Maryland sanctuary county rolls back anti-ICE policy after multiple illegals charged with sex crimes!

Montgomery County in Maryland has suddenly realized that its anti-ICE sanctuary policy is not good for public safety and has now rolled back much of it in light of multiple illegals being charged with sex crimes:

FOX NEWS – Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich reversed portions of “the Promoting Community Trust Executive Order,” which he just signed in July, and will now allow ICE agents access to certain areas of the county jail in order to apprehend illegal aliens, according to reports by ABC7 News.

A county spokesperson confirmed to the local news outlet on Nov. 1 that correctional officers have been ordered to give ICE agents clearance to “identified areas” of the jail to “ensure that transfers are conducted in a safe environment.”

The move walks back an executive order which barred county police from asking individuals about their immigration status and largely prohibited local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE agents, as Elrich reasserted the blue region’s stance as a sanctuary city that strongly opposes the Trump administration’s hardline policies against illegal immigrants. The policy also banned ICE agents from entering any non-public county facilities.


Only a month after Elrich signed the order, at least nine illegal immigrants were charged with rape and sexual assault between August and September, causing the county executive’s office to reevaluate the policy and concede that it had received “numerous phone calls, as well as emails” in light of the arrests.

Well isn’t that fascinating. It only took nine sex crimes before Elrich did the right thing and reversed his sanctuary position.

And if this is happening in Maryland, then you know it’s happening in other sanctuary cities around the US. The question is how long will they allow their citizens to suffer before reversing course as Montgomery county did?

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