Martha McSally explains the real war on women

A fantastic clip of Martha McSally explaining the real war on women in what appears to be a debate.


McSally: (inaudible) That you didn’t see are about the war on women. I mean, I’m a woman warrior. I’ve been fighting for women’s rights and women’s equality my whole life.

You want to talk about a war on women? Walk in my shoes down the streets of Kabul. Walk in my shoes down the streets of Riyadh; where women have to be covered up. Where they’re stoned, where they’re honor killed if they’ve been raped , where they can’t drive and they can’t travel without the permission of a male relative.

That’s a war on women. When I go out and talk to women in our district and around the country, they’re concerned right now about jobs; they’re concerned about affordable healthcare. They’re concerned about the future of social security and medicare for them, and a good education for their kids.

That’s what I’m ready to fight for. These ads are totally false and distorting my positions. And Mr. Barber today was on the radio saying that he’s against negative ads yet he’s running them from his own campaign that are out of the same partisan playbook: Scare the Seniors, Scare the Middle Class, Scare the Women.

This is what’s wrong with politics these days and this is why I’m running to change it.

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41 thoughts on “Martha McSally explains the real war on women

  1. Facts are the pure, unadulterated facts, and it is refreshingly nice for people like her to step forward and set the record straight. Excellent, concise, and on point! Thank you!!

  2. Interesting that McSally didn’t acknowledge the attack on women’s reproductive rights here in the US. Denial to the right to contraception which was settled decades ago has raised its ugly head again in 2012. Also, while no one is for abortion, there are cases where it’s a necessity and Republicans are planning to outlaw it and send women to the back alleys where their lives will be in jeopardy.

    They are always railing against the government being too involved in our lives unless…they want to know what we are doing with our own bodies! Or demanding transvaginal ultrasounds for a woman before granting an abortion.

    The treatment of women in Muslim countries has nothing to do with what’s happening in America, unless we could do something about it.

  3. This is really funny. When I left for work this morning, I was looking forward to this discussion this evening, because I live in Martha McSally’s district, and she is a popular figure here in Tucson with a lot of us.

    After making the comment below this one, I realized I am alone in the room. Last post was 9 hours ago. There have been 13 new topics since this one.

    Scoop, I can’t keep up and still run a business.:)

    Glad you’re doing so well. Hope it stays that way.

  4. When I got dressed for work this morning, the last thing I did was to put on my Martha McSally lapel pin. When I turned on the computer, what do I see on Scoop, but Martha McSally. How cool is that?

  5. I have said this before, and feel it is worth repeating. The U.N., who most of the liberals support and praise, have allowed the leaders of countries like Iran to head up committees in the investigation on the rights of women in the Middle East. Couple that with the blatant appearance of Obama to welcome the U.N.’s watch over our elections and is should make even the most diehard liberal question what is going on. The liberal media outlets refusal to report fairly on most subjects helps liberals to further bury their heads in their three point area of contact and to gives them blissful ignorance.

  6. Outstanding! This is one tough woman, and She is running in my district, I will be honored to be represented by her.

  7. Colonel Martha McSally is one I would be proud of to vote for. This great patriot and air force squad leader knows what it is to do a job of liberating people from a fascist radical islamic sect.
    And while we were in our beds comfortably home with our families sleeping. She was in the streets of Kabul and Riyadh taking the fight to these radical Islamist, and never knowing if the road she was walking on were full of land mines.
    What a courageous and caring woman she is. I and everyone here on this great site (Right Scoop) support you in your efforts to represent the people of your state in the halls of congress.
    Here is a quote from my favorite founding father and 3rd president of the United States-Thomas Jefferson onto future public servants like Colonel Martha McSally.

    ” We have been fellow-laborers and fellow-sufferers, and heaven has rewarded us with a happy issue from our struggles. It rest now with ourselves to enjoy in peace and concord the blessings of self-government so long denied to mankind: to show by example the sufficiency of human reason for the care of human affairs and that the will of the majority,the natural law of every society, is the only sure guardian of the rights of man. Perhaps even this may sometimes err but its errors are honest, solitary and short lived, let us then, my dear friends, for ever bow down to the general reason of society. We are safe with that, even in its deviations, for it soon returns again to the right way. These are lessons we have learned together. Have prospered in their practice, and the liberality with which you are pleased to approve my attachment to the general rights of mankind assures me we are still together in these its kindred sentiments.”-T. Jefferson to the signers and friends from Albemarle County Virginia on his 20yrs service to the people.

  8. She made excellent points. There are many women in the world way worse off
    than American women are. That doesn’t mean there is still not work to be done on
    women’s issues in this country.

    The US has huge responsibilities in the areas of freedom, all types of freedom.
    Unfortunately, under Obama we have taken a few steps back. I am sure that when
    Romney is president we will regain our footing and then some.

    The world looks to us. That is why our enemies want to destroy us.

  9. I hadn’t been aware of Ms McSally before this clip ran on RS. After watching the clip and finding out exactly who McSally is, where she’s been, what she’s done and seeing how she carries herself there’s now a new woman that we can direct our younger generation toward that they may aspire to. Thanks RS for giving me (at least) a chance to become aware of a true American Heroe.

  10. Good for her!!! We should be hearing a lot more of this, especially in the mainstream media, but you know we won’t. THAT is why we need to get out and vote for all Republicans and conservatives on November 6, so that more voices like this can be heard.

  11. The biggest BS coming even coming from Conservatives “this isn’t the same
    Democrat Party anymore”. These are the same democrats that voted for
    Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Carter…to name a few.

    The Left’s playbook has never changed since birth:

    Pride is excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.

    Envy is the desire for others’ traits, status, abilities, or situation.

    Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

    Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

    Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.

    Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.

    Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

  12. It is another proof of the Democrats obsession with sex when it comes to women voters. First, they said all women care about is abortion. Then, they said all women care about it contraception. Then, they said women should vote not with their smarts but with their lady parts. Now, they are obsessing on virginity? It is all sex, sex, sex. Every issue the Democrats have about women has something to do with being between their legs.

    The Democrats are behaving like juvenile perverts. Nothing could be more degrading to women than the behavior of Democrats in this election.

  13. This administration is all about ‘sexual rights and freedom’ – at taxpayers expense. Hobama has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to promote homosexuality which is correlated with horrible outcomes and early death – 44 times the INCIDENCE of HIV and 46 times the INCIDENCE of all other sexually transmitted diseases! Science research, clinical practice in mental health and medicine, as well as police and public health statistics show that promiscuity, abortion and homosexuality are correlated with negative and unhealthy mental and physical outcomes. If a liberal school counselor or teacher promoted these lifestyles to my child, I would sue the school board faster than lightning.

  14. Obama’s Muslim faith is where you’ll find the war on women. Leftists project, it’s classic Alinsky. They’re trying to convince people that Ward Cleaver (Mitt Romney) is conducting a war on women, ludicrous.

  15. That was a great reference to the real war on women that exists in the House Of Islam. Excellent point. Jobs are the number one need in every household. Most especially among the young who have just graduated from college and have had to move back home. We don’t any more DNC talk and do-nothing or make things worse politics. We don’t need anymore Obaminomics. We need Milton Freidman.

    Obama talks some cash shite about returning to past RNC policies that “didn’t work”. He means like 4.6 % unemployment. 1.80 gas, 5% GDP growth and a 16,000 Dow. F-him and all who think like him.

    Its time for some real change. Not the chump-change of the Punahoe thug.

  16. The real war on women, race, and religion comes from the left. They must push division and the “victim” mentality because that is the only way their agenda can possibly fly. It’s entirely divide and conquer. The left doesn’t care about the welfare of anyone! It’s all about power and how they can bribe the foolish into their trap.

  17. This is great stuff, especially as she talks about the true war on women, that waged by islam.

    For me, all those socialist, ‘war-on-women’ bleaters can stuff it: they have never, not once, stood up for the women who get killed, get mutilated, get treated as chattel under islam. Not once! They are loathsome.

  18. Negative ads about Democrats are just true information about the Democrat running for office – no wonder Barber hates them because the truth stings with a vengeance……
    The concept truth in advertising to most Democrats is painful and to them negative…

  19. Anthony,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I was born and raised in the US but have resided in England for going on five years now. The LibDems and particularly the Labour Party here spew the same types of allegations about the Conservatives hating women, and bless his heart, David Cameron is trying to combat those attacks, cut entitlement spending, and bring some fiscal and social sanity back to the country, along with trying to beat off the chains that the EU would like to further shackle England with. But of course the media are always trying to paint him in the worst possible light. The Conservative party in the UK is still noticeably to the left of the center line when compared to Republicans in the US, but it is still within the realm of least attempting to maintain some restraints on government and big brother.

    1. Hi misstheusa –

      that is a great post and describes nicely how things stand here in the UK – right down to the ‘turquoise’ Tories, who used to be called ‘true blue’, but have been into ‘green’ stuff, from the top down.
      That squishyness is what happens after 13 years of socialism under Labour, with all the media, from the BBC down, singing from the same socialist songsheet.
      But things will change – the prospect of losing a general election to Labour again concentrates the mind powerfully, because too many conservatives are turning to UKIP (UK Independence Party), telling the Tory grandees that it’s out of the EU and all that pertains to it – or else.

      1. Hi colliemum,

        Thanks for your kind words and especially the bit of history lesson which gives me more puzzle pieces to add to my evolving picture ! 🙂 I wonder if Clegg is to whatever extent responsible for adding the green dye. Ever since I arrived here, I have noticed that in general terms, the average person here doesn’t seem to realize how socialist the environment is here, I think because they have lived with it for decades. It shocked me to learn that the government here enacted an automatic child benefit when your baby is born. In the US, for most benefits you have to show a qualifying need for the benefit which is not automatically given to you. That and of course the benevolent NHS, I suppose, have cradled people into thinking that the government is there to provide their basic needs. What I am saying in this post is not meant as a criticism, but merely to demonstrate different mindsets in society. England is a great place to live and see and I will never say otherwise ! x

        1. This socialist attitude you describe so well goes indeed back some generations. It was installed after WWII, by the then Labour government, which gave us all those benefits. Now at that time, there was still rationing, the country was materially ruined like France, not as bad as germany but bad enough. People were weary, and this socialist slogan of being cared for from cradle to grave was balm for this country.
          However, there were always conservatives working full out against this attitude.
          The last and most famous one was of course Baroness Thatcher, who took on the powers of the Trade Unions and won. That is something the socialists have never forgiven her for, they still blame anything and everything on her 11 years in office, never mind that she left 10 Downing Street 20 years ago, and never mind that the same failed socialist policies have brought us to the brink of ruin yet again, after 13 years of Labour.
          Sadly, the Liberals under Clegg didn’t turn the Tories turquoise – they did that themselves, well before the election and the following Coalition. They moved towards the left because they thought that’s where they might get voters. They didn’t care that they lost the true blue conservatives, because they took us for granted. If the Grandees in the Tory Party don’t listen to us, they’ll lose in 2015.
          Yes, England is indeed beautiful, as are Scotland and Wales. It sometimes breaks my heart when I see how the socialist vandals are trying to destroy what generations have built and cherished in this green and pleasant land.

          1. Just a few more comments to yours, colliemum… thanks again for filling me in on things here. It is sad to know that the Conservatives allowed themselves to be moved away from the principles that Maggie Thatcher who so fearlessly and eloquently displayed. I work amongst some Labour supporters and they still slag her off with great venom and take it very personally with regard to her policies and war with the unions. I make it a point to stay out of these types of conversations because I have a feeling they will grant me no standing for a couple of reasons that I am sure you can figure out. As regards UKIP and Nigel Farage leading the charge, I love him and have seen most of his fiery orations (on YouTube) as an MEP. I do hope that Mr Cameron shows some backbone and leads the party closer to what the party’s name represents because if Labour gets back in in 2015, we know what they will do – lead the country back to the financial brink again. It certainly doesn’t make things easier for the PM to move too far in any direction with his political wedded partner clasping onto his sleeve at every turn. God bless you colliemum and I will be cheering you and others like you from the stands leading up to the next general election !!!

  20. Democrats only complain about negative ads when someone else runs a negative ad about them. The usual double standard.

    The war on women being waged by the democrats is only trying to enslave women.

    I appreciate seeing a lady like Ms McSally standing up & saying her piece, without teleprompter.

  21. I’m Australian. Over here, the federal Labor Party, the Oz equivalent of the Dems, plays the same stupid “War On Women” game with particularly ferocious attacks on the conservatives.

    Conservative leader, Tony Abbott, is even labelled as a “Misogynist”, one who hates women, by our very own leftist prime minister, Julia Gillard, and the media happily repeat it over and over even though they can’t point to a single instance where he has expressed such opinions.

    Abbott is happily married, has 3 loving adult daughters and his chief of staff is female, as well as other staff. (On the other hand, the PM has never married, never had children and is famous for having had at least two boyfriends who were married with families at the time of her affairs! True.)

    It’s really quite unbelievable. I ask myself how the left’s game gets so much air time; why they’re not laughed off the stage with how inane it all is. The fault lies largely with the media, I think.

    The WoW narrative falls neatly into line with the leftist prejudices against conservatives. Asked for examples, they always cite issues with which they have strong objections to the general conservative position – on abortion, marriage, etc, regardless with however many women are actually opposed to what they believe.

    So, Americans!, as Mark Levin would say: WAKE THE HELL UP! 11 days to go for you to throw Obama and Biden out on their backsides. And do the same to Harry Reid, for me, will ya?

    BTW, I believe you will do this. Since the day Obama was elected I’ve been saying that Obama is a one term president who’ll be laughed out of office.

    1. Greetings from arguably one of the reddest of red states in the USA (Georgia)! And thanks for your kind words and testimony as a fellow conservative who sees his nation under the blight of liberalism and media complicity… For the life of me (and I mean that literally), I can’t understand how or why any person or political party could carry on with this incessant, absurd, and ill-timed “war of women” campaign. For crying out loud, without women, society would cease to exist! Why? Oh Why is this mantra of political bilge being thrown out for public consumption as if it had any merits? Current polling date here in the US Presidential Campaign indicates that, notwithstanding the fact the the Obama and Democrat political machines have thrown everything they can think of at the Romney-Ryan campaign, the “gender gap” has narrowed to a hairsbreadth in terms of the polling data. Gov. Romney had a spectacular run of great performances during the debates with the ersatz sitting President. That seems to have served to have him acceptable to many more women going out of the debates than he had supporting him going into them. Still, several comments on this thread – yours included – point to exactly that bizarre phenomena occurring worldwide among the self-identified “western world” societies. The sad and cynical truth is, that the real war on women, as so succinctly stated above, occurs daily in the world of advancing nations, many of whom are run by governments obedient and respectful to the tenets of the Muslim faith. My personal observation is that women in the world of Islam in particular, don’t really have much chance for dignity and respect in the arena of the civil society. While the faux “war on women” is being challenged here in the political heat of the campaign season, largely focused around women’s “reproductive rights” (aka “free” abortion and/or contraception on demand), in other parts of the world, young women are shot or beheaded for meekly suggesting that perhaps women might be encouraged to learn how to read and write, or be allowed to drive their automobiles to their local grocery store without being harassed by the local Taliban creep-cum-Cleric who’s decided that Allah is insulted because the poor woman showed her calf as she stepped out of her home and into the car…

      I’m personally anxiously awaiting the results of the November election and hope and pray fervently that enough Americans have awakened and will righteously turn this horrid Obama nightmare Administration out of power in overwhelming numbers. While the potential for voter fraud, intimidation or malfeasance clearly exists, citizens of the United States stand ready to rise to the challenge. Please pray for us, citizens of the world. We can use all the help we can get…

      1. Excellent post, boomer.

        May I add this aberrant Obama video TRS posted yesterday from the young girl who wants to ‘do it for the first time’ with Obama as part of the liberal’s war on women.
        I’m still astounded that the Obama campaign would use explicit sexual overtones, as in giving up their virginity, to solicit votes from young girls.
        Absolutely the bottom of Hell raising up to latch on to these beautiful young girls through their emotions.

        What these girls don’t realize is that they would be the first in line to get their heads chopped off, get stoned to death, or shot in the head if they lived under Islamic laws.
        Bondage and a life of servitude to an Obama dictatorship is all they will end up with. Much like living under Islamic laws.

    2. BTW, I believe you will do this. Since the day Obama was elected I’ve been saying that Obama is a one term president who’ll be laughed out of office.

      I believe (hope) you are right that we conservatives will vote Obama out, but we will also be excoriated and presented to the world as the most racist country in history. Obama’s loss will be attributed soley to racism, and everytime this election is mentioned it will be in that context. It will become a defacto Leftist meme.

  22. Nothing better than showing the liberal who they are in bed with and ask them how they can really be for women.

    We need to export liberalism by sending these baffons, first to the Middle East and then off to North Korea, calling it the Tour of Realism.

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