Mark Levin: We’ve been played for FOOLS for months now!

Mark Levin says the surest way that Donald Trump wins the election in November is if Hillary is indicted. Thinking of the frenzy surrounding Trump right now, Levin asks:

Shouldn’t there be a frenzy about what’s taking place right now at the Department of Injustice? Shouldn’t there be a frenzy about the fact that they are in full cover-up mode in my humble opinion? Shouldn’t there be a frenzy about the fact that they are obstructing justice over there?

Mark Levin says everybody “knows Hillary is a serial violator of the Espionage Act and the Federal Records Act.”

She’s a “criminal in waiting”, Levin argues.

Levin says this should have been resolved already, and then goes on to explain what he thinks is really going on with the investigation, and how it will be used to help elect Hillary in the end.


Mark Levin says the Obama administration has slow-walked their investigation into Hillary’s emails, saying we’ve been played for fools for months now.

Levin thinks at this point that they will actually clear Hillary after she’s nominated, sometime closer to the general election. This will give her the ability to use the investigation as a political weapon, to gather sympathy by playing the victim, saying she was never guilty and Republicans have been using this phony investigation against her because she’s a woman, or because they wanted to defeat her in November. Or something along those lines.

Levin says he’d love to be wrong, but this is how he sees is playing out.

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