Mark Levin weighs in on Trump’s claim of “exclusive power” and the “outright idiocy” of media and blue-state govs

Mark Levin wrote a short Facebook post today hitting the media and “blue state governors” over their hypocritical attacks on Trump in light of his claim of “exclusive power” to open the economy:

While President Trump’s claim of exclusive power to open the economy raises fundamental federalism issues, why is he under attack by Democrats and the media who could not care less about the 10th amendment, let alone most of the rest of the Bill of Rights?

The incoherence and outright idiocy of the blue state governors and media in this regard, especially Slow Cuomo, are blinding.

These governors declare sanctuary status for illegal aliens in direct defiance of the Constitution and federal law, and even insist that federal financial relief be provided to illegal aliens. They demand that the federal government provide their states with hospital beds and ventilators, despite the fact such provisions are first and foremost a state and local responsibility even under state law. But clearly they hadn’t been a priority before now. They demand that the federal government make up their budget shortfalls and provide funds to businesses the governors closed and to workers the governors put out of work, despite the fact that the federal government had no role in these decisions.

When it comes to federalism, these blue state governors want all the power without the financial responsibility and accountability. They want federal tax dollars and bailouts without strings. If they decide when businesses can open and people can work again in their states, then they should pay the bill until they do.

It’s a great point. You’d think that as authoritarian as some of these governors are, they’d be pulling for Trump to have the ‘total control’ that he claims. And the media as well, who loved it when Obama said he had a ‘pen and a phone’ and would use it to go around Congress.

To listen to Cuomo this morning, you’d have thought he was a conservative arguing on behalf of federalism.

Levin also wrote a second Facebook post on this, specifically about Cuomo:

It’s nice to know that Cuomo and his fellow leftists don’t support a monarchy. I think it was about 15 minutes ago that they demanded that the President nationalize various companies, institute a nationwide shelter-in-place order, spend trillions of dollars nationalizing the state governments’ debt, appoint a high-ranking general in charge of all supply decisions, etc., etc.

Indeed, it is President Trump who has been careful and prudential in his exercise of federal authority, for which these same fools relentlessly attacked him, and who abandoned the Constitution long ago.

Again, this is what I was talking about twice this morning, here and here. I do wish Trump would cut out the ‘total control’ talk. But at the same time, it is interesting how it exposes the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to presidential power.

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