Mark of the Beast: Is it really 666?

Ok, I know this isn’t political, but I thought I’d run it anyway because I found it quite interesting. I ran across this video last Friday night for the first time and it put me into a weekend of Bible Prophesy that was very fulfilling. In fact this video blew my mind the first time I saw it.

The Arab-American man giving the lesson is Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist who came here in the 80’s to prepare for Jihad in America. Fortunately for us his life was transformed by God (The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob) and now he spends much of his time talking about the evil of Islam and occasionally Bible prophecy. He also has some good insight into Obama’s religion as well. I’ll leave that there for now.

One thing I’ve realized is Shoebat is a brilliant man who brings an eastern perspective on the Bible. I’ve listened to quite a bit of his teachings recently, and he really knows both the Bible and the Koran inside and out. In this video, he tells us something that he realized about the Mark of the Beast listed in Revelations 13. We’ve always known it as 666, but he seems to think otherwise:

I will point out that his argument makes much more sense than the seemingly arbitrary number 666. If you look at our world as it stands right now, much of it is Muslim and as Shoebat points out in other videos I’ve seen, there isn’t a single country in the last days that Jesus comes back to fight that isn’t now a Muslim country. And what do militant Muslims wear on their heads and arms? They wear bands that say “In the name of Allah”, among other things.

This just makes too much sense. But judge for yourselves. I’d love to see your comments on this.

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