Mark Levin: When Biden was being a jerk to Paul Ryan, he was being a jerk to you!

Mark Levin didn’t hold back in his response to Joe Biden’s pathetic debate performance last night. But the bigger point he made was that when Biden was being a jerk to Paul Ryan, a man who has actually come up with budgets and ideas to get us out of our fiscal mess, he was being a jerk to you.

Listen to his excellent monologue below:

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56 thoughts on “Mark Levin: When Biden was being a jerk to Paul Ryan, he was being a jerk to you!

  1. Romney’s numbers started their surge the day after the Pres. debate. The only difference between the numbers the day before and the day after the debate was Romney speaking directly to the American electorate. There was no press filter.
    Axelrod and co. have lost control of the message. Biden’s job was to interrupt enough to drown out Ryan as much as possible. The Romney message must not get out as it is death to the Obama message. Biden is not stupid or he would not be a successful politician. This was a desperate act from a desperate campaign.

  2. I am GLAD that Biden was nasty because it showed 50+ million people what a TOTAL JERK he is, and what a classy, composed and professional guy that Ryan is. That OLD fossil needs to retire and do all of us a big favor. Who will remember the details of the debate? They will remember the total jerk on stage. Not to mention that he told BOLDFACE LIES through his fake teeth saying he did not support the WARS when he voted for BOTH wars, and he knew nothing about Libya security requests when State Department testfied otherwise.

  3. I have never liked Biden. I just do not know how he managed to stay in the senate so long. Damn Yankees!

  4. The laugh track was great because that’s esxactly what it was like. I sat and watched in astounding amazement at how inappropriate Biden was acting. What a knuckle-dragger! Kudos to our next VP who is a class act and so right for the job.

  5. His actions were an insult to our intelligence. I’m sure it was “normal” for their typical voting base, but I thought it was pathetic.

  6. Biden is an embarassment to US just like his boss Obama. They must both GO in November…..Biden was condescending to Ryan and Obama cannnot speak without teleprompters, so they are both losers.

    Romney/Ryan is the right choice…..and many people I speak to are against Obama here on Long Island.

  7. No one would dare do this in a professional environment. Why do they think this is ok to do this in a political environment? I am deeply offended. Do they think we’re all idiots??? You’re not just appealing to the MTV generation. So sick of these people. Can’t wait til they’re all out!!! My feeling was how do they justify this clown a heartbeat from the presidency while they made such a big deal out of Sarah Palin. By the way, Dick Cheney said this is the real Joe Biden.

  8. Biden may have thrown a bone to his insane liberal base during this debate, but I’ll bet he alienated most independents and a lot of undecided voters out there. They looked unhinged and to think that this moron is one heartbeat away from the presidency should scare the daylights out of just about everyone in this country. Biden may not have lost the election for Obama, but he certainly didn’t help it.

    1. I think he did far more damage than they think.

      The left has already assembled the circular firing squad.. and all the big guns are there..

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you

      Dyin’ time is here..

  9. Mark hits the nail on the head so well and often that he could become a roofer or carpenter should he ever decide to change career and the places he’d build would be a thing of beauty!

  10. Mark Levin is Old School. He knows what he is saying because he has been there. He knows what he is saying because he has experience. Mark Levin has passion and Love for our Country and he is someone I trust and listen to everyday. What he is saying is the truth. He knows because he has been there and we haven’t and he is trying to tell us the truth unlike the MSM. I have deep respect for this man and I hope all of you do as well. This is a man who has history and experience with Reagan. That should say all you need to know. Go Romney in 2012!!!

    Lori Ann Ringold
    Proud Army Wife

  11. Paul Ryan was victorious AWESOME!
    and Joey was truly a disgrace for the DEMS, or is it a badge of honor? To be Rude, Lacking the graces and refinement of civilized life and uncouth. After the coming election you’re going out to pasture, and good riddance! Looser!

  12. If Joe Biden was working for Romney he would be considered a genius.

    In 90 minutes Thursday night, Joe managed to drive a wedge between the Clintons and the Obama White House, and the State Department and the Intelligence community…

    And he was smiling the whole time he was doing it…

    Atta boy Joe ! Karma’s a bitch ain’t it….

    I’m lovin it…

  13. WOW, just wow! Right on, Mark! Forty Years (!) is more than enough time for the American people to be supporting Joe Biden’s gravy train.

    Mark described Biden to a T. He considers himself one of the elite ruling class, like his boss; when in reality (of course, not their reality) he has totally forgotten that his job is to represent and work for us; not to build his personal bank accounts.

    His antics were unbelievably disgraceful and downright offensive! This will come back to Bite-me (err, him.)

    The laugh track was spot on! Absolutely hilarious.

  14. Biden’s contempt is 100% about us–agreed. He has been emboldened by the teflon shield afforded to Obama, given to him by proxy, and often he is shut down by the fact that he can’t keep his ego in check. And oddly enough, liberals screech about how they can’t stand the thought of going back to the “injustice” of the typical old white male dominance in politics, but they elected it. An old white male who has been in power for decades who has complete contempt for the average American.

  15. Great monologue Mark but please don’t use Henny Youngman who is one of my favorites. Henny was always funny and Joe Biden NOT!

    Several times today I have heard this is what the Dems wanted. Really? Biden was a rude bully and this says a lot about those who got what they wanted.

  16. This whole administration is a bunch of thugs. They can’t play fairly and must cheat to win. I would be ashamed to admit I was a Democrat.

  17. …OH Great one,OH Great ONE you have done it again,
    you’ve’ HIT IT OUT OF DA PARK ‘for a grand slam home run .You sir are one of the main reasons the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS will repeat what they did in the 2010 Mid Terms DEMOLISH the DEMOCRATS and there minions and set back the Main Stream Media to it’s place in the dust bin of History !”

  18. biden shows what a silly, petulant child he is…

    American needs Adults- Ryan/Romney for the serious problems confronting America due to obama and his leftists minions.

    1. Spot on. When you combine the man/child Obama in kiddies corner… you should check the White House visitation logs to see if Romper Room was the most frequent visitor.

  19. Obama/Biden both a joke! Two low-life lying degenerates! They are four year do nothings! So if you have nothing truthful to stand on …let’s lie! The intelligent population knows better!

    1. I wouldn’t say four years of do nothings! They’ve done plenty to try to destroy this Nation and they aren’t about to stop… Yes, they are both jokers. But, Obamanation is dangerous, Biden is just his court jester. The administration and cronies need to be booted out of office, tried for treason and then their assets seized and sold to off-set the damage they’ve done. After that, ship them off to some third world socialist country so they can have a taste of what it would be like if their plans were implemented. See how well they fare.

  20. Amen, Mark!!!

    No wonder nothing gets done in DC. Obama says “I won” and everyone else should sit down and shut up, and Biden ridicules any attempt at serious debate. This is supposed to be leadership?

    To slightly turn a phrase, this is the first time in my life I’ve been embarrassed for my country. Our enemies are surely laughing.

  21. Listening to Levin on IHeart Radio right now! Couldn’t wait for his monologue.

    Biden’s performance was disgusting, disrespectful and insulting. I agree fully with Levin.

    Thanks for the clip, Scoop! Already tweeted it out!

  22. He was rude to all of those who wanted to her what he had to say. Idiot blowhard. I’d be embarrassed if I lived in DE. He doesn’t make them look very smart.

  23. I don’t understand how anybody can relate to this moron? I’m not a doctor, but there is something seriously wrong with biden. Maybe he’s never been examined for a history of mental illness in his family. Now might be the time to think about that – joe.

  24. Exactly my thoughts on that too. Does anyone think Alinsky – ridicule your opponent? Joe did this on purpose. He was told to do this.

    1. Oh yeah, totally. He was coached by David Axelrod…who has said their goal is a new Constitution by 2020! Youtube took it down last winter.

    2. They realized that without a record to run on, the only option was to act as though they were the challengers for the Presidency, rather than the incumbents.

      It took 6 days to wipe the last four+ years from Biden’s memory card and load all the lies he would have to tell. Surprised it would take that long…

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