Mark Levin: What the media isn’t telling you about the failed bill banning sex-selective abortion

Mark Levin says that if you are listening to the media today about the failed bill banning sex-selective abortion, then you don’t k now that the bill didn’t just ban gender-based abortions, but also race-based abortions as well. He says the media is reporting off of talking points handed to them by the Democrats and that’s why they aren’t telling you, because Democrats don’t want you to know:

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65 thoughts on “Mark Levin: What the media isn’t telling you about the failed bill banning sex-selective abortion

  1. Since 1974,we have fought this, but I see a new generation of wonderful young persons that are strong,young and ready to take PPhood on in every direction withhout fear,and with proof .God will Judge all,always remember that .Their day will come,and more so, when a President Makes a whole nation sin(abortion)and other sinful laws against the Father thats a double punishment.

  2. And what you don’t say is there have been no credible studies or proof that this is a problem in the USA. It’s another attempt by the GOP to outrage the loons who don’t realize they are doing NOTHING about the real issues such as the economy and jobs. The offer no ideas and filibuster Obama’s bills while average Americans suffer.

  3. We know that Democrats are notorious for lying and stealing and they promote murder by abortion, but are they also cannibals? If you count harvesting fetuses for commercial use the answer is yes!

  4. Thank you Scoop for posting this!

    Democrats be damned… I’m sick of them destroying our country. This is unacceptable.

  5. Why did this Bill have to pass with 2/3 majority and why don’t the GOP just ram it through on a party-line vote?

  6. Abortion has never been about a woman’s rights. Planned Parenthood has always had its roots in racism and now it has branched out to gendercide. A woman has a right to use birth control,or get sterilized, but once she chooses to not be responsible or rely on her partner to take responsibility, she has crossed a line! Once a life is conceived, that is not a choice, that is a child. Notice I’m not advocating abstinence, but I don’t believe that people are not smart enough to be educated about responsibility. That is what causes this type of sick liberal mentality…the sheer laziness and refusal on an individual’s part to take responsibility for one’s actions! Responsibility is a bad word to a liberal. They want an anything goes life. The thing is that there are always consequences to doing whatever you want. The libs never want to hear about consequences, they do not think that is being fair. Not only is it fair, that is the basis for responsibility. All PP focuses on is killing, they do not educate women on being responsible before they choose to have sex. PP receives federal money to do that kind of education for the poor, however, it is brutally obvious by the number of abortions and the number of repeat abortions that they are not doing that. That should be more than enough of a reason to revoke the federal money! You want to commit murder…pay for it out of your own money and with your own soul…not mine!

  7. Seven Republicans voted against this bill. Among those seven was that “stalwart pro-lifer” who “delivered a million babies”, Wrong Paul.

    During the nomination campaign, Wrong Paul had the nerve to call Rick Santorum a “fake”. Well, old Wrong showed us all who the REAL “fake” is today, didn’t he?

    Wrong Paul has now overtaken Obonzo as the biggest fraud in American politics.

    1. I will never forget that when Terri Schiavo was being starved and dehydrated to death by her husband with the permission of the courts, Rick Santorum was the ONLY congressman that actually went down there to stand with her family. That’s how a ‘fake’ acts? Not hardly.
      And oddly, Jessie Jackson also went there for the same reasons…go figure that one, but it was the only time I can remember thinking highly of Jackson.

  8. This goes out to all the media.. your are the watchmen, and you will be held accountable, whether you believe or NOT!
    But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand. ~ Ezekiel 33:6

  9. Does everybody know that Margaret Sanger, who started PP, thought of black people as an inferior group of people? So, since there are film clips of her stating “inferior people should be eliminated for the good of society” guess that we can assume that she started PP to eliminate the black population. Do your homework black population.

  10. Is there any greater depravity of liberty than aborting the birth of child? BTW, for the Paulbots out there, Dr. Ron Paul voted AGAINST this legislation. Just sayin…

    Speaking of depravity of liberty, Mark wrapped up his first hour talking about government regulators in the US and Europe STRONGLY encouraging banks to scarf up government debt and NOT have it counted as such on their balance sheets. As Mark so rightly and articulately stated, this is something EVERYONE needs to be very concerned about and you won’t hear a peep about it in the MSM.

  11. You know, if we just stopped pussy-footing around the main issue and banned all abortions except for emergency situations (which is also a delicate issue), then we wouldn’t have to waste our time coming up with laws to stop race-biased abortions, or gender-biased abortions, or whatever.

    Let’s pass a logical law banning life-biased abortions. How about it? Let’s all agree that abortion is biased. Period.

    1. Biased and evil, period – and is probably the one issue that will or is bringing the judgment of Almighty God upon us.

    2. It’s never been illegal in this country to abort for a truly life and death situation for the mother. Never.
      The current truth is that medicine has come so far that there are few if any real medical reasons to abort…save maybe ecoptic pregnancies.
      Good post, Nukeman60.

  12. Only a black woman could be charged with aborting a her child because of race. A prosecutor would have to prove intent and coercion for anyone else but the mother with this law.

    1. If she’s pregnant, she is already a mother. That’s another fact the left has managed to obsure.
      If she aborts, it just makes her a mother of a dead baby.

  13. This type of bill gets us dangerously close to thought control police surveillance.

    Stop trying to ban or make exceptions for certain procedures of abortion. More people in the US are claiming to be pro-life. Keep the momentum on changing peoples attitudes in that direction and we will be able to overturn Roe v Wade soon.

    Bills like this have the potential to swing to pendulum back the other way.

    1. True thoughts there toongoon. At this point, it’s just semantics – if the would-be parents happen to make a comment about why they want to brutally kill their child, then it would be illegal. However, if they just keep their mouth shut & say they want their baby killed before it’s born – well then – I guess that’s ok!

      It’s hogwash and it’s disgusting. It’s the modern-day blemish on American society that slavery was in days of old. The more I learn, the more sickened I am.

      1. I agree. They would have to say it in a legal capacity…like to a PP counselor in a private office. Ethics and the law would require the counselor to report the offense, and we all know that ethics and Planned Parenthood are as synonymous as oil and water.

        1. If we just changed the phrase from ‘pro-choice’ to what it really is, ‘pro-death’, I’ll bet many, many mother’s-to-be would be more inclined to avoid abortion.

          As a start to banning, that is.

          1. Just like every other issue, the left defines the terms. If Republicans would get their crap together they could start redefining issues and start to right this ship of government.

            1. Exactly!

              “He who controls the dialogue controls the debate.”

              “Pro-Choice” is too benign a term. We should be using terms like “Pro-Infanticide” or “Infanticide Supporters”.

          2. It’s been a war of words from the start. It was deliberate and caculated by the forces behind the leaglization of abortion to change the terms/phrases/definitions to make it more accepting to the population.
            Use the term fetus, never use the word baby/child/girl/boy…and so on it went.
            That is why I refuse to call anyone “gay”, or use the term in any other meaning but what it has always meant until a segment of society determined that was much more accepting then “homosexual”.
            We can’t play into their hands…the left uses the war of words to get their agenda across.

            1. I agree with you. From now on, I use the terms that really describe what something is – ‘pro-death, ‘socialized healthcare’, ‘illegal alien’, ‘Liberal-American/ Conservative-American’ (not Afro/Asian/Mexican/whatever).

  14. How do you determine if an abortion is based on race? That is a difficult one to prove. I know that there is a huge majority of black babies being aborted, but they are being aborted by black women. How could you prove that as race oriented? I think that part of the bill would definitely be a difficult one to prove.

  15. This whole thing has made me sad and sick all day! This is so evil, so disgusting!! Murder for money is what it all boils down to. Planned parenthood is funded by tax money because pro abortion liberals made it that way. So planned parenthood donates to dear leader’s campaign and other liberals (with money they get from the government no doubt) so they can continue to operate their baby murder mills. So babys are now allowed to be aborted up to a time where the baby could survive outside the womb, because of gender, race.. what next, eye color? Hair color? And tax payers are forced to pay for it and pay into campaigns of the ba$tards who allow it. I am so furious I could spit nails. Psalm 37 breathe. I fear our nation is beyond even having the nerve to ask, but please Lord help us.

  16. I’m not surprised that they are lying about that. The left panics at the sheer mention of any limitation on abortion. The lack of compromise over the decades will be the undoing of abortion and it will happen in my lifetime.

  17. I’m so sick of this. I want nothing to do with it. I just told my wife that I wish we could just secede and let the Left have their 1/4 of America. We’ll have a great view as it gets destroyed with fire and brimstone.

    So tired of fighting this madness.

    1. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” – Galatians 6:9

      I’ve spent my entire life on the left coast (except for college in Texas which was refreshing) and as a Californian it frustrates me to see conservatives nationwide give up on us. There is an ideological war going on and in the words of John Wycliffe, “I believe in the end the truth will conquer.” It is rather discouraging to see how pathetic the right is here and how efficient the left is. But if we’re going to see change, solid conservatives nationwide, and within California have to step up. Don’t give up!

      1. Thanks…it gets demoralizing to see people bringing such ruin upon themselves and our proud nation.

        1. I’m reading a very interesting book now that seems to explain a lot . . . The Harbinger . . The Ancient Mystery that holds the Secret of America’s Future, by Jonathan Cahn. A must-read for all Americans concerned about the future of our country.

      2. If I may be so bold, thank you for your service behind enemy lines. You deserve an award for not committing either suicide or murder – or both. Stand tall, stand proud and stand up for what’s right.

      3. Thanks for the awesome verse and reminder, Charity. God bless your pursuits. Continue to keep us in line & upbeat when necessary. Happy warriors we are to be.

  18. Ban race-based abortions? So it would ban people from aborting black babies? Guess the GOP wants to discriminate against black women: No black women will be allowed to have abortions.

    What a silly bill. How exactly do you find a person who committed a race and gender-based abortion? Ask them?

    1. If it were just silly, the democrats would be laughing at the contents and the media would be screaming it all day.

      But they’re not reporting the race base part of the bill, don’t you find that at least interesting, if not disturbing?

      1. It’s impossible to have an abortion because of the race of the baby. Why would someone marry someone whose race they are racist against? Do people say, “Oh, I love my [insert race here] husband/wife, but I would have to have a baby with him/her”?

        Or are you more interested in preventing people who have one night stands with people of different races from having abortions? In that case, wouldn’t one reason they don’t want to have a baby be because they weren’t married?

        I guess only other possibility is that people who get raped by someone of a different race wouldn’t be allowed to have abortions, even though, in that case again, the person probably wouldn’t want to have a baby because they weren’t married, and they didn’t even consent to the sex.

        1. Don’t misunderstand me. I agree with you, I think that it stupid to make it a law. Just like you I’m having a hard time trying to wrap my head around how a law like this makes sense at all.

          The congressman is doing a great disservice trying to legislate the abortion issue into a medley of laws that are just going to confuse the abortion argument more than it already is.

          But why is the media hiding it?

          1. If it was a stand against abortion generally, why does it outline such a limited, impossible to prosecute scope? It is only a stand against some very uncommon and impossible to detect forms of abortion.

            1. Unfortunately, because of Roe, the murder of babies is legal in America. Until that ruling is overturned all legislative action is mostly symbolic. I’d prefer substance, but in this case I’ll take a symbolic gesture against death and see who are the pro-baby killers in Congress.

              You would think the feminists would be in favor of such a bill against gendercide, but Rush is right… the Nazis murdered the Jews and the Femi-nazis want to murder little girls.

              You would think that the “black leaders” (Jesse Jackson, etc) would be in favor of this symbolic gesture making it illegal for a baby to be murdered because of their race. Nope, they’d rather see black babies die than see abortion overturned, even in a largely symbolic way.

  19. Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to rid us of “human weeds”, i.e., undesirable races. That’s the unbigoted Left for you.

  20. If I didn’t come to Rightscoop, I’m sure I wouldn’t hear of anything the left doesn’t want known.
    I’m all for punishing the mother who walks her daughter or son into the killing fields…the doctor wouldn’t be doing abortions if she didn’t want her child murdered. Punish them both, severely.
    There’s nothing more dispicable then the murder of innocent children. NOTHING.

      1. Absolutley right. When the dems had their presidental candidates lined up back in the last election, I told my husband; “look….murderers row”!

      1. You’re funny. I’m bombarded with your leftist version of the facts all day long. Your problem is, you can’t stand that your screwy, upside down world isn’t belived or longed for by every single person on earth…control freaks such as liberals are can’t handle the real world. And the facts sure get in your way.

      2. Liberalism is a mental illness. Every time you comment you give us more proof of it.

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