Mark Levin: The Tea Party is more powerful than ever!

Mark Levin says the Tea Party is “the most significant and powerful force in this nation today” and that it is more powerful than ever. He points out the telling signs outside of Wisconsin, in Kentucky and Arkansas Democrat primaries, that point to a potential loss in November for Obama and the Democrats.

However, Levin advises that “we cannot sit here and pretend that there is a landslide in our future because we want there to be one.” He says that the Democrats now know how weak they are and that we must “double and triple our efforts” and keep the Democrats from stealing close elections, that we must build a fraud factor into our margin of victories in order to overcome left. But Levin believes that we will do so.

Listen below:

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39 thoughts on “Mark Levin: The Tea Party is more powerful than ever!

  1. Thankyou Mark! As alway’s, spoken with so many truth’s.

    We will, we will rock you” ” ” the TEA PARTY ROCKS!!! Attention America, We the Tea Party, we told you………… we were coming, and infact, were just getting started. *wink*

  2. Folks…with an ever increasing entitlement mentality growing in this country…do you really think that the “takers” are going to vote out the hand that feeds them? Tea Party 2012!…lets restore some sanity back in the system?

  3. Couldn’t agree more! I heard Savage one of these nights, saying that the Tea Party is afraid of the WH taking pics and names of TP people, and I say he is uninformed!

  4. One of my favorite songs is one called “Mr Bojangles”. It reminds me of where our country started out, where it is going, and what the Tea Party means to the Republic.

    If I may be so bold:

    I knew a man Bojangles And he danced for you In worn out shoes
    With silver hair, a ragged shirt And baggy pants, the old soft shoe
    He jumped so high, he jumped so high Then he lightly touched down

    (I knew Uncle Sam back in my youth, when he was magnificent)

    I met him in a cell in New Orleans I was down and out
    He looked at me to be the eyes of age As he spoke right out
    He talked of life, he talked of life He laughed, and slapped his leg a step

    (He showed me what America was capable of doing, if given the chance)

    Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles Mr. Bojangles, dance!

    (I want that again, Uncle Sam)

    He said his name, Bojangles then he danced a lick across the cell
    He grabbed his pants a better stance Oh, he jumped up high he clicked his heels
    He let go a laugh, he let go a laugh Stood up Shook back his clothes all around

    (He told me I could do it, too, if only I would try)

    He danced for those At minstrel shows and county fairs Throughout the south
    He spoke with tears of 15 years How his dog and he traveled about
    His dog up and died, he up and died After 20 years he still grieves

    (He explained to me how many had given their all for this great Republic)

    Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles Mr. Bojangles, dance!

    (I want to give my all for my Republic, too)

    He said I dance now At every chance in honky tonks For drinks and tips
    But most of the time I spend behind these county bars He said I drinks a bit

    (Then there came along a Tea Party, starting slow, but building steam)

    He shook his head And as he shook his head I heard someone respectfully ask Please

    (This Tea Party can become what you and I so long for, Uncle)

    Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles Mr. Bojangles, dance!

    (Uncle Sam, we’re here for you and we’re ready to dance)

    (Forgive me, Scoop, for the length)

    1. Thank you, you point out two things . the content is great and most importantly this is a SONG with more than refrain repeated and repeated by the idiots would believe themselves to be song writer. Nice post. long but well worth my time to read.

      The Tea PARTY MAY REPLACE THE EXISTING REP. PARTY, cause if this election is lost then all needs for the big R is lost. a Conservative party or tea party are the only ones I will support, from now on…Fire all RINO’S….

  5. I have to admit I was worried that the Tea Party wasn’t really interested in being a player any more. I am SO happy to be wrong. And, Levin is right. WI results are all we need to prove that! Death to progressivism! Viva Liberty!

  6. Like the socialist did, the tea party really did not align themselves with one partiular party, but similarly, they settled on infiltrating the Republicans in order to offset the larger group of Marxist contained in the Democratic party.

    The political scene had become complacent in Washington because, really, none of the established representatives were ever threatened seriouisly They became complacent, lathargic, irresponsible, etc. They occasionally rocked back and forth between the moderate political center satisfying the mood of the times.

    This complacency eventually gave rise to larger ambitions that created a huge shift as the socialist saw an opportunity to take total control due to the largess within the legislative branch and frankly, the ineptitude of the Bush administration to offset the negative press dynamically.

    The moment arrived, the Dems figured, so they decided to pick a candidate that would be virtually immune from criticism due to his color: A seemingly humble, likeable man

    That worked up to a point, but like most cases that afflict human’ s personality characteristics, when placed on a pedistal, egomania takes control soon followed by chaotic behavior. Obama’s delema became a desire to be king of the world. No different from the more famous egomaniacs who created havoc throughout history.

    The moderate socialists within both political parties had lost control of their experiment. The gradual centralization of political power they sought was going haywire. The globalists had comandeered the chosen one feeding his aspiration for world glory.

    Yes, Mark is right about this current calamity besetting the old guard in both parties who no longer can find a solution due to the fact their own egos will not allow them to admit the effed up. Most of those in the media cannot admit, they effed up.

    Those that are paying for all these maniacal miscalculation are now the final and only solution. Admirably, included into the rules governing this country saving this Republic, the citizens have the final say in the matter of who is in charge.

    The people are the main force in this Republic. They are not effed up, erhaps a little short on cash but not in the mental capacity to realize they’ve been had. They’d been lulled to sleep with two key words; compromise and tolerance.

    Tolerance and compromise have reached the end of the road, and now, people calling themselve Tea Partiers have gone back to that point in history when this nation was formed and decided they’d had enough. Historically, it was the greatest thing man had ever done to create a freedom loving atmosphere for everyone.

    Why not do it again?

    1. Now you speak great words of wisdom, too bad this is not in the MSM to ponder on the idiots of the world.

  7. that’s a big 10-4.
    THAT’S A BIG 10-4 Right There!

    Tea Party Patriot
    RINO’S and Democrat’s beware November.6.2012 {*_*}, we are coming after you!!! (*.*)!

  8. I think prayer is playing a huge part in what is happening. When people get scared, they get humble, and when they get humble, they pray. A zillion thanks to God in Heaven!

      1. “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

  9. The Wisconsin win is sweet, however, there is still a great deal of cleaning up to do! Every election this year counts. This means pay attention to not only the national and state races, but don’t forget about your local elections, as well! The leftist infiltration into our government exists on every level. Apathy and complacency allowed it. We are no longer in the dark about this fact. This means that the Tea Party needs to be present, active, and educated about every candidate and every issue if we are going to stop the insanity and irresponsibility of the Leftist/progressive/union garbage train! There is no room for error here and zero tolerance for ignorance. Be wise, be vigilant, be involved, and remember the goal is to send a loud and clear message that we love and will defend our nation and the freedom it provides! Freedom and liberty are not free…it does not come from a false sense of entitlement or by the thug tactics of the left!

    1. We all need to see how the lefties voted and how the Rino’s voted… then vote them out forever.
      Too bad we can not make it a crime to misrepresent yourself to get elected and some parties should be banned…Socialist…., Communist….etc, you know who they are.

  10. The enemies of freedom err when they underestimate and attempt to extinguish the power of the true American spirit. The Brits discovered that in the American Revolution.

  11. The Tea Party seems to have gone silent lately and instead are making their actions heard at the ballot box. You gotta love it. For liberals, it’s gotta be like an undercurrent that they know is coming, but no one knows just how big it will be. So they’re caught off guard no matter what. And their ego’s won’t let them admit what’s really going on.

    I have to say that the Tea Party GOTV in WI was amazing. I’ve been reading up on some of the ground game there and it’s astounding. They said they were encountering a lot of people that wouldn’t be in the state during the election, so they helped them fill absentee ballots. The Alinsky playbook is almost required reading and available at anytime to counteract it. They’ve also adapted it to conservative principles from what I hear. The numbers they report is that they had 100,000 Tea Partiers from all over helping out and meeting people directly and targeted something like 30-40 specific counties.

    Mitt Romney’s campaign has said that they’ll be converting Walker’s campaign locations and operatives to Romney’s campaign this week or the next.

    I’m reading a lot about how Romney is amassing as many ground troops as possible. IOW, it’s the quiet before the storm.

  12. This brilliant man continues to tell it like it is.

    And he’s right. We must now go for the throat and wipe this cancer off the map. We have to keep our boot on their neck and NEVER let these devils come up for air.

    Vote for the opponent to Obama… don’t let up! Keep the fire, passion, and patriotism alive!

    Fight the good fight!!!

  13. Walker is still standing, and his future looks very bright in presidential politics if he wants it. Now on to removing Obama, and holding a President Romney’s feet to the fire on fiscal and constitutional issues, among others.

  14. The tea party has spawned a tempest in this country, On To November/ Oust The Usurper ! Excellent post Right Scoop !

    1. Looks like we have a theme song here, folks.

      And the battle cry will be ‘Remember Wisconsin’

      Game On

      NObama, 2012.

  15. I have been totally pumped since last night’s victory! We need to keep the momentum rolling and not let up.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to all our veterans and service men and women in remembrance of this anniversary of D-Day. Freedom isn’t free! God Bless!

  16. We need to get Mark to say it in that Obi-Wan Kenobi / Boris Karloff voice:

    “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. “

  17. I think there is already a change in the mood in this country. I get a feeling that a lot of people are just waiting for November to have their voices heard. They are outraged at what has happened to this country over the past four years and are just waiting to get their chance to run to the voting booths to throw Obama out of office. We have to feed into this by telling people that they, too, are not voiceless. They have a very powerful voice and it’s called the ballot. And they all get to use that voice in November. A lot of the people I know just can’t wait for November to come. And with a few more terrible jobs reports like last week and I think that sound you hear out there will be a roar coming from the public to send this man home for good.

    1. We’ve also got the two big Supreme Court decisions coming this month. They said that last week was ‘Hell Week’ for Obama. Hopefully, June will end up being his ‘Hell Month’.

      Let the ‘roaring’ begin!

  18. Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to the democrat party. Brown would have been a joke candidate in MA if not for bipartisan opposition to Obama and their agenda.

    1. Actually it was good for us. Their true colors are now plain as daylight. Yes! Now we know to vote them out. NO stand for independence, No election. We are not the Socialist States of Amerika. Government rule and crony capitalism will be expunged.
      Recent efforts to remove/change the farm subsidies are a good start. They are very old. A short term loan for new family owned farms is all I would except. All other subsidies buh-bye!

  19. Democrats, stealing elections since 18 hundred and something!
    Their core constituency groups are: Dead people, convicts, Mickey Mouse, illegal aliens, Donald Duck,…..

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