Mark Levin says Palin knocked it out of the park at CPAC, hits Rove over attacks

Mark Levin loved Sarah Palin’s speech at CPAC, saying she knocked it out of the park. And he loved her comments about Rove, but not so much Roves attack in return on Sunday.


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127 thoughts on “Mark Levin says Palin knocked it out of the park at CPAC, hits Rove over attacks

  1. sean keeps mentioning the same ones – paul, cruz, rubio and lee – but never sarah.  duh, hey sean had she not endorsed them when she did, they would not be in the senate.

    1. CarolynDixon Hannity is irrelevant now as is Rove, Coulter,Rush etc   I give Levin kudos for this one but he’s skatin’ on thin ice.

      1. wodiej CarolynDixon mark is the only one going after both parties.  I listen to him now rather than the other dolts  who have been ordered not to speak of Sarah Palin.

  2. Karl Rove is a dirt bag.
    Palin was awesome.
    Nail Rove Mark. Palin did knock it out of the park!

  3. Rove and the rest of the “inside-the-beltway” RINOs can kiss my behind. The Republican Party is, for the most part the “me too” party now. They have the same morals and values as the Demunists and, as such, will receive NO support from me or mine. I’ll support true conservatives like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and my US Rep, Raul Labrador among others. The rest of them can weewee up a rope.

    1. mikeinidaho paul now wants to give illiegals citizenship.  that means more voters for the democrats.

  4. Yes, crucify Todd Akin and give Joe Biden a pass? Rove is a ‘has been’ along with Dick Morris. Mark and Sarah tell it like it is!

  5. Awesome, Mark!  Keep it up.  You must be one of the few in history who ever worked in DC without becoming a beltway zombie.  Like I said, keep it up.

  6. Sarah leads with truth, facts, common sense solutions to everyday problems American’s face, Mark, Rush follow add creditability and millions of viewers, who vote.  Hard times ahead, realty sorts it out, Sarah’s side gaining momentum, patience takes time, Mark spot in, seen it before .. honestly Boehner vs Sarah / us ?  patience .. reverberations of 2010 to this day are strong .. were just beginning to fight .. GOP on the run  / dare them, challenge them  /  2010 was a warm up .. Sarah Palin is uniting the everyday American = silent majority .. liberalism hitting wall .. running out of peoples $$  .. less is more .. 3.8 % tax on all real estate sales ?  nice job GOP .. OB care is a tax .. duh ..  repeal it shut it down .. not complicated  majority hard working, God fearing, gun loving, liberty supporting, everyday and all the above Americans want peace, less Gov .. not complicated .. 
        Gigs up, America knows to much, thanks to many talk radio host, internet, info highway, truth lives, powers that be are coming together, Sarah is uniting all that is good in plain site, in the light, with a smile, sense of humor .. you betcha ..

      1. wodiej chatterbox365 You beat me to it woodie. Rove debating Mark would be like me debating Einstein.

  7. That dope Hannity needs to take a principled stand, and refuse to have Rove on his dopey shows every 5 seconds.  And stop calling him the architect, unless you’re referring to his architecture of B. Hussein Soetoro Onyango Obama’s catastrophic victory in November.

    1. rocco11 
      I totally agree. Hannity claims to be a “principled conservative” yet he has rove on regularly and treats him with such deference. when will these talking heads realize that people are fed up with these faux conservatives…uuuggghh

      1. Jayrae rocco11 sad but true.  pay a construction worker millions of dollars to play a conservative, and I’ll be darned, he will…

  8. Rove ruined the Republican Party and gave us Barack Hussein Obama. Fox News are fools to put his face on constantly.

    1. fireme FOX may be getting some competition. A new cable news network is setting up, going to be reporting news, conservative bent I think, but not so much of this opinion stuff. FOX has too many liberals, and inside the Beltway wannabes stroking the egos of the Ruling Class and the Establishment GOP.  
      The base is going to abandon the GOP. A couple of things will happen. One, the GOP will continue to suffer losses, they will anyway with this game track they’re currently on, and two, we should be able to get conservatives in, and the RINOs out.  Likely going to suffer for a couple of election cycles yet.

      1. Lady_Penquin fireme I think you are talking about One American News a Washington Times cable program starting around July 2nd. It may be the FOX competition.

  9. All you have to know about Rove is this: There was a reason GWB nicknamed him “Turdblossom”.

  10. Rove got a swift kick in the nads from Sarah, and it sure hurt by the way little Karl was whining, Sarah Palin left a mark.

    1. Willie Heath  A whole bunch of speakers went after Rove at CPAC and Sarah didn’t even name him and yet obviously we know who wounded him the most!

  11. Well…
    In defending Carl Rove, Tucker Carlson definitely stepped deep into the cow pie.
    Below is the intro from a different blog today, March 18, 2013 –
    “Daily Called Editor-In-Chief Tucker Carlson chimed in on the very public back-and-forth between Sarah Palin and Karl Rove this morning on WMAL-DC’s Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor.  “When asked about the exchange Carlson said that Rove’s jab at Palin about not fulfilling her entire term as Governor of Alaska was “indisputably true.”  
    “He also said, “Sarah Palin is a good speaker and all that.. but, I’m not clear what Sarah Palin does, actually.”
    Well Tucker…
    .Sarah Palin picks winners with minimum expenditure of PAC $$$ and Carl Rove does not… Rove spends over $400 million $$$ and picks losers.
    Your turn Tucker.

    1. ajtelles Even more simple, DC editor-in-chief, “what exactly is it that you do?”  Begs the same question don’t you think?

      1. wodiej ajtelles I’ve seen this acronym several times but have no idea what it means.  What is a MILF?

        1. bongobear wodiej ajtelles Mother I’d Love to ____. I’m sure that you can figure out the rest.

        2. Jayrae bongobear wodiej ajtelles Thanks for the clarification.
          The fact that Tucker Carlson said that about Palin is disgusting.  I wonder if he would have the courage to say that to Palin’s face with Todd standing there?  I bet he wouldn’t.

  12. you should have heard the kid, I think he was about 11 or 12 on Marks show tonite… it was one of the few times that Mark was taken aback, by the caller… the kid was AWSOME…

  13. We better come up with our own candidate in 2016 because if not we’ll be stuck again. Last time we were too divided among the conservatives running so next time we’re going to have to be united and put the RINOS out of business.

    1. njmom  That’s the thing.  That’s not going to be possible.  Didn’t people see what happened in Florida, and I think AZ last time?  They just flat out ignored the rules THEY set.

    2. njmom And we are going to have to be well aware of “stealth” establishment turds who have the same Bush mafia groomers who talk like Reagan and vote like Bush!

      1. lonestar1 RayBrown1  I don’t know about that.  However, I don’t get how Rush isn’t bashed for being buddy buddy with Rove.

  14. Arrrrggg… Can’t get the like buttons to work and a lot of real good comments… So LIKE to most all.

  15. Can’t leave Carbella1’s smelly “gift log” at the top of the thread.
    Next time scratch to go out, ya mutt.

  16. She was spot on in that this is not about a brand for a party, it is about a country.   Keep getting the shout outs from Levin…way to go Scoop.  He posts your stuff on FB more than most it seems.

  17. Scoop, this new format doesn’t work.  It is difficult to understand.   The conversations it produces, are erratic.  I consider myself a somewhat intelligent person, but I have trouble following the conversations in this new format.
    Worse than that, I don’t really feel like commenting.  Too much change is too short a time.

    1. white531 Stick with it. You might not get to like it better but you’ll learn how to work it better.

    2. white531 This is way better than the upgrade that was forced on therightscooop.  If you think the comments are hard to follow now, just check out conservatives4palin where you hit a bar and comments from hours ago are put up as ‘new’.

      1. therightscoop white531 c4pfan Hey Scoop BTW,thanks for the e-mail helping me create my account.

      2. therightscoop white531 c4pfan Scoop, I know I am often a little, “out there,” with my comments.  I’m sorry for that.  I just have very strong feelings about Freedom.  I think what you created, is something that was  needed at the time, and serves all of us.  It was Golden, and it still is.  In time, I’ll get used to the new format.  It is what it is.  It is just  that I am old, and I don’t like change.  So long as The Right Scoop survives, I will accept whatever changes are necessary to make that happen. No problem here.

  18. btw, Rove the Undertaker’s statement on national TV that he doesn’t  take a dime, that he is a mere volunteer, is a whopping lie and a big, hanging curve for some enterprising young conservative blogger to expose. (hint hint) The Undertaker is usually more careful. 
    Someone needs to hit that hanging curve out of the park, and collect a RINO hide.

  19. #palin is a party leader and has common sense. If she stays true to libertarian fiscal and social issues, she will win and move the party forward……if she pushes traditional marriage, the large fiscally conservative closet republicans will leave forever. Civil partnership for all….social security benefits and tax breaks to partners like married couples. Marriage for couples who get married in their church…religious organization……it is a simple equation……

    1. Yeah, it’s a real simple equation. Traditional marriage is only one of the bedrocks of Western civilization. It goes, we are done. There is a reason or six why things were like they were.
      She may ignore the subject for the time being, but I don’t she would ever support homosexual ‘marriage’.

    2. jrsyboy16inLAListen with great care to the speech that she gave at CPAC 2013.
      On the issue of traditional marriage, yes Governor Palin is socially conservative in her personal life; and she has made no bones about her support for the principle that marriage is between a man and a woman.
      However, that is not an issue that she has been pushing recently.
      In the last election cycle, when the Chick-Fil-A story broke in the summer, the Governor urged that Mitt Romney embark on a national discussion about the issue of marriage, suggesting that a winning coalition could be built in support of traditional marriage. Romney, to his detriment ignored her suggestion to “nationalize” the debate.
      My own view is that the issue of traditional marriage will likely be off the table by the 2016 election cycle, as I believe it is most probable the Supreme Court will have rendered a ruling which will decide the issue one way or the other before then, so the discussion will be moot.

      As to the suggested solution, it is interesting to note that Pope Francis 1, while a strong opponent of same sex marriage, supported civil unions when he was a Cardinal:
      Breaking News: Records Show Pope Francis Supported Gay Unions (UPDATED)

  20. I truly appreciate scoop for providing one of THE best places to watch and comment on all type of speeches from CPAC.  It was great.

    1. c4pfan It continues to be a disaster. The ‘modernizers’ are doing their best to destroy all of the work of Thatcher.

  21. Do they give Karl Rove a cot over at Faux News? Hahahahaaha!  One of many reasons I detest FNC.

      1. 57thunderbird KarlRogue I don’t watch them at all. I used to, but that was a few years ago.

        1. PatrickHenrysBody 57thunderbird KarlRogue I watch Brett Baer and sometimes Cavuto,especially if Mark is on the show..I find Britt to be a very good host.

        2. 57thunderbird PatrickHenrysBody KarlRogue Agreed T-bird. Baer is a no nonsense NEWS man and Cavuto has the business thing covered. I used to have FNC on all day, but lately I don’t watch but certain programs.

    1. KarlRogue Great line…Rove is a gadfly who goes from Hanutty, to BOR, to Greta and the back benchers.

  22. Awesome!  I did hear on Hugh Hewitt’s show someone admit that Sarah had the most in claps, etc.  She was electric, but as usual the guys are soooo jealous (but for Ted Cruz) that they just try to pretend that she doesn’t bring something to the table.  If only they could see just how loyal Sarah is to even John McCain.

    1. KarlRogue She is very classy! She has to deflect constant barrages from the left. Their obsession with and deep-seated hate for her is rather telling of their mental state.

  23. It’s true!He did have a white board!I saw the show that night.It was a great jab at Rove!

  24. I don’t like this new system, can’t see who comments,, can’t do back and forth.  Would like to see something different.

    1. RayBrown1 I agree Ray.  I can’t get used to this.  I have only made a few comments, and those have been minor. I don’t have confidence in this new format.  I don’t understand it.  It doesn’t flow.  It doesn’t feel right.  I can’t get my arms around it.

  25. Levin is fearless and brilliant and entertainingly sarcastic! Palin could not ask for a better supporter, heck, we could not ask for a better supporter as he has any good conservative’s back no matter if we are on the public stage or rallying at home!

  26. Sarah Palin Delivered Super Big Gulp Style and God Bless her while she trends #1 World wide!!!!

  27. I’ve really never heard a false note from Levin. I appreciate his relentless support of Palin. Gallant.

  28. Yes, his program was terrific as usual and he played a couple of clips of the speech by Palin at CPAC. He is correct, she did knock it out of the park. That speech was dynamite. There were several great speeches and hers was the best. I believe the good guys will prevail and in fact the old gusrd will be as defeated as it is discredited. Thanks Mark Levin.

  29. “I’m a volunteer” STOP! You’re not grassroots Karl, not even close like the many mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, family and friends out there. 
    Why would you have her support you’re not a conservative, I wouldn’t support you, I’d oppose you!  Mark Levin on Karl Rove hoping to have her support if he did run for election

  30. She did knock it out of the park. She is a conservative; therefore, she is hated by leftists in both parties. Rove represents what is wrong with the Republican party.

  31. That leaving office mid-term was a very low blow and either ignorant, or just plain mean-spirited.  Everyone knows what happened.  The ones who should be ashamed are the ones who drove her to it.  Sarah Palin is a treasure and an incredible asset to the conservative movement.  Bite me Karl.

  32. OH HELL YES, I love when Mark Levin plays the audio and then says STOP, then rips Karl Rove over his Todd Akin comment! GREAT JOB!

    1. StevenValdez I don’t understand why people (read RINOs and MSM types) continue to fixate on Todd Akin.  It’s kind of odd, almost Leftist like.  I’m surprised Christine O’Donnell wasn’t mentioned either.

    1. DocBarry1 …and they’re trying to “re-brand” the party into the Democrat(ic) party.

      1. Right because the old Democrat is the new Progressive, the old Republican is the new Democrat

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