Mark Levin slams Boehner and his henchmen for purging top conservative from Republican Study Committee

Mark Levin says that Boehner and his lackeys have purged a top conservative, Paul Teller, from the Republican Study Committee by accusing him of being a leaker. And they did it because the RSC has been a conservative thorn in their side since Boehner has been speaker.

He explains below:

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15 thoughts on “Mark Levin slams Boehner and his henchmen for purging top conservative from Republican Study Committee

  1. I have to ask again, given the 98% reelection rate of incumbents,
    what will you do if the establishment GOP and the RNC overwhelms the
    challenger in the primary?

    If we continue to vote in
    the GOP because there is no alternative in the general, we will continue
    getting the Boehners and McCains of the party.

    I have 3
    congressmen in my state I will not vote for, period. Send me better
    candidates or I will sit out. Voting for a GOP that votes a miniscule
    to the right of a democrat is the very definition of useless. See the
    horrendous Ryan budget. It may as well be a liberal budget.

    this point, we must win the civil war in the GOP before we can win the
    war on liberals. Because that is the real fight. The party is just
    where they work. The real fight is conservative vs. Establishment and

  2. In my dreams of late, I see boner being hustled away from the Judgment Seat of God to his fate. boner and a couple of really tough-looking angels are standing on the edge of the Lake That Burns With Fire (Revelation 20:15) and boner is weeping, begging, and desperately clutching a bottle of Jack Daniels. One angel snatches the bottle away and derisively yells, “No alcohol allowed in hell, boehner – it’s flammable!” And he breaks into uproarious laughter as the other angel kicks boner over the edge.

  3. Boehner is about as conservative as Reid and Pelosi. He is one of those leftover, go along to get along, establishment, old boys club, career rinos who needs to be sent out to pasture in 2014.

    1. Look closely and you’ll see that Boehner bears a strong resemblance to Bob Dole, another RINO from an earlier era. Perhaps Boehner is Dole’s illegitimate son and inherited the sell out gene from daddy.

  4. Is Mark surprised that Boehner is RINO/ GOP Pub. He will do what he wants with no opposition party to vote him out????? Sooner or later Mark you and others are going to realize their is only one party in DC and they have no opposition. The same folks will still be saying in 3088 that the Conservatives have to take over the GOP

    1. I understand your point, especially with Boehner and his fellow RINOs. Yet, I disagree that there’s no difference between the parties. It might be small presently, but the conservative war to recapture the Senate and the WH has just begun. And the GOP still has some true conservatives, like those Senators listed below.

      The 19 heroes voted to defund ObamaCare are:

      Crapo, Cruz, Enzi, Fischer, Grassley, Heller, Inhofe, Lee, Moran, Paul, Portman, Risch, Roberts, Rubio, Scott, Sessions, Shelby, Toomey and Vitter.

      While this list is of Senators is small, you can’t find a single conservative in the Democratic Party and that’s a major difference. Plus, there will be many conservative members in the House who will vote against this hideous deal.

      Again, I know were you’re coming from cause I’m just as livid as you, but there’s is always hope.

      1. Not going to take the time to argue each one. Toomey is from my state: Let see: Wants to take your guns away, remember Toomey/Manchin gun bill a few months ago. Voted to fund the Muslim Brotherhood with cash and F16 fighter jets. Voted for the funding for Boehnercare. Supported every CR that could have quit funding Boehnercare. Only reason he stood against Reid as he did not need his vote and gave him a pass Also. good friends with Barry and invited to the WH and told how to cave.. Want me to go on ????

        1. I’m aware of Toomey’s record and i know he’s not my kind of conservative, but I live in NYS and there’s not 1 Senator from the Northeast that is a truly conservative. I used a link from ‘FreedomWorks’ and his name was included.

          Lets agree to disagree; I like Levin don’t believe the two parties are as similar as you. But on the most important issues facing America, I know we agree on almost all of them. Have a good day…….

          1. Thanks, NYS is worse than PA for not having conservatives. We have a couple ( RINOS) in the House, None in the Senate. It could get really bad if U lived in the city. The new Mayor is a real piece of work. Shortly he will be taking guns from the Cops. Good luck !!

            1. Thank you; I was born and raised in NYC, but I live 60 miles north now. But, it isn’t that much better anymore. We plan to move to a free Southern state as soon as our daughters (23 & 28) can make it on their own. An apartment in my area is running $2,000/month plus utilities.

              BTW, Bill de Blasio is an outright communist. The city will soon ho back to the days of David Dickens – a high crime accompanied with another mass exodus.

  5. *shakes head in disgust*
    The next purging should be Boehner and his own brand of henchmen. With friends like those republicans, who needs democrats to ruin our lives.

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