Mark Meadows says Mike Flynn’s cooperation with Mueller is GOOD NEWS for TRUMP!

OK. So… try to follow on this. Mark Meadows says that having the former national security advisor for Trump admit to lying to the FBI and crack a deal with the evil satanic special counsel Robert Mueller, is… a really good sign for Trump.

Watch below [at about the 2 minute mark]:

Meadows says that maybe Mike Flynn struck a deal to provide Mueller with evidence that Trump didn’t collude with anyone.

Hmm. Yeah man, I dunno. That’s some twisted logic there and I’m not sure it stands up to scrutiny. But maybe he’s right. IF that is the case, then people have to drop the narrative that Mueller is a deep state Hillary operative out to get Trump – otherwise, why would he make a deal to exonerate Trump?

In any case, whatever you think of this assessment, it looks like Mueller’s investigation is coming to a close soon, and it will be made public, and we can all make our own conclusions about what he has found. Then again, we’ll probably all disagree again. Also, #MAGA!!!

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