we see in Romney is the political establishment drowning out all other voices and ideas – obscuring the truth with noise and confusion. This is how Barack Hussein Obama won and how his political henchmen and the media keeps him in power.

    The elephants are very bad at this game yet even if they win, the people lose, because it is not a President of the people it is a President placed there by the political establishment.

    The corruption and control is nearly permanent. If the people do not stand en mass, reject this and take back our political process from the corrupt GOP, we certainly will deserve the permanent masters that we elect.

    We have no leader. Everyone can ignore it all they want or hide behind all manner of rationalization, but Sarah Palin is the only true conservative leader right now. The only voice against a party that has abandoned its base, the Constitution and limited government. That is why the GOP has marginalized her.

    1. it is a President placed there by the political establishment.

      it is a President placed there by the political establishment. Goldman Sachs and Wall St Hedging their bets so its a win/win for them. Big banks grew bigger under Obama not smaller. Don’t let the good cop/bad cop game Obama and Wall St play with us because its the same tactic the GOP/Dem establishment elites use and exactly why government keeps growing and spending more. The GOP did zero when they had the power. They did zero to shrink government and the scope of it and in fact did the opposite and left the GOP brand so tarnished a Republican could hardly win in 06 and 08. I don’t trust a GOP House and Senate rubber stamping their guy Romney not to deliver 06 in 14 and 08 in 16 which leaves ABO as all for naught and gets us Hillary or worse in 16.

  113. My goodness, I couldn’t make it through all of comments posted. I wish everyone would CALM down. Half of the country hasn’t voted yet and we all should have a chance to vote.

    For those that support Rick or Newt – Writing a comment on a blog may make everyone feel better, but doesn’t help to keep them in the race. Go to their websites, volunteer and donate what you can.

    No matter what the pundits (elites, establishment, media) say, so far I haven’t heard the fat lady sing. Help your candidate, so we don’t have to once again vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Our founders fought with guns, we need to fight with our $$$ and time. If Obama gets another term I’m not sure if we will get country back. Then shame on us!

    1. Well said. Now is the time to put as much money and time as we all can into this.

      I am not even close to rich but am donating ALL I can for a very simple reason – if Romeny or Obama is our next president FREEDOM is lost.

      I can tell you from experience that comfortable money has very little meaning living in a socialist state. Europe sucks! I would rather be poor and free, than living within the comfortable little box government prescribes for me.

      Donating even a small amount helps and most importantly lets them know we are here.

      Calling for Santorum or Newt costs nothing and greatly amplifies your vote BY GETTING PEOPLE TO THE POLLS. The calls go to each state voting so your voice is wide.

      As you say maxine, it is likely the last opportunity we will have

      1. Ever play basketball? This is the part of the game where the result is determined but some opposing players are angry and start getting out of control. Thats when players get hurt. If Obama being removed is the ultimate goal why would you want to keep this primary going when Santorum mathmatically cannot win? Hes been winning 25% of the delegates and needs 80% of the remaining to win. Santorum will lose New York and Utah for sure. That means he will need 90% + of all the rest. Not to mention his reputation will be tarnished for not supporting the nominee. In sports, a little sportsmanship is not too much to ask except from Gingrich and Santorum. These have not shown any resemblance of good form. Knowing they cant win outright, they kick the ball in the stands to try to hold up the contest

    2. I did. It was loud and clear when Romney won the winner take all states tues. I see no way for Santorum to reach the 1144. Winning 80% of the remaining proportional states delegates is not realistic. Romney has proven to be better organized and more disciplined. These are critical skills needed to defeat Obama. I recommend that the supporters of the losing candidates take a cold shower and rethink the wisdom of lobbing more bombs at Romney. The game is out of reach and all that will happen is a player will get hurt at the end of the game if people dont wake up.

  114. To Mark Levin and the rest of the sour grapes squad , Romney and his super pac went up against levin, krystol hannity , erickson, beck, rush, malkin, red state ,national review,hot air,sarah palin, NEWT AND SANTORUM bashing him daily. THAT… did not damage the republican party “carpet bombing” did.
    What utter nonsense! What was he supposed to do?
    I leave LEVIN and you cliff bound lemmings with this quote

    1. Stop crying Levine. Romney is going to do the same thing to Obama that he has done to Santorum.

      1. About Obamacare? How convincing will that be? About bailing out wall street? How credible will that sound? About abortion? With his record brought out post 2004, who will believe Romney’s rhetoric over his record? With Mitt’s record on advancing the ‘gay’ activists’ agenda? How will that fly? With his belittling earmarking?
        Who will believe Mitt’s against them?

        1. Santorum is a bomb thrower and will never be president because of it. That and for some reason he cant keep his religion out of it. Most conservatives deal fine with this but he has hurt the conservative brand with his no contraception beliefs. These things will drive away independents and moderate liberals. His whining is terrible and he has a poor sport attitude which has really burned bridges making him unelectable in the future. After he gets his backside handed to him in Penn he will be a fox contributor and that’s it. All because of you and others pushing him on to attack Romney thus hurting the front runner and using up money and planning in a futile attempt to win 90% of the remaining delegates. Mainly its Santorums fault for not being aware of his true standing. Tough lesson.

    2. Hannity has not bashed him daily. And Santorum has pointed out Romney’s record. You believe that’s bashing him, to be truthful about Romney’s record making him unqualified to take on Obama?

      1. Pointed out his record? “Romney is the worst candidate in the country” ‘Romney is the least qualified” These are bombs. Unless you are simply a Santorum disciple you should be able to see the commentary thrown at the front runner. If Santorum mathematically could win I would understand. Unless you have a way for him to win in Utah and New York hes not going to be the nominee. So what is the point except to trip up the nominee.

  115. For two months I have been telling people that Romney cannot possibly win because he has so totally gone negative that he has scorched earth the GOP voter.

    How can you run such a bitter hateful negative campaign against other Republicans…and actually expect…no feel entitled to their votes?

    He is going to lose because he is simply a bad man.

    I can put up with O for four more years rather than watch the GOP completely destroy itself with this unprincipled, rootless, lying snake.

    Time to focus on the Senate battles and make sure we localize this election to salvage a +4 which given the circumstances in some of these Senate battles, we might pull it off despite Romney losing the Presidency.


    We can lose with Romney and still have a shot at 4+ pickup in the Senate if we localize and focus on these races. Also, we can possibly hold onto Indiana but with a significantly better candidate than Lugar the incumbent.

    I will not vote for a man that I truly hate. And, I voted for him in the primary in ’08 without taking the time to REALLY study his record. I picked him then because of Huckabee’s unfair playing of the religion card on him. Little did I know that even Romney’s religion is not important to him as he supported Planned Parenthood, as his wife did.

    1. That is the dumbest post so far. Obama is on track to destroy the constitution and you are upset about political ads? Its a big boy league and these guys are not playing for pizza. If you really believe that a successful businessman with 5 successful boys and a 43 year marriage with traditional values and multiple degrees is worse than Obama then you are getting your information from a tainted source. I swear people research more to buy a fridge than they do for pres. Romney is incredible and will give Obama more then he bargained for. Men with that amount of success dont get there without quality people around them and some intelligence.

    2. Great post. I voted for the RINO in 08 primary in FL also, not knowing much about him but against all the others. He almost won FL and wasn’t behind by much but what did he do?…he bailed out when the GOP said BOO! After having spent $45 million out of pocket in 08, he ran off. He could have had it in 2008. We know too much now and I was not aware of the Romneycare albatross back then.

      On to Tampa

  116. Excuse me… But doesn’t this hardcore behavior by Romney toward his competitors indicate that he is going to drill Obama a new asshole when the real media war begins?

    Also Romney is, surprisingly, the best nominee on Illegal Aliens that we’ve ever had. I live in CA, so that counts for everything. He doesn’t suck as much as my fellow people on the right think he does. Not quite as much anyway.

    1. There you go again with the Romney website lies again:

      Romney’s disturbing pattern on illegal immigration (as with all his other positions), emerged, and as with everything else, his hard-line positions on immigration suddenly arose as he began thinking of running for president in 2006. Moreover, his current positions on immigration (as with all the other issues) contradict what he actually said and did as governor. It appears Romney’s immigration positions were created solely for his presidential run and based upon events that never occurred. His consultants concluded they could get away with a phony record.

    1. Only because Rick is so radioactive in Pa. If the Santorum campaign really wanted to stop Mitt, they’d have stood down & left it to Newt. In Pa, Newt or even the crazy uncle are the better shot at accomplishing that.

  117. i can see it now. Obama puts up some of those hapless people who lost their jobs/homes to Bain doing its “capitalism thing”. i lost my job, you made $20 million.
    Rmoney’s response to this is ?? the name Damon Labs will become very familiar. and then there are all the “gifts” Rmoney has already given to the Obama campaign.
    he’s on record as not willing to “go negative” on Obama. i’m SURE that Obama will return the favor. not going to be pretty.

      1. No RINO (what Romney is) has won running against a democrat presidential incumbant in the last 120 years, but one conservative Republican did. So, let’s fight to get Rick Santorum in!

    1. He’s also spent over $40 million out of pocket this election cycle, spent $45 million out of pocket in 08. Talk about desperate to get in that whitehouse. His daddy handed him the ‘baton’…….

      On to Tampa…….

  118. I am not sure this can be fixed because carpet bombing is not the only reason people don’t want to support Romney. There’s gotta be a way to get another nominee.

    1. Yes, keep the other 3 in until all states have voted. It’s ony fair voters have the right to vote their choice, not like what happened in VA and nobody showed up.

      On to Tampa

  119. I’m taking a tally of all the defeatist sore losers on this comment page. You all remind me of the boys on my son’s pathetic little league baseball team. After getting whipped, they sit around and say, “we should have won” …truth is they shouldn’t have won, they didn’t “deserve” it because they suck. The 2012 GOP contenders suck, plain & simple. Mitt has emerged as the suck-the-least winner. But the cold hard truth is, he is cutthroat and has run a VERY focused & disciplined campaign.

    Lots of Mitt-hate on this blog. He isn’t my dream candidate either but he is light years more inspiring than the angry elf Newt or Eyore the whiner from PA. Mitt will keep the pedal down and give the Marxist in chief the evictions notice. You can take that to the bank folks. Time to cheer up, support our nominee and GO WIN BACK THE WHITE HOUSE!

    1. do you think Rmoney will be as nasty to Obama as he has been to his repub colleagues ? I doubt it. he will be a toady, like his friend McCain

      1. Do I think his superPAC and other groups will vett Obama? Yes… big time. Mitt will do what it takes to win. He is smart enough to let his surrogates do the heavy lifting on criticizing Obama and his Marxist minions.

        Being the hatchet man is not a winning strategy. When Santorum & Newt throw out their insults, it shrinks them too. The point of the spear is not the place for the candidate. True, Mitt will have to defend himself against the tidal wave of lies that are headed his way. And he will have to make pointed attacks on the stump and in the debates… just as he has done thus far.

        After watching Mitt’s recent speeches, I’m growing more and more of a fan. He is inspiring, he has an undeniable record of success in everything he has done as a CEO. The guy is a winner and that comes from being smart, prepared, disciplined, and passionate.

          1. America allows people to be their best. THis is what makes this country unique and special. Romney has proven that by his life-Obama has not-which one do you want to lead this country?

            1. More fiction on Romney. What is it Cheryl? His money? His hair?

              He’s proven he is a lying out-of-touch entitlement-minded liberal.

                1. The primary season is not over yet and Romney does not have this thing sewn up. Look at the primary line up in May and don’t give up!

        1. They aren’t going to vet Obama. About the only person who has had the guts to publicly ridicule Obama and his failed policies is Gingrich and Palin.

        2. Why is Romney being a hatchet man against conservatives, if he feels it is not a winning strategy? When Santorum talks of Romney, he speaks of his record as governor in MA… so Romney’s record is insulting? Why not fight for a conservative then, rather than someone whose record as a governor proves he’s anything but one?

            1. There’s more you can do- fight for him to win… donate your money, your time, your energy! Now is the time for all true conservatives to come to the aid of Rick Santorum!

              1. Believe it or not I did vote for him – I live in Georgia and we had our primary already.

                1. There is so much more you can do (by God’s grace) besides having voted for him. Donate your time, your energy, and your money- volunteer call from home, post positively, fighting for an actual conservative to win rather than settling in for RINO Romney when he does not have 1,144 delegates.

    2. “Mitt will keep the pedal down and give the Marxist in chief the evictions notice.”

      You’re talking about a guy who won’t even call Obama what he is – a socialist. And you expect Willard to get tough??

      I can hear John McCain’s famous line, “There is nothing to be afraid of. Barack Obama would make a fine President.” Only this time it’s coming out of Willard’s mouth.

      McLame 2.0 in 2012

    3. You live in fantasyland if you think Mittens will go half as aggressive at O as he has at Newt or Rick.

      Mittens is a BAD BAD BAD man.

    4. Actually, there is no defeat at present. Romney has not sewn up the nomination. You say the cold hard truth is, he is cutthroat. From his negative campaigning, figuratively speaking, I would agree with you- when it comes to attacking conservatives.

      If he isn’t your dream candidate, why do you think he’s more inspiring than Santorum, who is actually a conservative?

      A RINO (which is what Mitt is) has not won against a Democrat presidential incumbant for the last 120 years. Only one Republican did in that space of time and he was to the right of Romney.

      Time to cheer up, support Rick Santorum, nominate him in an open convention and go win back the White House!

      1. Half the country has voted, Romney only has 41% of the vote. 61+% voted for others. Get a clue. We’re at half-time.

        On to Tampa

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  121. How would we advise him? Frankly, I don’t think anyone can advise him. Willard seems to be the kind of guy who thinks the ends justify the means. He wouldn’t take our advice even if we were to offer it.

    As I said last night on the primary thread, a “united front” with all the former candidates endorsing the nominee doesn’t guarantee voter turnout. Unless I miss my guess, most people want to vote FOR someone. That’s what makes people come out to vote. They like the candidate and they feel that the candidate understands their concerns. Willard doesn’t connect with the average person on that level. That’s why Willard is **losing** with 60% of the Republican party. He’s not “one of us”.

    Right now it seems that the main reason to vote for Willard is simply to get Obama out. I worry that that’s not enough to draw folks to the polls.

    Willard is only getting about 40% of the REPUBLICAN vote. The GOP establishment needs to take a long hard look at that number. That is a disaster waiting to happen. In 2008 there were about 7-8 MILLION people who left the Democrat party in disgust and voted for McCain/Palin. Those PUMAs were not enough to make up for the Republican base that just stayed home. Are there enough disillusioned Dems who’d vote for Willard this time to make up for the base that stays home this time? I don’t know. But it’s a gamble the GOP shouldn’t even be making.

    1. The Romney campaign is based on a bet–that the number of disillusioned centrists and deems who voted for O last time and will switch to R this time is substantially larger than the # of cons “staying home” again.

      that looks like a loser bet to me, but we shall see.

    2. Right as always 3seven77! His supporters are worse than he is, and seem more nastier by the minute.

    3. I agree,but as Rush has said The GOP Elites don’t think Obama can be beaten,they are content to just get control of The House and The Senate,that’s victory to them!

  122. We fix it by kicking out romney and all the rinos who want to crush principled GOP voters by throwing so much money at us to suppress our votes! If the rinos don’t want our votes in the primary, they certainly won’t get it in the General, unless we are all wussies and cave into the establishment by voting for a Ted Kennedy liberal from MA with an R next to his name!

  123. You guys are a bunch of crybabies. I personally voted for Santorum but Romney is going to get more votes and therefore is going to win. What is supposed to happen – since Santorum did not spend as much money and wasnt as organized he is supposed to win even though he got fewer votes? Say what you want about Romney but after he lost in 2008 he put the ground work in for a 2012 run. He wasnt a crybaby like Santorum even though he was taken out by Huckabee and McCain in 2008. In fact, he campaigned for McCain in 2008 and a lot of other candidates in 2010 – including Rubio. Maybe Santorum should start laying the groundwork for a run in 2016 or 2020 instead of complaining.

    1. You’re missing the point. HOw do you win the General if you are only getting 40% of the vote, long after the media have declared you the inevitable winner?

      1. It was split that way with McCain, I believe McCain had 41% of the vote. We have to come together some how.. Santorum is doing a little better than Romney did in 2008 by 4 points (28% for Rick in ’12 / 24% for Mitt in ’08) but Huckabee did better than Newt (20% for Newt in ’12 / 24% for Huckabee in ’08).

      2. So what do you do about it at this point? Give the nomination to Santorum? Can’t do that. Encourage Santorum to keep going? That’s fine but he isn’t going to win. Even if he wins PA, you have New York and California coming up – no way Romney loses those. Stay home and not vote? Not a chance. If Obama wins this country is over. Not only will his policies by worse than they have been in the first term, either Scalia, Thomas or Kennedy will retire in his second term and then the Supreme court is gone. The only choice is to vote for Romney and hold his feet to the fire. If he can repeal Obamacare, hold the line on spending and get a good supreme court appointment or two it will be 100% better than an OBama second term

          1. It wont get to may. Romney will pound Santorum in Penn. That and the 3 other states he will win on the 24th will embarrass Santorum and destroy his political future. All because of Santorums dream that he can stop Romney not win the contest. A very sad poor sport.

      3. Focus focus focus on all the Obama nonsense. Like Levin said today, “there is so much low hanging fruit.” You really can’t truthfully claim any good Oblama accomplishments. If Romney just keeps at all the failures, he will win. That, and his VP pick is vital !

      1. Actually I did vote for Santorum. Didnt really matter as I live in Georgia and Newt won. My number one priority is getting rid of Obama. Looks like Romney is going to win so I am going to vote for him.

    2. That would have been smart the moment he lost Illinois. But he wants to keep going throwing bombs the whole way. Huckabee derailed Romney but at least he held the bombs back against McCain. Santorum is really causing havoc trying to win when the writing has been on the wall for weeks. Incidently I think Huckabee would have been a good VP choice were it not for his behavior last time around. The same goes for Santorum. Romney and his super Pac will fill the airways in Santorums home state and beat him and embarrass him there. This will destroy Santorums chances in the future as well. He is not able to win among his closest associates. Gingrich with all his bluster won his state but pretty much has been shut out. Santorum the whiner.

    1. He really needs some rest, plus good Friday and Easter are coming. I’m glad he’s planning to continue the fight!

    1. They can’t repair the damage done to the party when RINOs keep throwing their hats in the ring and losing. It’s important to take down Obama by not selecting a RINO for nomination. The last 120 years, not a single RINO has won against an incumbant democrat president.

  124. Without tearing down his opponents Romney couldn’t win. THAT is why he has done it. Because people are sheeple and the carpet bombing works.

  125. Sorry I will never get behind Romney, this guy is a flat our liar. Write in vote this year for me. Before anyone says well thats a vote for obama, well I have this to say I’m not voting for either Romney or Obama so as you just read I’m not voting for either, so that makes my vote really count because I’ll be voting for the best conservative.

    1. Hope you will change your mind in November and vote for the GOP candidate against Obama. I felt the same way with Romney, I don’t want to vote for him, but dammit Obama pisses me off so much I have to!

      1. Your anger is clouding your thinking. If the GOP and Romney deliver us 06 and 08 in 14 and 16 then ABO was short sighted and all for naught wasn’t it?

        Why fear a lame duck Obama if the GOP takes the senate? Obama can’t veto every Bill they send to his desk.

        1. Are you serious? You haven’t been paying attention for the last three years have you? Barack Obama doesn’t care what Congress does or doesn’t do.

          And, yes, he can veto every bill they send to him.

          1. I will not vote for Romney myself and I think ABO is short sighted. I will focus on local and House and Senate on national. The GOP can and will reel Obama in if they have both Houses of which they don’t now. Imagine Obama’s ratings if a GOP Senate was passing Bill after Bill to his desk. He can’t veto them all and I don’t fear a second term lame duck. I fear Romney and the GOP rubber stamping more because I remember last time GOP had all the power and I remember 06 and 08 where a Republican could hardly win because of the RINO establishment hacks now forcing Romney.

        2. 1) He can veto every bill unless we get 60 in the Senate (which is not likely)
          2) He will continue to appoint radical judges.

          I hope you think this through before voting in November.

      1. Yeah lets not vote in November because our guy didnt win the primary. Then in four years when we have socialized medicine, there are six liberal supreme court justices instead of four, aid to Israel is about to be cut off, and a 10% VAT tax is about to be implemented, at least we can tell our kids and grandkids we stayed home because of our conscience.

        1. Let’s see, in Massachusetts, Romney gave the people socialized medicine, appointed several liberal judges to the bench, and expanded state covered abortions in his state. People who vote their conscience are not going to not vote for Romney because their guy didn’t win (if that happens), but because of Romney’s own record.

          1. You are crazy if you think a Romney administration would be anything close to a second Obama term.

              1. Rick read your fatalistic point loud and clear. I read the me only insanity and understand fully why this country is in the shape it is in. Any wounds between Hillary and Obama were healed because they knew who their ultimate opponent was. Not with our side. We perish for lack of vision. I despise anyone who compares Romney to Obama and justifies their baseless decision to not vote Republican because Santorum is a loser.

                1. Way to build that straw man up high and tear him to the ground. Congrats on that one….I am so enthused now, can’t wait for November/

                2. I really do not give a rat’s behind if you are enthused or not. Just go vote for the Republican nominee. If you can find straw in that have at it.

                3. I fully agree. Listened to Santorum’s conference call earlier today. Really appreciate his tenacity and willingness to fight. A great reminder that so far all polls including exit polls have had things incorrect.

                  Santorum – 2010

            1. Well your crazy if you think Romney will keep his promise and kill Obamacare which he created! Your crazy if you think all of us with CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES are just going to roll over for the GOP Elites and you dupes who believe their lies: Romneys our only chance to beat Obama! It’s funny how you all blindly REFUSE like lefty/liberals to look at all Romney’s faults and make excuses for them! All we have to do is keep Santorun/Gingrich close enough for a Brokered convention, where anything is possible! Even a random Republican like Jeb Bush,Rubio or even possibly best scenario Sarah Palin jumps in, would all be preferable to RINO ROMNEY! Not to mention as Mr.Levin said Romney has a bad reputation even among Independents,who are vital to our success,you cannot turn that around!

              1. I totally agree with you that Romney is not the ideal candidate – I actually voted for Santorum. Obviously Romney has a ton of faults and there is no way my ideal candidate is a Northeast Republican But he is getting the most votes and is winning. All the so called dream candidates – Palin, Christie, Rubio, Bush- didnt even have the guts to run. Maybe they don’t think this election is as dire as I think it is. So assuming Romney wins, there are two choices: 1) Push him to choose a good VP, work to get him elected, and hold is feet to the fire on Obamacare, etc when he gets into office or 2) act like a crybaby, dont vote and Obama gets re-elected. I guess if you choose the second option you will feel better about yourself when Obamacare is fully implemented, there is another liberal supreme court justice or two, gas is even more expensive per gallon, and a 10% VAT tax is about to be implemented.

                1. Glad you believe Romney is not the ideal candidate. Hope you are acting on your belief by working as hard as you can to make sure he will not be our nominee and that you are fighting for Santorum to be the nominee. Let’s not assume Romney wins.

                  Guess you might not be aware of Romney’s record about the kind of judges he appointed while in MA?
                  Please see the whole article, but here’s an excerpt:

                  “Governor Romney appointed 36 judges but a check of their political affiliation confirms that only 9 of them are Republicans. Two are radical gay activists and 14 are registered Democrats. The remainder are unenrolled. Since Massachusetts Democrats are among the most pro-abortion Democrats in America, we have to assume that the majority of Romney’s judicial appointments are NOT pro-life.”

                2. And you seem to not understand that every nominee from Govenor Romney had to be approved by a committe of nine Democrats, not a single Republican on the committee. They had veto power on every judicial appointment.

                  If Reagan had to have only the approval of Democrats in Congress, how many conservative justices do you think he could have appointed? I’m sure you would then come on here and complain about what a RINO Reagan was.

                  Grow up and learn some facts.

                3. 1) Do you know how many Republican judges there would be in liberal Massachusetts to choose from? And what kind of judges are going to get through approval from a legislature that is almost 90% Democrat? Use your head. Some of the Reagan appointees here in California turned out to be very liberal judges too (and that was back when California was more conservative). Think about the process. Many conservatives commend Romney for making the Massachusetts courts more conservative.

                  2) Romney was not my first choice either (I would have liked to see Daniels, or Christy or Jindal run for instance, and I liked Pawlenty but he dropped out real early. Then I liked Perry before he imploded in the debates.). But of the remaining 4, Romney is by far the best candidate.

              2. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio both endorsed Romney.

                What are your “conservative principles” that Romney opposes? Have you listened to a Romney speech? Have you read his book? Do you want smaller government, with less taxes and more freedom?

                He didn’t create Obamacare. And he will repeal it (if the supreme court does not strike it first).

                The brokered convention is not going to happen. After April 24th, when Romney wins all of those states he is leading (including Pennsylvania), it will be over. And hopefully you will join us to defeat Obama in November. If not, you will still be able to benefit when Romney restores American prosperity.

          2. He appointed the most conservative judges in liberal Massachusetts. And the liberal people of Massachusetts got the health care plan that they wanted. They are very happy with it and Romney is still extremely popular in Massachusetts. Take a look at the polls in Pennsylvania (and the previous election that Santorum lost by 18 point). Romney is leading Santorum by 7 points in Pennsylvania. Why don’t the people of Pennsylvania like Santorum more?

        2. I do not think people here are not going to vote in November. They will not vote straight ticket or one of the major party candidates. However, they will vote.

        3. Yeah lets vote for Romney and allow Boehner and McConnell to rubber stamp him so the GOP can get wiped out in midterms and leave Republicans unelectable again in 2016.

          You have far too much faith in the establishment GOP that only gives us lip service. A GOP establishment that teamed with Pelosi to chase out Gingrich, a GOP establishment that expanded entitlements, nearly doubled the debt and grew the size and scope of government more than any since LBJ when they controlled DC. A GOP establishment that gives us future baseline and cuts and dares calls them actual cuts.
          Good luck with that because it a lot of faith to believe the establishment won’t F-it up again. I haven’t seen any signs they learned their lesson and forcing Romney on us emboldens them more.

          SheeeeeeeeeeeeesH! I think the Obama hate is overriding the logic function in smart people’s brains.

          1. Yeah lets all sit out the election so Obama can re-elected so he can finish ruining the country and the ones that will suffer the most will be us, out kids and our grandkids. That will show them !!!

            1. That’s silly hyperbole. Republican House and Senate means Obama is a lame duck for four instead of the traditional two years of a second termer. With the GOP controlling both Houses they can reel in Obama, make him use his veto pen etc…. With a GOP with Romney in the WH we get a GOP controlled House, Senate rubber stamping him and too much possibility of what I described above with 14 being 06 and 2916 being 2008 all over again. Sorry but fool me once applies here and ABO is very short sighted. ABC gave us Obama and ABO will give us Romney. NUTS! ANd most ironic if Romney delivers Hillary in 2016 like Bush delivered Obama in 2008 because the GOP tarnished the brand so badly.

              1. When Obama wins in 2012 and Obamacare is implemented, there is another liberal supreme court justice or two and foreign aid to Israel is being cutoff guys like you will have no room to complain. You obviously dont think Obama is that bad if you are going to sit out the election like a crybaby because your guy didnt win. The idea that Gingrich would be that much different than Romney if Gingrich was elected is laughable.

                1. Since you felt Rick was the best candidate of the lot (I assume) as you voted for him, I hope you will join the grassroot effort for Santorum to stop Romney from being our nominee.

                2. Once your valiant effort falls short (and I appreciate but don’t support your goal), I hope you will join the Republican / conservative cause and help Romney beat Obama in November.

              2. You do realize that Obama can veto any legislation (especially if we can’t get 60 in the Senate, and that is likely). So, for instance, if Congress tries to repeal Obamacare, Obama will just veto it.

            2. One Republican in the last one-hundred twenty years won a Democratic presidential incumbant. That Republican was to the right of Romney. I hope you will stop thinking inevitability when we are only about at the half way mark. Look at May’s primaries and think open convention!

              1. I disagree that the one was to the right of Romney. That candidate (who defeated a Demcrat incumbent) was Reagan, and he was considered a moderate for similar reasons (because he governed in a liberal state). He was criticized for changing his position on abortion, raising taxes, appointing liberal judges, liberal immigration policy compromises, and for changing from Democrat to Republican, etc. Like Romney, he governed a liberal state (although at the time California was not as liberal as Massachusetts is now). But he turned out to be the best president of my lifetime.

        4. Why would you trust Romney who will flip-flop on these same issues? Are you 100% sure he will stay conservative if elected? If i had kids, i would tell them to have firm principles and values, and not sacrifice their principles for someone who will destroy their own kids’ future. I don’t support temporary/unknown conservatism in candidates.

    2. Agree. Tired of people saying it is a vote for 0. No. If I am voting for neither, it is a vote for neither. I am voting my conscience this year. I couldn’t hold my nose tight enough to vote for Rombot.

        1. Right. And that insulting language of the Mittbots that we ‘have to vote for Romeny’ is BS. I’m not voting for a person I passionately hate. And of all the characters I hate both O and Mitt. That is NOT a vote for O if I choose to not vote for either.

      1. Out of all the past elections, the only person I was excited to vote for was GWB. I was too young to vote for Reagan.

        I too am tired of repeatedly holding my nose and voting. Isn’t the mark of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome? The moderate Bob Dole, John McCain lost and now we are to be thinking that moderate Mitt will win…right-o.

    3. Yeah, the ‘you support Obama if you don’t support Romney’ is so stupid its offensive. Its also counterproductive, driving voters away. But most ‘bots don’t get that.

      1. Karl, they have no comprehension how terribly insulting it is. Then …they go and do it again pissing you off so much you start to think about writing this country off and simply plugging into the Matrix the rest of your years.

    4. I understand your anger and your frustration over Romney. I really do. However, I must tell you and all the other posters out here who defiantly continue to announce that they will vote their “conscience” by doing some nonsense like writing in candidates or not voting at all… YOU and those like you, will be helping Obama get re-elected. It is a mathematical fact proven by history time and again. Your vote will not count; it will be wasted getting a Marxist back into office. Personally, I haven’t given up on Santorum, regardless of what the wizards of smart keep telling me. I am rooting for Santorum or Gingrich over Romney, right up to the bitter end. But, if Romney is the nominee, I will not sabotage my country by walking some high moral tightrope that makes me feel good about myself, but does nothing of any real value. Think about it.

      1. It’s kind of like the scenario back when we were young, asking our parents to do something stupid or dangerous “because all of my friends are doing it.” A mother’s response always was “If _______ jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, does that mean you have to do it?” No.

        Well, we are all adults now, free to make our own choices. I’m not about to tell anyone what to think or how to vote, all I know that if I could vote (I am Canadian) I could not, in all good conscience, vote for Romney.

        So, to everyone who says that “you must vote for Romney”, or that not voting for Romney is a vote to re-elect Obama, think about it-isn’t that what the fight is all about, rights, freedoms and responsibilities, the ones the Democrats want to take away from everyone? IMHO, it’s not just on TRS, it’s everywhere, this fearmongering, a liberal tactic, to whip people up into doing something they don’t believe in.

        Vote however and for whomever you want, but don’t chastise people for staying true to themselves and voting/not voting according to their consciences.

        1. Furthermore, for those of us who believe in God’s sovereignty, we believe that God can work through “impossible” circumstances when His people are faithful.

          My vote is an expression of my conscience. I would not tell anyone how to vote but I have an obligation to steward my vote in a way that honors God. I trust Him to work out His will for our nation because it is he who sets up and tears down kings and nations.

          1. Right on. We need more faithful people in America, not people who vote for bad people like Mitt. If I was a Mormon I would not vote for Mitt.

        2. I think Contance is making a good point though, as bad as Romney is, Obama is ten times worse. I worry about Isreal with Obama in for another 4 years, I worry about the ecomomy as it affects Canada so much, I worry about my kids and their future. Sometimes you have to pick the lesser of the two evils, sucks but it is reality.

          1. All I am saying is that each person has to vote/not vote according to their conscience. It’s all about individual choice and freedom to do as you wish. Weigh the issues, weigh the consequences, decide for yourself, but it’s the carpetbombing and fearmongering from people who try and tell you are obligated to vote for Romney – if indeed, he is the Republican nominee.

            1. I also don’t let Mark Levin or Rush Limbaugh tell me who to vote for. You are not obligated to do anything. But you can help us replace Obama if you so choose. I’ll vote for whoever the nominee is against Obama. He is destroying the country, and given 4 more years would do so much damage that it may be irreparable. I cannot in good conscience allow that to happen.

          2. No you don’t have to pick the lesser of two evils. It RARELY is that simple. You vote for a good man or a good woman as opposed to a bad man or woman.

            Romney is NOT somebody you vote for. Neiter is Obama. Therefore, do not vote for either.

            1. Listen, I can’t vote because I am Canadian, nor can I tell any of you how to vote. But I can give my opinion on how I see 4 more years of Obama and his destroying of the free world. I despise Romney, I am still holding out for Newt to somehow win this whole thing. If Romney does snatch this nomination, he at least holds some republican values, note how I said republican rather than conservative. I know he will go after the unions, not have them to tea at the White House like Obama, I know he will have Isreal’s back unlike Obama who has stabbed it, I know that he will do something better with the economy, not purposely destroy it so he can implement a more Socialistic agenda as Obama. I also know that he never voted for ‘baby in the sink’ bill, even if I am not fully convinced Romney is pro-life. I know that he won’t run around the world and apologize for the most freedom-loving country in the world, as the man-child currently in office. There are some stark contrasts there and if I could vote and I had a choice between Obama or Romney I would vote to get the corrupt, fork-tongued, Marxist outta there, lest he has a chance to destroy too much which can’t be rebuilt. Perhaps when the wounds of this horrible primary season that was authored by Romney and his smear-pacs, have healed…. people will change their minds and focus on Obama, no matter how weak the nominee is.

                1. Yep, I am..I have stated that is plenty of must have missed it. Yes, I know all about Mitt’s record TJ, I have been studying all of the men’s records from the beginning. He says he is now, which frankly I don’t totally agree as he will say whatever he has to to get elected. In comparison to Obama though…Obama was all for infanticide, he was for letting a baby die if it survived the abortion.

                2. Got the link at the end of the links listed on that thread from someone on this site about the planned parenthood clinic bond shortly before Romney left office as governor. Being for taking lives inside the womb or inside/outside- all are human and both are culpable for any actions they have taken toward advancing the modern day holocaust. Have you seen the ‘180 movie’ on you tube? Went viral some time back.

                3. Sigh, TJ you are preaching to the choir, I agree about life in the womb as well. However, it is much worse that a baby is born in a horrible circumstance such as an abortion gone wrong and have a man that is now President say just let he or she die! Romney is repellent but he is not Obama, no matter how much you find stuff that links them, Romney is better…and if that is all the choice we have, then I will urge family and friends in the States and on here to vote for him over Obama.

                4. Seeing the face of the one being killed and doing nothing to stop it is worse, but whether the baby was inside the womb or out, the taking of the life is just as equally murder and Romney’s record on abortion means he has blood on his hands. Do you have family and friends who are pro-life? You might urge them, whatever they do, not to violate their conscience. For now, hopefully, you might urge them to take the fight to the pro-abortionists by supporting Rick?

                5. Reagan also changed his position on abortion. Read Romney’s book. He explains his position very well. He is pro-life.

            2. I think Romney is a very good man. I think Obama is a dangerous socialist. The choice is very simple for me.

        3. Though Canadian, you understand the true ideal of America better than maybe most Americans!

          1. Thanks! I grew up in a border town, I have many American friends, studied American History and have traveled extensively throughout the US. To me, it’s always been a seamless border-we the people share the same values, goals and ideals-it’s only been the influence of the elite media and successive Liberal governments in Canada that have fostered the idea of the evil America.

            All of us are fighting for survival here, whomever gets elected will have a huge influence on what happens here in Canada. As it stands, our Prime Minister gave Obama a tongue-lashing over the Keystone pipeline – any of the others would have sided with Obama.

            I guess I watch way too much Beck, read way too much Levin and Steyn and listen to way too much Rush to think otherwise!

      2. Voting our conscience is ‘nonsense’? You’re vilifying people for exercising their rights as Americans. If you think your arrogant tone will win people to your way of thinking, you picked the wrong blog.

        1. In defense of Constance, I don’t think she is trying to vilify anyone. We are all afraid of what this nation might become. For me, I feel resentment and anger at the fact that the establishment is shoving a liberal down our throats knowing damn well that this election is the most important election in our lifetime. They don’t care and try to hide his record, his gaffes, and his flip-flops. Fox and Drudge are are the biggest culprit of them all. I guess the point I’m trying to make is, there will be more people who will not vote for Romney if he were the nominee. Romney, the establishment and MSM have burned bridges that will not be easily repaired.

        2. No she didn’t. I’ve been saying the same thing to comments that I see as liberal plants who come here for the express purpose of advancing the idea that we should stay home and not vote in the general if the nominee is Romney.

          Conservatives are very trusting people. And gullible to a fault.

          If you don’t vote for the Republican nominee in the general, and encourage others to do the same, you want Obama to be re-elected.

          1. I want Americans to act like free men and women and vote their conscience according to their rights under the constitution. If that means voting for Romney, fine. If it means voting for someone else, good. If it makes you feel better to call me names, go for it.

            I understand your mindset, because it was my mindset four years ago. It took three and a half years of Obama and one year of betrayal by the allegedly republican congress to open my eyes. They are the ones who want Obama re-elected. They’ve been having a fine time ratcheting up our debt.

      3. Think about this- the primary season is not over yet and Romney does not have the 1,144, so Christians need to be praying, and conservatives need to be donating time, money, and energy into electing a conservative for our nominee. In the last 120 years, not ONE RINO has ever defeated a democrat incumbant for the presidency.

        And a clear conscience before God of not voting for Romney, if he is minus a running mate who will fight for the unborn and marriage and has Romney’s ear, is something of real value. Romney has the blood of victims innocent of any crime on his hands by his having helped to expand state abortion coverage in his state, caving on making catholic hospitals administer abortion inducing pills, and evidently from what someone posted just recently, helping with a bond issue for a planned parenthood clinic. He also has rejected His Creator in working hard to advance special rights for singles who practice a certain kind of sexual immorality, including pushing the so-called marriage thing forward when the legislature had not approved. May God have mercy on us and grant that we not have Romney as our nominee.

        “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
        John Adams (The Works of John Adams, ed. C. F. Adams, Boston: Little, Brown Co., 1851, 4:31)

      4. BINGO!!! You just insulted us again. You still do not see how insulting it is.

        You did the equivalent of taking a young child who wet their pants and stuffing their pee filled daiper in their mouth hoping it will improve their behavior and make them stop peeing their pants.

        NO. It will only piss them off and their resentment against you will only grow.

        I REFUSE TO BE PLACED ON THE GOP PLANTATION!!! Like a black man on the Dem plantation.

      5. Just curious why you think Santorum should keep throwing bombs at the front runner till the end? I mean unless you think Santorum will win New York or Utah. Romney will win those without campaigning there. That means Santo will need 90% of the remaining delegates. These other states are all proportional. I find it interesting that you and your candidate feel that he should keep throwing bombs at the front runner until the end leaving Romney with reduced resources, time, and a black eye to go against Obama. Not real smart but maybe I’m missing something. Romney showed class when he saw the writing on the wall and got behind McCain last time. McCain would not have won without Huckabees running defense for him but Romney never whined and just went out and supported the nominee. Class. Santorum has been nasty and burned bridges with most republicans. After losing in Penn in a few weeks his career will be over as well, except for Fox news.

    5. You are a fake conservative. No one in their right mind would pick Obama over a successful businessman. No one would pick Obama who is destroying the constitution and spending money we do not have over an experienced executive who left his state with a billion dollar rainy day fund and reduced unemployment to 4.5%. Writing in candidates basically makes you an Obama supporter which is why you are a fake conservative.

  126. I actually emailed Levin this afternoon before his show came on with this very topic.

    I told him that both Newt and Santorum together have 5.4+ million votes. Romney has 4.5+million votes, 41%. So as you can see, the not-Romney vote is greater than what Romney has, which will not win a general election.

    Houston, we have a problem. The RNC is selling us all down the river with a losing candidate.

    1. You’ve hit on something here. Unlike 2008 and previous years, I believe primaries were about voting for your guy (or gal). But this time a lot of the votes cast tended to be an anti-Romney vote as much as it was a vote for the candidate of choice.

      The last time I saw this type of polarization was in the Hilary v. 0bama fight. There were a lot of dems still angry about that after the election. I see the same thing happening to us this year, only I am not sure we can win it b/c at least they had candidates who generated passion. We don’t.

      1. While he’s not perfect, I’m very passionate about the guy I voted for- Rick Santorum and there are more of us grassroot supporters who are at We Pick Rick

    2. Meanwhile back at the ranch…Non-Romney is a two-headed me first brat that refuses to allow one of it’s heads to be cut off. Egos such as Gingrich and Santorum have effectively shot themselves in the foot while Romney marches to the nomination. Santorum at this point looks like warmed over death who has NO message besides Romney isn’t it. Throw in the towel and give Newt a shot. NOT A CHANCE! Gingrich can’t be viewed as anything but being POed! Throw in the towel and give Santorum a chance! NO CHANCE! Your problem is not Romney it’s these two knuckleheads. Meanwhile back in the real world…Romney has 99% of the noteworthy endorsements including Tea Party faithfulls. Do Not go the ‘establishment’ line of crap when you have to consider DeMitt, Rubio, Ryan and more to come have completely and rightfully written off both Gingrich and Santorum. I am still disgusted that a party that should have been able to field a worty CONSERVATIVE candidate was left high and dry by the ‘established’ conservative flag bearers. Palin, Rubio, Ryan…left us with Santorum and Gingrich. Thanks a lot

  127. How am I suppose to get behind a guy whose only asset is to tear down his opponents? What does he stand for? Does anyone know? Mark Levin is correct as usual. Romney will not be able to unite the party if he continues to attack Conservatives. There will be many who will sit out this election all because Romney wants to win at all cost. If the day ever comes when Santorum says he’s ending his campaign, that will be the day I will make plans to move back to Texas. I just don’t see a bright future for this country.

    1. He stands for
      2-cap n tax
      3-$50 abortions

      He’d just rather not talk about that until he gets to 1144.

      1. “And one of the reasons I’m running for president of the United States is I want to help people, I want to lighten those burdens.” -Mitt Romney

        “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” -Ronald Reagan

  128. We don’t fix this, Mr Romney has to.

    He needs to be the one to put a stop to the negative attacks on other Republicans. His surrogates need to be put on notice that such attacks will not be tolerated. No excuses, no exceptions.

    He needs to initiate a sincere outreach to the other candidates and make an effort to broker a “country over personality” alliance. The other candidates all have strengths, and their ideas should be a welcome part of the campaign and the party platform.

    He needs to stop treating the concerns of the Conservative base as unimportant and acknowledge that he needs the base if he has any hope of winning. Again, his surrogates need to be put on notice that denigration of Conservatives is absolutely unacceptable. Again, no excuses, no exceptions.

    He needs to take the fight to Obama. He needs to point out his failed policies and the damage they have done and will do to our country. He needs to be blunt and plain-spoken and explain to the American people what he can and will do to turn things around.
    He doesn’t need to resort to ad hominem attacks, but he can’t be Mr. Nice Guy either (see John McCain).

    Mr. Romney and his surrogates created this divisiveness, they must be the ones to heal it. Pray God it’s not too late.

    Sorry, rant off.

    1. His present behaviour proves he won’t do any of the things you hope for because to do so would require scruples and an understanding of the issues America faces. Scruples… he has none. An understanding of where America is… well that depends upon with whom he last spoke. Where does that leave us? Well… if nominated it will be McCain Act 2…

    2. What Romney should do and what he will do are miles apart. ROmney represents the Republican version of Obama’s “Hope and Change” campaign of 2008.

      All Romney has going for him is a large warchest, negative advertising and good hair. There’s no substance below all of that. He knows he can’t win on his record (remind you or anyone?) so he has to go negative on his opponents (except Paul) in order to eliminate the competition. Again, remind you of anyone?

      Gingrich and Santorum may lack the warchest, but they make up for it with passion, intelligence, a love for their country, family values, respect for people and ideas that actually make sense. They have spoken out about Obama, his ties to radicals, Saul Alinsky when no other candidate has done so.

      Can Romney heal the rift? That is a scenario waiting to be written. For now, he is all flash and no substance and to me, is the 2012 version of John McCain.

    3. you are pretty on on your rant 2besusie, thank you for coming across with grown up advise. It’s much rather tough as we all know too well, one can NOT GIVE SOMETHING THEY DON’T HAVE !

    4. It’s too late now though. He’s toast. He will almost surely lose to Obama as they will unite and we won’t.

      However, it may not be a bad thing….in the long run for both the GOP and the country. Short-term, bad for O to win.

        1. If Romney wins and the GOP rubber stamps him as I suspect they will and 14 turns into 06 and 16 into 08. How exactly is that good long term?

          Anybody but Clinton gave us Obama and now ABO will give us Romney? NUTS!

          1. “And one of the reasons I’m running for president of the United States is I want to help people, I want to lighten those burdens.” -Mitt Romney

            “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” -Ronald Reagan

  129. Very astute once again, Mr. Levin. This is precisely what those of us on the Right have been saying — since 2008 — would happen if this was allowed to go on again in the ’12 cycle. Once again, the Republican establishment chooses to ignore us, and I can’t help but wonder if they won’t pay the ultimate price in this upcoming national election.

    1. They lost big in 06 and 08. Didn’t phase them.
      The TP delivered them a big victory in 10. Again, didn’t phase them.

      Its their party. They will let you know when you are needed.

      1. Romney and a not conservative enough (yet) GOP are going to rubber stamp Romney and we’ll get 06 in 14 and 08 in 16 as they tarnish the GOP brand AGAIN and leave Republicans unelectable. This ABO BS is extremely short sighted and place too much trust in the GOP and its leaders Boehner and McConnell. Until there are enough actual conservatives to oust Boehner and McConnell a vote for Romney probably does more bad than good.

  130. I heard some talking head-useful idiot pollster on with Cavuto today, saying that any day now, Gingrich is going to endorse Romney, which means that Santorum will have to withdraw from the race. My advice to these tools: Listen to Mark Levin-they might learn something.

    1. Does anybody, knowing anything about Gingrich really think that Gingrich would endorse Romney. Even if that scenario were true and Gingrich was to be Romney’s running mate… could you imagine Gingrich “facepalming” his stint as Romney’s second fourteen times a day . It would be sheer torture for him.

      And another thing… It really is insufferable to hear all the calls for Santorum and Newt to drop out. Where the hell are the calls for Paul to drop out? Oh yeah! With Rand in the wings… it ain’t gonna happen while Paul is out there sniffing Romney’s… (fill in the blank).

      1. foxnews special report text vote today: should rick santorum drop out 74% yes / 26% no, about 14,000 votes.

        No one takes Ron Paul as a serious contender. Paul is running for a different reason: a libertarian movement.

        1. 74%… curious isn’t it? Let’s see… Romney gets only 41% approval, as Levin explains and 75% want Santorum to drop out? Who are the “74%” polled by FOX? You can be sure it includes Obama’s dog and every Democrat living in San Francisco. It’s a snow job. I don’t buy it. Although I haven’t seen it…It’s a push poll I suspect.

          Paul is a weasel. Anyone who collaborates with Romney, as Paul is doing, is not doing it to advance the finer points of libertarianism. Romney is the weakest of the bunch… even back when Cain was running… yet Paul never exposed the liberal proclivities of Romney.

          Some libertarian! Paul reminds me of a creepy old neighbour across the back alley. He’s always out there with his garden hose pretending to water his finely kept libertarian garden, yet is just ready to pounce on any neighbour for the slightest infraction against what he thinks the neighbourhood should look like. He’s only got one ally on the street (Romney) and for him the rest can go to hell. The guy’s a creep.

          1. It’s just average viewers that tune in to watch Special Report with Bret Baier. It was a poll done within the hour of the program.

            lol “with his garden hose pretending to water his finely kept libertarian garden”

            1. Levin wants to go on the panel. I wonder if they will let him on? I won’t be holding my breath.

      2. What makes me laugh out loud are these know-it-all pollsters and talking heads all claiming to know what the candidate is thinking or the next move they will make.

        They are at the knicker-wetting stage, hoping either Gingrich or Santorum will lay down their swords and bow at the feet of the almighty, chosen one known as Romney.

        After all of the carpet bombing Romney laid on Gingrich, I could not see him for one second playing Joe Biden to Mitt’s Obama. Not in a million years. Gingrich is too smart and savvy for Romney, who is all hair and teeth.

        I hear you about the Paul clan, with ROn dictating things, waiting for SOnny Boy to be named VP. Gag, barf, choke.

      1. Hope not. These are all blue states and Romney will win every single one of them. Santorum should focus on Indiana, N. Carolina, W. Virginia, and Nebraska where the conservatives are.

    2. No, Gingrich will not endorse Romney. He will get behind him if he is the nominee, there’s a difference there.

      A lot of us will give Romney our vote, but that’s where it stops.

      1. I can appreciate the lack of enthusiasm for Romney, but we must must focus our enthusiasm into getting rid of Obama and taking both houses of congress. That means knocking on doors, making phone calls and even contributing to an Obama defeat by contributing to Obama’s opponent. Never at any time does the phrase, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, hold more significance.

  131. I Do Not Want Romney to be our nominee. I’m one of those “fringe” people who thought Cain or Gingrich or Perry could be the one to carry our flag. I’m not “emotionally tied” to anyone. I’m “emotionally tied” to making sure the country has a viable future. If Romney is the only choice between Obama and Financial Ruin, I’m voting Romney.

    Remember, even if you are forced to vote for a milquetoast “mainstream” Presidential candidate, you can still make sure that the congressional purse strings are pulled very tight by concentrating on the House and Senate.

    This is very important. Don’t quit and take your ball home if “your guy” doesn’t get first place in the “who can beat Obama” contest. The real fight has yet to begin. We have facts, statistics, history, and Obama’s dismal record on our side. All they have is Spin and Distraction. We will prevail if we refuse to be petty.

    1. It’s strange that so many Romney supporters use language more fitting for a dictatorship than a free republic. Nobody here is ‘forced to vote’ for anyone. Nor are we ‘petty’ for holding to constitutional principles. This may be the last time my vote counts for anything, so it will be for someone I believe in. If this is the Alamo, I’m going down fighting.

      1. It’s strange that so many Romney supporters use language more fitting for a dictatorship than a free republic.

        It’s hard NOT to notice that. And I wonder how many of these folks use this language towards the ‘rats.

        1. Romney supporters sound like every other rabid liberal leftist agenda group. They use smears, nasty names and accusations, etc.

          I do not respect Romney. I do not like Romney. Or his supporters. They are too much like Obama and his crowd.

          1. well if you mean we are no far right tea party nuts, I’ll take that as a compliment. What has Rick done except gfet run out of his own state take the State republican apparatus done with it. Did you know all the party leaders in that state are working against him, they hate him that much.

            Newt takes credit for Reagan and CLinton as his own work and wants to put a base on the moon at an estimate cost of 17 trillion, very conservative.

            Lets talk more about contraceptive so we really can get something accomplished.

            wow Reagan would be ashamed and guess what..Reagan didn’t like Newt. The Bush familylikes Romney, and so would have Reagan

      2. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a Romney supporter, and in hindsight, “petty” was a poor choice of words. I’m sorry.

        When I say “forced to vote” I only mean that if the choice is between Romney and Obama, I would be “forced” to vote for Romney. Maybe I was too subtle, again, I apologize. I was just trying to convince frustrated informed people to rally behind our side’s eventual nominee. I tried to make it clear that I don’t even care anymore who it is. Like I said above, “petty” was harsh and wrecked the tone of my entire comment.

        1. Many of us are still fighting against having a RINO as our eventual nominee. Hope you are too…. no RINO in the last 120 years has EVER won against a democrat presidential incumbant. One conservative did, and he was to the right of Romney.

        2. In the first debates, both Gingrich and Romney stated publicly that ANY of those seven candidates would be better than Obama. If I cannot enthusiastically support our nominee, then I can certainly enthusiastically rally support against Obama. I would vote for a dead fish over Obummer. We must all think that way. Jimmy Carter was a nice guy, but lousy President. There is no reason we cannot leverage the same kind of backlash against Obama regardless our nominee. Not only can we, we must. Another 4 of Obama and will we ever be able to find the pieces to fix it?

    2. Will never vote for a candidate with a record of passing government healthcare with direct support to planned parenthood, bans on so called assault weapons, the first civil union governor, raised “taxes” thru fees. Romney has a liberal record not moderate. I have voted Republican since Reagan, but if Romney wins will vote blank for president. Will vote to support the lower offices. I do understand why you will vote for the least of two evils, but I promised myself after I voted for McCain that I would never vote for the liberal again.

  132. Romney bashes the Republican field, but said he refuses to go negative on Obama. Hey Mr. Good Hair, just tell the danged truth about the bowing usurper!! You are so weak.

    1. Well said, Romney is slightly less of a disaster than Obama. That’s the strongest thing going for him, not much. He says lots of good things but doesn’t sell it. True Conservatives don’t like or trust him as one of us.

        1. Form Massachusetts: You are way off base and you are divisive to the party. Romney shrunk government in Mass by over 25% He merged Massport and Mass Transit into one unit and cut the fat. He lowered taxes 19 times. He developed a health care plan we all like here that is nothing I repeat nothing like obama care. 15 points are the same…131 are not.

          I bet my hair color is the same as yours but we are nothing a like.

          He took a 2 billion budget shortfall and turned it into a 750 million surplus in 3 years all this while working with 475 democratic state reps and 15 republican state reps pretty good odds wouldn’t you say.

          Nice job on the homework. He won his home state by 63 pooints how did the others do in theirs. Santorum is going to lose Pennsylvania.

          1. No gov’t has the authority to force us to engage in commerce.

            Your post is full of falsehoods. Romneycare has caused Mass. premiums to skyrocket. I should know, I was living there when Romneycare went into affect. People do not like being forced to buy healthcare or pay a fine. That really helps someone who can’t afford to buy health insurance….fine ’em! Brilliant plan!

        2. As governor, he reduced the size of Massachusetts government. Reduced nearly 3 billion of debt and created a rainy day surplus of almost two billion. He vetoed legislation to give illegals tuition breaks and we know in a conservative administration like Texas, that would never… never mind they approved that under Perry. Well he had the state police trained to deal with illegal immigrants like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, that certainly wasn’t conservative. The veto of stem cell research was absolutely liberal. And that fight over Catholic adoption agencies being forced to adopt to gay couples. That was surely liberal. How dare Catholics expect us to tolerate their religious convictions like that. Who would ever want a balanced budget, religious liberty, enforcement of immigration law and fairness to citizens here legally. Someone who vetoes stem cell research for what might cure his ailing wife, that puts civic obligation before his own self interests. We conservatives cannot have that.
          Keep on raising the debt ceiling, who cares? Give breaks in taxes selectively, like to green energy or just manufacturing. Keep on picking winners.

      1. Are you sure Romney is “slightly less of a disaster than Obama”? I am not and that’s saying something because Obama IS the worst president of my lifetime and maybe of the nation’s history.

        1. Romney is the lesser of evils.. he is not a Marxist. But that’s about it, so it is tough to be motivated to vote for him. The important thing is to vote AGAINST Obama. What aggravates me is that Romney is assuming we will all do just that. We are between a rock and a hard place, and he knows it… and grins away. I really hope this goes to the convention and we can get to the 2nd ballot where the power shifts from the RNC to the delegates… and THEN we will see what the state delegates want to do!!! I detest the idea of surrendering to Romney because he has exhibited a complete lack of character and disregard for the voters and the party with his campaign tactics.

          1. Are you privy to some info the rest of us don’t have-how do you know that he is like this-happy that we are according to you stuck between a rock and a hard place?Lack of character???? it is amazing how we ALL see and interpret things so differently! Like Santorum and Gingrich have never said anything untrue, or have never changed their minds about a particular issue-Romney hasn’t been in DC all these years-but the rest have-Romney has been out living the American dream! And I would much rather have him in office than Obama!

            1. You are admitting, Cheryl, that Romney has lied. You really want to know about a lack of character, watch him say he’s severely conservative and then look at his record in MA and about how he went after DC earmarks for the Olympics, though criticizing another candidate for earmarking, also on abortion, the thing he claims to have changed his mind about:








            2. It’s one thing to change your mind after learning more about an issue.

              It’s another to say one thing to one group of people and then something else to a different group.

              Here’s an example: Romney told an American audience that if Puerto Rico wants to be state they will have to make English their official language. Then guess what he told Puerto Ricans??? Drumroll…..he told them they would not have to make English their official language.

              Now, where I come from, we call that LYING.

            3. Cheryl he said something to that effect a couple of weeks ago, when he was asked about the lack of enthusiasm for him by conservatives. He said that we would end up voting for him in the fall. The gist of it was we’d have no choice, but to vote for him. He truly makes me sick. Such arrogance.

          2. Are you privy to some info the rest of us don’t have-how do you know that he is like this-happy that we are according to you stuck between a rock and a hard place?Lack of character???? it is amazing how we ALL see and interpret things so differently! Like Santorum and Gingrich have never said anything untrue, or have never changed their minds about a particular issue-Romney hasn’t been in DC all these years-but the rest have-Romney has been out living the American dream! And I would much rather have him in office than Obama!

            1. Santorum now trails Romney by 7 points in Pennsylvania. After the 24th, when Romney wins all of the states including Pennsylvania, Santorum will drop out and go back to political commentary on Fox News.

              1. That’s all you Romney supporters have…he’s got the money…and he’s buying this election.

                Why does Romney want to be president? I’ve never heard him string to coherant sentences together on why he wants to be president. He just wants to be president.

                Do you know why he wants to be president?

                1. That’s because you have never read his book. He is running to restore American Exceptionalism and greatness.

                  Read his book: “No Apology: The Case for American Execptionalism”

        2. Obama is without a doubt the worst president in history. He is the first president we have ever had whose goal is to totally destroy the United States.
          He is also the first ineligible president in history.

      2. I am a true conservative, and I think Romney is the strongest nominee we have had since Reagan. And I remember elitist “true conservatives” bashing Reagan too. But he was the best President of my lifetime by far. You guys really need to find out more about Romney and stop listening to people like Mark Levin.

        1. JOhnny,

          I am so with you. Do you realize that in the last election in 08, CNN’s wolf blitzer called Romney “Reagan on Steriods”. People are buying the hype and not thinking for themselves. This guy is very conservative. But if you are far right then you listen to the contraceptive republicans..

          Our beloved party has be hijacked.


          1. Wow, that is just bizzare and delusional dude.

            Romney – “very conservative”? by what measure could you have possibly arrived at that conclusion?

            take your CNN-watching, NYT-reading, TEA Party-hating, progressivist behind and get you to the Democratic Party.

          2. Contraceptive Republicans? You don’t understand that it’s about the Constitution? That the federal gov’t has no right to make us do anything? Especially if it’s against our conscience? That the federal gov’t has no business telling a private business what they have to do?

            That is what is so alarming about Romney and his supporters. You think the gov’t can force us to engage in commerce….showing that there isn’t a hill of beans difference between Romney and Obama.

            Now that’s a knee slapper about Wolf! He’s a leftwinger and he wants the liberal Romney to be our nominee.

            You are correct, our beloved party has been hijacked…by Romney and the likes of him.

        2. Tell me something Johnny, how do you think Reagan would feel about Romneycare? Have you seen the speech Reagan gave in the early 60’s when he warned Americans about socialized medicine? He talked about how it would be the death blow to our freedoms.

          Ronald Reagan would be disgusted with Romney and his socialists tendencies.

          1. Reagan probably would not have liked Romneycare (nor would I), but Reagan probably would have liked Romney in general. They voice many similar ideas.

            But if Reagan ran today, you would be criticizing him for being too liberal (raising taxes, immigration, abortion, deals with unions, etc.)

      3. That could be his campaign slogan: Vote for me! I’m slightly better than Obama!

        Here’s another one: Vote for me! Tyranny and despotism with a smiley face!

        One more: Vote Romney….the era of good hair.

        1. Try finding out what Romney actually stands for. All I ask is that you become an educated voter.

    2. Keyes Buddy,

      You clearly are not watching the election. He has been blowing up Obama for weeks. He called him an outright liar yesterday.

      God you just hate Romny.

      Look it’s like this…every one in basketball is labeled the next Jordan…it ain’t happenin. Jordan is Jordan and Reagan is Reagan. There is no Heir Aparent so stop looking and get behind the guy that can do it

      1. I DO hate Romney. Very asute observation!

        I hate him for installing Romneycare. Tyranny at the state level is still tyranny. I hate him for thinking state gov’ts can do whatever they want. NOT.

        I hate him for all his lies during the primaries. I hate that he lies. I hate that he’s running as a Rupublican.

        I hate that he bought his endorsements.

        I hate that he will take us in the same direction that o is taking us, but with a smiley face (as Alan Keyes wrote about last week).

        I hate that he’s buying this election.

        I can’t stand the way he treated me when I saw him speak. I handed him so info and before I could get a word out to tell him what it was about, he yanked it from my hand, passed it off, frowned at me, and moved on. Pompous jerk is what he is.

        I hate that he refused to allow any of us to ask him questions.

        I hate that if he wins, he will continue to take us in the same disastrous direction that o is taking us.

        1. “I hate that if he wins, he will continue to take us in the same disastrous direction that o is taking us.”

          See I disagree. While he certainly is a very far from perfect candidate, I don’t think Romney will abuse the EPA and BLM to the extent that Obama has to destroy American oil production. I think he actually does want to do a good job, and while in many ways very far removed from someone who loves freedom, he is also someone who will actually try to do well with what he’s in charge of.

          As for freedom, electing Romney has no effect whatsoever on Congress.

      2. Wow, he finally called him a liar.

        When I saw him in person he said Obama is a good man, but that he was just in over his head. Pathetic.

        When I saw Santorum he said Obama is doing this on purpose. BINGO.

    3. You don’t know what you are talking about. Did you see Romney’s speech? All he did was attack Obama. He has been consistently attacking Obama. What planet have you been living on?

  133. Romney is not our candidate, he is the RNC’s candidate. Theoretically, one could use the same argument about Romney that people do about O – that he has nothing substantive to run on, so his campaign consists of slamming his opponents.

      1. And that is exactly what is going to happen because Romney, like McCain 08, generate nothing but apathy, Washington is a joke…

          1. romney is the WORST person to represent the GOP since he is probably the only one that gives socialists hope for 4 more years of obama to destroy the nation. In their minds, the worst that might happen will be to get a Ted Kennedy with an R next to him, to “possibly” win against their #1 guy but as George Soros revealed to the European Press, there is no real difference between obama and obamney!

            1. You do realize that Soros funds the Obama campaign? So you think he is credible regarding conservatives?

        1. Mrcombi—You can commiserate on election day with Levin…and drive the welcome wagon for Obozo…you deserve him!

      2. This is what Mark is saying and I agree. I have been turned off to Romney because of his negative smear campaign and his lack of ability to articulate / convince Conservatives as to why we should support him. He thinks he is entitled to the nomination / Presidency and he thinks that people will have no choice but to vote for him. Many will stay home because they don’t like him. I don’t care for him either (Romney) but I am going to vote for anyone that has a chance at defeating The Marxist Liar in Chief (Obama).

        1. That’s absolutely right! I don’t think there are many people who could lose to Obummer, to be honest, but that means that the nominee has to articulate conservatism. And, they don’t have to be perfect. I’ll punch the ballot no matter who runs against Obummer, but I hope it’s someone good.

          1. Have you guys actually listened to Romney’s speeches? He articulates the fiscal conservative position better than any of the other candidates.

            1. That, my friend, is a very low bar indeed, which is why turnout in the primaries has been overall abysmal. NONE of the republican candidates is acceptable, so being the king of the molehill is not something that Romney can crow too hard about. Its too bad that Ron Paul is tin-foil hat looney on foreign policy, because he’s been truly the only one to adequately voice constitutional conservatism.

              1. Turn out is very high in most states, actually. But, I agree, the candidates should be speaking with strength on the issues.

                1. Who cares, Wacko Ron Paul will LOSE BIG TIME,and he said he will quit running after this year and good riddance to him!

                2. You are dumber in the head than a hog is in the rear end. Lets all hope your gene pool goes away.

              2. Tin-foil hat looney on foreign policy. Justify that to me. I served 13 months in Vietnam. When I got into country I got the standard speech. Men we have to stop communism right here and now and if we do not then it will spread throughout the far east. We buried 59,000 screwed the minds up of a couple more hundred thousand of our young men and women, come home with our tails between our legs and to this day Communism has not spread one inch in the far east. No my friend we need to get our rear ends out of those countries and we need to do it now. Tell you what if Ron Paul’s is so bad on foreign policy then you be the first one on the boat to Iran. You know the country that the US is lying about. Nuke my rear end, why don’t they just say petrodollar and be done with it. No he is not wrong on his foreign policy. As a matter of fact he is absolutely correct in what he says. Ask any veteran.

            2. I have, and I disagree with you. Sometimes he does, then he turns around and says something else. It’s too bad really. He seems like a decent fellow.

            3. That may be true of his speeches but the lion’s share of communication is his negative carpet bombing on Republicans. I agree with Levin and also with those who worry about turnout.

              From a beauty contest standpoint (which is a big part of politics), Romney has this dismissive way about him that is insulting. He may have a certain business intelligence but he doesn’t seem to have a certain common sense and certainly not a political intelligence. He projects a certain teleprompter-in-the-head thing.

              It doesn’t matter because when Obama and the media start carpet bombing him, he will get a taste what he dished out and the way he beat his opposition will hurt him because he went for their dignity and wasn’t dignified himself. We already have a jerk for a POTUS, this is just another flavor.

              1. What would you have had Mitt do about the misrepresentations? Consider that Rick Santorum recently won four Pinocchio awards from the Washington Post and Newt Gingrich received the “Mostly False” rating from PolitFact on several occasions. Gingrich’s Super Pac had to withdraw false ads in Florida and Santorum can’t stop saying that there is no difference between Mitt and Obama. Why all of this gets laid on Mitt is not explainable. The rational means of explanation is to say that the winner at-all-costs candidates are Mitt’s opponents, not Mitt!

                1. Gingrich had no money for negative ads. Do you think Obama is going to run a positive campaign? What planet do you live on?

                2. Yes, as if those moerate/progressives sites can be trusted! Oh you Romneybots are such DUPES!

              2. Levin doesn’t have a problem with Romney’s ads, he just doesn’t like that his chosen candidate didn’t win!

            4. Um… no. Actually, Ron Paul is the only candidate which supports any sort of limited government. Stop watching the drivel on TV and tune in to what Dr. Paul is actually saying!

              1. Actually Ron Paul does do a pretty good articulating limited government conservative principles. But so does Romney.

              2. Give up son. They are brain dead don’t you know. They sit and watch NBC, CBS, CNBC and FOX and then they let them lead them right over a cliff. You just can not do anything with stupid.

            5. Johnny, the problem is not his ability to articule conservativism. Obama articulates onservativism as well, when it suits his purpose. The issue is that both men, in doing so, have all the credibility of a stripper putting on a white dress for her wedding ceremony. The appearance of virtue is there, but is anyone buying it?

              1. Are you kidding? Obama does not articulate conservatism. He articulates socialism and class warfare.

                You obviously don’t know either of them very well.

            6. Johnny—That’s the problem…they never listen…they leave it up to Levin, Hannity, and Rush to do the thinking for them.

        2. Romney will be the nominee and any “Conservative” who doesn’t vote for him is voting for Obama even if he doesn’t go to the polls. I am tired or hearing “True Conservative”, one can’t be elected even if you had one. Let’s get Obama out and stop this ideologue madness. Anybody is better than Hussein and if Romney was a Conservative pure as the driven snow he could not beat Obama because Independents and Reagan Dems would stay home or vote for Barry.

          1. Romney will be the nominee, and we should rally behind him to beat Obama in November.

            1. What and end up with Obama Lite. I am tired of the status quo. I get Ron Paul or I will put Obama back into you lap. Stay stupid and see where it gets you. You have two choices, Obama or Ron Paul now take your pick.

              1. Romney is nothing like Obama. If you are paying ANY attention, you would know that.

                And actually, I am quite intelligent (and informed). Given some of your posts (which show an apparent ignorance of the facts and polls), I would suggest that maybe you should consider educating yourself on the candidates.

        3. PFFV—Then you’re not paying attention or not very intelligent…the fact that you listen to Levin doesn’t speak well for you! Romney stated the facts, and if they couldn’t take it…too bad! Romney did great, he won, and deserves the nomination for living a better life than the rest, and being smarter and more prepared than the rest…period!

      3. We CAN’T stay at home on election day. Obama and his czars are in place and MUST be removed by our efforts on Election Day. I personally think of Romney as “Obama Lite,” but he would be much better then the socialist now in office. If we also elect a stronger House and take back the Senate with Republicans, then we can control Romney for 4 years till we can vote him out. Obama will bypass everyone by “Executive Orders,” and make our lives miserable even more so.

        1. Did you read what you wrote? Name the last sitting president that was successfully challenged by his own party to replace his as a potential candidate for the presidency?

          It is not going to happen.

          1. The way I see it Romney at least has a sense of honor and the ability to learn from and listen to people. He’s no conservative, ’tis true, but he is someone who genuinely wants to do a good job and WOULD NOT do the stupid BS that Obama has been doing with the BLM to stop oil exploration and pipeline building out West. Mitt Romney is not going to destroy the economies last best hope to pursue a utopian vision – he is far too responsible and intelligent of a person to make the American people and Federal land his little playthings like Obama does.

            In addition, it looks like SCOTUS will probably strike down the healthcare law, and the implications of said action will make Mitts worst side considerably tamer. However even without that, I would say that Mitt is significantly better then Obama even just as an administrator of Americas public lands and the EPA.

        2. Until there’s enough real conservative votes to oust Boehner and McConnell I don’t trust them not to rubber stamp Romney. IMO a vote for Romney is going to deliver 06 and 08 again in 14 and 16 as the GOP once again tacks left and makes Republicans unelectable again in midterms and 16.

          “And one of the reasons I’m running for president of the United States is I want to help people, I want to lighten those burdens.” -Mitt Romney

          “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” -Ronald Reagan

          1. Right on…I have yet heard any person who is trying to defend Romney actually try to argue that it will be different than 2006. We will be taking another 2 steps backwards with Romney, not the two steps forward we need in changing the path.

            1. Until we elect enough conservatives to oust or never put in place jellyfish like Boehner and McConnell it will continue to be two steps back and the elites that plant their lips on Goldman Sach’s butt will continue to play good cop/bad cop with us as we keep sliding down the hill. No thanks! We must think longer term and a lame duck Obama doesn’t frighten me as much as the prospect of repeating 06 and 08 which is why we got Obama in the first place. The RINOs/Rovians are responsible for us getting Obama in first place they tarnished the GOP brand so badly and they want Romney. NUTS!!

            2. Romney is precisely the type of leader that can solve the problems we face today. Who do you think can figure out how to shrink government, produce a balanced budget and get the economy working again for a prosperous America? Romney is uniquely qualified to do it. That’s why people like me (and Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, etc.) strongly support him. I hope you will join us in defeating Obama so that we can turn the country around.

              1. I absolutely will not. Romney is no different from Obama in the sense that they both want to endlessly tinker with the economy instead of getting government out of the way of free market capitalism. Romney has already weakened the Republican brand, and alienated true conservatives. The future of the Republican party is Liberty, or it is death.

                1. Getting government out of the way of free market capitalism is exactly what Romney keeps talking about. Have you not been listening?

              2. How is Romney going to do this grand things? We don’t know, he’s been to busy trashing fellow condervatives!! Besides, business IS NOT politics, and Obama will show Romney what politics are all about!!

          2. A far right conservative cannot win. 80% of the election is already over my friend its All about the independants. There are more registered Democrates than Republicans…no independants…no victory. So you all can get pissed off by a Republican who has accomplished everything he has ever done, who’s idol is Ronald Reagan (only one of the candidates that read his diaries). Stay home don’t vote and give it to Obama. Got our party has become stone deaf stupid. Reagan would be so ashamed of us.

          3. In my humble opinion, you are totally wrong.

            Are you aware that Ronald Reagan said almost exactly the same thing that you quoted Romney as saying? He wants to lighten our burdens by reducing government.

              1. Oh my god are you deaf, man. Listen or read his speeches. Do you know he cut three departments in Massachusetts? He shrank their defecit by 5B in 4 years! There is a reason liberals would not have re elected him as Governor man!

                1. LOL. It’s quite apparent you Romneybots are trolling for Romney articles and then flock to the boards to tell us how great his is. It does not work. You guys are turning us off even more with your factless “arguments”.

                2. You really owe it to yourself to get informed.

                  By the way, I like you tag name. I voted for Alan Keyes for president in the past.

            1. Oh yes, the man who loves government run health care really loves “lightening our burdens”….what is that I hear….I hear those citizens of MA laughing at you.

        3. While I agree with you in principle, I don’t believe your comment is factually correct. The more this country is allowed to sink into complete dysfuncton and decay, the better it will ultimately be for conservatives. One of the great problems that we have is the tyranny of the intelligentsia class–a class that Obama has clearly embraced. This has been amply demonstrated in the argument about the Stimulus Package, the Bailout of Wall Street, the bailout of the auto mfgs with taxpayer money as opposed to letting them go thru the bankruptcy process and lastly the argument pertaining to Keynesian economics as opposed to a market driven economy. Depending on which economist–and their repsective schools you choose to side with, there is no clear consensus. The conclusions appear murky to the average voter and that is the ultimate problem. So, if conservatives loose the election, what is the worst thing that can happen? The answer is that we continue the downward slide into fiscal irresponsibility and the inevitable slide towards a defacto social democracy. The real problem is that we have not given the left carte blanche to implement its case–and thereby give society as a whole a clear choice. To my mind, it would be better if Conservatives embraced a clear conservative (as evidenced by Santorum for example) as opposed to a closet liberal like Romney. I would rather loose adhering to my principles than win by electing a faux conservative. Electing Romney is electing Obama’s doppelganger. We will just continue the failed policies of previous administrations. This is a false victory. Everthing Romney has done and he plans on doing is clearly spelled out–he will seek consensus and the upshot is these failed policies will continue. Until we get a true conservative into the White House that really believes the rhetoric, nothing will change. All we will continue to do is try to treat symptoms as opposed to treating the disease. That is no victory at all.

          1. The word is ‘lose’ not ‘loose’. And rhetoric by definition ((in writing or speech) the undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast…) is insincere so how exactly do you ‘believe’ it? And your assumption about what will happen if the ‘liberals’ win is based on what? The success and prosperity of the post New Deal or the sixties or the Clinton years? Another thing– just look up the word ‘Socialist’ or ‘Marxist’ and understand that whatever Obama and Romney are– it isn’t even in the same ballpark. And what ‘principles’ are you adhering to exactly? Fearful, ignorant, reflexive self-interest (no matter what Ayn Rand says) is not a principle– it’s just selfish and short-sighted. Finally people who think for themselves and advance their education aren’t the problem. Perhaps the problem is with people who live in the NeverNeverLand where ‘free’ markets exist and if only people just did xyz all our problems would be solved. The failed administrations you’re citing (8 years of Bush-Cheney I’m guessing) were brought into power and supported by people like you. So now that their policies have led to where we are now you find a scapegoat to hang them on instead of facing your own real culpability for their existence.

      4. John, we are not staying home. We are simply going to help other good candidates at the local and state level, but NOT vote for O or Mitt. That’s all.

        1. Explain to me why voting for Mitt is a good thing?  I think that those hard core conservatives you want to support at the local, state and federal levels can reign in a moderate republican like Mitt.  Dude you have to get Obama out.  Did you know approx 30 million registered repubs did NOT vote in 2008?  We cannot afford Obama.  We can afford more conservatives and then perhaps get a true conservative in 2020 like Bobby Jindal!
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          Sapwolf wrote, in response to johnos2112:
          John, we are not staying home. We are simply going to help other good candidates at the local and state level, but NOT vote for O or Mitt. That’s all. Link to comment

          1. According to Romney, the reason why you should vote for Romney is that Santorum and Gingrich are completely awful and have no chance of winning.

            1. Well I guess that is how primary politics works.  Romney is a better choice than BO without any hesitation.

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              Josh wrote, in response to johnos2112:
              According to Romney, the reason why you should vote for Romney is that Santorum and Gingrich are completely awful and have no chance of winning. Link to comment

            2. Have you looked at Romney’s 59 point plan for fixing the economy? He is a problem solver.

            3. According to Mitt Romney, he is the only economic heavey weight. He is pro business, pro military and pro life.

              I live in MAssachusetts and I am a business owner and I am a Reagan Conservative. FOlks you all bought the hype. Romney Care is nothing like Obama care. My rates have not gone up. I can choose any plan I want, my services are the same. The mandate was on those who didn’t have insurance and they had a state option if the could not afford it.

              The only thing that changed for me was my HCP # needs to be on my tax return. Its nothing like Obama care which taxes small business owners and pushes everyone toward medicaid.

              People need to stop believing political hype and do your homework. This guy loves Reagan Conservatism. I met the man. He got it done here and will there. How can you people claim he is like the socialist in the white house. My god the man is a true staunch conservative.

              By defination as a business owner you are a conservative. You can spend what you dont have or you fail.

              1. LOL.I was living in Ma when Romney got into office and Romneycare got installed. Premiums started rising immediately. Ma has some of the highest rates in the country. Most insurance companies won’t insure there.

                Do you believe the gov’t (at any level) has the authority to force you to engage in commerce for simply breathing? Do you think someone who is struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford health insurance is better with a fine or without a fine? Wouldn’t it be better if that person could keep that money in a savings acct. instead of a fine? A fine for not engaging in commerce. TYRANNY.

                Reagan is spinning in his grave that we have a guy running as a Republican that installed TYRANNY.

          2. You asked Sapwolf “Explain to me why voting for Mitt is a good thing?”

            Sapwolf can’t explain it. Can you? In the last 120 years, zero ‘moderates’ have won against an incumbant democrat president. Dude, the country needs to get Obama out! So throw your support behind a conservative- Rick Santorum! There was 1 Republican who did beat out a democrat incumbant president. He was a conservative. So don’t think about reigning in a ‘moderate’ republican, think what might be accomplished with a conservative republican and a conservative house and senate! Now is the time for all true conservatives to come to the aid of Rick Santorum!

                1. No. Its not a lie. Its an opinion, and its based on more than a few blog posts. The WSJ had a few neat pieces of Santorum’s support for big government programs, and not on social policies either. Medicare Part D? A supporter. Other programs expanding the size and scope of government? A supporter.

                  That is the sad truth, regarless of how many spin pieces you link to.

                2. You appear clueless to the reality of legislatures. Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul all have cherry-pickable moments that damage their reputations.

                  It’s a well-known fact by anyone who has observed history for more than a few minutes. Yet that doesn’t stop the stupid claims that Gingrich or Santorum “aren’t conservative.” We get the same cherry-picked nonsense over and over and are expected to think it means something more than the huge body of evidence to the contrary. We are expected to ignore their ACU ratings, the many times they put forth legislature that was in support of conservative philosophies, the many times they led the arguments for conservative policies, conservative amendments, conservative candidates, and the conservative votes they made in committees, all because you don’t like a few votes or dredged up statements from decades ago, or the mistakes they’ve made and admitted (unlike certain “inevitable” candidates).

                  I suggest you read this comment if you plan on making more assertions about either of these guys being non-conservative.

                  Both are conservative. Both are highly qualified to serve in the Oval Office. Both would make excellent Presidents. Suck it up and support the one you like.

            1. That one president who beat an incumbent Democrat was Ronald Reagan, and he was considered to be a moderate because of the way he governed in the liberal state of California (where I live). Listen to Romney speak. He is a strong fiscal conservative. Calling him a moderate is the nonsense that comes from his competitors. You could use the same reasoning to call Santorum a moderate too. He may be socially conservative, but he voted for bigger government programs and supported unions. You are not going to find the perfect candidate who fits the mold that Mark Levin wants. But what we have as a nominee is a conservative businessman and Washington outsider with a proven track record of fixing problems like the one we have with the federal budget. He understands the problems and seems to know how to solve them. He is extremely bright and effective. We don’t need to “reign in” a moderate because Romney is not a moderate. That’s why people like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio trust him. We can fix America and restore it to prosperity with the leadership that they are showing. Will you join us or stick with Obama and his failed policies? The choice should be obvious.

            2. That is right, one flip flopping liberal, professing to be conservative, beat Jimmy Carter. Reagan was a former liberal Democrat, pro abortion, union member, pro union, union president of SAG, and a divorced Hollywood actor. He was running against a Southern Democrat, Baptist Sunday School teacher. It is a good thing we did not hold Reagan to our standard today. He did not have the core set of values.

              He earned them by seeing what liberal policies do to a people and not for a people. People who accept the media spin on the candidates are pathetic. Which of our candidates vetoed tuition breaks for illegals? Not conservative Perry, he favors them. Which decreased the size of government while in office? Not Newt and not Rick. Which Catholic fought so hard for their religious rights and against their adoption agencies having to adopt to gay couples against their convictions? None. It was in fact Romney who came down so strong on this and the side of life, that not one or two, but the last five US Ambassadors to the Vatican unanimously endorsed him for President. Where were the battle cry voices of Gingrich and Santorum then?? Silent.

              Romney is every bit as much of a flip flopper as was Reagan. How we were ever duped into electing Ron is beyond me? Never again would we want to believe a person’s life experiences has matured and changed them. Once a person let’s say quits smoking, it is the last you ever hear from them. They are perfectly happy for all their friends and family to keep on puffing. Never trust a convert who has lived both sides.

              1. Reagan never supported abortion.

                There is a difference between changing your mind after learning more facts or over time when you see that you were wrong. Mitt is not like that. He lies and says one thing to one group of ppl and says something else to another group of ppl.

                If Romney is the nominee, it will be for ONE reason…money.

                Are you aware that a “company” in Utah donated 1 million to a Romney pac? Funny thing is, when a reporter went to that address to talk to someone from that “company”, no one had ever heard of it.

                I would bet money that Soros was behind that.

                1. Research it.

                  It’s funny, we’ve never seen most of you Romney supporters and now you are flocking to this board to tell us that we must support Romney.

              2. Romneycare also forced the taxpayers to pay for abortions. He also forced the Catholic church to go against their convictions.

                1. Do you believe the gov’t (at any level) has the authority to force you to engage in commerce for simply breathing?

                  I have yet to have a Romney supporter ever answer that question.

                  I have read numerous articles on Romney and how he raised fees. In fact, he was so bad about raising fees and yes, taxes, that even the dems in the state legislature voted it down.

        2. Here we go. People who say they aren’t going to vote for Romney or Obama. Obama wins by default. If you didn’t want Romney why didn’t the conservatives rally around one candidate instead of splitting the vote between Santurom and Gingrich? Stop complaining and vote for the nominee or else don’t and you’ll have four more yeas of complaining. It is the conservatives who are at fault that Romney will be the nominee they didn’t push back hard enough. They bought into the notion that Romney is theonly one electable. The establishment won the primary, hopefully they won’t lose the primary because it will be a sad day in America.

          1. Conservatives have been voting for Romney. Gingrich and Santorum aren’t really splitting the conservative vote. Romney has received more votes than both of them combined, and a recent poll showed that if Gingrich dropped out, roughly half of his supporters would go to Romney and half to Santorum.

            I am a conservative, and I find Romney to be a very strong fiscal conservative. I think he will be an outstanding president, and give us a great opportunity to beat Obama.

            1. Well some time has passed now and the Santorum votes are going to Ron Paul not Romney. Gee who could have figured that one out. Newt will drop out at the National Convention and a lot of his delegates will vote Ron Paul. I know because I am one of them. Now argue with that one.

              1. What? Romney just got 60% of the vote in the 5 states that voted this week.

                And Newt announced he will drop out. He only has a handful of delegates. Romney has the lion’s share and very close to the required 1144.

          2. Polls now show Romney and Obama tied and Ron Paul ahead of Obama by one point. Why did the Republican Party throw Paul to the dogs? Why did they not go with him right out of the gate. My god people Ron Paul would be a blessing compared to Obama or Romney. Makes a person want to throw up their hands.

        3. So you would prefer 4 more years of Obama? You might actually want to listen to what Romney has to say first before trying to help Obama win.

          1. The way I see it Romney at least has a sense of honor and the ability to learn from and listen to people. He’s no conservative, ’tis true, but he is someone who genuinely wants to do a good job and WOULD NOT do the stupid BS that Obama has been doing with the BLM to stop oil exploration and pipeline building out West. Mitt Romney is not going to destroy the economies last best hope to pursue a utopian vision – he is far too responsible and intelligent of a person to make the American people and Federal land his little playthings like Obama does.

            In addition, it looks like SCOTUS will probably strike down the healthcare law, and the implications of said action will make Mitts worst side considerably tamer. However even without that, I would say that Mitt is significantly better then Obama even just as an administrator of Americas public lands and the EPA.

            1. Are you for real. Obama and Romney feed at the same hog trough, Goldman Sachs.
              Romney changes positions more ofter than a prostitute. Friend you are just hoping beyond hope. That is all you are doing. Darn if we are going to go belly up then lets get it over with. All Romney will do is prolong our agony. At least if we go belly up then the American people will throw all of the suckers out of office. We are going down make no mistake about it. Our currency is on life support. Think not? Then why did the DHS just order 400 million rounds of 40 cal Hollow Points. Those things are outlawed by the Geneva Convention. They know it is coming and they are getting ready. But they will never tell you about it.

      5. That is why Romney is leading. Voters staying home…record lows in voter turnout.

        The stay at home mentality is an immature attitude in a time when adults need to get it together.

        2012….a time for choosing the America we want.

        1. Romney is leading because people are uninformed. He is leading because he has won 10 blue states, 8 swing states and just 5 red states. He wins in areas that do not vote in the general election. Santorum has won 8 red states and will probalby win all of the rest of them too. However, we won’t have any of their primaries until May. So for the next month we will have all the Romneybots telling the rest of us to drop out because it is over.

          1. Josh,

            I got news for you. If you don’t win the swing states you lose the election. If the other GOLP guys can’t win the swing states it by definition discualifies them from being President.

            I really am not trying to be snotty with you Josh but you have to win the swings.


          2. Winning red states won’t win a general election. Those 8 swing states that Romney has won are the ones that are most important in beating Obama. The red states will vote for whichever Republican we nominate. The blue states will vote for Obama (although Romney may be able to take some of those away from him). Santorum has no chance of winning.

            By the way, there are more primaries on April 24th, and Romney will probably win them all (he is ahead in the polls in ALL of them). Santorum only has a chance in his native Pennsylvania, but the latest polls show Romney leading Santorum by 7 points in his home state. What does that tell you? The people who know Santorum best are not even backing him. Santorum can stay in and help Obama as long as he wants, but he has no chance of winning outside of a brokered convention. But after April 24th, Santorum will drop out if he embarrassed by losing his home state and all the others.

          3. Josh he actually wins in areas that do vote: ie every major metropolitan area. Romney wins cities. That’s the exact spot you have to steal from Obama

            1. Stealing is a great word. Basically, you have to buy the votes. We should have stood behind Trump. He is the only one who could outspend Romney. As we have recently found out in ND, politics has nothing to do with the citizens. The USA is over.

          4. Some of those blue states (e.g. Washington and Wisconsin) that Romney took actually do tend to vote for Santorum type GOP candidates. Washington State in particular was a major holdout for both Mike Huckabee (2008) and Pastor Robinson (2000). A week before the election, Santorum was leading there by 11 points. Election comes, he loses by almost the exact same margin.

            Also, Iowa is a light-blue state, which Santorum did win, and Minnesota, another Santorum win, is deep-blue.

      6. NO. DO NOT STAY HOME ELECTION DAY! If it means picking the lesser to two jerks, then do it. Otherwise you are handing it to O in a silver platter. Do you actually care about this nation or not?

    1. He is the candidate who has received by far the most votes and delegates (from the people). He is therefore the candidate of the people.

      1. Johnny, why does Romney want to be president? Why?
        Santorum decided to run when Obamacare passed. He wants to get that overturned.

        Romney just wants to install Romneycare in all 50 states. Oh happy, happy, joy, joy! Buy health insurance or be fined! That sounds just like what our Founders had in mind…be forced to engage in commerce or face a fine. Real freedom there.

        I am so mad at how Romney threw his money around and lied about Gingrich and Santorum. Disgraceful.

        I am sick of Romney supporters telling us we need to get behind him and we should quit bad mouthing him. Romney is the one that has splintered Republicans with his vile lying and bashing of his opponents.

        He tore his opponents down. But you know what he did NOT do? He did NOT build himself up.

        There was an excellent article on that a couple of days ago. I have never seen a Republican candidate conduct such a lying, dirty campaign as this.

        1. Keyes—Stupid comments like yours, sound just like something Levin and Santorum would say…completely untruthful and out of touch, but that never mattered to evangelicals…they just want to search and destroy. Go Romney!

          1. Oh I see, it’s stupid to ask why Romney wants to be president? Well, I thought that was the most important issue in a presidential candidate.
            Let’s see, Reagan wanted to be president to stop the commies, Rick wants to be president to stop ObamaNOcare.
            Obama wanted to be president so he could destroy this country.

            So, I ask again, “why does Romney want to be president?”

            I do find it disturbing when so called Republicans attack evangelicals. You worried about folks that go to church and believe in Jesus Christ? I’ve never understood that one.

            Well, I must be over the target, I keep being called stupid by Romney supporters for simply posting the truth.

        2. Read Romneys book. He is running to restore American exceptionalism and prosperity.

          What exactly did Romney lie about? Are you talking about his Super-PAC which he is not allowed by law to influence? Do you remember the debate where he confronted Gingrich with the lies from his Super-PAC? Gingrich admitted that they were untrue but couldn’t stop them either.

    2. “Romney is not our candidate, he is the RNC’s candidate.” That is the talk of an Obamabot, or a conservative that will help Obama stay in office (same thing as far as election goes). I know, new school republicans are the anti-establishment, anti-RNC, anti-moderat candidate, pro-tea party and so forth. I get it. What many of these conservatives don’t seem to respect, is that this is the rhetoric that will give Obama 4 more years. The new world order for conservatives seems to be to distance themselves from the RNC, establishment machine. That’s nice for the town hall meetings, message boards, the conservative pundit talking points, but it splinters the Obama opposition and supports Obama indirectly with equal effect as supporting him directly. The only difference is you support Obama, then complain about him. It’s pathetic.

      1. You tell me this, will Romney push to get Congress to overturn Obamacare and then leave us alone? No. He wants to replace it with his brand of tyranny. I am sickened by the way Romney has conducted himself throughout this campaign. He is a classless liar.

    3. What you forget my friend is that the republican electorate has already rejected Bachman, Perry, Cain, Gingrich and the rest. That Romney was smart enough to survive the way our side is fractured this year is a miracle.

      Because there is no human being as bad for this country than 4 more years of Barak Obama so Levin’s continued BS attack on Romney because he’s not ideological pure enough compared to someone like Obama is intellectually obscene.

    4. You are sorely mistaken. Comparing Romney to the President is an unfair match up. Romney’s resume wins in a landslide. Obama has never before balanced a budget, he doesn’t understand the free market, nor has no business experience. He is the type or person that honestly believes that the Government createa wealth.

      Romney on the other hand has done all of the above. If you don’t like the guy because he seems to change positions, is rich, or is not energetic say so, but calling his record equal to that of Obama’s before he was elected or even now is just plain erroneous.

    5. Have you looked at Romney’s plans?

      He will bring limited government, reduce the deficit, and grow the American economy.

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