Mark Levin’s EPIC rant: I don’t need some no-name a-hole telling me what to do with my doctor!

This is an epic rant from Mark Levin who has just had it with the fact that we are now at the mercy of 9 judges to determine whether or not the federal government can tell determine what you do with your doctor and force you to buy insurance.

Listen below:

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37 thoughts on “Mark Levin’s EPIC rant: I don’t need some no-name a-hole telling me what to do with my doctor!

  1. Today is a very sad for the Country. I felt today the same sadness I experienced on 9/11. First the jaw dropping awe at what had just happened, and then the realization that once again, we Americans have to adjust to new “normal”.

    So many lost on 9/11 and so goes our beloved Freedom!

  2. It’s terrible, all Americans will have health insurance, truly this is the beginning of the end.

  3. I missed this last night. Mark…keep screaming (for us)! I do the same at home but no one hears..

  4. Couldn’t agree more. He makes a great point about the founders. They wouldn’t have any of this crap. They had a lot more to lose than we do. Like their lives. They took on the British for gods sake. They would be so disappointed with our lack of stubbornness. If 60% of the population doesn’t agree with this then don’t obey it. Strength in numbers is the only way out. If everyone got together on this…they couldn’t arrest us all. Governors should just say NO. Us too. Whatever it takes. We are supposed to uphold the Constitution too.

  5. I have a feeling the Supreme Court will side step ruling on this, as it did on the illegally passed 14th Amendment.

    I can’t blame them. Americans cannot keep living in complete apathy and ignorance of our Constitution, nor this corruption and statism. Our duly elected representatives and their handlers have created this marxist nightmare called Obamacare.

    It is time we, the people, took responsibility.

  6. The founding fathers would have ignored any law that violated their natural rights. The problem with modern Americans is that they will let themselves be legislated into slavery. Colonial Americans understood the boiling frog principle. That’s why they kicked up a fuss over a tiny two-penny tax on tea.

  7. Mark is right. DC has no business in our medical records or anyone else’s. Let Obama and Biden publish all their medical records on the White House website.

    1. If you are a government that has been planning for decades to control its population through a rationing and reward system that extends even to life and death, you have every business in your citizens’ medical records. You must have them.

  8. Not one doctor should send our medical records to DC. Not one. This goes against doctor patient confidentiality. Not one governor should implement this (or Frank Dodd). Governors have a Constitutional duty to refuse to implement any unconstitutional law. Every governor in the nation should tell O and the dems to go pound sand….we won’t comply..

      1. It is the doctors who will have to refuse and I do not think they can because the government now controls payment, directly (via Medicare/Mediciad) and indirectly thorough HussienCare’s new insurance regulations and taxes on private payers (insurance companies).

        I worked for many years in electronic health record technology. It has been massively funded by the federal goernment going back to Bush2. They have been planing this a long time and have structured many regulatory, payment and taxes pressures to force doctors, hospitals, clinics and other providers to use EHR software.

        Google “meaningful use”

        They have intended all along to control us through healthcare.

        1. I’ve found that some medical care providers are quite happy to be paid in cash or check, and forgo the insurance red tape. The recent UK doctors’ strike gives us an idea of the shadow system that would emerge under socialized medicine: they walked off the NHS job, but continued to treat private patients on the side.

    1. We all should be nervous… this whole thing should’ve been laughed out of court as being blatantly unconstitutional instead of coming down to the wire like this!

      1. ….and deeply worried that our legislative body so corrupt in passing an unconstitutional law, and our citizens so naive and brainwashed to even let this pile of marxist excrement even land on their desks.

  9. Levin is my favorite due to his combination of intelligence, humor, and passion. I like to think I’m the same way in that I’m knowledgeable but have little tolerance for BS.

    Rush is my 2nd favorite – still going strong and very entertaining/informative after all these years.

    Beck is my 3rd favorite. I learned alot from his show on Foxnews… and really enjoy his radio show and the interactions with Stu and Pat (I don’t subscribe to GBTV, I don’t have the time and listen to Levin instead of GBTV).

    Hannity is ok… he’s too much of a moderate for the most part.

  10. O’hatefulcare is quite a scare,
    Seniors face the death panel,
    O’htefulcare is quite a scare, children face postnatal abortion,
    O’hateful care is quite a scare, forced abortion is on the way,
    O’hatefulcare it’s still there, but He’s so col , hey!
    O’hatefulcare is not so fair,
    Not so much privacy for ladies!

  11. Ah, what could have been: Palin for President, West for VP, and Levin for attorney general.

  12. You just gotta love this man and his passionate common sense.

    This ruling tomorrow might tarnish Obama’s halo. The horror!

    I hope he’s horribly embarassed…

  13. He has been on one long rant today. It’s great to hear him go nuclear over all this crap we’re facing.

    I believe the mandate will be struck down 6-3. The whole thing 5-4.

  14. I love Mark’s passion. If the SCOTUS does rule in favor of Obamacare then we have to fight like heck to see to it that Obama is NOT RE-ELECTED!!

    1. If the courts rule in favor of the mandate, then there should be no more doubt that our supreme court is corrupt, and will not help in salvaging our republic. In fact, I might say that if it stands, then our republic is as good as over with. If such a blatant disregard for our constitution comes out of this court, and there are not riots and marches in the streets, then there is no American spirit left to fight for the US within the US.

      1. This is absolutely true. A court ruling in favor of the mandate indicates the circle of corruption is pervasive and complete.

        That American citizens do not realize this tells us how frgile our liberty really is.

        1. Two hundred years ago, there would have been a war over this. Americans have lost that which made them free in the beginning.

        1. I just logged on after getting home from work. I heavily suspected the supreme court to be in collusion with D.C., but now I have no doubt. When I heard that they were going to vote on the contempt issue the same day as this ruling came out, I suspected that Holder would be thrown under the bus to cushion the fallout of this ruling. All planned of course. Boehner knew what the ruling was going to be, and set it up.

          My definition of the D.C. establishment now includes the democrats, republicans, and the supreme court. They all work together for the same goals. This will not be repealed as long as Boehner is in office. The vote count will just never pan out, Boehner won’t put it up for vote, or Romney won’t sign it. The establishment worked for twenty years to get this, and they are not going to give it up now.

          A collapse of the currency, and or the system will happen before the people will force any change. Time to step up the prepping.

          1. I’d like to believe you’re wrong, but, every time I get my hopes up they just keep getting dashed… and I keep getting LET DOWN by THIS GOVERNMENT!

            1. I hear you. I have been forced to consider conspiratorial explanations after 22 years of the same. The thing is, now it all makes sense.

                1. If these conspiracies exist, then I suppose that logic will connect the dots. It looks like both are true.

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