Mark Levin: We must learn from Ronald Reagan and pound the hell out of Obama’s record

Mark Levin is clearly not happy with how little speakers at the RNC spent on defining Obama and his record. He’s heard all day from people saying everyone already knows Obama’s record, but he points out that everyone knew Carter’s record and yet Reagan kept pounding away at it over and over – and he won by a landslide.

No, he’s not talking about landslides; but he is talking about winning. And if we want to win, Levin says we must learn from Reagan once again and pound the hell out of Obama’s record. And we need to do it when people are watching, like at the RNC.

Listen below:

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29 thoughts on “Mark Levin: We must learn from Ronald Reagan and pound the hell out of Obama’s record

  1. Now, in comparison, Palin kicked Obama right in the family jewels. But this Romney crowd wants to go softly-softly. What a bunch of wimptards.

  2. just watched mr. ryan kill it.

    many favorite moments. but college graduates moving back into their old room, staring at fading obama posters, wondering if they will ever get a job/leave home. BRILLIANT VISUAL. he is fantastic.

    stick a fork (made in china) in barry. he’s done.

  3. I really believe the case against Obama will be pounded tonight with Paul Ryan and tomorrow night with Mitt Romney and then it will be non-stop with the ads and speeches from Friday until election day. The speeches so far have been build ups for tonight and tomorrow night.

    Most people aren’t watching so far, most alphabet networks aren’t showcasing the conventon so far, and therefore most of the speeches go unheard (except on great sites like TRS). Tonight and tomorrow night will start it.

    Have faith, Conservatives. We’ve come a long way, the fight is far from over, and the Tsunami is coming, mark my word. When November 6th arrives, they’ll have to call out FEMA just to find Obama buried in the massive swell of votes.

    I’m predicting a record turnout and a groundswell of conservative voters that will swamp the fradulent votes, the liberal votes, and any foreign countries Obama wants to bring in to help him.

    This will be the smallest percentage of non-voting people that this country has ever seen (2008 saw 34% not voting and that was supposed to be a great turnout. Wait till November and see the records we set (2010, the Wisconsin recall, and the Republican primaries were just a hint of what’s to come in just 68 days).

    We’re just getting started.

  4. Sorry Mark but Reagan was the first TRUE Conservative and it takes a Conservative to beat a liberal. Repugnantcans haven’t got the stomach for it.

    1. mrs romney’s speech was great, mark said it was, he brought up santorum’s speech the fact he was the only one who brought up obama and some of his bad doings since president. christies speech was all about christie, i listened to it, thought it was awful.

  5. mark is right, we did have some good speeches, the keynote was a huge disappointment, christie talking about himself instead of going after obama. santorum did bring up obama, hopefully ryans speech tonite be better.

  6. More things about obama’s record

    Obama’s Sneaky, Deadly, Costly Car Tax

    By Michelle Malkin • August 29, 2012 09:17 AM

    My column today looks at the latest radical maneuver by the Obama administration — slipped through yesterday while much of the media’s attention was on Hurricane Isaac and the RNC convention. GOP leaders of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee issued a related statement today on the flawed, rushed rules that were cooked up in secret.
    “The rule finalized today by the Obama Administration will hurt American consumers by forcing them to drive more expensive and less safe automobiles. The Administration drafted these standards in secret, strong-arming automakers and short-circuiting the deliberative regulatory process to achieve a purely political result, abandoning sound science and objectivity to appease its political allies in the extreme environmentalist lobby,” Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif, said in a statement on the oversight panel’s website. “I support the goal of higher fuel efficiency, but this rule will only add to the burdens American small businesses and middle class families face under the heavy hand of the Obama Administration.”
    Remember in November.

  7. It’s amazing that this even needs to be said. I wouldn’t doubt if we aren’t saying the same thing the night before the election, with the exception that by then we will have uprooted every hair on our heads for the frustration. RINOs don’t know how to fight. Look at who they are leading with tonight. Mitch McCaonnell. Good grief.

      1. Foxnews went with this excuse.

        statement from Bill Shine, Fox News’ EVP of Programming.

        “Our plans changed based on the fact that the RNC condensed the schedule of speeches from four nights to three. We look forward to having Governor Palin back as soon as we can.”

        1. And she was still set because at around 4p (Central) Cavuto announced she would be on the FBN channel with MCCain!,,,

    1. Also, please stop posting this in every thread tonight. You posted this in the Mia Love thread not that long ago. It’s off topic and against the rules.

      I will leave it, but this is your spot. Please honor the comment policy.

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