Mark Levin says Eric Holder to blame for bombing terrorist being mirandized before FBI finished questioning him

As you’ve probably read today, terrorist #2 of the Boston marathon bombing was read his rights in the hospital by a magistrate in the presence of his defense attorney and the US Attorney, at which point he stopped talking. The FBI was surprised by this because they hadn’t finished questioning him.

Mark Levin asks the question, who sent the magistrate in there to read terrorist #2 his rights and cut off FBI questioning?

The answer to me is really quite simple. And I don’t really have to surmise about this.

Having been Chief of Staff to an Attorney General of the United States, I can tell you without equivocation that a case like this is monitored very carefully by the Attorney General’s office and by the criminal division of the Justice Department. And I feel fairly certain in telling you that it was Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, who either initiated this or approved it, but one or the other.

Because a case like this is not going to be handled out of the US Attorney’s office with the US Attorney calling the shots. It’s the Attorney General of the United States at main Justice in Washington, where I used to work, he is going to make the final determination if not the initial determination.

He continues more on the clip:

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