MARK LEVIN: The silent majority is pissed off and is rising up!

Mark Levin was on Hannity last night and gave an epic speech on how the American people in this country are pissed off at the growing Marxism in this country and how they aren’t going to put up with it any longer:

The segment opens with Hannity explaining how Mark Levin’s new book called American Marxism is selling like crazy off the shelves, having sold over 400k copies in the first week. It’s already number one on the New York Times and Levin suggests that this isn’t a coincidence, that it’s more evidence that the American people are rising up to counter so many of our institutions pushing Marxism on this country, especially the political institution.

Levin strongly believes that 2022 is going to be a line in the sand, with the American people showing up en mass to vote some of these Marxists out. Man I hope he’s right.

Watch the video for much more…

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