Mark Levin: We were fed propaganda, there was no CIA double agent!

Mark Levin says that because Obama wanted to do a victory lap on the first anniversary of Bin Laden’s death, his senior officials fed the news media propaganda about the plot and its disruption – propaganda that was sure to make Obama look good. Turns out that there was never a CIA double agent, that the infiltrator worked for Saudi intelligence and they were the ones who found out that AQAP might be planning another attack against the US and thus reported it to the CIA.

Also, the underwear bomb was actually recovered April 20 and then handed to the CIA, before the anniversary.

Listen to Levin below and also read the CNN report:

CNN – The agent who penetrated al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and returned from Yemen with the group’s new “airline bomb” was always under Saudi control and was not a double-agent, two sources briefed by Saudi counterterrorism officials have told CNN.

One source told CNN that the device was recovered around April 20, more than a week before the first anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden, and was then handed over to the United States for forensic analysis.

One source said that from the very beginning, the infiltrator was working for Saudi intelligence. The other said Saudi intelligence was involved “from A to Z.” The source added that the agent involved had moved in the “jihadist orbit” in Saudi Arabia before being recruited.

The agent was sent to Yemen “months and months” ago, when Saudi sources in Yemen reported indications that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, might be again preparing a plot against U.S. aviation, one source said.

These were the first indications “that al Qaeda might be trying again,” according to one source, after the Christmas Day 2009 underwear bomb plot and the laser-printer bombs dispatched from Yemen in October 2010.

The whole operation was personally overseen by Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the head of Saudi counterterrorism, one source said.

Initial reports had not revealed the extent of Saudi involvement.

At one point, the Saudi agent reported that a device was being built, and the Saudis then informed the United States, according to one of the latest sources, who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity, citing the sensitivity of the information.

The agent then received training on the device from AQAP instructors.



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