Mark Levin: This is how we know Pelosi & Schumer’s walkout was STAGED

Mark Levin opened his show last night discussing the temper tantrum that Pelosi and Schumer had yesterday after they walked out of a meeting with Trump. I’ve got it cued up to 54 seconds:

Here’s more from CR:

Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin commented on Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s “staged” walkout of a meeting with President Trump.

“I’ve had several discussions with the president over the course of a few years, and he’s a kibitzer, and he jokes and he needles, and as I wasn’t there, but Kevin McCarthy and a number of Republicans were there, and they say it was Schumer and Pelosi, particularly Pelosi, who was rude to the president,” Levin said.

He added that Schumer and Pelosi are each a “serial pathological liar.”

“So even some of the Democrats stayed behind. And yet Pelosi and Schumer walked out. That’s how I know it’s staged — or all the Democrats would have walked out. But the media love it.”

I think Levin is exactly right about how this went down. I’ve no doubt that Trump probably said some of those things, but it was probably in response to Pelosi attacking the president, as McCarthy suggested, like she and other Democrats do almost every day.

I would have posted the picture that Trump tweeted yesterday of Pelosi standing up with her finger in the air, but to be honest it doesn’t tell us much at all. Unless there’s a recording of what was said or video, a single photo is fairly useless in understanding what happened.

I did like that Levin revealed he’s warmed up quite a bit to Kevin McCarthy, who he’s heavily criticized in the past.

Listen to the audio for more. And by the way, it’s his entire podcast from last night so if you want to keep listening to the entire show you can.

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