Mark Levin: Rubio texted me and told me what I’m saying about the Gang of 8 bill is NOT accurate

In an interview with Ted Cruz, Mark Levin revealed that Rubio texted him about an hour before this interview and told him that what he is saying about the Senate immigration bill is not accurate. He told Cruz that Rubio flat out denies that Napolitano can ignore portions of the bill due to waivers and he asks Cruz if that is correct.


This is on the same topic, but from the third hour, where Mark Levin really RIPPED into the 15 Senators who voted to end debate on the Gang of 8 amendment, saying that what offends him most is how these Senators voted to end debate on an amendment that the public hadn’t even gotten a chance to really read and understand. It was the same thing that happened with Obamacare and Levin says that process does matter and these 15 Republicans couldn’t care less about it.

This is a fantastic clip. Listen:

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