Mark Levin schools MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry on the founding and slavery

Melissa Harris Perry, MSNBC weekend host, was upset when she heard Romney and Ryan “misusing” the Declaration of Independence, and said this:

“The thing I really have against him is actually how he and Gov. Romney have misused the Declaration of Independence,” she said. “I’m deeply irritated by their notion that the ‘pursuit of happiness’ means money for the richest and that we extricate the capacity of ordinary people to pursue happiness. When they say ‘God and nature give us our rights, not government,’ that is a lovely thing to say as a wealthy white man.”

Harris-Perry said the words didn’t initially mean rights for African-Americans and women.

“When you sit in a body like mine as an African-American woman, you know that God and nature have in fact made us — inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” she continued. “But we could not have them until there was a Civil War that allowed the federal government to impose those nature and God-given rights would actually be respected by our government. And I think that they cannot continue to go down this line on the Declaration of Independence.”

It’s all about race to her. Mark Levin wonders if she knows that Abraham Lincoln also cited the Declaration of Independence continually during the Civil War…

Listen to The Great One school Melissa Harris Perry with a bit of slammage sprinkled on for seasoning:

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