Mark Levin: Speaker Boehner is sabotaging the conservative agenda

Mark Levin calls out Speaker Boehner for suggesting that he won’t rule out a Balanced Budget Amendment that does not cap spending as a percentage of GDP and won’t require a two thirds majority to raise taxes. In other words, this kind of Balanced Budget Amendment would lead to higher taxes to balance the budget. Levin says that’s exactly what we don’t want.

Levin also asserts that people on Capitol Hill have told him that Speaker Boehner made it his task to take the Tea Party Conservatives under his wing and poison them with the typical RINO establishment mentality. He goes on to suggest that we need new leadership because this leadership is sabotaging the conservative agenda:

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51 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Speaker Boehner is sabotaging the conservative agenda

  1. The MSM are working as hard to ignore Newt Gingrich as they did in 2008 to ignore Ron Paul. Please, people! Let’s (for a change) NOT let the MSM pick our candidate. The press is pushing Cain and Romney and Perry in our faces. Paul and Gingrich scare the fertilizer out of them. Paul’s blindness about Muslim extremism makes him a non-starter for me as President, but I’d sure want him for Sec’y of the Treasury under Gingrich.

    1. Absolutely. Fire all the poseurs who surfed the Tea Party wave into office, then showed that they were “same as the old boss.” Even if the only available replacement is a same-as-the-old-boss like Romney, kick the old “old boss” out and put a new “old boss” in until they get the message.

      The worst thing we can do is refuse to vote — even for a Romney — out of some misguided “principle,” or to “send a message” that no politician cares about. The only message they’ll read is the one printed on the sole of your boot as you vote them out.

  2. When J B got the speakership and was all weepy and sh!t…

    I thought, “Man, you don’t get it… This job means TOO MUCH to you.”

  3. I wish Bachmann would quit the campaign and go back to Congress, run for re-election, and try for Speaker. She may not have a chance but she might be able to get a more conservative Speaker to replace Boehner. Sort of be a decoy.

    Who, though?

  4. I can’t stand this traitorous Bastard,he’s one of the RINOiest RINO’S WE ARE STUCK WITH,HE’S SUCH A HYPOCRITE HE SHOULD BE A DEMOCRAT !!!!

  5. If these so called Tea Party Conservatives have failed what they said they’d do, they need to be removed also. They obviously misrepresented themselves.

  6. Is someone going to challenge Boehner. He’s now becoming as much responsible for the damage as Obama. I’ve thought for a long time, they have something on Boehner, they’re using against him, like affairs maybe?

    Speaker Boehner, you need to step down. You are aiding and abetting Hussein Obama. You will be known as the second worse Speaker of the House.

    1. “They” have got something on all these people. One does not survive the cesspool of DC without becoming part of it.

    1. Do you have a link? Is it a true conservative? I will send money.

      I cannot think of a better symbolic and strategic battle for the Tea Party movement to take on than replacing Boehner with a Constitutional Conservative.

      1. I don’t think they would have the votes to come close.. You have to remember that the business as usual crowd still make up the majority by a long shot.. They only suck up to the real conservatives when they have to… Thats what politicians do.

        1. You are right. But sometimes when you lose, you win. In this case, Boehner wold actually have to campaign and spend money. It would be nice if it scared him too.

  7. We’ll see boehner crying in his beer, when he is voted out. Throw out the hideous giant gavel with him.

    1. Hey sister. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to lose a good thing. I hope they all get voted out!!!

    2. Easy, The GOP wants business as usual… They only put up with the Tea Party when they had to, They pacified them as necessary, as the TP becomes a distant memory it is back to business as usual..

      The ONLY thing the GOP will understand, and actually they will not understand it , is when they lose again in 2012.

  8. Mr. Speaker Boehner – BINGO…

    Income inequality is a good thing.

    Common sense by Richard Epstein in 9 minutes –

    “Does US Economic Inequality Have A Good Side?”
    >> PBS 10-26-2011 –

    At 6min. 45sec.

    Q – “Are you in favor of an inheritance tax?”

    A – “I’m in favor of it’s abolition. I’ve said that for years. I think the estate tax is the most mad tax imaginable.”


    At 7min. 13sec.

    Socializing wealth compromises future wealth.


    At 7min. 24se.

    The following are my word, not Epstein’s…

    Transfer payments to poorer people by Big Gov disincentiveizes them and is a societal bad but transfer of wealth to ones own children is a societal good.


    At 8min. 40sec.

    Lincoln said, ‘You do not make the poor richer by making the rich poorer.’



  9. This is why the Balanced Budget Amendment is a dangerous thing. I do not trust this seditious Congress to touch the Constitution.

    It is their damn job to balance the budget. Let’s make them do it!

    Instead of a new Amendment, lets repeal the 17th so the States can recall these sellout Senators.

    Damn the Political Class. Damn them all!

    1. If we’re going to repeal Amendments, I suggest the 26th. How is it helpful to let barely literate, historically ignorant children vote Rock-Star Charisma into office? Even the 21-year-olds are subsapient. Raise the voting age to 35, say I.

  10. This is why I will not vote for Romney. If Obummer wins and we also keep the house we will be far better off then progressive lite. Of course, we would then absolutely need Allen West as speaker.

    1. I will not vote for Romney. I figure if a majority of America still has not figured out that we are ruled by a one party system, maybe four more years of pain under Obama will finally wake them up.

      I have had it with these lying seditious creeps. The lot of them.

      1. 70 years…

        Salvatore Anello and sDee, I must disagree, and here’s why.

        I remember when Gorbachev’s perestroika (freedom) and glasnost (openness) cost him his reign over the USSR in 1989.

        I remember especially one very old man who said to an interviewer on television that Russia had just ended “70 years on the road to nowhere.”

        70 years from Lenin to Gorbachev (1917-1989).

        In the primary election I will not vote for Romney.

        But, if he is the Republican nominee, I will vote for him in the general election.


        Because “Lenin wanna-be” Obama, with 4 more years and Cass “Nudge” Sunstein and the other marxist czars inside the Obama administration and Sunstein’s wife, Samantha “Responsibility to Protect Doctrine” Powers, and George Soros and Van Jones and Andy Stern and Richard Trumka and other marxists outside the Obama administration, could solidify a 70 year “dark age” for America.

        Also, “… four more years of pain under Obama” to punish the Republican Party to “wake them up” is self defeating, destructive and less than thoughtful.


          1. Accurate…

            Of course, the “committed” part is only as accurate as his previous history, easily discovered by, as the saying goes, “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

            Has Romney hired overt marxists?

            However, his Romney care plan for Massachusetts does show an affinity of thought with the ism that promotes the “womb to tomb” BIG Gov, BIG Nanny state.


        1. Art, the optimist in me falls back to your argument often. The realist in me sees the boiling frog analogy.

          We, a free independent American People, are being boiled to death by this big central government party. Obama turned the burner to high and the tea party jumped out of the pot. Romney will just take it back to a simmer.

          People only seem to jump out of the pot when they feel the danger. Otherwise we are oblivious to the central government take over of the Constitution and Republic.

          1. Back to a simmer…


            If, “IF” Romney gets the Republican wreath in the primary, Romney’s “simmer” administration would be a temporary respite in an ideological struggle, marxist AND islamist, until a REAL ideological General surfaces with authentic “common sense conservative” social and economic credentials who is “up for the struggle” against the “struggles” of the neo-marxists and the incessant supremacist “jihad / struggle” of the neo-muhammadan islamists.

            As someone said somewhere, “there is NO MODERATE shariah law.”


            Where is the leader?

            Where is the Gentleman or the Lady with the servant’s heart who will say “there is NO MODERATE response” to the shariah law of the islamists and “there is NO MODERATE response” to the idiocy of the “progressives” in BOTH the Republican establishment and the Democratic establishment?

            Just askin’, but I think it’s a good question?


          2. Granting the boil-a-frog analogy, keeping the burner on full blast is NOT preferable to turning it down. Once the water gets too hot, the frog is too weak to jump. The closer to “Off” we can get it, the better off we are.

            But the frog analogy breaks down, as analogies always do. We have seen where ALL the Big Government proponents want to take us, be they Elephant or Donkey. Pick the one who will drive us toward the Pit the slowest, in hopes of getting a second term. The slower we go, the more time we’ll have to elect someone with good sense. A second term Obama will be a nothing-to-lose suicide pilot, driving the country pedal-to-the-metal into the abyss.

  11. The ONLY reason Boehner is speaker at all is because of the people who voted in the last election- for real change and tea party values. I really can’t stand this kind of crap. I hope and pray that there will be some more good tea party types who run against these jerks, and enough people who have had enough to vote them out, or we haven’t got a chance.

    1. I hope so too. We no longer have any representation in our Federal Government. They operate only on party objectives, dedicated only to Big Government. They are subverting the Republic and our freedom. These are serious acts.

      1. sDee you hit the nail on the head. obama shows his hate of We the People by bypassing our representatives every chance he gets, and worse yet our representatives go along with him to prove bipartisanship and bypass US.

  12. Politics is the art of the possible. The composition of the Balanced Budget Amendment has not even begun to be discussed because the Democrats control the Senate – still waiting on a budget Senator Reid, what three years now since you passed one – and, of course, the White House.
    They’ll be no Balanced Budget Amendment until the Democrats are completely out at the national level. Never been a more important election than the next one.

  13. yay mark you woke up finally now will u support RON PAUL or his he still a neo nazi. Its about time you realized rep and dem are the same and if theyre not they just get corrupted or kick backs till they go along with the flow we all know this its time to elect someone who hasn’t been corrupted his 30 yrs in government and we have proof from what he voted on. I know you disagree with his foreign policy as many of you do which i would love to debate with u why i think hes right . and Im a jew just like you and lived in israel for the past 3 yrs and his policy would be best for israel especially it just to long to write because i hate writing but maybe ill call your show one day when im not in school and we will speak.

  14. This is what I mean about the current crop of establishment Republicans. They are not serious about cutting tax or spending. We will need to elect a few hundred more hundred people to the House and Senate like Rubio, Allen West and Paul Ryan before we see serious commitment to fixing our country’s debt crisis.

    1. It will be a long battle back. Those are the kinds of leaders who can do it.

      Let’s try not to chose our generals from the opposing force.

    2. To be honest, I think I’ve seen Boehner’s influence on both Rubio and Allen.
      I hope I am wrong, but Mark Levin said 2/3 of the Tea Partier congressmen have been effected by Boehner…

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