Mark Levin: Seriously, I think Joe Biden may have Dementia

Mark Levin says that he isn’t taking a cheap shot, that he really believes Joe Biden may either have Dementia or be experiencing the onset of Dementia considering Biden’s latest ‘big stick‘ comments:

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58 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Seriously, I think Joe Biden may have Dementia

  1. Of course he does. He had a serious brain injury. How in the heck did he pass a physical to be vice president? I wouldn’t trust him to empty my trash properly.

  2. I’ll go with the latter. He’s just purely an idiot. I’ve known people with dementia who make a lot more sense than Biden.

  3. Biden had part of his brain removed. Is anybody really surprised by this? Consider this. Obama felt that if anything were to happen to him, the best person to replace him is a guy who is missing part of his brain. Kinda says something doesn’t it?

  4. With Biden and his speaking it’s sort of like having an old, incontinent dog. You know it’s going to make a big mess on the floor and all you can do is clean it up and go about your business……..Until it becomes time to get rid of the dog!

  5. Joe Biden provides better protection for the president than any number of secret service agents. Just think, if anything happens to Obama, look who would be president. Now who would want that to happen.

  6. i wonder if that,”BIG STICK”, made bwarney fwanks back peddle right out the back door of the,”white,mexican,negro,marxist”,white/what-ever house? lmao!!

  7. Finally someone else sees this too! I have been saying this for years. Same with Nancy Pelosi, early onset dementia. I don’t care for her politics at all but do not wish that on her. It is plain to see in her case.

  8. What can I say? It is beyond belief.

    This is fast becoming a comedy show, not an election.

  9. Mark Levin must be reading my posts, because I have been saying this for a year.

    Not only does Biden have the first signs, so does Pelosi and Reid. They don’t make a lick of sense even on a good day!

  10. If we get someone smarter then a box of rocks as the VP candidate, it’ll be fun to watch Biden get his clock cleaned, the floor wiped up with him, and his supporters have to cringe the entire length of the debate.

    1. palin did wipe the floor with him in debate…but the lefty MSM told us that biden ‘won’ anyway.

  11. Barack “musty wet pelts” Obama, Harry “but for me we’d be in a worldwide depression” Reid, Nancy “we’ve got to pass it to see what’s in it Pelosi, and Joe “stand up Chuck” Biden.

    Yeah, I think America’s best days are behind it. At least an America run by Washington DC.

    1. This administration is stranger than fiction. If you wrote a fiction book with these characters back in the 80’s no one would buy it saying it was too unbelievable.

  12. It more like this guy was born with dementia. I have a suspicion that democrats chose him as VP to make a below par Obama looks like a genius.

  13. Maybe he’s trying to out-do himself so obama will keep him as VP and not pick Hilary.

  14. Now is the time for the increased pressure to sink in‘ – Biden

    Perhaps the plugs are growing inward. Let’s hope Obamacare can help him before it’s declared unconstitutional in June.

  15. Biden is just flat-out stupid. He’s right there with Pelosi and Boxer, Wasserman-Putz. Seriously, this is not dementia… It’s Liberalism in its late stages… Biden disgusts me as much as Pelosi does.

    1. “It’s liberalism in it’s stages…”
      Great diagnosis. Brings along the premise that liberalism is a disease, love it.

  16. The true tragedy is that the man, Joe Biden, actually is out there representing our Republic everywhere he goes, ugh ! He is such an embarrasment to our great nation !

  17. This is what you get without term limits. Biden became a senator at age 30. Now 40 years later he is VP. He has lived in that DC bubble for 40 years without much criticism.

    I think Joe Biden is the way Joe Biden has always been.

    Think about this, he became a senator when Nixon was President before any one know who Jimmy Carter was.

    As the Constitution was originally written, Senators were to be each individual state’s ambassador to the Federal Government. they were appointed by each state’s legislature. The Senate was where states were represented. The House was where the people were represented. Maybe we should go back to the original intent of the Constitution.

    In 1913 this all was changed by amendment, senators became elected not appointed and the power to tax income was granted to the Federal Government thus making Senators panderers.

    The presidency was term limited after [email protected] and now is way past time that senators be so the whole nation is not affected by the actions of one state again, and again, and again.

    1. I think we need to repeal all of the amendments to the constitution from the 20th century. They have all proven to be mistakes.

  18. Biden,”The president has a big stick” Got lost in translation.He meant to say Shtick.

    1. All the Mad Dog 20/20 he drinks has rotted his brain.
      Now “O” on the other hand may eaten “Mad Dog”?

  19. Joe Biden and Chris Matthews are the first 2 white men in the nation to publicly make that promise.

  20. McCain might also look at retiring…after he got Obama and Romney mixed up in an introduction…but of course that is understandable since Obama’s and Romney’s records, policies and tactics are identical.

  21. Biden is a demented sycophant. Seriously… he is a complete nut. Pelosi too. Airheads.

  22. Jester Joe. Every King had a court jester. Biden always was a kind of inoffensive joke. As a Senator his appearances on Senate inquiries were looked forward to, not because of his intellectual contributions but rather his seemingly never ending questions. It was quite a feat to listen to one of his marathon sentences and come away not shaking your head in amazement. Listening to him is like walking in a minefield, you never know what will come out of his mouth at any moment.

    Let’s admit it. As wacko as some of his statements are, he does make you laugh at his thoughts and marvel at the position he has reached.

  23. It’s like Biden is saying that he know this fact from personal experience, if you know what I mean. But really, Biden has always been an oddball. He’s a joke even with Democrats.

    1. The problem with these “oddball” characters is that they’re running and ruining our country. Pelosi sounds as though she’s no longer in touch with reality (if she ever was). It’s really scary.

    1. Yes, being a Democrat/Liberal establishes the mental baseline of irrationality. The frustrating question is why humans, with all their capacity for intelligent thinking and logic, could be infected by this affliction.

      1. Everybody in this country is drugged out. Besides all of the current illegal drug users you have people who blew out massive brain cells in their youth with alcohol, cocaine and pot. You also have millions of people on blockers, mood-levelers, ADHD drugs, anti-depressants and as if that isn’t enough the water is full of pharmaceuticals that don’t break down and huge amounts of female hormone. Even our president is an admitted “recreational” cocaine user during a large part of his youth. And we elected him president anyway as if that didn’t even matter. Does this seem like a people who are thinking clearly to you?

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