Mark Levin slams Obama over his refusal to say Jerusalem is the capital of Israel

Mark Levin rips into the Obama administration once again over their contempt for all things Israel and their refusal to say that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. He even says unequivocally, as he has before, that Obama hates Israel as his actions demonstrate. During the segment Levin plays an ad put out by the Emergency Committee for Israel which reveals Obama’s hypocrisy on this issue and I’ve posted it below the audio because I know you’ll want to play that again.

Here’s the clip by Mark Levin:

Here’s the new ad:

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40 thoughts on “Mark Levin slams Obama over his refusal to say Jerusalem is the capital of Israel

  1. Mark god bless you. I am an American Israeli and I am also disgusted with all the jews. Its not just here in America, it is also in Israel. It dumbfounds me and I can say these words as being a jew myself, we are our own worst enemies.

  2. However, Obama’s refusal to recognize Israel as the capital follows from these Presidents:

    Harry S Truman*
    Dwight D. Eisenhower*
    John F. Kennedy*
    Lyndon B. Johnson**
    Richard M. Nixon
    Gerald R. Ford
    James E. Carter
    Ronald W. Reagan
    George H.W. Bush
    William J. Clinton
    George W. Bush

    * Jerusalem not yet part of Israel
    ** Jerusalem became part of Israel late in his second term

    Since 1947, and especially since the embassy was built in 1966, official American policy is that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. However, I’m not sure that schools teach this distinction. Yes you have the Jerusalem Embassy Act, but the constitutionality of that law is in dispute.

    1. You are absolutely right, and I knew this already. Hmmm, no wonder it seemed new to me. Thanks.

  3. The US embassy to Israel is located in Tel Aviv. It has been there since 1948. That’s Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama. Each administration has refused to move it to Jerusalem because they bow to pressure from Arab Oil. This is primarily the State Departments doing. They had a fit that Truman recognized Israel 11 minutes after Israel declared themselves a Nation.

    Obama is a total wreck in every aspect of the presidency, but I won’t hold him solely responsible for the Tel Aviv / Jerusalem nightmare. He’s only adding to a long line of antisemitism from the State Department and other one world government supporters around the world.

  4. Running in 2008 Obama promised American Jews that he would move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Clearly, he never had any intention of doing so, and that should be an eye-opener for them. Unfortunately, liberalism is a religion and it takes precedence over Judaism or Christianity for its believers. That is the only explanation for American Jews that support a president who will clearly throw Israel under the bus if he must decide between Muslim and Israeli interests. Remember his comment about pre-1967 borders recently? That is what the Arabs are fighting for because they know that with new weapons technology Israel would be unable to defend herself.

    Now, it is an election year again and he is suddenly doing a dance to convince American Jews that he supports Israel to get their votes. You have to watch what Obama is doing because his actions do not support his rhetoric!

    Fortunately, Bibi Netanyahu is a very smart man, and he is intelligent enough to see through Barack Hussein Obama. You can be sure he doesn’t trust Obama any more than Obama respects him… which is not at all. Netanyahu also knows that Obama does not represent the majority of Americans, even in Congress. I am a member of Christians United for Israel who are fighting to support Israel and her right to exist as a nation and live in peace – and anything America can do to support our most loyal friend in the world – the only reliably democratic nation in the Middle East – ISRAEL!

    God will bless those who bless Israel… and curse those who curse Israel.

  5. Obama unless teleprompted, probably doesn’t know he is the US president. Stupidity sublime.

  6. George Bush said you are either with us or with the terrorists.

    Money to Hamas in defiance of the law.

    Money to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

    The deliberate obfuscation of who and what the Muslim Brotherhhod is all about

    Leaking Stuxnet.

    Leaking potential plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    Access of known terrorist groups to the Whitehouse in defiance of the law.

    Lack of vetting of key advisers who have Muslim brotherhood ties.

    Assurances to the terrorists of both the PA and Hamas, in a Medvedev type maneuver, that they will coerce Israel into submission.

    Killing Bin Laden but announcing the killing too soon to exploit any intelligence.

    The regime in DC has emphatically answered that question…They are with the terrorists.

  7. When Obama was first running for office, you could tell by his voice he didn’t like Israel. So what is new?

  8. If Russia Told Obama that mother Russia WILL build a naval base in Cuba, Obama would fly down there with a gold plated shovel and help in the digging ceremony.

  9. FYI, this is why Mitt Romney had concerns about security in the UK. The Left is making a big deal about it YET give Obama a pass on his insults and gaffes all the time. The media
    killed the story and the video. The UK gov called in 3 K troops last minute. THEY WERE NOT READY. A Muslim teen attacked the Olympic torch carrying athlete and shouted Allah Akbar and the crowd civilians had to stop him.

  10. I really dislike how this administration would rather placate the Arabs, who hate us, rather than support our only real friend in the middle east.

  11. Any Jewish American person that votes for obama is insane. obama obviously hates our greatest ally in the Middle East.

  12. Why oh why does the Jewish community continue to support Obama? Do they also secretly wish Israel would go away?

    1. And according to a recent gallop poll 68% of American Jews STILL support Obama. It’s a mystery really. I’m convined Obama could nuke Israel and they would still vote for him.

  13. In 2008 I said Obama will make friends of our enemies and enemies of our friends but I did not know until after the election HOW MUCH he hated Israel. IMO this is the mistake which will lose him the presidency because the God of Heaven made His position clear in Genesis 12: 3 “And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee”. This says it all.

    1. mom, I usually agree with you, but never forget, this is Satan’s realm. Anything can happen and usually does for the worse. But I too believe in miracles and over time the good will out.

      1. Satan was defeated by the Lord Jesus Christ and no longer has any power and authority, but as Christians we do; that which has been delegated to us by our Savior. If God be for us who can be against us?

        Now is not the time to let evil and those who perpetrate it win but to crush them with the power and might of Heaven. If we stand with and for God we can and will win because the Lord is faithful to those who call upon Him. As the Lord said to Moses in Numbers 11:23 “Is the Lord’s hand waxed short?” I will never give up on God or on our nation.

  14. The reason Obama doesn’t visit Israel is He’s afraid what will happen if He gets to close to the land Jesus walked on.

    1. Israel will do better than survive she will thrive but America will be cursed in obama continues to stab Israel in the back.

  15. This really ANGERS me! It doesn’t matter what Obama or any of his WEASELS think.. God says what the capital of Israel is! It’s a good thing for Obama, and America that God is patient!

  16. I repeat my same comment when Junior revealed his blind ignorance to dear leader in the earlier thread. Thank you Mark Levin!!

    So, I do hope mittens adressess this when he heads to Israel. This issue needs to be put to rest by someone from America, that Jerusalem IS and always will be the capital of Israel.

    1. Morsi said Day 1 that Jerusalem will be Egypt’s capital. That is why O’Bambi is now silent. He is a Muslim and sent $1 billion of our tax dollar to Egypt for them to claim Jerusalem.

  17. I know Obama’s true feelings about our allies like Great Britain and Israel. They are not his allies. What I don’t understand and have never understood is why the Jewish population here in America voted overwhelmingly for Obama. Is there something I’m missing. Non-Jewish Americans fall for his BS for one reason or another, but the lines are clearly drawn when it comes to Israel’s survival. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

    1. In 2008 I was truly dumbfounded that a committed anti-Israel islamist was polling so high among America Jews. I did not even know where to start to get my head around it.

      I see it much like trying to understand why affluent, well educated, middle class, young graduates and professionals who lives, future and opportunity are a direct product of limited government and free capitalism, would adopt the anti-American, anti-capitalist mantra of the marxists and progressives.

      American Jews have traditionally voted democratic and emphasized the liberal social dimension of the party. The Democratic party has long portrayed itself as the refuge for the oppressed and persecuted. Just as they have managed to falsely portray the Republican party as fascist. It seems that generation after generation, as the embrace by American Jews of liberalism grows, they are more disconnected from Zionism and the defense of Israel. This is not unique to America. Liberalism is strong in Israel as well.

      I have greatly oversimplified a complex topic that I do not understand well at all.

      1. You explain it well enough. It just amazes me when people are hit by a two-by-four, that they go back for seconds. They may not stand behind Israel anymore, but what Obama will do to them here should be more than obvious.

        But like you say, how do you explain why an American Jew would vote for a commited anti-Israel islamist. One head gets chopped off just as easily as another.

        1. To be fair. Our Bumbler didn’t show his love of Israel until after winning office. But it is quite sad that the Jews and the Blacks as well have been so duped. I do think though that some are waking up. I don’t know have any stats though.

    2. American Jews are pre-programmed to vote Democrat all the time every time, no matter who heads the ticket. It is a blind action, without much thought going into it. The main reason, I believe, is their conviction that the Democrats are morally good because they claim to want to help the needy, and they want to be morally good. It is part guilt for their group’s overwhelming success in financial endeavors. It is a very naive and superficial position that has almost brought them complete annihilation in the past, and yet they continue to repeat it as we speak. They have not as of yet realized that the Democratic philosophy is the same philosophy that has brought the worst tyrants in history to power by claiming goodness as their cause, but the exact opposite is the fact.

  18. Wow, what a weak bunch of whatevers…….. No one could blame Israel if they didn’t trust us as allies any time soon, or at least until we get that socialist/muslim individual out of the White House. Man, I get so angry at those videos that I want to smash my monitor, but that wouldn’t change a thing….so I just check some other sites to cool off.

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