Mark Levin: The Senate GOP establishment is trying to disenfranchise conservatives

Levin talks about what he says few have the guts to talk about, and that is how the Senate GOP establishment, McConnell, is trying to minimize conservative Sen. Ron Johnson who has made it clear he isn’t in the Senate to buddy up with the leadership, but rather to represent his constituents and fight for conservatism. And on the other hand, the establishment types like McCain are teaming up with one of the go-along-to-get-along increasingly liberal senators, Dick Lugar, to help him defeat a great conservative he’s running against.

So while they claim to be conservative, what they really want more than anything are people who will do their bidding and Levin isn’t going to keep quiet about it. He explains it in full below:

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102 thoughts on “Mark Levin: The Senate GOP establishment is trying to disenfranchise conservatives

  1. The Romney GOP Establishment backers have said it:

    Romney’s nomination means the Tea Party is dead!

    Romney to nominate an anti-Palin VP nominee to nail the coffin shut tight!

    Our answer must be:


    In any case, he cannot win without her, period.

  2. Good one RS. Mark is beginning to get himself back on the rails. This is something of interest that is not much known.

  3. Maybe the Right Scoop can post clips that aren’t on YouTube featuring the conservative candidates that Levin is identifying:
    Ted Cruz in Texas (v Dewhurst),

    Murdock in Indiana v (RINO Lugar)

    Stenburg in Nebraska (v Bruning)


  4. Mitten’s RINOs hate conservatives that talk the talk and walk the walk. Watch for Mitten’s etch a sketch to come out as the campaign unfolds. It already has to a smaller degree with Mittens playing the class warfare on the rich. I guess this is what being a ‘severe’ conservitive is?

    After Bob Dole and John McCain, I’m sick of holding my nose and voting for the RINO annointed by the GOP Establishment. This year I’m writing in my pick for POTUS and it ain’t Romney or Obama.

    Vote conservative down ballot to stop RINOs and Obama dead in their tracks, our liberty is at stake and you cannot trust either group.

    1. couldn’t agree with you more. I, too, will not hold my nose and vote for rino romney. will write in my choice be it newt or sarah. time to vote out mitch, john, john and all the moderates who are shoving these rinos down our throats.

  5. Come to think of it, conservatives have been disenfranchised for a long time. It’s only lately that we’ve realized it.

  6. I’m really, really thankful Levin is on this – he’s lending a very loud voice to a serious issue. I’m a constituent of Sen. Johnson, and he’s doing exactly what we sent him there to do. He said he was going to go with ideas and do his best to get us back on a fiscally sound path – and like Gov. Walker, he’s keeping his promise.

    Ron not only has to fight here at home against the union mindset and his support for Walker, he also has to fight the very people who supposedly stand for fiscal responsibility. Anyone who can’t see that there is an ‘establishment’ mentality in the GOP is either lying to themselves or complicit.

  7. Our war is on three fronts: The Left, The Media, and The Republican Establishment.

    Or, put another way: The Wolves, The Hyenas, and the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

    The Left and the Establishment are two sides to the same coin… it’s time to get a new coin.

  8. This is one of the most important subject Mark has covered. The revelation that the RINO Republican in not RINO all. He’s a Facist, a statist, second cousin to a communist. The RINO, including sacrosanct Christie, is a commie with a suit and a Gold Card and a club membership. The communists own the factories. The Facists own the factory owners. Both love government. Both are modern versions of monarchy and totalitarianism. One is a Caesar, the other is a Caesar Chavez.

    This Romney character, a business man who thinks he can be a President, will also require severe scrutiny. If he doesn’t get Newt into a position where he can oversee Federal service, he is a fool. If he doesn’t enlist Newt somewhere in his regime, he is an idiot.

  9. Character and courage are scarce in DC.

    Thanks to RS for posting and to Levin for bringing attention to the Indiana Senate race. I have received two negative mailers from Lugar about Murdoch in 3 days. I didn’t even read them-tore them up and threw them in the recycling bin. Letters to editor favor Murdoch by wide margin.

  10. How are TEA Party Conservatives supposed to interpret the fact that the RNC is hell-bound and determined to force on them a nominee who is identical to Obama in radical liberal policy, tactics and ability to lie, flip/flop and steal from the public purse for his own and his friends’ profit?

    HOW is that any way to restore the US to security, sanity and solvency???

  11. NOT only the Senate and/or the House GOP, evidently.

    The RNC party bosses (unelected) are liberals, committed to making Romney the nominee and to silencing the conservatives.

    It’s long been known that the primary process is rigged against conservatives being nominated. (

    Under these circumstances, it was a miracle that Reagan got the nomination.

    The RNC fired Michael Steele, who had evidently made the primary rules more equitable for conservatives.

    Peter Ergan offers an explanation:
    “For most everyone paying attention, it has become overtly clear that the RNC and the unelected party bosses who have controlled the candidate selection process for all of this author’s lifetime and probably closer to a century or more have been trying their best to rig the game in order to favor Romney.”
    “At this point, we the people had better start to put an enormous amount of pressure on the RNC as well as on state party officials and state delegates. Our only hope to defeat Obama with a candidate that’s actually to the right of him politically is to thwart the RNC’s corrupt attempt at rigging the election for the Massachusetts liberal whose policies as governor were strikingly similar to Obama’s Marxist agenda as President.
    “Additionally, the party elites saw to it that Virginia’s rules were drawn up in such a way that the two conservatives in the race were excluded from the ballot altogether, handing the state to Romney by default while denying the voters of Virginia their say in who the party’s next Presidential nominee should be. There was a primary in Missouri, which conservative leader Rick Santorum dominated winning 55% of the vote, but there were no delegates awarded. Instead, a second “nonbinding” caucus is to be held over a period of several weeks. Nobody seems to fully understand what a “nonbinding” caucus is, but from everything this author has read, it is apparently a vote in which the delegates awarded are not necessarily done so in a manner consistent with the vote of the people. Thus, Missouri will have held two elections in which neither determined how the state’s delegates will be allocated.”

    “Florida’s 50 delegates were supposed to be distributed proportionately due to the fact that the state moved up its primary to January 31. However, Romney outspent his opponents 20-1 after a backroom meeting with RNC officials in which he was instructed that if he won the state, they’d award all delegates to him. He spent an obscene amount of money, and the RNC broke the rules and gave all 50 delegates to Romney. Had any other candidate won Florida, the delegates would have been proportionately assigned.”
    “Had Michael Steele not pulled the wool over the eyes of the people who’ve helped lead the nation down the path of destruction, what fleeting hope of electing a leader capable of restoring our country to sanity, much less greatness, would be nonexistent. While we’ve still a long uphill battle to fight in ensuring that the party recognizes that 2/3 of Republicans are voting AGAINST Romney, rendering him unfit to serve as the nominee, it’s more than we’d have had the man on whose watch the 2010 63-seat blowout of Congressional Democrats occurred not taken measures to protect we the voters from the likes of those whose agenda is to see to it that the two candidates squaring off in November would be completely and totally indecipherable were it not for the color of their skin.”

    Now, the RNC is planning to strip Rick Santorum of his hard-earned delegates (and any voice in the Convention?) so it’s left up to Newt Gingrich to hold out somehow until then to make sure sanity and honesty prevail.

    Conservatives sure can’t count on any sort of media sanity or honesty – it is mostly owned, operated and/or orchestrated by either Soros or Romney.

    Malkin, Coulter, Drudge, NRO, Beck, Townhall, et al have excoriated Newt Gingrich with the help of thousands of Romney’s nasty smear minions typing comments on every blog, casting aspersions and epithets on Newt. (

    At least, Rush, Levin, Greta and Hannity have maintained a posture of neutrality and objectivity.

    Still all the media, conservative and mainstream, have been silent on Romney’s lies, corruption and tactics. The media silence has been as great as it was on Obama in 2008.

    And, some like Rush and Levin have hastened to defend Romney’s scurrilous methods of ‘capitalism’.

    Despite all the media fog and fury:

    * Conservatives can see that Romney’s conduct in business, his public funds grabbing, radical liberalism, usurpations of power, lack of success in his governorship, political tactics, severe non-factualism are all well-documented and indefensible.

    * Conservatives, who have researched and watched Romney, can now see that he is indistinguishable from Obama – In fact, Romney’s governorship, business life, and conduct might as well be called the experimental model for Obama’s entire presidency.

    1. You can believe the GOP establishment will fight against any kind of conservative platform or any nominee that prevents their continued use of office for personal gain and power.

      1. in your dreams. will never support romney. he is just like obama and will lose in november. he doesn’t have the fight to go after obama like he did with others in the gop primaries.

  12. Supposedly, we should be fine to vote for Romney since a “Conservative” congress will keep him in tow. Wonder if Mitten’s supporters here are going to be a bit more nervous….doubt it, but never know.

    1. Well since we don’t have a conservative congress that doesn’t seem like a good excuse for his supporters to tout voting for him.

    2. This pseudo-conservative Congress has not held Obama or stopped his looting and lawlessness. They have not stopped Holder from his attacks on the states or assaults on Voter IDs to facilitate Election fraud.

  13. This is absolutely the LAST time (2012) I’m voting for a GOP nominee – and only because maobama is really that bad. The Republicans are just a hair less terrible than the Democrats.

    3rd party time!

    1. Didn’t one of the best, Abe Lincoln, win and hold our Republic together in a NEW party, we can do it again if we can unite behind conservatism and fiscal responsibility. We have to educate and envigorate to get it done, we have to. Git’r done !

    2. War party time! Kick them all out and set up tribunals for the treason these scum all embraced by going along with it all.

    1. Yea- I wondered about this earlier, wondering if it was an April Fool’s Day joke of Johnson’s — if not, I’m glad I’m not in Johnson’s district, as he’d certainly not be representing me by that endorsement.

      1. I’m a Ron Johnson constiuent and I’m looking at it this way:

        The corruption in Washington DC is like that dandelion in your yard. The pretty yellow flower is the President. The root system is the House & Senate. We can keep cutting that pretty, yellow flower off every four to eight years hoping it will change – but that won’t do it. In order to get rid of the weed, we have to uproot it. We have to yank the sucker out of the ground completely and kill it off.

        That’s what the new conservatives are about. Yanking the roots. Getting rid of the problem. I think people like Jim Demint, Ron Johnson, Nikkie Haley – and others who have endorsed Romney – also understand this. The President alone cannot fix this problem. We have to get rid of the corruption in the House & Senate (as well as a few Governors), or nothing is going to change.

        I could be entirely wrong and they think Romney is the bee’s knee’s and will govern just fine. I just have a hard time believing that people who understand the severity of our condition (and Ron does) are that stupid.

        1. Granted. But, Amy, I guess my more minor point (in comparison to your apt description) is more to the idea of … well, as a constituent of Johnson’s, were you (1) happy & thrilled, or (2) disappointed, at the –in my view– too-early endorsement of Mittens by Johnson?

          1. With the Mitt endorsement? No.

            With everything else? Pretty much, yes.

            I think some are simply settling for Romney because they are fighting a fight on the base level and realize that even if we get our perfect nominee, we are still screwed if we don’t clean up the House & Senate. I think it’s why we didn’t see our best and brightest stepping up to run. They are concentrating on the root system…

  14. What a conspiracy of EVIL the GOP elite party is, crushing every TRUE CONSERVATIVE who comes down the pike! Just as they sabotaged,Bachmann, Cain,Ginrich 2x,Santorum,all in favor of their “golden boy” Liberal Romney! It’s high time to let this wicked Statist,liberal party DIE!!! like the whigs! Just the same way they NEVER challenge Obama’s birth cirtificate,or any of the other of his HIGHLY ILLEGAL activities he does, and he just keeps lowering the bar and pushing farther and farther!Because Obama Knows THE GOP is a bunch of GUTLESS COWARDS!

  15. Its is fuuny that Mark rips establishment when he backs george Allen (establishment) over Tea party member Jamie Radtke for senate in Virginia.

    1. Jamie Radtke has ignored the entire Hampton Roads region….I live in Va Beach and if it weren’t for a few random comments like this, I would never even know she was running….I’m not saying George Allen is perfect but with a strategy like that, how can she honestly expect to take on Tim Kaine and the DNC? I even found myself chatting with someone who said they were on her campaign team a few months back and made them aware that we were all under the impression that Allen was the nominee and said it would be nice to hear what she had to say. They said they were going to look into that but there was never any attempt made to reach out to voters down here!!

  16. QUESTION: If Romney is the Nominee
    On Election Night,
    What colors will the pundits use to indicates the state winner?
    Blue and Red
    Blue and like Blue

  17. The Republican party must stand for just being the red team or leftist-lite. This is where the tea party is critical to them no matter how much they dislike it.

    I have been very deeply disappointed by the current house ‘leadership’, they have yet to miss a chance to fold like a cheap tent in a windstorm. What the Republican leadership doesn’t get is part of the reason they got killed in ’08 was because they were not governing by conservative constitutional principals. Be conservative, don’t play the Democrats game – they own the media, play the pander game better than you and will always beat you at their own game.

    The tea party really can’t go it independently – we can start primarying out the losers and turn the party into one of constitutional conservatism. This will take time…but hopefully not too much time.

    1. We don’t have time. When Romney loses we better get it together, because after that is civil disobedience, and after that is, well, not pretty.

        1. To some degree, but Romney is not much of a change, and neither are the House and Senate leadership.

  18. Could someone help me, please?

    I am struggling with coming to grips with Romney as our nominee, and wondering how I can hold my nose and vote for him.

    In my mind, the financial crisis will destroy the US economy within the next 2-3 years without drastic cutbacks in Fed gov’t spending, department cuts, entitlement reform, as well as significant tax changes to encourage the producers in the economy. I can not envision Romney making those changes.

    I can absolutely envision Romney taking the reins of the GOP and similar to the treatment Levin describes toward the few Tea Party constitutional Senators and Congressional Reps we’ve been able to elect, ostracizing those patriots, and turning the GOP even more leftward in its leadership, candidate funding, election support, and leadership position appointments. If you investigate his record in Massachusetts, true conservatives would be absolutely appalled. There is NO conservative record of achievement there. I will not go into detail on this post, but his record is absolutely sickening to a conservative constitutionalist.

    Plus, if the financial armageddon occurs in the next 2-4 years, the MSM will obviously lay the blame on the (gag) conservatives and their policies under Romney. If Romney is not up to supporting massive cuts/reforms of entitlements, the MSM will still paint the cause of the economic armageddon as the result of cuts which never were actually implemented. Our desire to restore constitutionally limited government will suffer a massive setback of public opinion in the minds of the voters who refuse to pay attention and just want to watch American Idol and let the MSM feed them BS.

    So why would I vote for Romney again?

    Would we not be better served by voting for a 3rd party presidential candidate, splitting our ticket to elect as many more Republican Tea Party constitutional conservatives to the House and Senate as possible, and continue to work to reform the GOP from the ground up into a true conservative constitutional party?

    Let Obama and the progressives OWN the meltdown, teach the GOP-E we can not be herded like sheep to the slaughter into supporting a non-conservative candidate at the top of the ticket, and set the stage for a worthy comeback for which the majority of the people will be ready after the coming disaster.

    I can not bear the thought of another four years of Obama, but there is no desire to support someone like Romney, who I fear will set the conservative cause back a generation.

    Can anyone convince me Romney is worthy of support, and that my points above are unfounded? Please?

    1. It doesn’t sound like it OM, all I can say is another 4 years of 0b0 and an open 2016 election do not go together.

      I am in total agreement with your opinion that without a 180 on all 0b0s policies, and just managing government decay will end in financial armageddon.

      I’m still hoping he doesn’t get to the magic number.

      1. I have those same hopes. That an open convention will deliver the nation from Mitt, and a true constitutional limited government no holds barred candidate will emerge.

        However, reality bites.

        1. All I can say is, Romney will have to win PA without me as I won’t cast my vote for him. Conservative Ron Smith for Senate but not Romney for President. Squishy and spineless describes Romney to a Tee.

    2. Romney isn’t even close to deserving our support. He sucks, plain and simple.

      But we HAVE to unite in order to beat maobama. Period.

      There is no tomorrow if maobama is re-elected… it’s really that simple. But after this year, we will see the rise of a 3rd party that will be fully organized and viable, so we can dump these chumps and vote with a clear conscience for a truly conservative candidate – a Tea Party candidate (maybe Allen West?).

      Hold your nose. Vote for Romney the loser. Beat maobama. Then get ready for war.

      1. With any luck we’ll have that much desired war and finally settle the squabble about whether we deserve Liberty of slavery and I know which side I’m taking on that issue.

    3. I agree with Sober. Fight for your candidate till the convention is over (I, for one, am for Newt). If Romney wins the nomination, you do not have to support him. Put all your efforts into showing Obama as a ‘Must Go’ candidate (that shouldn’t be too hard for any of us). Back all the conservative candidates for Congress that you can and if Romney and Obama are the only two realistic choices in November, choose Romney.

      November 7th is the day we start the Constutional Conservative Party. The RINO Republicans are through, in my opinion, and we should not let them carry on any further. This election cycle has shown who they are, so it will be easy to sort them out in the end. The elections of 2014 and 2016 will be glorious because there are far more of us here than anyone could ever imagine.

      As to why you should choose Romney over Obama in November, just keep the Supreme Court appointments in mind and realize that with 5 or 6 liberal activist justices, it doesn’t matter who sits in the Oval Office. They will set the stage for 30 years to come.

    4. I live in Va and Romney must’ve figured that he’d already had the Va GOP fix the ballot to keep Newt and Perry off of it (Newt was polling the highest here) so he decided that there was no need to campaign in the state at all!! We’re pretty used to politics and campaign ads on every commercial break because we are 1 of 2 states that hold off-year state elections and we also have a one-term limit for Governor making every year an election year for either state or federal politicians. He didn’t even bother to run a single ad and all he had to do was run one positive one for himself to make the case as to why we should support him. The turnout was pathetic and, according to local headlines “abysmal”. The only ads I’ve seen are from Obama, a couple different groups running anti-Obama ads, and, surprisingly, pro-Newt ads that were run nationally. No other candidate has even cared to give us a reason why we should support them. I have a lot of friends that aren’t as much into politics as I am and they’ll ask me who I support (Newt) and I’ll tell them a brief reason why I feel that way. The responses are getting to be predictable, “Really?!? I was leaning towards him also and my mom/dad/sister/brother supports him!” They basically are ready to send Obama packing but Newt is the only one they seem to like (and these are people I work with or have met from bartending at the beach) and most of them just came to the conclusion that they don’t like Romney and they don’t trust him. The important issues that are key to our economic problems will never be addressed by Romney because he won’t take on the Fed since it means turning on the people that funded his carpet bombing of the GOP. There are only 2 candidates that have spoken about the Fed and the monetary system, Ron Paul (obviously) and Newt Gingrich. Ron Paul lost us the second he opened his mouth about SEAL Team 6 and said that they shouldn’t have shot bin laden (the guy was reaching for a gun….were they supposed to let him shoot first??) because we have so many around here in the military and SEAL Team 6 is stationed less than 2 miles from my house!! We all know that Obama has been using them as his own political toy and I even had a friend who is a former SEAL that went to the local media and called on the administration to keep their mouths shut about special ops!! Romney as the nominee will end up making people sit home on election day and that goes for the pro-life groups too that are so eager to get rid of Obama!!

    5. Like having to choose whether to die by the sword or the axe, itself an impingement on liberty, because it’s no choice at all. Obama and Romney are both statists. If Romney is nominated, I’ll write in a worthier candidate for the general. Maybe not the solution for you, but for me it’s as much a vote against republican party betrayal as it is a vote for a better man.

    6. As a Californian, I know my vote won’t be worth the piece of paper I put it on, so for me, it doesn’t matter if I lay my conscience at the sacrificial altar for the GOPe.

      What does concern me though is exactly what you said… Romney will not take the necessary steps to turn this country around and the house of cards will fall on his watch. And EVERYONE will blame the Republicans leaving the door wide open for Hillary 2016 to have 8 years in the Oval Office. After that, the GOP will be the scapegoats for everything that went wrong and I don’t see us recovering from that kind of loss for at least the next 2 election cycles, if ever.

      So pick your poison.

      4 years of Obama now, or 16 years of Democrats later.

      1. The scenario you describe presents one of the best arguments for the formation of a third party. The republican and democrat brands are so damaged, it would be better to start fresh than try to repair either.

        1. I’m still torn… I don’t believe the Republican brand is beyond repair YET (as of today – April 19, 2012), but give Mittens 4 years of do nothing as President and watch the economy finally reach the breaking point while he’s sipping mimosas at brunch laughing with his other rich friends, and THEN it will be beyond repair.

          What I do know is that one of these two idiots will be left holding the bag. So I guess either way, we should start preparing for the third party for 2016 to repair what’s left of the US.

          1. The problem is much broader than just Romney. Congress is riddled with politicians who make a career of using their office to sell influence. This primary has been a blessing, in that it is forcing republican statists to expose themselves, by fighting tooth and nail against candidates who really want to shrink government and cut spending.

  19. Levin’s always spoken the truth. The entire GOP establishment is thrilled with any prospect to disenfranchise Conservatives.

  20. McConnell is a RINO and should go, as well as McCain. McCain is the one that wanted us involved in Libya last year. What did that get us? It’s not confirmed but I expect it will be another dictatorship by Islamists. We did not have to be involved in what was a civil war.

  21. “..conservative Sen. Ron Johnson who has made it clear he isn’t in the Senate to buddy up with the leadership, but rather to represent his constituents and fight for conservatism…”

    I guess Johnson thinks Romney represents his conservative constituents, then, unless his April 1st endorsement for Romney was an April Fool’s Day joke?

      1. Hi, Philly. Good to see you!

        Yea, I’m not ready yet to grace Mittens yet with my support.

        1. Don’t support the bum. But vote for him if he’s the nominee because maobama is so much worse. It stinks, but it must be done – maobama MUST be defeated. We must stand together on this one.

      2. Hi Philly,

        Hope everything is well 🙂

        Just saw your last comment and I agree mostly. But I’m not worried, things will work out to what the country needs eventually.

        1. Hey, hope things are well with you too.

          Wow, its great to know that the country’s most dire issues are being addressed.

          1. I think you misplaced your sarcasm tag? 🙂

            When I referred to the country eventually getting what it needs, it may not be something many will like.

            Anyway, are you planning to vote on Tuesday for your primary? Rick should still be on the ballot. Would be nice if he gets a lot of primary votes still, despite suspending his campaign. If he’s on my TX ballot, I’d vote for him.

            1. Yes, I did misplace it … LOL. Yes, I’m voting for Rick this week. A letter from our local GOP was sent, and it was singing the praises of Romney, I almost barfed.

              I’m voting for “what could have been.” Sigh.

              1. I’m voting for “what could have been.” Sigh.

                Still better than holding your nose and voting not according to your principles. Anyway, not interested in primary results tonight nor the latest Newt drama… Dunno if Newt and Paul can prevent Romney from getting to 1144 which could lead to an open convention. We’ll find out after TX I guess.

                I’ll catch ya later in one of these threads maybe. I may participate more the closer we are to the convention. Hope you have a good week.

                1. Hey Philly,

                  Sorry, kinda tuned out politics lately, so I didn’t see that article. I guess Newt quit now too. Mission accomplished, I suppose, now that Rick has left the race, no more obstacle for Mitt…

                  Newt supporters were projecting; they knew it was Newt who screwed it up for Rick, not the other way around. Any objective observer would see that if not for Newt splitting the votes in MI, OH and WI, Rick could have won there, and also earned more delegates in MS, AL, OK, TN when he could have got 50% of votes and thus winner take all. Anyway, all in the past now, politics sux.

                  Take care. Maybe I’ll catch up later, during the fall campaign.

                2. I don’t blame you, its [politics] rather boring. Its small ball now. Who would have ever thought dog eating would take front stage … and yet, the Romneybots would criticize Santorum over his emphasis on social issues.

                  Hopefully, I’ll see you around whenever it gets half interesting.

  22. Both McConnel and Bohner are WEAK, Neither are Leaders, both need to be put out of the leadership if not out of office all together.

    My freshman congressman was or turned establishment, he came out for Romney in the fall of 2011.

    I’m glad Mark is pointing this out, I just wish these kind of drums were being beaten at the first of the primary.

    I just can’t get over the fact that so far a majority is picking a Moderate (I apologize if I am using to strong a term) as the GOP Champion to lead the cause.

    If willard end up as the nominee, and looses to 0b0, and there isn’t a conservative party in 2014, the Dems and GOPers have WON, I will hang up my pencil and just quit voting.

    1. Third party time: conservative Dems (whomever is left) and REAL Conservative Republicans and independents on a Tea Party-like platform.

    2. Both McConnell and Boehner are both going the in the direction they wan to go. Boehner had a larger majority than he wants and many of them are not his friends, and cannot easily be co-opted.

  23. Sigh, and yet Romney is set to be the nominee and he is no different then McConnel and the rest of the pretenders. Newt 2012…he is our only hope!

    1. Well I hope the remaining states to vote in primaries think the way you and I do and Romney doesn’t end up with 1144 before the convention. Then the delegates can vote for whoever they want no matter what the outcome from their primaries.

  24. We need a conservative third party in congress because we don’t really have a second party anymore. Republicans and democrats have joined forces against us. We have to join forces against them.

  25. Heritage Action for America gives Johnson a score of 94 and Blunt a score of 64. Only 7 GOP senators scored lower than Blunt (Murkowski, Brown, Collins, Snowe, Alexander, Cochran, and Hoeven).

  26. “he isn’t in the Senate to buddy up with the leadership, but rather to represent his constituents and fight for conservatism.”

    This describes a MAJOR problem with Repub. “leadership” I think. They aren’t about doing what’s best or right as much as they are about “not rocking the boat”. Sickening.

  27. McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Lugar, Lindsay Graham all need to go. All of these guys have endorsed Mitt Romney and I fear we won’t have a conservative President at all.

    1. Where is Mike Pence?

      Levin should have called him out, for not opposing the establishment candidate.
      Or, is Pence really not serious about saving the country?

      1. Mike Pence is running for Governor of Indiana in ’12 I hope he wins it’s a good step toward the Presidency.

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