Mark Levin: With 19% actual unemployment we are in a depression. And FDR got reelected with high unemployment too

Mark Levin summarizes an article from Mort Zuckerman today where he cites that actual unemployment is at 19% when you count U-6 plus all those who have dropped out of the workforce. You can read the article here. Levin says this is really a modern depression.

But more than that Levin warns that FDR got reelected with similar unemployment numbers because he was able to blame it on someone else with class warfare and so forth, the same tactics Obama is using. That truly is scary, which is why we desperately need Mitt Romney to up his game because the country can’t afford for Obama to get another 4 years. It just can’t.

Listen below:

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68 thoughts on “Mark Levin: With 19% actual unemployment we are in a depression. And FDR got reelected with high unemployment too

  1. romney has no game to up. that’s why he never should have been the nominee.

    we have lost every traditional issue that republicans can run on: pro life, gay marriage, limited government, obamacare, cap n trade, government bailouts, strong defense and now even jobs (rasmussen has a poll out today that people trust obama more on jobs)

    romney is a political tar baby. he will destroy the GOP….taking the country down with it.

  2. I’m somewhat nervous, but this is a new time. I agree with Mark, though. The fact that Romney won’t expose Obama’s criminal, communist character, is a disgrace. If you’re running for President, you have a responsibility to be honest, and point these things out. If you don’t have the courage to do that, because you’re afraid of what some people think, maybe you shouldn’t be running. Obama is not a nice guy. People who call people who bombed the Pentagon friends, are not nice people. It’s an insult when I hear, people like Rubio claim this. Wasn’t he taught, that you don’t associate with people like this? I was always taught growing up, that there are people you associate with who are good, and people you stay away from who are bad. It may come as a shock to Rubio, Romney and others, but some people are just bad. Obama’s evil and a bum.

  3. Mark Levin worked for Reagan. I listen to his show and he does know what he’s talking about, but I’m praying he’s wrong. I guess because the alternative is very scary. This is a very dangerous individual in the White House. We made a mistake putting him in there and we have to get him out. The next generation will suffer the consequences. BO doesn’t care about our children; he only cares about destroying our country and thus their futures.

  4. I am reaching out to those around me. Our pastor is a brave soul who is allowing us to register people in our church and will do so until the deadline. Folks, it is important to reach out to our friends, neighbors and brothers and sisters in Christ. I can not control what others can do but I am striving to make a difference in my own community.

  5. Up his game? I’m sorry, but all Romney has to do is look sane and act sane in the debates and he should win in a landslide, just like Reagan did against Carter. Obama is just as bad as Carter (if not worse), and he went down in defeat. I don’t really understand what the difference is. Also, Obama and the Democrats suffered a huge defeat in 2010. Things have NOT gotten any better since then and people are just as angry. Given that, why would Obama do better now in 2012? It just doesn’t make any sense. I think Obama will lose, and lose big. This is 2010 all over again, and people are just dying to vote out there against Obama. I think the debates will seal the deal and show just how bankrupt of ideas Obama really is.

  6. This is not 1932. Huge Hewitt was making this point today: In that election Hoover was the frowning, negative candidate and FDR was positive and upbeat. Today we have the reverse in Obama resembling Hoover’s sour mood and Romney the upbeat FDR even though the ideologies are switched.

    What is going on with everyone catching the heebee jeebees and riding this doom and gloom train to defeat? Even Levin? The polls of September did not predict the winner with Reagan and Bush I. Democrat presidents are seldom re-elected. FDR and Clinton are the exceptions–and Clinton won because Perot drained off 1/3 of the Repub vote.

    1. Great observation. I contend that obama depressing the nation as he has is having an effect on conservatives, in essence he is using it to his advantage. What fools many are.

    2. because Perot drained off 1/3 of the Repub vote.

      Are you a medium or something? You know those people who voted for Perot would have voted for Bush in all the right states for Bush to win the electoral college? DO Bushies ever take responsibility for anything? Read my lips: HWBush lost the election all by himself because he lied about raising taxes. I’d suggest your first clue is the fact those people didn’t vote for Bush is proof they didn’t like Bush.

      1. Actually, JDOlson is correct, Perot drained off a significant number of GOP votes. Perot hated HWBush and stayed in to deliberately ruin the election. It’s also why he faded off into ignominy after the 92 election. Perot gave us Bill Clinton and that is a fact.

        1. You are a medium? Its a silly argument to make and also an excuse that sheds HWBush’s responsibility for his loss. Sounds like something Rove or a Democrat in FL blaming Nader would say. Coincidence?

      2. “Democratic presidents are seldom re-elected”
        Re-elected. I was referring to 1996. But the same thing happened in 1992 only Perot got even more votes that year. Perhaps you are new to modern statistical analysis? Takes the necessity of mind reading away.

        1. I’m familiar with the following truism: There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

          As I said before you’d have to be a medium to know all those Perot votes would have gone to Bush in all the right places for Bush to win the electoral college.

          Bush said “read my lips” not Perot. I’m pretty sure Perot didn’t force Bush to tell a bold faced lie. Bush lost the election for himself. RINOs never take the blame for their mistakes and they’ll blame conservatives when Romney loses to Obama instead of blaming Romney and the people within the RNC who went out of their way to make sure we didn’t get an actual conservative nominee.

          1. I’ve read some of your other disqus comments. Despite your 1776 moniker (number of head injuries you’ve had?), you are a troll and an obot. Return to your dark and stupid master. Shooo!

            1. If that’s what you think then you’re a pinhead but I suspect you’re just another RINO socialist because of your failure to recognize an individual.

              Collective BORG types who like to classify individuals into simple minded little groupings and call them names from are a dime-a-dozen and typically liberals but you Romnoids are just as bad. Romney and some of his supporters are Obama-lite in more ways than one.

  7. What worries me are the people who are on welfare and food stamps- I dont know the actual percentage.

    I think it is something like 10% on actual “welfare”

    Plus, today, about one out of every seven Americans receives food stamps. That’s approx 45 million people — roughly the size of Spain — who rely on government help to feed themselves/family.

    Those people, are worried that the big bad mean Republicans are going to stop their “handouts.”

    ….How do you fight that?

  8. The difference was that when FDR came into office… Back then because of traveling the Presidency wasn’t assumed until March and FDR wanted things to be so bad when he came no office that he left Hoover in limbo, that the employment rate reached 25% and by6 months into FDR Presidency had gone to 17% and stayed there…

    With Obama it’s gone bad to worse and will be getting worse the next 2 months…. That what the job numbers showed that after 3 years into the Obama ” recovery” it’ worse now it was 6 months , a year ago.

  9. The only thing obama’s winning in November is his last paid trip out of DC! Hope he catches that slow boat to China with michelle in tow, communism is not made in America………but China, now, would suit him to a tee.

  10. It is up to us! And if Obama gets re-elected and every single one of us did not donate money or if you don’t have extra money then volunteer your time then we cannot blame anyone but ourselves. I have to share a little story. I am a single Mom and also have chronic pain. So I have given myself all kinds of reasons why I havent been down to the nearest headquarters and volunteered since donating money isn’t possible. Today I was sitting in the car outside my daughters guitar lesson with the sun roof open on a beautiful day listening to Mark Levin. As I glanced up at the building the music school is in thru the sun roof I noticed for the first time a Mitt Romney Douglas County Colorado Headquarters Banner on the 2nd floor. I come to this school every week and never noticed it before or its a new office. I really feel like that was a “sign” as well as a sign to me to quit your procrastinating and give it all you have until the end. So I am contacting them in the morning and at least for that 1 hour 2 times a week that I take my daughter to her lessons I will be in that headquarters upstairs doing everything I can. No more excuses everyone this is it our Country is at stake.

  11. ATTENTION: Scoop readers, I bought a piece of poster board and wrote with a wide sharpie “Hope is Gone, Time to Change- Romney 2012” and put on my tailgate. I am a landscaper and it’s on my work truck. My company signs are on my truck too. If I pee someone-off, thats fine. My message, my good name, a business I sure as hell built myself is talking loud? We need to put our asses on the line too. Speak out, time is running out.

  12. There’s a big difference between the times of FDR and now. The media fooled everybody back then (people actually believed the media). Now, there is a massive battle between the old Lame Stream Media and the alternate media of today (what I call the New Guardians).

    It used to be nobody even knew about the U6 and the Labor Force Participation Rate. Now, it’s all over the news. Even the LSM is forced to talk about it, due to our diligence and perseverance.

    It’s what’s made the difference so far and I think it’s what will turn the tide and win the day.

    1. The new media is still in its infancy, therefore the old lame stream media that a large portion of people still rely on, still has many fooled today. The big difference between now and FDR days is education. If they had the means of information back then that we have now, FDR would probably have been a one term president. Of course our education system was not corrupted by the left the way it is now. Wonder what it would be like if people today were as educated about history and our founding as people were then?

      1. Wonder what it would be like if people today were as educated about history and our founding as people were then?

        You’d have Reagan 1980.

      1. Thanks for the link. It was a most interesting video. One I’ve put into my files. I’m not sure very many people actually know this information.

        Every time something terrible goes afoul in this country, you can look back and find out that, lo and behold, the Democrats had taken over Congress just prior to the fiasco.

        As many people point out so succinctly, look at what happened after 2007.

  13. The fact that FDR was able to con the people into re-electing him three times despite the miserable economy and massive unemployment of the Great Depression, is one of the reasons I worry about the coming election. I have absolutely no faith in the intelligence of the electorate. They will swallow any lie if it’s coated in enough sugar.

    1. Jeff, there are more people out there that will NOT swallow obama’s dismal record than you think- multi millions, 3/4 of the nation are conservative and ready for November. You’ve been listening to the liberals paint US as dumb, unwashed, uneducated, poor, rednecked, tea ba–ers. Sorry you’re falling for it. Lift your spirits- there are more of US than them. obama hasn’t got a chance to be reelected- he’s said it himself! He WILL be a 1 term president.
      Free stuff or Freedom, ya can’t have them both.

        1. Totally agree! I hope that you and I are sitting home after the election to see O go down and the liberal media all confused as they were in 2010! If not, I’ll be the one crying my eyes out!

        1. Thanks wodiej, I wasn’t taking credit for Sarah’s astute quote, I usually say it’s her quote, missed it this time. IMO this is the best explanation of what November is all about.
          Sarah’s succinct way of phrasing always hits what I’ve been thinking exactly.

      1. Actually, I’ve been looking at who is sitting in the White House and who the Senate Majority Leader is. I haven’t fallen for anything. I’ve just been paying attention.

        The majority of the people in this country voted for a man for president whom they knew nothing about. Some of them voted for him because they hated George W. Bush, who wasn’t even running. Some of them voted for him because of a meaningless slogan. Some of them voted for him because he was a Democrat. Some of them voted for him because of his skin color.

        Very few of them voted for him because they knew what his policies were and agreed with those policies. Too many people didn’t seem to even care about policies, or think about the harm his policies could do.

        I sincerely hope that you are right, but I have learned that far too many people are only too happy to surrender their freedoms and the freedoms of their family and neighbors, for table scraps from the government. I am doing my part working to remove the lefty stain from our government, and I will of course vote to remove Obama and other lefties from office, but don’t ask me to pretend to an optimism that is unrealistic.

        1. Jeff, you’re talking 2008 before we were awakened by this president’s actions to fundamentally change our nation. He announced it and We were asleep at the wheel and misinterpreted what he said to be benign political speak. He shook our very foundation with his actions.
          The giant IS awake and will deal with the likes of obama, reed and their gang. We also have some republicans that need to know we are awake to their shinanigans.
          Didn’t you love seeing nancy pelosi demoted?

  14. Excuse me! It is not Mitt that needs to “up his game”, it is us. We need to stop accentuating his weaknesses and start to pump up his strengths; and he has many. There are PACS out there that can be doing the hatch-it work for Romney. I am getting sick and tired of the know it all conservatives, who have all the advice in the world, but could not get one of their own nominated. I do not want to go there. Oh by the way has anyone seen Santorum, except for cameo at convention. He should be all over PA, like stink on crap supporting our candidate. I see nothing. However, I see Newt out there.
    I digress.

    Please Mark, stop putting our candidate down and how about some real strong support for our candidate. Give the troops something to cheer about. If you cannot find anything, let me know and I will enlighten you.

    1. Urging Romney to “up his game” is not putting him down; it’s simply due guidance from a true, lifetime veteran of politics [and I guarantee they are listening to him].

      Attend Levin’s lectures for 1 week straight; your perspective will change drastically, and your comments will become much more astute and well informed. Replays are available for free at his website.

      1. I have listened to Mark for years & years. However, he is not my “god”. He like most people is not always right, even though you might think so. The same is also true for Rush. I think Mark would agree with me if he thought about it. Keep listening, I am sure he will start to support Mitt full bore.

        1. You have listened to Mark for years? Marks criticism of Romney is out of concern. Mark wants him to win. Giving Mitt FREE support over the air to millions of people, in my opinion, is pretty magnanimous of him. Therefore I think it might be ok for Mark to offer criticism on his own radio show! Have you ever heard a boxers corner or a football teams coach on the sideline? If you listen to Marks show he has pointed out Romneys strengths and defended them passionately. You must have been tuned out those days. Sorry but Romney is weak as hell as a candidate. With every passing week we hear from the Romney apologists to “just wait, its too soon, Romney is just holding back and waiting to hit Obama hard!” It’s hard to believe pointing out facts these days is “hitting hard”. Romney needs to start hitting and highlighting Obamas record with his own mouth and learning from Newt how to control an interview so his message is heard. Romneys ads have been decent, but not enough. No, Mark is not God, just a commentator that sees things the way I do and reaffirms what I am thinking and seeing too, while occasionally informing or offering a different perspective than my own.

          1. It sounds like you also disagree with Mark. In one breath you talk about how he defended Romney’s strengths with great passion, but in the next sentence declare that he is as weak as hell as a candidate. So who is right here? You or Mark?

            We had better get on the same team, or else we will be working for Obama.

            1. He defended Romneys strengths as a person and has given him kudos from time to time on his campaign. Overall IMO he is weak as a candidate. I do not expect him to be Reagan, but Mittens could learn alot from how he campaigned and emulate him. Like Mark I will pull the lever for Romney, then set out to defeat his liberal tendencies and attempt to drag him to the right. Oh, by the way, Mark and I are both right!

          2. pretty magnanimous of him? He should be doing it because it’s the right thing to do not because it’s something as a favor. Give me a break. These talk show hosts should talk less and do more.

        2. Romney is losing to Obama in the polls and yet he changes nothing. I’ll still be voting for him because I prefer a non-communist, jew-hating Prez, but that’s the only reason.

          And as a former Dem, I’ve only recently listened to Levine so he’s no God to me.

      2. Levin is nothing more than a talk show host. Nothing more. He has never worked for or with a presidential campaign. So all his talk is just his opinion. He and others need to put their money where their mouth is and start offering to volunteer to help Romney. Him, Santorum, Ingraham, Limbaugh-any been out on the trail voicing support? Nope, just Newt Gingrich.

        Just blah, blah, blah on the radio. I don’t listen to any of them.

        1. Wodie…get a clue. Levin worked with the Reagan Administration and he worked with his 84 Campaign…SO GET EDUCATED BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH!! I get sick of undeducated MINDLESS BLUNDERS like you that act like your superior. As a Dem, I am sure you are more of an entitlement know it all and please spare you are voting for Romney. Nice try troll….you fool me not. You play this middle game as to fool people. You are a left wing loon on here to try to play games. Go back to the Huff Post and get a life and a JOB!!

        2. He was Chief of Staff to Ed Meese under Ronald Reagan. He is a Constitutional Scholar who runs his own legal foundation. You obviously don’t know his background.

    2. US???? Um excuse me friend, but if Obamney can’t hack being president; if he can’t find a fire in his belly; if he has no passion nor understands the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in, then he needs to step aside and let a REAL MAN lead. He can take his liberal, pretty boy self back to MA.

      Give me Colonel West. These are the days we need a warrior not some pompedorian pretty boy!

        1. I just don’t see Romney as someone who would put West in since he’s called DWS a name that would make it all to contravesial of a pick. Hoping that I spelled that right!

    3. We could win this race with a monkey running……..yes obama’s record is that bad. We can get out the vote against obama’s record, period. And Romney doesn’t have to do anything, don’t focus on Mitt winning, focus on getting obama out! Romney and the GOPe will be dealt with after We win the elections.

      1. I think that was my main point. Mitt only gets one(1) vote, we the people get to post millions of votes. It is our game that needs to be stepped up.

        1. I get it – but when both Rep’s and Dem’s voted for the bailouts, that’s when the Tea Party rose. Mitt needs to be about smaller govt is he is to win

    4. I completely disagree. Every Mormon I’ve met is too nice. Did you ever see the video where Jason Caffetz said nothing while being attacked on MSNBC? That’s how conservatives feel about Romney not attacking when our country is at stake.

    5. It’s a 3 hour show. You heard about 5 minutes from hour 3.

      Did you even bother to listen to Levin’s show yesterday before spouting off here? Even the first hour, or the opening segment?

      If you had you wouldn’t have written your comment because you would have heard Levin push people to help Romney win.

      Even so, urging Romney to up his game is exactly out of concern for this nation to defeat Obama. Levin wasn’t putting Romney down in this clip, Levin wants him to win. And he wants him to win big. And if we can no longer give constructive criticism, where are we really?

      Next time, before you go spouting off like you know what you are talking about, perhaps you should listen to his entire show before you throw him under the bus.

      1. With all due respect Right Scoop, or (the staff member that wrote this post) I believe your zeal for Mark Levin has clouded you perspective of fairness & decency to those that post on this sight. There were 15 people that liked my post, ( agreed with it) and at no time did I throw Mark under the bus. Please be fair and re-read my post. I am not looking for a fight, just a fair and balance (if I can use that phrase) place to post my opinions.

        The statement ” before you go spouting off like you know what you are talking about”
        is a personal attack on me. Yes? No? All is good, I just wanted to make sure that we are aloud to have differing opinions, without being bullied or attacked.

        PS. I would never through Mark under the bus, but I might not always agree with his thoughts, or approach.

        Thank You

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